I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep without problem after reading for a short time. I woke up at 12.30 and had to get out of bed and make a trip to the bathroom. Then, I was wide awake. I stayed awake until 3. I usually am up by around 6-6.30 but I didn’t get up until almost 7 which wasn’t too bad.

Except … I usually have a cup of coffee while I wait for my alarm to go off and remind me to get ready. When I went at 6 AM, I got up and out the door without coffee but was home and had my coffee by 7.15 AM each day. I wasn’t sure that waiting until 9.15 for my first bit of coffee would be a good idea, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I am addicted to caffeine and I get sick without it.

I had my banana and Dick brewed a pot of coffee. Then I had my protein drink while I got dressed. I had 15 minutes so I poured myself a short cup of coffee which is really a whole cup of coffee or about 8 ounces. I got that down before I went to the box.

I was the only one there. Kat was a no show. She doesn’t usually look at the WOD the day before, so I don’t think it scared her away. It almost scared me away. I hated it when I read it last night. I had many options of course, because it is all scalable. But how hard do I want to work? That is really the question every time I show up.

I warmed up as proscribed. But since I had guzzled 10 ounces of protein drink and 8 ounces of coffee in less than 30 minutes, I was really worried that I might wet my pants today. And I usually drink coffee first and then protein and today it was opposite so I had residual coffee taste in my mouth. And I had a horrible workout to do. This was really messing with my newfound and imperfect positive outlook.

Today’s WOD as written:
For time:

25 pull ups
1 mile run
50 abmat sit ups
50 hand release push ups
rest 3 minutes
3 rope climbs
50 overhead walking lunges (25/10)
3 tire flips
75 air squats

WTF? Really? Yesterday, just for shits and giggles, I walked up to Harris Teeter first thing in the morning. I needed mushrooms and why not walk? It is a 5K round trip. I know how to walk. I don’t run. I actually can walk faster than I can run because I have to stop when my heart rate goes sky high. It is disheartening, as it were, but I have no idea what to do about it. My heart rate escalates quickly.

I could do all the other moves but if I put that run in there, all was lost. I didn’t want to waste the work of the WOD on simple walking. I can walk any time. What to do?

Kim said I could cut the whole thing in half and I could have. But I proposed just getting rid of the mile run completely and doing everything else with the reps as written and my modifications as needed. She countered with a parking lot walk instead of the mile.

I set up with both a green and red band for the pull-ups but used only the green. I got ten okay, then I only managed six. Rather than having to keep stopping, I added the handy red band and got nine, with the last one a struggle. But that was done.

Then I strolled the parking lot and managed to get my heart rate from 169 down to 151 while walking. I did the sit-ups. I had to pause and pant for just seconds twice and finished without any problems. Then the damn push-ups. I tried them from a raised bar and was having all sorts of problems. I put down two mats and did them has hand release push-ups, but didn’t have to get as low because the mats were there. I could manage four at a time.

I RXd the rest. The new sub offered for rope climbs was to hang on to the rope and do three knees to elbows and then lower to the ground for one rep. I managed two without stopping but then had to rest to get the third one. I hate rope climbs but at least I had my gloves – I checked twice this morning. My hands are sore enough with the gloves.

Then I did no weight overhead walking lunges ten at a time. My heart rate would go from 145 to 160 with each set. I would get it down and do the next set. I went and perched on the rim of the lightest tire and got my breath. Ryan was just pulling into the parking lot. He greeted me as he passed and I said, “Good morning, Marquis” and it took him a second to get the reference. Then he laughed. He was the person who wrote this sadistic piece of crap.

I got my three tire flips without a problem. Then it was 75 squats. Kim had been asking if I was doing the entire number and it was my goal so I kept saying yes. I did these in sets of 15 because then I could be done in five sets. But after the third set, I was sure I was going to puke. My legs were going to fall off. The room was hazy. I laid myself out on the floor and panted. I would have sold one of my children for someone to tell me to just stop at this point. Instead, I did three more sets of ten damn squats. I finished in 33.29 (I think, it might have been a different 20+ seconds).

I pushed myself really hard. I did the reps as written, except for that mile. My time was more than anyone else on the board, but not outrageously so. I did what I said I was going to do. It was horrible. I’m not sure what is going to hurt the most tomorrow. Perhaps my entire body. Maybe my hair won’t hurt. Maybe.



