How much water do we need to drink every day? If someone tells you a number, run. There is no number because the real answer is, “It depends”. It depends on several different things, none of them are how much coffee you drink.

It depends on the weather outside. You need more to drink when it is hot and humid than you do when it is cold and dry. The more you perspire (and from here on out I’m calling it sweat), the more you need to drink.

It depends on what you are doing or have recently done. If you are sitting on the patio reading a good book you need less water than if you are at the gym working like a maniac. Again, the more you sweat, the more you need to drink.

It depends on what you eat or have eaten. If you have a bowl of deliciously covered in melted butter and salt popcorn you need to drink more than if you a bowl of deliciously chilled watermelon.

Your body strives for homeostasis. It’s what drives most of your autonomic nervous system. You need to maintain your body’s pH and you never even think about it. You need to maintain your oxygen level and you only think about when you get short of breath. You need to do many things to keep yourself alive and your body only lets you know about when there is danger ahead.

If you don’t breathe, you will die in a matter of minutes. If you don’t eat, you will die in a matter of months. If you don’t drink, you will die in just a matter of days. It is the second most important thing your body needs. Air, then water, then food, and at a far distant remove are all the other things.

So, you body lets you know when you need air and you breathe. Gasping for breath is a terrifying thing and we try to avoid it, but some of those workouts are just that difficult. When your body is getting low on water, you get thirsty.

Food is trickier. We now live in a time of unnatural abundance. Food was never this plentiful and most of one’s life was making sure there was enough of it to get through the winters or lean times. That’s why we store fat, just in case we run out of food later. We don’t just get rid of the extra calories we don’t need right now like we do with water. And now that food is abundant, we eat often when we aren’t hungry.

Having noticed this early in the last century, some diet people advocated that you drink more calorie free water in order to fill your stomach and your time. This should stop you from eating out of boredom. And so the eight-eight rule was born out of dieting, not anything medical.

I am a Baby Boomer. Back when I was in school, there were no water bottles in every child’s hand. We got to line up and get a drink at the drinking fountain before or after morning recess, at lunch, and on very hot days – again in the afternoon. Otherwise we just turned into sand dunes. Wait, we didn’t. We all lived to become this massive economic wave still irritating all those after us.

That’s because you don’t die of thirst in a matter of minutes and being thirsty will eventually get you to a water source, at least in this country where we have plumbing and water fountains spread around like dandelions in spring. You don’t have any bad consequences from not drinking all damn day long even when you aren’t thirsty.

In fact, one of the problems with this nonsense is when you drink too much after dinner. Then you are up half the night getting rid of all that excess water you didn’t need in the first place when what you really do need is a good night’s sleep. Americans are woefully under-rested. There are very important physiological and psychological things that take place while you are sleeping. And when you are up making trip after trip to the bathroom, they don’t get done. By the way, your kidneys know you need to sleep and slow down their filtration during the night so you can sleep. All this extra drinking is thwarting your body’s real health system.

I was nurse for over twenty years. Never once in all that time did we ever force any patient to drink a certain amount of water. We did, on occasion, have to limit the amount of water patients got. If you have certain medical conditions, your body will not get rid of the excess fluid and it builds up in your lungs and you can drown.

I have no idea if all this drinking to excess and for no good reason is going to cause any medical issues down the road. All of the United States is being used as a test to see if overworking kidneys for no reason whatsoever will lead to kidney failure later in life.

People in countries without good plumbing are not drinking half their body weight in water and an extra cup of water for every cup of coffee and throwing some in for good measure just in case. They don’t die of dehydration although they might die from lack of cleanliness which would be exacerbated by using water to drink when not thirsty instead of cleaning up bacteria laden messes.

Every time I see someone telling me how much water I have to drink, I know they know nothing about health, science, or medicine. They are spreading an old wives’ tale based on a dieting tip that may or may not have any basis even in dieting.

