It’s raining. It started yesterday afternoon and has been steadily raining since. My phone woke me up with a weather alert to let me know there could be flash flooding in the Low Country. Really? With a number of rivers coursing to the ocean and an elevation of about 10 feet above sea level, there might be flooding after 18 hours of rain? Who knew?

But I knew where the one place that has a dip in the road that floods and where the water normally pools and how to drive to miss these hazards and so I went to the box and braved the elements. I’m such a badass. It is the first time I’ve driven my new car in the rain. I learned how to use the rear window wiper, so that was cool.

Today was Leslie and me (Kat hurt herself yesterday) with Kim coaching. There had been 13 people at 5 AM and four or five people paying for a private session at 7 AM. And then two of us at 8 AM.  On Facebook, Kim had posted about a deload week and hoped to see all our beautiful faces at the box. Unfortunately, I had to bring my old and wrinkled face with me since I don’t have any other kind.

Since it was raining, we began the day with a row and did weird stuff with it. Then we did stuff and then we did 3 rounds of 3 ring rows, 6 push-ups, and 9 squats and at the push-ups my heart rate went too high for the first (but definitely not the last) time for the day. Dislocates and passthroughs ended the warm-up and we were ready for the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
We have all been hitting the weights very hard for the last 4 weeks, and now it is time for a deload week. Deloads are periods of time where you give your body an “active rest” to ensure a healthy progression in your training. This is designed to help you reduce the possibility of injury, and break through plateaus. Your body will have a chance to recuperate, let your muscle rebuild, and give your joints time to heal and grow stronger. We will be hitting some accessory muscle exercises as well in order to build your strength.


Strength: 3X8 glute bridges (at the top of each rep, hold the bridge for no less than 10 seconds).
Using a barbell and lying on the floor, you will slowly add a little weight to your glute bridges. These are important to strengthen the glutes and the lower back. These should not be so heavy that you have to pause in the middle of the sets. Form is key.
EMOM 16 min
20 Double unders (30 sec time cap)
4 slam balls (45/20) [We only have 45 and 25# slam balls]

For the glute bridges, we began with an empty bar. Me with a 22 and Leslie with a 33# one. We did ten practice ones. Leslie has a bad back and the move was bothering her some. We each added ten pound plates to the bars and did the next set. After moving 42# with just a touch and go, I learned I was allowed a 5 second rest in between lifts. Since I could manage a touch a go, Kim and I thought I should add another ten pounds. So I was working with 52# on the last set. Leslie stayed with her 53#. Her back was really getting cranky and so we stopped at this point, although I could have managed another set at that weight, I don’t think I could have managed more weight.

I looked at the WOD last night and there were myriad ways for me to play the EMOM. My biggest problem was going to be my damn heart rate. I need time to box breathe and get it back down, but I always think I’m stronger than I am. I went with doing 20 single unders and 3 slam balls per minute, thinking that should be okay. I waited for a heart rate to lower to 120 to start.

After the first round my heart rate was already 163. I knew I was in trouble, but with box breathing I was able to get it down enough to do the same thing. I managed to do round three like that but my heart rate was 177 after the slam balls so I figured I had to do something different.

On the next minute I just did 20 jumps. Since my heart rate was 159 when I began, it was over 170 when I stopped. I got it down to just under 160 and did 2 slam balls. Since that took next to no time, I had a low enough heart rate to do both moves again. Then my heart rate was over 170 again and it was ridiculous.

For the rest of the time I did 40 single unders in a minute and then 4 slam balls in the next minute. It gave me enough resting time to get my heart rate low enough to manage the next minute and I just kept plodding along, pitiful and old.

I finished the day and managed to do something for the whole time. My reward was bacon and eggs when I got home.



We went on a little vacation to Florida and it was fun BUT … I ate key lime pie, cheesecake, baklava, and lots of other stuff I normally don’t. I knew I would pay for it later, but I did it anyway. We walked on the beach each morning and did other stuff. There wasn’t snacking involved. I gained a little weight, but not as much as I had expected. Now it is back to reality and cleaner eating. And the box.

Wednesdays have been pretty light and I figured after a week off, it would be a good way to get back in the game. I didn’t lift or knit for over a week and my arm was feeling better, but it still has issues. I was looking forward to something easy to ease back in. Instead … a hero WOD. Oh well, at least I was rested going in.

It was heavenly sleeping in my own bed last night and I woke up refreshed but without enough caffeine from the drive home day. So I had a bit of a caffeine headache. I made a 14 ounce cup of coffee at the coffee bar, but it is always weaker from there than in a real coffeepot. I drank it and still had a headache. Dick was awake by 7.15 and he made a pot of coffee so I poured myself another 10 ounce cup. I also drank my protein drink but didn’t have any bananas in the house to go with it. I grabbed some almonds. My headache was dissipating.

I was the only one there this morning. My head was still pounding a little. I got through the warm-up okay, but the bear crawl was a once only thing. It didn’t feel good to be upside down. Amazingly, I only had to pee once and I managed to not wet my pants, too. So it was all good.