Since I was up before dawn for New Year’s Eve, I could not stay awake until midnight. I fell asleep around 10.30 but with the explosion of fireworks at midnight, I was awake and looking at the clock when it read exactly midnight. Happy 2015.

I did mostly nothing all day yesterday. I worked on Little Bits of History stuff and made a quick run to the grocery store. I did a bit of knitting. I played online and played some computer games. I luxuriated in the nothingness.

I want to be braver. I looked at the WOD last night. It is again, an exact copy of something we have done in the last couple months. I did it then; I could do it now. I looked at it, figured out how to scale it for masters, and then stopped worrying about it. Well, that isn’t quite correct. It took me a couple minutes of intense thinking to remember what the acronym stood for since there weren’t any good clues in the WOD itself.

I was up in the middle of the night. It was supposed to be in the low 40s, but the temperature was a balmy ⁰F 51. I kept my outfit the same anyway. I got myself ready and went out into the cold, dark night.

It was just me and Jackson. I would like to tell you who was coaching, but I can’t think of her name. She never introduced herself to Jackson but maybe he met her before. But for today, it will just have to be Coach. It was embarrassing because she knew my name. And I know I should know hers, but I’m not coming up with it.

Anyway, we warmed up and did lots of stuff and were finally declared warm. It must have been true because I was out of my jacket and long sleeved shirt and down to my working clothes.

Today’s WOD as written:
Dumbbell Strict to Push Press Ladder (10/5)
AMBAP in 10 minutes:
Buy In:
8 deadlifts (225/155)
500m row
1 mat OHWL w/plate (45/25)
5 heavy tire flips
1 mat OHWL w/plate (45/25)
500m row
8 deadlifts (225/155)

I remembered the dumbbell ladder thing from some time in the last couple months. Jackson said he didn’t remember this but I remember Sarah Ann there with me on this one because we got silly. But I began with 5# weight and climbed by 5# on each next set while Jackson began with 10# and went up 10# on each next set.

We were to do five strict and then push press to failure but what we really did was five and five until we couldn’t manage that number of reps. I have no idea how long it would take to keep pushing up five pounds, but I think it would be a very long time. Anyway, we didn’t do that.

I managed the 5 and 10 at five and five. I could do 15 at five and five with my right arm, but only got to three and five with my left. At 20, I could get one or two strict and then managed the five push press. Either I was stronger or I had tried the 25# weight because I remember not being able to finish the last weight. At 25, I couldn’t strict press at all and got three push press with my right arm and nothing at all with my left. See? Jackson failed at 40# and managed with the 35# weight, but I don’t know how much.

What took me a while last night was the whole AMBAP thing. What the hell was the B supposed to be for? And then it hit me. What else but burpees. Then I remembered this whole mess from before. All that crap this is written is the buy in and then for the remaining time, do burpees. Your score is the number of burpees done. That is not written there. I guess the copy and paste feature didn’t copy enough.

If I wanted to have time to do burpees, I had to cut back on the buy in portion. So I did. I figured I would do 6 deadlifts and 4 tire flips. I would cut back the row to 400 meters. I needed to consult with Coach, whoever she was, on the overhead walking lunges. I could either do a shorter distance with a 10# plate or just lunge down the mat and call it a day. Coach picked the latter.

I opted for the Masters Garage Games weight on the deadlifts and just used 65# because it was supposed to be light enough to breeze through them. I got them done and rowed and by the end I was beeping. So I sat on the rower and did box breathing and then did the lunge down the mat thing and was beeping. I sat on my tire and got my heart rate back down. I did the four tire flips. I was beeping. I sat on the tire and got my heart rate down.

Then it was back up the mat and my heart rate was high again, but I can row slow enough to compensate. I did. I got that done and then had to get my heart rate to 140s so I could do the deadlifts. Then they were finished and I had to start the burpees. First thing I did was lay on the ground to stop beeping and then got my heart rate to 140s and began. I walked them in and out and never rested again. Time was running out. I had ten seconds left and so I actually hopped the last two, like a real burpee. I finished with a score of 10.

I would like to know what I did with this last time but even with all this writing stuff, it is a pain to try to find a specific WOD if it isn’t a named WOD. There is no “compare to” with a date handily given maybe because we aren’t supposed to realize this was a repeat. But why not? There is nothing wrong with a repeat.