If you are thirsty, get a drink. If you aren’t, enjoy your life. And get a good night’s sleep because that is really important.



Sometimes I’m just amazed at the pettiness of people. The ALS challenge has raised awareness, something most of the “awareness” programs have failed to do because we are already inundated with their cause. It has also raised over $53 million. Last year, the ALS foundation raised $1 million. This ice bucket challenge has worked.

And now, there are droughts and we are wasting water. Really? Do you not understand how water works? If you dump a bucket of water over your head, you are probably outside. The water will go into the ground and like all water, seek out its own level and eventually work its way back to the ocean. It’s sorta like it rained, but with an infinitesimal amount of water.

I’m going to bet that part of the problem is that this disease didn’t already have a huge “fan” base. I’m constantly seeing pictures telling me about autism awareness issues. Who in the developed world doesn’t know about this? There is an entire month devoted to breast cancer where my awareness is to be raised. Again, who in the developed world doesn’t know about this?

Perhaps I’m just a crabby old women. I know and love people with autism and people who have died of breast cancer. But get this, I also know someone who died of ALS. I adore the people who helped care for her as she descended into the pit of this disease.

I am going to wager that the amount of water dumped from buckets and returning to the Earth as water is intended to do has not equaled the amount of water in one good rainstorm. I’m sure it isn’t as much as falls during one of those really fun hurricanes we get now and again. Certainly it isn’t even as much as would fill a few Olympic sized swimming pools.

Older toilets use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, much more than a five gallon bucket of ice water. We use water like crazy in North America. We use over 380 liters per capita per day in the US and Canada uses 340 liters.

A huge amount of water is used to produce the energy we blithely consume with thermonuclear energy using the most. The amount of water used there as a comparison against the “wasted” water for the ALS challenge is so miniscule one can barely measure it as a percentage.

The pettiness in complaining about this challenge is astounding. But nothing comes without a price and doing good is always a risk. Remember the adage, No good deed goes unpunished. There are droughts in the world. There is poverty in the world and the money could have spent elsewhere, perhaps like the crowdfunding of the guy who wanted to make some potato salad and raised thousands upon thousands of dollars.

I hope those who are complaining will realize that their own causes might take a hit the next time they feel the need to crowdfund a huge project. And as an aside, this is neurological disorder. Perhaps finding out how to deal with this disease would help with other neurological diseases which are prevalent in a world where we all don’t die of childbirth at the age of 35.


It is the weekend. CrossFit Summerville does have open gym on Saturday, but they don’t have a WOD scheduled and the place has weekend hours so there is no 6 AM class to decide to attend or not. This is a very good thing. My legs are shot after the four WODs I did manage to do this week. I love going to the box and challenging myself. I am amazed at what I, an old coot who came to the box with nothing, can now do.

I know at the beginning that I was lucky to move at all and anything “with weight” meant that I used a PVC pipe and hoped for the best. I couldn’t squat to parallel let alone any ass to grass stuff. I couldn’t do a big boy pushup at all. My sit-ups were possible, but slow and few reps. I could do perhaps one burpee at a time and then collapse in a heap. In short, I was bad protoplasm.

I don’t know if I can really do a nice, perfectly executed snatch repetitiously with even just the bar. But other than that, I can do stuff. I can’t do a pull-up without help, but I couldn’t even do a band assisted pull-up without that slingshot thing nearly killing me. I know this is getting better. I’m getting stronger and more agile. I don’t need to use a PVC as a cane to lunge. I can run the 200 meter thing successfully. I’m improving even at my age. It isn’t as fast or as far as I would want, but then again, I’m an old coot.

After having said all that, I love my recovery days. I love days when I get to be a little old lady and not try to be a jock. I love that I can give myself the gift of healing these abused muscles and letting my body get ready for the next assault. I enjoy the sleeping in part, too. While I have always been an early riser, 5.15 AM isn’t my normal wake up time on my off days. In fact, if there was a 7 AM class, I would happily – no gleefully – go at that time always. But there isn’t and I know myself well enough to know that those evening classes are not in my mindset. I would be wide awake and concocting a series of excuses a mile long on why I didn’t have to go.

