We made an unplanned trip to Florida last Sunday and stayed for a week. The only “exercise” I got was walking. We walked on the beach and we walked on the boardwalk and we walked, but there was nothing overly strenuous about any of it.

I had lots of really good food. We went out to eat a few times and I ate wonderful meals which were not anywhere near healthy let alone Paleo. Not that I eat Paleo at all, but they were not close in any way, shape, or form.

We got home last night and had pizza because … well, we had been in the car for eight hours and no one felt like cooking even if there had been food in the house to cook. In summary, I have had a week of “normal” behavior and not a week of CrossFit behavior. It feels like it.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night. When I looked this morning, I wondered what I should do with it. First thing to do was math, so I did that and wrote my numbers down. I still have them sitting here at my desk because I failed to bring them with me to the box. Brilliant. I usually have a pre-workout banana but didn’t have any in the house. I did have my protein drink. Off to a good start back at it.

Today we had Leslie number 1 and Leslie number 2. Nikki came, Cindy showed up, and I was there. Apparently Leslie number 1 did not get the message since she was the only person not dressed in purple today. Leslie number 2 has not been a regular of late and wished to heavily scale things while she got back into it. Nikki just started with classes.

We warmed up and the biggest whiners were me and Cindy. Go figure. It is what we excel at. And it is expected. We would hate to disappoint.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats 10 @ 50% + 5 lb, 5 @ 70% + 5 lb, 3 @ 80% + 5 lb, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%
If you can add 5 lbs to the 90% reps without failing, then do so.
Buy in: 20 slam balls (m/w)
3 RFT:
200m run
20 OHWL (45/25) (10 each leg)
20 KBS (53/35)
Buy out: 20 goblet squats with slam ball (m/w)

It was fun to have a larger class, but I’m used to being the only weenie around and having access to all the lighter stuff. Today, I had to share, but that is something I can manage. So it wasn’t a problem.

My front squats were done with ten reps at 42#, five reps at 57#, three reps at 67#, and the three single reps at 72#.

I asked Kim if she had a plan and she thought doing half of everything would work. But … I thought that since I don’t hold weight overhead, I could manage 15 plain walking lunges.

I managed all 10 slam balls with the 25# ball without stopping but then my heart rate was already 172. I couldn’t even manage a slow walk like that and make the cardiologist happy. So I waited to get it down a little and then walked. I sat and did box breathing for a bit and tried to do the lunges, but I hadn’t waited long enough and had to pause in the middle.

It was ridiculously humid out there today and I had trouble even holding on to the slam ball which has never happened before. So I knew that the kettlebell swings were going to be slippery. So I lunged to the chalk bucket and chalked up while I box breathed and then finished the lunges. I got my heart rate down to 145 and did the ten kettlebell swings using a 25# dumbbell since the 25# and even the 20# kettlebells were being used.

I got through the next two rounds okay and made sure my heart rate was low enough before starting the lunges so I could do them all at once. Then I had to rest and get a heart rate low enough to do the squats. My hands were slippery and I really could have used some chalk, but the bucket was waaaaaaay over there and so I just skipped it.

I managed to get the squats done without setting the ball down, but I did have to pause at the top a few times and regroup. I finished at 12.34 and had a heart rate of 178. Cindy did this RX and at the end, she said she felt like she was going to either puke or pass out. Her heart rate was 180. It is really a nasty way to work. But she made it.

I did have bacon and eggs here for breakfast, but I will need to run to the grocery store to restock the house with a better selection of healthy foods.



It’s raining. It started yesterday afternoon and has been steadily raining since. My phone woke me up with a weather alert to let me know there could be flash flooding in the Low Country. Really? With a number of rivers coursing to the ocean and an elevation of about 10 feet above sea level, there might be flooding after 18 hours of rain? Who knew?

But I knew where the one place that has a dip in the road that floods and where the water normally pools and how to drive to miss these hazards and so I went to the box and braved the elements. I’m such a badass. It is the first time I’ve driven my new car in the rain. I learned how to use the rear window wiper, so that was cool.