Today’s WOD as written:
Mobility Practice – spend warm up time working on your mobility and prehab to prepare for the WOD.


Brandon Barrett
U.S. Marine Corps Captain Brandon “Bull” Barrett, 27, of Marion, IN, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Lejeune, NC, was killed on May 5, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his parents Cindy and Brett Barrett, his sisters Ashley and Taylor Barrett, his brother Brock Barrett, and his grandmother Carmen Johnson.

First posted December 26 2010

Two rounds of:
200 Double-unders
135 pound Overhead squat, 50 reps
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

There were people at both the 5 and 6 AM class and everybody scaled this. There were some who did one round and some who broke it into smaller pieces and did less than a round and it was all just too much stuff. I don’t run and it takes me around 13-14 minutes to walk a mile. Right there was a lot of time.

The weight is my deadlift so the chance of me doing an overhead squat with that is nil. But the women’s weight was “only” 95# which is more than three times my one rep max. Another issue was my being lopsided. I have trouble jumping rope with my mismatched shoes. I can’t overhead squat without evening myself out.

My arm was still hurting and pull-ups are ouchy.

200 single unders
25 overhead squats 22#
25 pull-ups from a low bar, sort of like a ring rows but still a bar
½ mile walk

I have no idea what I was thinking, but I thought I could do that twice. I didn’t.

I got 120 jumps before I had to stop but I had started with a heart rate of 100 and ended with 167. Then I got down to 140 and did 40 and did that again.

Then I had to rest a bit before starting the overhead squats. I had tested both a 2.5 and a 5 pound plate under my short leg and liked the 5# better, so I was using that to even myself out. I managed 6. As I sat and panted and did box breathing and all that, I did math and knew that wasn’t going to work out well. So on the next set, I did 7 and then rested and got two more 6 rounds.

Then on to the pull-ups. I did them 7, 6, 6, and 6 and my issue was more my arm hurting than my heart rate getting way too high although it did go slightly over my 160 mark.

Then I went for a walk and had to wear my convertible driving hat to block the sun. I took my water bottle with me and I realized that I was feeling pretty nauseated and figured I was outside and there were lots of weeds on the side of the road and if I was going to puke, this was a perfect place. I managed to not puke which was even better.

I got back inside at 19.45 and it was almost 9 and I really didn’t have the time or inclination (or strength or stamina) to do it all again. I worked hard and had to be content with what I managed to do today.



We went to Myrtle Beach for three days/two nights. We didn’t realize it was Spring Break time and there were lots of college kids having a good time which, for reasons that are inexplicable, entails lots of shouting or actual screaming. It also includes fireworks after the bars close. That part was really annoying. Everything else was kinda fun. It made for great people watching. And the kids were nice to the old farts when we came in contact with them.

We went to two different outlet malls while there and we spent lots of money and returned with the trunk crammed full. We walked on the beach in the afternoon fog – I didn’t even know there was such a thing. We ate lots of foods which I normally shun. I feel guilty about the spending and bad eating and too many calories.

I also missed my Wednesday workout while indulging in all the bad food. I ran out of protein drink on Monday and started a new bag today. It doesn’t have fats included in it so I tried adding coconut oil while blending. Don’t do this. It’s not a good a idea. I will have to just eat some peanut butter or something.

Last night, they were at the box watching for the announcement of 15.3. I was not there. I was home and unpacked and happily sitting in my favorite chair. There was no WOD posted but I assumed it was going to be 15.3 and so I went and looked at it. There is still no WOD posted, but it was 15.3.

I was the only person there and Betsy had me doing this and that to get warmed up. I got warm and then it was time to tackle this thing.

Today’s WOD as written:
Scaled Masters

14 minute AMRAP

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
50 wall-ball shots
200 single-unders
Men use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet, Women use 10-lb. ball to 9 feet

Old men get to drop the weight on the ball and shoot to a lower mark. Women don’t. I did anyway. I’m not in the Open. I’m just doing a WOD. I shot to an 8 foot mark.

It was as horrible as I figured it would be. Because I began with a low heart rate, I could get 15 wall balls done. Then I did them in sets of 10 for the next two rounds. Then I had a funny amount left, so I did 8 and then 7 and then I was finally finished. I had used almost 5 minutes of my time.

I got 100 jumps done and had to rest. I got my heart rate back down and did 70 and had to rest. I got the last 30 done with missing two or three jumps in there.

Then I had to do more wall balls. I figured I would do 8 the first set and then do the rest in groups of 7. My heart rate was consistently going to low 170s with the wall balls and it was taking me what seemed like an incredibly long time to bring it back down. As time ran down I just worked as much as I could and ended with 45 wall balls as time was called.

I can’t say I really liked anything about this. Except that it is over. As I was leaving, I wanted to see what time it was and as I hit my watch to go from heart rate to time, it made a funny sound. The battery had died. I’m so glad that didn’t happen while I was working. I need to know when it is safe to get back up and moving. If I go too soon, I don’t get enough reps in to make the rest worthwhile. If I wait too long, I’ve wasted too much time.

Now I’m back to my regularly scheduled life. And although I have vowed to not shop for a while, I have to go and get a new battery. My life depends on it.