As we finished, I said something about it was hell getting old. Yet again, someone has told me I am not old. I know I live in a culture that reveres youth but honestly, I want credit for getting my old, creaky, fat ass out of bed and to the box. I’m not young. If I’m not old, how old do I have to be to be old? I’m certainly past middle age. I’m not going to live to 125. Please world, give me credit for being this age. Let me be old. “The time has come, the walrus said” to quote Lewis Carroll.


We are remodeling at work. My office and Mandi’s office are going into what is now the conference room. My old office will be the new conference room. Mandi’s old office will be a second space available for meetings. The lobby is staying the same. Yesterday, we boxed stuff, moved stuff, unhooked everything from my desktop computer, and I got the router moved to its new location and made sure they will still have internet until I get back to set up my own computer again. What we seemed to have the most of – was dust. There was dust in all sorts of places, hidden behind all manner of things.

The movers will come today and magically transform the office. Mandi will oversee that part. Then we can unpack a bit and on Monday, the carpets are being cleaned and I get to oversee that part. All in all, it will be really nice when it is done. But like most odious things, it is not all that fun in the doing.

When I got up this morning it was a balmy ⁰F 40 and so I was dressed appropriately for a building without heat. I bought some new socks this past weekend and I wore a pair of wild tie dye socks today. Very fetching.

Kim coached 5 AM which was just Cory, Matt, and Paul. Then Kim went home and Cory coached the 6 AM class which was just Jackson and me.

The 5 AM class was still working when we got there and so we got to witness the scoring. Take the time, turn it into seconds, add the ages of the participants together and divide the time by the ages and a get a final score. So at least we knew what to do when we were finished.

We warmed up and Cory had us doing these twists with a 10# plate and I was getting so dizzy I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But I got through them. Then other stuff and then start again with the twists. I asked if there was some sub because I didn’t want to get sick and she said to just skip that part and do the rest. I managed to keep my protein drink down.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Partner WOD
40 slam balls
30 pistols
20 tire flips
10 rope climbs
20 shuttle runs
30 ring dips
40 box jumps

We did the push presses together and Cory timed the rests and then we did the next round. We were to increase in weight with each round. I thought about where to start and where I hoped to finish. I looked and my one rep max is 63# but I have not been writing when that number happened. For all I know, it could have been a long time ago. I have to push myself because that’s my job.

I decided to start with a 33# bar and work up with 5# increments. I did 33, 38, 43, 48, 53 an that is where it got really hard. I did another 53, then 55, and finished with 58 which I did manage to get up three times. That one rep max must have been recent.

We strategized about the partner WOD. I always feel bad with these because I’m holding back someone younger. I haven’t seen the twins all month, so I assume they quit. That makes Jackson the youngest member. I’m the oldest. Great. Nothing like a teenaged competitive athlete (he is a swimmer) and an old fart. We all know my heart rate makes me stop and rest. Jackson is always done way ahead of me. He is young, strong, and has the lungs of a swimmer and the heart rate to go with it. And then there is me.

It was supposed to be each person doing one rep and trading off. Well, that meant I had to keep up with a teenager and here I am, old enough to be his grandmother. So we decided that Jackson would do two reps for each of mine and when he did half the number of reps, we were finished with the round.

We both used the same slam ball which was 25#. Jackson did 20 and I did ten. This was really smart. We both did pistols hanging on to the rack and I did 8 and Jackson did 15. We each had our own tire because he wanted a bigger one than what I could flip, but we did these one and one so we got them all done. I did a sub for the rope climbs, Jackson did a real rope climb. I did a sub, Jackson did two because my heart rate was too high, then we did that again, so he did 5 and I did 3. This was also really smart. This first half was done to my capacity.

We all know I can’t run and keep breathing. I did one run and Jackson did two so I did five shuttles and he did ten. We did box dips and this is where I think I should have done more. We could have done these one and one, but I didn’t push for it. I did one, he did two so I did 8 and he did 15. Then we used the boxes for the last set. He really jumped and I did step-ups. Again, I should have done one for one, but didn’t. He did 20 and I did 10 and we were done at 12.06. That was 726 seconds and our combined ages equal 77. So our score was 9.42.

I worked hard, didn’t hold Jackson back, and managed to not hurt myself while being partnered with a kid. It all worked out fine.


I began my weekend after working like a dog for the last two days. I did create the 32 letters for Mandi to finish with data in a program I can’t access. If I weren’t retiring, I would ask to get added to the access list for the program, but I have only 34 more days to work and I’m not starting anything new in that time.