Today was Leslie and me (Kat hurt herself yesterday) with Kim coaching. There had been 13 people at 5 AM and four or five people paying for a private session at 7 AM. And then two of us at 8 AM.  On Facebook, Kim had posted about a deload week and hoped to see all our beautiful faces at the box. Unfortunately, I had to bring my old and wrinkled face with me since I don’t have any other kind.

Since it was raining, we began the day with a row and did weird stuff with it. Then we did stuff and then we did 3 rounds of 3 ring rows, 6 push-ups, and 9 squats and at the push-ups my heart rate went too high for the first (but definitely not the last) time for the day. Dislocates and passthroughs ended the warm-up and we were ready for the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
We have all been hitting the weights very hard for the last 4 weeks, and now it is time for a deload week. Deloads are periods of time where you give your body an “active rest” to ensure a healthy progression in your training. This is designed to help you reduce the possibility of injury, and break through plateaus. Your body will have a chance to recuperate, let your muscle rebuild, and give your joints time to heal and grow stronger. We will be hitting some accessory muscle exercises as well in order to build your strength.


Strength: 3X8 glute bridges (at the top of each rep, hold the bridge for no less than 10 seconds).
Using a barbell and lying on the floor, you will slowly add a little weight to your glute bridges. These are important to strengthen the glutes and the lower back. These should not be so heavy that you have to pause in the middle of the sets. Form is key.
EMOM 16 min
20 Double unders (30 sec time cap)
4 slam balls (45/20) [We only have 45 and 25# slam balls]

For the glute bridges, we began with an empty bar. Me with a 22 and Leslie with a 33# one. We did ten practice ones. Leslie has a bad back and the move was bothering her some. We each added ten pound plates to the bars and did the next set. After moving 42# with just a touch and go, I learned I was allowed a 5 second rest in between lifts. Since I could manage a touch a go, Kim and I thought I should add another ten pounds. So I was working with 52# on the last set. Leslie stayed with her 53#. Her back was really getting cranky and so we stopped at this point, although I could have managed another set at that weight, I don’t think I could have managed more weight.

I looked at the WOD last night and there were myriad ways for me to play the EMOM. My biggest problem was going to be my damn heart rate. I need time to box breathe and get it back down, but I always think I’m stronger than I am. I went with doing 20 single unders and 3 slam balls per minute, thinking that should be okay. I waited for a heart rate to lower to 120 to start.

After the first round my heart rate was already 163. I knew I was in trouble, but with box breathing I was able to get it down enough to do the same thing. I managed to do round three like that but my heart rate was 177 after the slam balls so I figured I had to do something different.

On the next minute I just did 20 jumps. Since my heart rate was 159 when I began, it was over 170 when I stopped. I got it down to just under 160 and did 2 slam balls. Since that took next to no time, I had a low enough heart rate to do both moves again. Then my heart rate was over 170 again and it was ridiculous.

For the rest of the time I did 40 single unders in a minute and then 4 slam balls in the next minute. It gave me enough resting time to get my heart rate low enough to manage the next minute and I just kept plodding along, pitiful and old.

I finished the day and managed to do something for the whole time. My reward was bacon and eggs when I got home.


The lower clothes rack in the walk in closet is coming away from the wall. I showed Dick and we agreed it had to be fixed. The only way to fix it is to empty it and then fix it. Since I was going to have to do all that anyway, and since the weight of all my clothes was pulling it away from the wall, I went through all my clothes and made a heap to give away. I filled eight tall kitchen garbage bags stuffed with clothes and one full of store hangers.

I supposed I could have had a garage sale but I don’t like doing that. So, I took all the stuff to Goodwill and will let them do with it what they will. Since I have so many clothes, nothing really gets worn out, so even though some of the stuff was old, it was still in very good condition. And all my Christopher & Banks stuff is still cute, but as a retired person, I don’t dress like that anymore. The closet it being fixed this afternoon which means I have to empty it out soon.