The Whole Life Challenge has moved on to the next phase. My Lifestyle challenge for the next two weeks is to get seven hours or more of sleep each 24 hour period. If I can’t get that amount of sleep at night, I should take a nap. The goal is to be rested. I need the rest. For the last two weeks I’ve been awake way too often and for far too long because I was peeing my brains out.

I know it will shock no one, but I can and do earn bonus points over at the WLC board by writing a little something about each day’s experience. All I have to do is write a limited number of characters (a paragraph’s worth) and after five consecutive days, I earn two bonus points to use in any way I choose. I’ve earned four points so far. I used one point for a serving of chocolate (only half consumed even now). I used one point for cheese in my spaghetti sauce. I used one point for not drinking the unneeded and unnecessary and totally annoying water yesterday.

Instead, I had more than enough ounces of FLUID with only about 20 of them being water. The rest was coffee. And here is my dirty little secret, I even drink decaf. Years ago, I was having medical problems that were of unknown origin. The only bad thing I did was drink too much coffee. Like maybe two pots of coffee a day. I drank coffee all the time. Without caffeine, I became ill to the point of puking with headaches that could drop me to my knees.

I did not cold turkey quit the coffee because I would have been sicker than a dog. Instead, I cut back a few cups at a time until I was no longer feeling the effects of the cutback and then I would do it again. Today, I drink relatively weak coffee and I drink two huge cups a day. I don’t put as much coffee into my filter for my 14 ounces of weak brew as my son puts in for his 8 ounces of real manly coffee that would put hair on one’s chest.

Yesterday I had my two cups of 14 ounces of real coffee with the extra volume of unsweetened almond milk for whitener. Then I had another cup like that of decaf. Right there was three water bottles full of fluid. I liked the taste and I didn’t have to discount the drinks and add water on top of it.

The normal range for specific gravity for urine is 1.002 – 1.030 and I’m finally back in that range. Too low of a number can mean either kidney failure or drinking too much. I don’t have the little measuring device that I used to have when I was an ICU nurse, but if I had, I would have seen a sp gr (hospital abbreviation) of 1.0000000001 or maybe 1. 0000000000001. I was able to sleep last night instead of continually off loading all the extra water my body was trying to get rid of because it really doesn’t need that shit.

Now, for the next two weeks, I’m to get some sleep and that is an order. I’m looking forward to this. As an old coot without much of a social life and few demands on my time outside of whatever it is I want to do for myself, this part should be easy. I will have to plan accordingly to make sure I can wake up after seven hours in order to make it to the box at 6 AM. This is doable.


We were talking about people who cherry pick their WODs and what that means for their overall conditioning. I suppose I have been at least partially guilty here. There have a been a couple Fridays when the partner WOD scheduled meant I was really going to ruin someone else’s day and I stayed home. Coaches told me they would protect me and all the someone elses and I have been going per my schedule since. On two, off one, on two, off two – repeat.

I used to call this my rest day, but since the Whole Life Challenge started with me included in the craziness, I find that these are recovery days which sounds so much better to me. I’m actively doing something on this day – I’m recovering for so many damn burpees.

I don’t cherry pick the WODs but I do whine about them, obsess about them, cry over them, and do them at a modified level. If it is one of my days to go to the box, I go to the box. Monday had a rep scheme with 55 burpees and Tuesday had a rep scheme of 80 burpees. Would you like to guess how many burpees were in the WOD on my recovery day? Let me tell you. Zero. WTF?

It isn’t a tremendously easy WOD. But there are no burpees. Today it was 21-15-9 cleans (135/95) and ring dips. Do you see any burpees there? Skill was floor presses. But in all fairness, for those who go five days a week, their asses have to be as sore as mine after the burpees and box jumps yesterday, so why not all those cleans instead?