I have gained three pounds since Thanksgiving and I can only assume it is from the stuffing. I haven’t been eating anything else different. I have been eating cleaner for the last year and in one week, I probably ate more than a whole loaf of bread. I love the stuffing recipe I have been using for 41 years. I can’t have anymore. Until the next turkey.

It was supposed to be patchy fog this morning. And I suppose if the patch is miles in diameter and thick as cotton batting, then we have patchy fog this morning. But it was in the 50s so that part was nice and once at a destination, the fog is insulating and cuts down on noise transmission. Other than the driving part, fog isn’t too bad. And speaking of driving, there are six traffic lights on the way to the box. Every single one of them was green today. I didn’t have to do anything but drive. I didn’t even hit a yellow or run a pink one. They were all green. It was a miracle.

Thursdays are traditionally light. I don’t understand it but apparently lots of people rest on Thursday and Sunday and so today was really light. It was so light, I was the only person there for 6 AM. It still isn’t fun to be the only one there, but it isn’t as scary as being the only one there when I first started. Kim was coaching, I was coached – in theory anyway. I’m hard to coach.

Warm-up was a run, stuff, row, stuff, less run, stuff, less row, stuff and then I was declared warm. I must have been because I had my sweatshirt and long sleeved shirt off. The bad thing about fog is that the humidity is usually high. It got to the point today that I rolled my shirt up but didn’t take it off because back squats don’t go well without a shirt. At least for me.

Today’s WOD as written:
Tire Flips
4 x ME (30 seconds)
Hip Extension
4 x ME (30 seconds)
“Bear Complex”

I did tire flips then supermans and then tire flips and then supermans over and over. I can’t even get into the GHD and so we give me something else to do. My scores were 7/17 7/15 8/20 8/18 and I enjoyed the tire flips and I hated the supermans. I noticed in one round there that they were somewhat difficult on my public bone. I wondered aloud how men even managed them and Kim said she had no idea. They can’t be fun.

The weights were supposed to rise on each of the rounds of bear complex. I was pretty sure I was going to fail to make all seven reps with higher weights. I could have tried a higher weight and got fewer reps and it was an option. Or I could try lower weights and get all seven reps in. My hope was 22, 33, 44 but even on the first complex, I couldn’t get all seven rounds in without beeping which made me change my plan. I made it five and was then beeping but finished. I could rest as long as I needed at any time today since it was just me and there was no pressure. They had waited for three minutes after the last person finished in the 5 AM class. I didn’t watch the clock. I watched my heart rate and when it got down to 110s, I figured I could get back to work and make it through.

Since I beeped so early with the lighter bar, I went to 27# and did the second round. I was beeping at the end of rep four, but I would rest with the weight on my back, do some box breathing, and get another round in. It worked. I got the entire seven.

So I put the smaller bar away and got out a 33# bar and tried again. I was beeping early in round four but I really wanted to do a full bear. I learned it was much less stress to rest with the bar on my back rather than held in a neutral position. I did that. Kim was standing behind me and watching my heart rate for me. It wasn’t going over 166 and as I rested with the bar on my back, I could get it down enough to do another set of moves. I got all seven of them. It took a while and my heart rate was 168 as I sat down. But I got the suckers.

My biggest problem, other than heart rate, was the weight of the bar. There were a few times when I went to put it overhead, that I used too much oomph and nearly knocked myself over because the weight didn’t demand that much power. I had to throttle back on the presses so I didn’t hurt myself. This is just bizarre.

Sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you. I’m not sure what happened today, but I got all three done completely which is really good. I didn’t hit my goal weights which isn’t as good but by being humble and not insisting my body handle more than it could, I managed to do what needed to be done.

For me it is like machine gun fire, but at least I still have a heart rate.

For me it is like machine gun fire, but at least I still have a heart rate.

Yesterday, I had a massage and could get full range of motion with my right arm/shoulder without any twinges at all. As I was checking out, I mentioned this and some guy standing there looked over at the gray-haired old lady and said, “You should be able to Zumba then.” I looked back aghast and said, “I do CrossFit.” Then he looked at me stunned and asked about tire flips and what not. I’m glad he didn’t ask about rope climbs and Atlas stones. But it was fun to see the look on his face.

I got several errands taken care of yesterday, but it shot the whole day, leaving me little time or energy to get any writing done. So I didn’t get any writing done. I did get some knitting done and had to rip out a few rows and managed to get the stitches back on the needle which is a new PR.