I looked at the WOD last night and said a big ole NOPE. But I immediately knew what to do instead.

I got there and Kat showed up and so it was a better morning right away. Kim was coaching us and the moms were discussing impending school opening. All I have to worry about is making sure the kids realize my driveway is not a bus stop.

After we were declared warm, we practiced incremental steps to the strength part of today’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:

Hang Power Snatch
1 mile run for time
Rest 5 min
3 min ME wall balls
Rest 1 min
3 min ME slam balls

The last time we did these, I got a one rep max at 42# so I was hoping to get that for a 3 rep max today. No, I wasn’t. I was hoping to be able to squeak out a 47# lift. Last week, doing the overhead squats, I did something to the palm of my left hand. I don’t know if I just rubbed the skin off or got a metal splinter. But today, I wore my gloves to protect my hand. I did the three reps at 32, 37, and 42# and then tried a 47# just for kicks. I got one which was a little slow on the pull. I couldn’t manage a second one and I didn’t want to smack myself in the head. So I stopped there.

Running. I don’t. I can sorta manage a 200 meter warm-up jog and then I have to recover. This wasn’t going to work well. I can walk a mile. I can and do walk miles. I can walk faster than I can run because I can just keep walking and I can’t keep running. I don’t know why I would pay someone to walk. It makes no sense to me. So my plan, right from the start, was to row. But I know that people run a mile in respectable times. No one at our box has a sub-four minute mile, but there are some who are in the six or seven minute range.

My fastest time to row 1000 meters is slightly more than 5 minutes. If I was going to row 2000 meters I would be around 11 and maybe up to 12 minutes. I really didn’t want to row for that long. I decided last night to go all masters and do 80% or 1600 meters – I would row a mile. And I did. 9.10 for my time.

What I didn’t realize was that each person was going to be responsible for their time and so I would be starting my wall balls at 14.10 and Kat was on her own time schedule. I could do that without a problem. Apparently, what I couldn’t do was then count to three.

I did 10 wall balls and my heart rate was so damn high I had to stop. I got it down and did 10 wall balls and had to stop and then I looked at the clock and figured I was done with wall balls. I waited out the minute of rest.

Except I was ready to start my slam balls at 17.10 which means I only did two minutes of wall balls. I had to do my slam balls in sets of five and got 20 done that way. I asked Kim about making up my minute of lost wall balls and she said I could if I wanted to, and I did. So I got over there and did another 10 wall balls and still had some time. So I got my heart rate all the way down to 166 and finished the time with another 3. My scores were 33 wall balls using a 10# to an 8’ line (masters) and 20 slam balls using the same size slam ball as the 20 year old women.

I met my goals and got a few extra wall balls in there. What I didn’t do was tell time correctly. WOD brain is a real thing.

I am so tired of being hot. Rich needs to stop.

I am so tired of being hot. Rich needs to stop.

Yesterday was quiet and I managed to get quite a bit of writing done. I figured out how to thwart my touchpad by finally finding something to put over it that didn’t get in my way and yet made the thing stop moving my cursor around every time I grazed it. I even had it set on the slowest reaction time and it wasn’t enough. But my low tech solution worked and so I was happy(ish).

While messing around this morning and looking for some way to actually turn it off, I found a page with some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. I love keyboard shortcuts and there were a couple there that I hope I can remember to use because they were pretty cool.

The Windows icon + x brings up a cute little menu and I found a different path that led me to the old style control panel I was used to. I choose mouse, and there was an extra page than what I had been accessing and on that page for the touchpad, was a place to select to turn it off if there was another mouse plugged into the computer. It worked. I nearly wept with joy.

And then it was time to get to the box, so I fed myself and suited up and took off. It was just me again only Chris was coaching. I feel so sorry for him when it is just me there. I feel even sorrier if no one shows up and he made the trip for nothing. I actually feel sorry for any coach who has to have just me as a class.