I’ve heard that CrossFit is having different muscle groups hurt every day. Or else it is hurting the same muscles until they whimper off in disgust or get tough, whichever comes first.

Enough with the whining … nope. Now on to the WLC whines. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it is actually getting easier except for the damn water. My lunches aren’t really any different, except that I can’t have my dried cherries on top because they have added sugar. And I’m making oil and vinegar dressings because I can’t have the honey mustard stuff I make. But I was doing that before, too.

Yesterday as I was eating grapes I thought to myself how sweet they were. Much better than normal and I really didn’t even finish the whole though before I figured it out – again. This is because without eating sugar in everything all day every day, my taste buds are more sensitive to the sweetness that is present naturally.

Before I even started, I discussed chocolate because I love chocolate. I am to lose a point for every serving of chocolate I consume. I ate none for the first five days because I didn’t have a bonus point to lose yet. So at day six, I had a point to lose. I had just half a serving of milk chocolate in my little candy dish. I break it up into really small pieces. It is really good, expensive, creamy, delicious chocolate and I let it melt in my mouth and savor every morsel. I break and entire serving into 18 tiny pieces (for this brand of chocolate bar) and there were nine there on day six. Today is day twelve. There are still three tiny pieces in the bowl.

It is almost, but not quite sickeningly sweet. One or two tiny pieces are almost overwhelming. I have three bowls of chocolate candies in the living room here and there are three bowls of chocolate candies in the office. I’ve really not been tempted. I do like the raspberry M&Ms at work and moved them off my desk, but I can walk past them without a problem.

I love the dried fruit I found without sugar added. I love nuts and devour pistachios whether or not I’m being challenged. I love almonds and cashews. I found pumpkin seeds to munch on. And that is the thing. I’ve surrounded myself now with snack foods that are challenge compliant and I’m no longer wandering around wondering what to eat. I’ve figured it out.

Last night’s acorn squash (Dick did a great job on dinner again) was delicious. I really have to say that brown sugar in the butter is better than cinnamon, but my squash was still tasty and I ate the whole thing – well, my half of it.

My sticking point is still the water. Up twice again, but luckily I was only tossing around for 15-20 minutes instead of a couple hours. My plan, such as it is, contains less water. Right now I would like some of that no sugar added peanut butter with some banana swished around in some almond milk with plain yogurt added to make a wonderful smoothie. But I can’t drink one more thing in a day and so I don’t make a smoothie. I’m waterlogged. There are no scientific studies that show that this is even beneficial. I’m drowning myself for no good reason.

There is evidence that dehydration is bad for us. Many of us don’t get enough liquid in the day. But if anyone who has ever really been thirsty knows, if you eat some watermelon you are no longer thirsty. We don’t need to get all our fluid from water. Although my coffee has caffeine in it, my kidneys are built to function with that added challenge. They also know how to deal with increased or decreased salt intake, or potassium, or magnesium, or anything else. Their job is to work on homeostasis. They are good at it.

I’m dreaming of sleeping through the night. I may see how Friday’s WOD goes and decide to use a bonus point on not drinking the water on Friday and getting a night jump on sleeping all night long. This all depends on how much I sweat during the workout. I may actually NEED the extra water, which is entirely different.

What I have learned on this journey so far:

  1. I’m even more competitive against myself than I am when competing against an outside opponent. This is probably why I have been able to keep doing CrossFit for over a year even though on the first day I could do absolutely zero things.
  2. There is far more sugar in our diets that we are totally unaware of than we would imagine. Food producers know what sugar does for human chemistry and they can use crappier, cheaper foods and add some sugar and we will eat it because sugar is goodness. So they do. We buy it.
  3. I was eating “clean” only in my imagination and when I really cleaned up my diet, the foods that were left started tasting unimaginably better. I need to continue with this strategy.
  4. Even games revolving around health and fitness have you do dumb shit because popular culture influences them, rather than pesky science with quantifiable measurements. You can whine, bitch, complain, moan, and/or carry on to your heart’s content, but life is very often simply what it is. Deal with that.