Coach Jason had the 5 AM class but he was already dressed in his cop outfit when we got there. He had to leave and teach a class to cops instead of to athletes. What a multifaceted guy. Sherry was coach for our class.

Gabe was there today because he didn’t have to work. Sherry was able to coach because she didn’t have to work. Melissa was there because she didn’t have to work. They are all usually at the 5 AM class. I was there because I don’t like later in the day even though I didn’t have to work either. Sarah Ann was also there.

We did a lot of stuff to get warm. I still hate doing a plank clock in both directions but I can actually DO a plank clock in both directions without collapsing, so that is an improvement. It was, eventually, time to get to the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
Dumbbell Strict to Push Press Ladder (10/5)
AMBAP in 10 minutes:
Buy In:
8 deadlifts (225/155)
500m row
1 mat OHWL w/plate (45/25)
5 heavy tire flips
1 mat OHWL w/plate (45/25)
500m row
8 deadlifts (225/155)
* after the buy in, continue with burpees until time runs out
your score is the number of burpees completed

There was just so much to try to understand while reading this. I knew what a ladder was. I even knew what the 10/5 meant. I didn’t really know what the move was. It was taking ONE dumbbell and doing strict press with the right arm and then strict press with the left arm. Then, add five pounds and repeat and ten pound increments for guys. When it was no longer possible to strict press, do a push press and use the dip to get the weight up. At the lower weights, stop at ten reps per side. At higher weights, try to get to five.

The low weights were really easy and then I got to 15# and it was really easy with my right arm, but my left arm acted like it had never seen a weight before. I managed the 20# as push press with my right arm and could control the weight coming back down. I could manage the 20# with my left arm going up, but had to have help to get it back down without crashing into my shoulder. I was going to stop there but was encouraged to try the 25#. I could get three reps push pressed on the right and my left arm just refused to go up.

I was going to not even post anything here today, as a reflection of my score. This is another total defeat day. I’m at the box with all these younger people. It really isn’t right to expect both a 16 and a 61 year old to do the same stuff. I know better. I know I have to scale. I know that I’m pretty much in charge of my own scaling. I know Sherry really doesn’t understand the whole concept at all. I know it means more than just dropping the weight to something possible. I also know I hate burpees. I didn’t know exactly how to make this suck the least. I chose poorly and there was little in the way of help and absolutely no discussion because no one but me seems to see this as a problem.

AMBAP in 10 minutes is As Many Burpees As Possible. Isn’t that cute?

I used 83# for the deadlifts and 10# for overhead walking lunges. I did figure out OHWL this morning after a bit of hesitation, mostly because of the weights involved. I should have cut back the reps and mostly, the meters on the row. I know how slowly I row and I knew it would take up way too much time in this. I was working to full capacity. I know this because I was beeping and had to stop four times to get my heart rate back down. I was not sandbagging. I am old.

Gabe finished the buy in first and he was doing RX. He got 38 burpees. So his score was 38. My score was zero. 0. Nothing. I worked to capacity for ten minutes and got nothing.

It’s not like I wanted to do a bunch of burpees. But I would have like to at least have been able to get back to the deadlifts. I was still rowing when time was called. I knew it would take me way too much time on the rower. Having 6 deadlifts, 400 meter row, ¾ of the mat, and 4 tire flips would have given me enough work to go with the time and possibly have gotten a few burpees in. But instead, I didn’t cut the rep scheme and no one else seems to understand that I’m freaking old. But I do. And I knew better. But since I’m the only person who whines about this, I always feel like I’m being a weenie and chickening out. So I keep the rep schemes that work for someone one quarter my age.

My goal for next week is going to be to cut the reps down to something for a masters athlete. I’m so sick of competing with people who are so much younger than me. I’m always found wanting. I don’t do Zumba. I am a CrossFitter and I’m doing really wonderful for me. It is all scalable. I need to scale. I need to stop beating myself up for not being younger. I flipped the tire, I lifted the weights, I should have something to show for it.


My rest day was spent resting. But I still had to work. When we moved here, I had a floor plan with pictures of where I wanted each piece of furniture drawn in. The movers were here before me, but they had their maps. The guy was a little hesitant about putting furniture down and when I arrived, he nervously asked if the furniture was okay, since he would be compelled to move it, if not. I asked if he followed the maps, he said he had, and so I was happy. He was stunned. As he finished up his day, he said it was one of the easiest moves he had ever done. All my furniture was where it was supposed to be according to the maps and he never had to move anything twice.