I warmed up as instructed and asked about the ratcheting sound/feel to my right hip with just a pendulum move, side to side. There is no pain involved and it is only noticeable because of the click-click-click noise inside. I don’t think it is audible to anyone else. But he said as long as it doesn’t hurt, I’m okay. Which is what I figured, but what the hell.

Today’s WOD as written:

10 slamballs (40/25)
10 Box jumps
10 ring dips
30 sec rest

I simply suck at overhead squats. They are difficult to do. However, my air squats are getting better and I’m feeling a little more stable as I move around. I know this should have happened 2.75 years ago, but I’m old. I simply finally feel like I’m not going to drop the bar on my head.

But I’m not really brave. I had three step-ups and I figured I could start at 22# and go to 27# which is what I believe was my one rep max. So upping to 32# would be really cool. But I felt more stable than normal and I asked if Chris cared if I worked to a higher weight. He didn’t care. I did the 37# and managed it without problems. Chris said it looked good and that I should be able to go higher.

We used to work out together. He was back squatting a couple hundred pounds and I was doing 22# and hoping against hope to get weights on my weight and be able to do a 27# back squat before I turned 60. I did, but as I was loading the real size, big plates onto a bar for an overhead squat, I couldn’t help but be slightly amazed at myself. I know it isn’t much weight, but it is more than I could back squat.

I looked at the bar and was scared half to death, but I snatched it up in a power snatch, took a deep breath, and dropped. And got back up. I did not go any lower than parallel, but I got to parallel and I got me, my fat ass, and the 42# bar back up. Amazing. For me.

The rounds were a little bit of an issue. I had questions for Kim, but Chris was there so I asked him instead. There is an eight pound ball over with the slam balls. It is not a slam ball and it bounced more. I have no idea what it was for. But I asked about using it. I could do more reps with that than with the same size slam ball a 25 year old was using.

I tried it. I lean forward a bit with a squat, no matter what and when trying to catch a bouncing ball, I lean a bit more. The ball hit the ground with force because – well, I was doing a slam ball. And it bounced back up with force because it wasn’t a slam ball. It smacked me right in the chin. My jaw slammed up into my skull. I saw stars. I wanted to cry. There was no blood. Big girls don’t cry (there was a song about that). It hurt. I got my cold wash cloth and put it on my chin.

Then I nonchalantly, but with a quavering voice just this side of tears, asked about other stuff. I knew I wasn’t using that damn thing for a WOD. So, I was thinking I would really cut back the reps on the slam balls and just do 4.

But with the box jumps – really do jumps to the 12” box or do step-ups to the 20” box? Chris said he thought it was a better workout with the 20” box and step-ups. He then asked what I did for ring dips. I said I used a band. He was incredulous. He looked at me and I had to admit it was a blue band, if I was doing that many reps, but I could do them. He was impressed with the old fart. We both knew the 30 second rest was just going to happen no matter what and more often than stated.

So I put my washcloth back in the fridge and was ready. I had the trusty 25# slam ball there and did four. I did 8 step-ups, alternating feet, then I had to rest to get my heart rate down and then I did the 8 ring dips and the rings were swinging way too much. I rested until my heart rate was down and I have no idea how many seconds that was.

I did four slam balls, rested, did 8 step-ups with right leg leading, rested, did 8 ring dips and did better controlling the swing, rested. One more to go. Four slam balls, rested, 8 step-ups with left leg leading, rested, got to the ring dips and sorta fell apart. My hands were so sweaty and slippery, I kept losing my grip on the rings and the band. I did five, did one more and my hand nearly came of the ring, reset, and did the last two. I finished in 7.16.

My time was pretty much right in the middle of the pack, so I know I scaled it right.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bruise on my face. Lovely. What hurts the most right now is my left ear. I assume that is from jamming my mandible into my skull. It isn’t bad, it is annoying. What a jock!