Change is slow while at the same time, it is wicked fast. Small changes make differences to your life. You might want to try some and see if it right for you.


I am parsimonious which sounds so much better than cheap. I had a half used jar of parmesan and spinach spaghetti sauce sitting in the fridge since last Friday. It was going to go bad, but it was too old to put in the freezer. I had to use it or throw it away. It had cheese in it. I can’t have cheese on the Whole Life Challenge. What to do? I earned my bonus points and used one for chocolate. I’m going out to lunch Sunday because dinner on Saturday got cancelled.

Although I’m compulsive and need to work on this score even if it is stupid and dumb and annoying and why in the name of all that is holy did I ever sign up for this torture and could I just wantonly throw away a point?

Yes. I made spaghetti squash and then my normal meat sauce with ground beef and mushrooms and put the cheese containing sauce over the browned stuff in the pan and simply enjoyed dinner. I took the hit on the point front.

I think I have to post something in the WLC forum about this water nonsense. Michelle Obama just got in trouble for asking us to drink more water because we don’t need to drown from the inside. I’m drinking 94 ounces of fluid a day (since my coffee doesn’t count) plus eating stuff like watermelon and grapes. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since I started this challenge.

I was up twice again last night to pee. There are actual scientific studies that show how important sleep is to overall health, but I’m not getting much. The entire sleep cycle is important and good stuff happens at each stage. It is essential to get some consecutive sleep. Last night, I did manage to be asleep for about four hours at one time, a record. I’m not supposed to be PRing my sleep.

I got up around 6.30 and it was still too dark out to ride my bike since I don’t have a headlight. I waited for daylight and took a nice easy ride. Today we are going to play with grandchildren and I might be able to use some of that as exercise points, but I didn’t want to have to worry about it and riding a bike for a short distance isn’t a huge imposition.

And now for the good news. I have lost 2.4 pounds since I started this. I began at 132.2 and I’m now – get this – 129.8. I broke that barrier. I’m now under the weight I said I would never weigh more than. It took all this nonsense to get me there, so I guess it was worth it.

My biggest fear is that I’m going to lose too much weight. I’m not fat and never really have been although I did weigh more than I wanted to weigh. I never got to the overweight portion of the BMI charts. However, I also don’t want to get too skinny and losing that much weight in a week isn’t really healthy.

I have been hungry on and off this entire past week. I keep eating anything not nailed down but on my approved lists of foods. I have been eating almonds and pistachios like M&Ms and still losing this weight. I don’t want to get below 125 pounds because I’m too old and wrinkly and that will just make it worse. But I don’t know what else to do. My food issues are still annoying me and a problem. I have found new foods that we actually enjoyed this week, but all in all, I’m not going to stay on this strict eating regimen after the challenge. I have no idea where I’m supposed to find healthy calories but I can’t keep losing at this rate because it isn’t healthy.

I was cruising the kitchen yesterday looking for potato chips. I know where they live. I could have easily gotten some. I ate almonds instead. And had some water. I’m holding on to the rest of my points.


I started doing CrossFit one year and a couple weeks ago. Even though I have two children, I weighed the most I had ever weighed in my life one year ago. That’s right. I weighed more than I did at nine months pregnant.

I was wearing a size eight and weighed 144 pounds. My sister says I have to add that because I’ve painted a different picture in the first paragraph. Even though I was “fat” by my standards, I wasn’t obese or even overweight. I was puffier than I wanted to be.

My goal in starting CrossFit wasn’t really to lose weight, but it was a secondary goal. I used to play an inordinate amount of racquetball and was quite good at it. I had muscles and stamina and could whip that ball around a court and meet it for a volley. I was, in fact, fairly good at the game. I wanted some of that fitness back. I also wanted to be able to open my own jars. There were a couple times when I panicked after not being able to immediately release the emergency brake on the Miata and I needed to stop doing that.