We are rearranging furniture and rooms in our office suite. Yesterday, I drew the dimensions of the room we were having the most problems with, and then I made little cutouts of all the furniture. One desk is 105 inches by 71 inches and U shaped. It is difficult to work around. I kept moving pieces here and there and finally came up with an arrangement that we all could like. At least for now. I hope this move works as well as moving into the house.

I managed to sleep well last night and awoke to the prospect of new day in a relatively cheerful manner. I looked at the WOD as I drank my putrid workout drink. The day was looking a little less cheerful, but not horrible and so it was with a light heart that I approached the box. I finished signing all the Christmas cards someone will be sending to our troops.

Christine was a drop in and is in town for a three day seminar. I do not envy that in any way. I can’t imagine the loveliness involved in a three day seminar. I might have to poke my eyes out or something. But maybe the way to get through the ordeal is to start out with a workout so you don’t have enough energy left to poke your eyes out.

We warmed up and I’m getting better at bear crawls but as I scuttled along in a crab walk I determined I would be a dead crab and included in some tasty crab dip because I was too slow to get away from any pursuers.

Today’s WOD as written:
Ring Dips 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Turkish Get Ups 4 x 2
3 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts (225/155)
500m row
4 tire flips
800m run
2 rope climbs

My son was involved in a photo shoot when his gym, Conviction Training Facility in Hilton Head, South Carolina was written up in a magazine. The photographer did a great job using just black and white or minimally colored photography and wonderful lighting. Craig’s picture is included here. I have no idea what that weight is, but I love this picture. I also loved the one of Jenna and the poof of chalk dust.

Anyway, my Turkish get up weights are not anything near to my son’s bar. In fact, I did a 1.5” band for the first set of ring dips, then 3 pound weight, then I moved to a 1” band for ring dips and did 5 pound weight. I tried a 0.5” band and had to go back to the 1” and finish out the sets with that. I moved on to an 8 pound weight and on the last set of Turkish get ups, I needed to stick with 8 pounds for my right arm because my deltoid is still bothering me but I managed 10 pounds with my left arm.

When I looked at the conditioning portion of the day this morning, my first thought was, “That’s gonna take forever” although there may have been a swear word included in there. Kim kept saying we had plenty of time and I didn’t really worry about it much. I don’t work today so I did, in fact, have all the time I would need.

Christine had to leave by seven to get to her seminar and Sarah Ann needs to get to school. For some reason neither Todd nor Cindy was there today. As Kim looked at the board, she said, “This is a long WOD” and I thought it was a bit of an understatement.

We set up and warmed up for deadlifts. None of us could do rope climbs and were given a scaled version. The tires are now inside the building because of snakes and that’s a story that is just scary so I’ve not included it here.

We were ready, but it was already 6.45. Christine was worried and I mentioned that she could maybe get two rounds in. So we had a plan.

I got all the deadlifts (83#) without beeping. I rowed and then did the tire flips and then walked 400 meters. The sub for the rope climbs was 3 pull-ups and 3 knees to elbows for each climb. I was beeping by the end and had to rest, but not too much before the deadlifts again.

By the time I got back from the second walk, Christine was finished and Sarah Ann was nearly done. I finished round two at 19.56 and after 7 AM. I was willing to be as finished as everyone else.

Christine left for her seminar, Sarah Ann left for school, and I fell apart crying on poor Kim. I just don’t know if this is even doing anything. I know part of that is the two year plateau. At the very beginning, everything improves quickly. And now, nothing seems to be improving at all. My most distress comes from issues with my heart rate and my lack of stamina. I thought after two years, I would have a stronger heart and not just a heavier deadlift.

Kim said that as a coach, she has seen a great improvement in my ability to keep moving. I have to rest so often because I’m going heavier and even with that, I’m not having to rest as often. I’m doing as well as can be expected at this point. Not just my age, but my time at the gym. The big gains have been made and I’m tweaking things now. I’m doing okay. At least, the coach says so. And my big sister does, too.