I have had this picture for a long time, but wouldn't use it because I couldn't do full sized plates.

I have had this picture for a long time, but wouldn’t use it because I couldn’t do full sized plates.

About seven or eight years ago I fell off some rollerblades. I was standing there minding my own business and then I was on the ground. My left arm smashed into my left leg rather than the pavement which is why I still have an arm. It took almost an entire year before I could fully straighten my left arm again. I don’t know what I did last week, but my boo-boo on/in my left arm started acting up. It finally stopped hurting yesterday so I assumed all was well. More on this later.

I bravely, heroically, calmly looked at the WOD last night and survived. I could see it would heart rate intensive, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage. Mostly because I can manage it all because it is all scalable. I slept soundly and awoke from the middle of some cartoonish, brightly colored, garish dream to a dark morning. I crawled out of bed and got ready to head to the box.

The parking lot was full. We are back to being not on vacation. There were six or seven people at 5 AM and three at 6 AM. Kim was coaching and will be all week. Hannah and Vianca were there with me. We started out with a 500 meter row and that went okay. We did a bunch of other things to warm up. We worked on mobility. Then, before moving on we did another 500 meter row with 100 meters fast, 100 meters slow. Pulling the rower fast hurt my arm.

I asked Kim if she could see if I was torquing my arm at all. She couldn’t see anything funny. The muscle that is screwed up was much more noticeable just looking at my arm. Since it hurt, I figured that was a sign I was supposed to stop, so I did.

Today’s WOD as written:
Clean Practice – Spend 20 minutes working on your clean technique. Focus on doubles and maintaining the best form you can for both reps. If the coach gives you the thumbs up, work up to a max effort double (2RM)
AMRAP for 8 minutes
2 squat cleans (135/95)
4 slam balls (40/25)
2 squat cleans
4 burpees

Since I was going to be working so much with weights today, I figured I would save my back and put my other shoe on to level myself out. It helps me tremendously when I’m squatting with weights. It doesn’t matter on things like wall balls or slam balls, but with a bar, being level matters.

We worked on the several different parts of the clean and I was doing okay. When it got to a full pull from the ground and squatting under it, my arm pinged a bit. It wasn’t bad, but I knew my arm was cranky. I stuck with 42# since if it hurt at that weight, adding more sounded like I might hurt myself for real.

The bar was floating like it is supposed to and I need to fall under it faster to keep my form correct. I worked on that. I could actually feel the bar go weightless and knew I wasn’t in the correct position relative to the bar, so I worked on dropping under it more quickly.

For the conditioning portion of the day, I put it in masters version by cutting the slam balls and burpees to 3 each and even then, it tried to kill me. I was hoping to increase the weight on the bar today, but I didn’t because of my arm. I knew this was going to skyrocket my heart rate and I was right. I got through the first cleans, slam balls, and cleans before I beeped and then it was downhill for the rest of the day. I rested a lot and often and had a heart rate way too high for most of the time. I try to game the end of a WOD so that I can work the last 30 seconds without stopping and I managed that again today.

I walked all the burpees in and out because it reserves heart rate crap. As I was coming to the end of the time, walking them still seemed like a good idea. I had enough time to do that. And then I had enough time for two more cleans before the end. My score was 4+2. My heart rate was 174.

Right now, my arm is okay just sitting here. But I know if I try to pick up anything, even something light like my purse, it will twinge. I’m not sure what to do with it. I know that I can baby it along and I will see what else I can manage. I do have a massage this week, so perhaps something can be done there.


We are remodeling at work. My office and Mandi’s office are going into what is now the conference room. My old office will be the new conference room. Mandi’s old office will be a second space available for meetings. The lobby is staying the same. Yesterday, we boxed stuff, moved stuff, unhooked everything from my desktop computer, and I got the router moved to its new location and made sure they will still have internet until I get back to set up my own computer again. What we seemed to have the most of – was dust. There was dust in all sorts of places, hidden behind all manner of things.