I don’t know how muscled I am after one year. But I can open my own jars, admittedly sometimes still needed that rubber grip thing, but still – they get opened by me. I can release the emergency brake with one hand. I’ve also lost twelve pounds.

But here’s the deal. I eat everything. I have chocolate every single day. I eat potato chips. I love Velvet Fudge Sauce over really good high fat ice cream. My food choices aren’t always horrible, but I don’t restrict what I eat. I restrict how much of it goes in. One serving of chocolate lasts me from three to five days. I eat only a small bowl of chips at a time. Ice cream is also a small less-than-a-serving dab (the ice cream says 4 servings and I get 5-6 out of the container).

I have never actually been on a “diet” although as a nurse, I realize we are all on a diet. When anyone comes into the hospital, the doctor has to order a diet for the patient or they get nothing at all to eat. Most people are on a “regular” diet which means eat whatever you like. That’s the diet I have always been on. I have never really obsessed about food.

Until yesterday. Well, okay, the day before when I finally decided to go ahead and sign up for the Whole Life Challenge. The biggest obstacle for me was the diet. I thought that would be it, but I may be wrong in that assessment as well. Water is large amounts is also scary.

Anyway. The list of things I can’t have even as a Beginner is simply astounding. No potatoes unless they are sweet potatoes or yams. No wheat, barley, or regular rice although I can have brown rice. But even when something is gluten free, I can’t have it because it is usually made with rice flour and that is badness. I can’t have any dairy, either. That means my cheese and cracker lunches are forbidden with both the cheese and the crackers. Or sugar, unless I usually put it in my coffee or tea (but milk is still forbidden) so I assume the people who made the rules drink black coffee with sugar.

I think I understand the angst of a diet. It is obsessing about food ALL the time. Every trip to the kitchen means thinking “can I eat this?” or “what is edible for me now?” kinds of thoughts. Naturally thin people do not do this. I have never done this before in my life. I walk into the kitchen, look around, grab a small portion of whatever looks good, and enjoy it. But not for the next eight weeks.

I stood in the kitchen and twirled around and hunted in the pantry and the refrigerator. I could have made a salad for lunch, but I eat those four days a week at work and I like a bit of variety. I couldn’t even just have the cheese for lunch. I couldn’t have a sandwich even though I almost never eat one of those because I’m not a real sandwich fan. I do like a good egg salad sandwich and that wasn’t an option even though eggs are allowed. Bread isn’t.

I would have been a total mess except the lifestyle portion of this challenge was drinking enough water to float an armada. I was so full of water, that I didn’t eat enough and around 4 PM I had a headache that I assume came from too low of a blood sugar. So far I had had a banana, an ounce or less of unsweetened almond milk in my coffee (30 calories per cup, so that was nothing, I’m just being complete here), a gala apple with peanut butter, and a handful of almonds. I had also just finished my 66 ounces of water and was water logged, but still headachy. This is also the first day in I don’t even know how many years that I have not had a bit of chocolate. I’m still alive, but it’s scary.

I ate a hardboiled egg which means I have to do more before the end of the week. Part of my problem yesterday was the WOD for basis time. I had completely forgotten about this task when working on my food lists the day before. I usually wake up at the crack of the middle of the damn night and get to the box before my head knows what I’m doing to my body. But there is no 6 AM class on Saturday at CrossFit Summerville. There is 9 AM open gym and that’s it.

So I had to wait until then and when I got home, coffee was more important to me than food. By the time I had coffee and showered and gotten dressed, it was really time for lunch and so I sorta missed a meal in there. And then I had to keep drinking water. And because I kept drinking water, I had to keep going to the bathroom.