We got to head off to Southern South Carolina this weekend and play with Frankie. She mostly played with her LEGO stuff, but she played with us, too. Craig and I got to talk quite a bit about CrossFit and the disparities between our two gyms. He also wanted a frank assessment of my experience at his box a few weeks ago. I offered it. I didn’t tell him anything he didn’t already know. We watched ET with Frankie while her parents hosted a CTF Halloween party. Then we came home and the time change kicked my behind.

I went to bed at 9.15 last night and when I woke up around 1 AM, I figured I was doomed to another night of tossing and turning. But instead, I fell blissfully back to sleep. I was just beginning to stir again when the alarm went off and I had to get up. First thing I did was check the temperature. It was supposed to be 31⁰ this morning. But it was a balmy 37 instead. That makes it just a bit more difficult to get out the door.

I looked at the WOD, read it wrong and figured I was missing something or people were idiots. So I woke up a little bit more, read it again and figured where I had gone wrong.

I got there and the parking lot was full. There had to be at least ten people there at 5 AM. There were four of us at 6 AM. Rachael has been MIA for a long time and decided she needed to get back in the gym. I knew I hadn’t seen her in a while, but people move around to other classes and I figured that’s what she did. But she just had been staying home. I know that once you take some time off, it is easier to keep taking time off than to come back. That’s the importance of routine. It makes you have to DECIDE against the routine. So if your routine becomes to NOT go to the box, you have to CHOOSE to go. And if you routinely GO, you have to CHOOSE to stay home.

Only one of the twins was at the last fundamentals class on Friday. The sister had to finish the fundamentals today. But … I said to the newly minted CrossFitter, “I only know you as one of the twins. What’s your name?” Sarah Ann finished the fundamentals and had her first WOD today while her sister finished up her fundamentals class.

We warmed up and then got to work.

Today’s WOD as written:
hang power clean 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
GHD sit ups – 3 x ME (20 seconds)
Post weights & reps for each effort.
Tabata WOD –
using the Tabata work/rest time scheme, complete the exercises in the following order.
Rest 5 minutes.
pull ups
ring dips
knees to elbow
push ups
walking lunges
tire flips
Post total reps for each WOD (not each movement).

So, no one at either the 5 or 6 AM classes posted their hang power clean weights. I warmed up with the 22# bar and then passed it on to Sarah Ann. Then I did 33, 38, 43, 53, 63 pounds and got three at each move. That last set was heavy. I probably should have dropped that 38 and tried a 68 just for shits and giggles. My old one rep max is 67#. I can’t even get in and out of the GHD torture device. I was told to just do regular abmat sit-ups.

When I looked at the conditioning part for today’s WOD, I thought we were doing a Tabata of each move. They are each four minutes long by definition. With a 5 minute rest, that was more minutes that we have in an hour. After I woke up more, I realized it was a rotational thing with 20 seconds on, 10 second off to get to the next thing. That made far more sense.

I used a 2” band for the pull-ups and a 1.5” band for the ring dips. I modified the push-ups and did them against the wall. I think next time we have these, I’m going to try big girl push-ups with an abmat and see if I can manage that without worminess. My knees to elbows were somewhere above my waist but not up to my elbows.

I told Coach Jason that my scale for this was work 15 seconds and off 15 seconds. I’ve learned I can’t manage a Tabata with the 20/10 because at some point I just fail with my heart rate being too high. I asked him to please let me know when it was 15 seconds so I could stop early. It also gave him warning to count down the last three seconds for the others.

I got to 53 reps on the first round. My heart rate was 168 when we finished. Then we rested.

The tires have been sitting outside since they bought more of them this past summer. There has been lots of rain on and off. The tires were full of cold 37 degree water and there were some fall leaves stuck in the mess. The 5 AM class had dumped much of the water out, but tires being what they are, there was still water to contend with. That made the tires a bit heavier and a lot messier. My right (dominant) leg is used to help push over the tire and so, it was wet. During the five minute rest, I almost dried out. Sorta.

Then we got to start again. Rachael had written her score above mine. She had 68. I remembered seeing the 8. As we were finished the last three moves, all I could think of was that I wanted to beat my first round score. The problem was I thought I had a 58. I was pushing for higher than that. I beat it. I got 59. Which was way cool and six points higher than my first round, not just one. I was a super athlete on the second round.

This was fun. It was fun all by itself and it was especially fun after the dismal workout we had on Friday. And it was fun to see what I could do with more body weight type moves. It turned out to be a good time to get up early.


Picture this cold, wet, and with falling leaves sticking everywhere. And an old person flipping the tire.