The movers will come today and magically transform the office. Mandi will oversee that part. Then we can unpack a bit and on Monday, the carpets are being cleaned and I get to oversee that part. All in all, it will be really nice when it is done. But like most odious things, it is not all that fun in the doing.

When I got up this morning it was a balmy ⁰F 40 and so I was dressed appropriately for a building without heat. I bought some new socks this past weekend and I wore a pair of wild tie dye socks today. Very fetching.

Kim coached 5 AM which was just Cory, Matt, and Paul. Then Kim went home and Cory coached the 6 AM class which was just Jackson and me.

The 5 AM class was still working when we got there and so we got to witness the scoring. Take the time, turn it into seconds, add the ages of the participants together and divide the time by the ages and a get a final score. So at least we knew what to do when we were finished.

We warmed up and Cory had us doing these twists with a 10# plate and I was getting so dizzy I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But I got through them. Then other stuff and then start again with the twists. I asked if there was some sub because I didn’t want to get sick and she said to just skip that part and do the rest. I managed to keep my protein drink down.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Partner WOD
40 slam balls
30 pistols
20 tire flips
10 rope climbs
20 shuttle runs
30 ring dips
40 box jumps

We did the push presses together and Cory timed the rests and then we did the next round. We were to increase in weight with each round. I thought about where to start and where I hoped to finish. I looked and my one rep max is 63# but I have not been writing when that number happened. For all I know, it could have been a long time ago. I have to push myself because that’s my job.

I decided to start with a 33# bar and work up with 5# increments. I did 33, 38, 43, 48, 53 an that is where it got really hard. I did another 53, then 55, and finished with 58 which I did manage to get up three times. That one rep max must have been recent.

We strategized about the partner WOD. I always feel bad with these because I’m holding back someone younger. I haven’t seen the twins all month, so I assume they quit. That makes Jackson the youngest member. I’m the oldest. Great. Nothing like a teenaged competitive athlete (he is a swimmer) and an old fart. We all know my heart rate makes me stop and rest. Jackson is always done way ahead of me. He is young, strong, and has the lungs of a swimmer and the heart rate to go with it. And then there is me.

It was supposed to be each person doing one rep and trading off. Well, that meant I had to keep up with a teenager and here I am, old enough to be his grandmother. So we decided that Jackson would do two reps for each of mine and when he did half the number of reps, we were finished with the round.

We both used the same slam ball which was 25#. Jackson did 20 and I did ten. This was really smart. We both did pistols hanging on to the rack and I did 8 and Jackson did 15. We each had our own tire because he wanted a bigger one than what I could flip, but we did these one and one so we got them all done. I did a sub for the rope climbs, Jackson did a real rope climb. I did a sub, Jackson did two because my heart rate was too high, then we did that again, so he did 5 and I did 3. This was also really smart. This first half was done to my capacity.

We all know I can’t run and keep breathing. I did one run and Jackson did two so I did five shuttles and he did ten. We did box dips and this is where I think I should have done more. We could have done these one and one, but I didn’t push for it. I did one, he did two so I did 8 and he did 15. Then we used the boxes for the last set. He really jumped and I did step-ups. Again, I should have done one for one, but didn’t. He did 20 and I did 10 and we were done at 12.06. That was 726 seconds and our combined ages equal 77. So our score was 9.42.

I worked hard, didn’t hold Jackson back, and managed to not hurt myself while being partnered with a kid. It all worked out fine.


There is more than a 50% chance that I will forget to stop when I’m on my way to or from work. I’m on autopilot and if I intend to run an errand on the way, I will more likely than not, forget it. But yesterday I had an errand ON the way to work and one more FROM work to home. I remembered them both and didn’t have to make any out of the way stops or turnarounds. I’m so proud of myself.

We had our monthly office meeting yesterday which includes lunch. We ordered from Kickin’ Chicken which, as the name implies, is mostly chicken. I’m sick of poultry. I ordered the ONE item that wasn’t chicken, hamburgers, or beans. I got French dip. It was delicious. I had turkey for dinner.