I have looked and there are nearly 14,000 people participating worldwide in the Whole Life Challenge. If you want an insider tip, buy stock in toilet paper. There are many, many women doing this and so … a roll per day would be my guess. I was up twice in the middle of the night to pee and I finished with the water at 4 PM.

At least there isn’t an imperative to sleep eight hours at the same time as there is a rule to drink all this water.

This is definitely a challenge. I shall meet it. I can. I hope. No, I can.


Boy, you would think I’m a person of habit and routine! I get to the box and Ryan was welcoming the trial class people and said, “It’s Saturday, what are YOU doing here?” and I pointed to the Whole Life Challenge sign and said I was doing that and needed a distance marker and an abmat.

Then Cindy came around the corner and squealed, “Hey, I thought I saw your car. What are YOU doing here on a Saturday?” Okay, the last time I was there on a Saturday was for the trail class over a year ago, but really!

I signed on to Facebook and there are people over there also amazed with my check in. Perhaps I am a bit routine. Maybe just a little. Perhaps.

I warmed myself up with a 500 meter row and then stretched my legs with 30 second couch sits per side. Then I got all my stuff gathered together for the WOD. I had a timer from home, but I needed the clock to see my minute rest time. Coach Kim said she would run the clock. Another Kim was there to do the WOD. Everyone else participating in the WLC did it yesterday (or earlier for all I know). Anyway, the two of us were together.

Today’s WOD as written:
As many 25-yard shuttles as possible in 2 minutes
Rest 1 minute
2 minute AMRAP
5 pushups
10 squats
Rest 1 minute
2 minute AMRAP
Rest 1 minute
As many 25-yard shuttles as possible in 2 minutes

I managed 12 shuttle runs on the first round but I was beeping like crazy. It took me 30 seconds to even get my heart rate back to just 160. Therefore it was pretty nasty after this. I had to rest twice in the 2 minutes AMRAP to just get down to 166 before I could start again. I made 3 rounds plus 2 and then panted like crazy during the rest. I managed to get 46 sit-ups and was whimpering through the whole last minute. I haven’t checked to see how bad the road rash is yet, but I tried my damnedest to keep my ass protected. I ran two shuttles of the last run, but had to walk the rest. I managed 9 and a half, but the half doesn’t count. So my score was 198.

I’m sure this is going to shock everyone, but I was the lowest score on the board. I wouldn’t have been because Kim was cheating herself. When I saw she had a lower number than me, I knew she wasn’t counting each shuttle run as 5 points. So I made sure she scored correctly. The next highest score (which I’m not supposed to worry about) was 219 and the highest was 311. So, just in case we are competitive … I’m low man on the totem pole, as always.

Ryan brought the trial class through the box and I was stretching out over there in the corner and he asked how I did. I told him, with some pride, that I had the highest score in my age group. Then I laughed maniacally, probably scaring the living shit out of the group with him. But in the 60 and over group, I’m the best at the box. I’m the only one, but what the hell. I’m doing this and many younger folks aren’t even trying. Go me.

Crockpot dinner will have sauted onions, mushrooms, and squash added later

Crockpot dinner will have sauteed onions, mushrooms, and squash added later. No potatoes included. No gravy later, either, but don’t need it with no potatoes so it is all good.

Dick has said he will try to learn to cook for my during this time. Tomorrow we are going to plan meals for the week so that he doesn’t cook something that I can’t eat. How nice is that?

One bottle down, three to go.

One bottle down, three to go.

The lifestyle thing for this portion of the WLC is to drink one-half ounce of water (or tea, but coffee doesn’t count – but I can have sugar in my tea so I may be drinking lots of herbal tea) per pound per day. Since I weighed in at 132 this morning, that is 66 ounces of water which is 8.25 cups. Cheri taught me a great trick with the water bottle. Put rubber bands on and as you fill it, take another one off. That means that my not quite filled water bottle holds 16 ounces (I really measured it) and I need four bottles plus a few sips. So I have a way to keep track of that.