It was supposed to be 47⁰ out there this morning but it was 57 instead. Perfect weather for doing a workout. I did appreciate it. I arrived early and Ryan was coaching 5 AM and Kim was taking the class. Gabe was working right by the bench. As time was running down, I nagged him to get in two more reps and rest when it was over. He got one in. This will be important later.

We warmed up with a row, plank clocks (David had been blissfully unaware of these atrocities), and a variety of other things until we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pull Ups 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
Ring Plank Holds 4 x 90 seconds
AMRAP in 10 minutes
8  5 Power Cleans (95/65) 45
8  5 Over-the-bar Burpees
8  5 Left to Right Slam Balls (40/25)

The pull-ups and ring plank holds were interspersed with one another. David hadn’t done a pull-up since high school, and amazingly enough, couldn’t manage without help. He and I shared a box. I had a 1.5 inch and a 0.5 inch band together and so was using a two inch band. He had his own bands on the other side of the bar but we did share the box to stand on nicely. I had a much easier time getting in and out of the bands. He mentioned he needed to work on flexibility. It was the only thing I had at all when I started and it wasn’t that much. There is hope.

I started out with the 2 inches and got the five. I’m getting a little better at plank holds, but they just suck the life out of me. On the rings, it was a bazillion times more difficult. No one at the 5 AM class managed to get the 90 seconds all four times. Gabe got it twice. I fell out the first time at 21 seconds. David held out for longer, but Ryan was determined to get a minute. He did.

On the second round, I used the two inch band and got the five and managed to hold on for 28 seconds. On the third round, I used the 1.5 band, got three and added the other half inch to finish. I held for 28 seconds again and then whined because I was so close to thirty and still missed it. We had a plan to get me to thirty.

On the fourth round, I used the 1.5 band for the first three and couldn’t make the last two. I added the other half inch and finished. I held the plank hold and screamed and whined and made all sorts of noise, Kim called the thirty second mark for me and I held on for another ten seconds and made 40. It was a miracle. Ryan had said when he wrote this, the minute didn’t look that long so he upped it to 90 seconds. We I nagged at him and shamed him into making it the whole 90 seconds on the last round. That was the most fun of the day. On the last round of pull-ups, I used the 1.5 inch band. I couldn’t get all five of them together, but I didn’t add the last half inch and managed to get all five done eventually.

Then we went on to the conditioning portion of the day. At the Masters Garage Games I was doing over the bar burpees with a bare 45# bar and that seemed like a splendid idea for today as well. The slam balls only come in two sizes so I can’t do much about that.

The first round wasn’t too bad and I managed to string most of it together without issues. I had to pause, but not for very long and I was feeling a bit like I may have underplayed it when I cut the reps back. But I changed my mind later. I noticed on the second round that my right hand was really hurting on the cleans. I determined there was a wrinkle in my glove and that’s why my hand has been giving me so much trouble. As I panted and box breathed and tried to get my heart rate down, I took off the gloves. I don’t need them for the bar work. I finished the round but forgot to start right to left on the slam balls. Since I was doing an odd number of reps, it mattered.

On the third round, I was wondering if death was in my near future. It was possible to get one move finished, pause, get the next thing done, pause, and finish the round and I did remember to start on the right side. Still time left. But not as much as I hoped in order to get four rounds finished, which was my goal.

On the fourth round I got the cleans, and as I was waiting for my heart rate to drop enough to move, it dawned on me that I could walk the burpees in and out and they were still burpees. So I did that. There wasn’t much time left and I needed five slam balls. I could do this. So I did. And there were five seconds left. Since I had yelled at encouraged Gabe to get in two more reps, I figured it was the least I could do. I picked up the bar, and like Gabe, I got one more. I had a score of 4+1. For the record, Gabe had 6+1. I wrote my score on the board with the masters designation and was pleased with how hard I worked today.