We went to Hilton Head on Friday to see Frankie perform in Peter Pan, Jr. She was adorable in the chorus of fairies and Indians. We went out to dinner after the performance and then spent the night in Hilton Head. We got home after doing some shopping at their outlet mall.

On Sunday, we went for an hour hike in a county park woods. It was a perfect day with sun filtering through the trees, a light breeze and temperatures in the low 70s. Then we went out for ice cream which was delicious.

I looked at the WOD last night and it wasn’t there. I figured it was the time change and so I looked at 9 PM and it still wasn’t there. I gave up and figured someone would tell me what to do when I got to the box. When I awoke before dawn today, but too late to hit an earlier class, I got myself a cup of coffee and looked and there was a WOD posted.

Leslie was there with me this morning and Kim was coaching. It was ⁰F 48 when I left the house. I had selected what I thought to be an appropriate outfit for the conditions. I was wrong.

Warm-up began with a run and I did my 200 meters without dying or beeping, but close. Then we did a number of other things and were finally declared warm. We went to the white board to discuss the day.

The 5 AM class found there was too much on the board. They didn’t have time to do both part A and part B so they just did A. The 6 AM class opted to cut the rounds on part A and also get to do part B. It was our choice which we would prefer to do. I just like people to boss me around because if left to my own devices, I will weenie out far too often. I’m not doing the things I would like to be able to do because I haven’t put in the work or the effort. I talk myself into wimping out often. Leslie wanted to do all of part A and so it was decided I would do the same thing.

Today’s WOD as written:

6 rounds of
20 cal row
10 hspu
10 thruster (95/65)
50 DU’s
Rest 2 min
6 sets 3 front squats at 75%

First thing I did was cut the rep scheme to 80% and did 16 calories, 8 HSPU and 8 thrusters and I used a 42# bar. I did 40 single unders and didn’t bother doubling them up.

It took Gabe 35 minutes and Paul used up 34 something. This wasn’t looking good. But I was sure they did it RX and so maybe I had a slim chance. I discussed the weight option on the thrusters. 42# is really heavy for me overhead, so I had a weenie option 33# bar available. I did the HSPU sub from a 20” box and had one abmat on the floor.

With a heavy heart, I was as ready as I could get and the time started. Rowing is always possible and tedious. My heart rate goes high, but I can just row slower until I get it back down. It wasn’t too bad on the first round and I could go into the HSPU sub without stopping. I rested to get a heart rate down to 149. Then the thrusters. I would have to do them four and four. I got half done and a heart rate of 170. I waited for my heart rate to come down and did the last 4 and again had a heart rate of 170. I had to wait to jump rope. When I got to 159, I started. I got them done and went back to the rower.

As I rowed I started to make deals with myself. That was really heavy on the thrusters. I could use the bare 33# bar for the next round and it would be easier. Of course it would be easier, there was less weight. But I managed the 42# bar and I should use the weight I could do. It wasn’t going to kill me to do the 42# bar again. Maybe I could do one more round and then switch to the lighter bar. I had finally decided to stick with the 42# bar by the end of my row and so I finished out the round.

I did the same wait and work my ass off and wait and work my ass off crap just like the round before. I was melting. Sweat drops were running off my nose and making a cute pattern on the floor as I did my box breathing and it was annoying me no end. On the way over to the rower, I ripped off my short sleeved shirt.

This is one of the advantages of old age. I don’t care what I look like and neither does anyone else. And because I can, my sports bra always matches my pants anyway. So there I was, only a slight bit cooler but at least it was something.

I bargained with myself while I rowed again and decided that I would do half the rounds with the 42# bar and got through the rest of the round the same way I had before. Then back to the rower. Did I really need to drop the weight? I had done three rounds and I still had the energy to make it. Why was I going to weenie out? I had this. I had done it already. I knew I could do it. Easier wasn’t going to help anything. I stuck with the 42# bar.

The much younger woman was a whole round ahead of my by this point. As I began round five, I was dying. Sweat was running everywhere. My heart rate was consistently going to 170, back to 149, up to 170. Time was marching on. Leslie was finished with round six as I finished round five’s HSPU. I sat on the edge of the box and breathed. I felt like puking. It was already around 30 minutes of work. I really didn’t feel good. There was a 33# bar sitting there.

As I sat there, I decided that I really only had five rounds in me. That was all I could do and not puke. But, I would be damned if on this last round I switched to a lighter bar. If I could do four, I could do five. So I used the 42# bar, got them done with the last one really pitiful. Then I jumped the rope and finished in 33.17. I honestly did not have another 6.5 minutes of work left in me and the hour of class time was almost up.

I’m so glad I didn’t pick up the lighter bar. I might have been able to get six rounds in. The thrusters were the hardest part for me. With five rounds, I did 40 reps at 42# or threw 1680 overhead. If I had used the 33# bar and done six round or 48 reps, I would have thrown 1584 overhead. It would have been easier and less weight. And I stuck with the higher weight anyway.


It was 19 degrees out there Friday and I could not make myself go to an unheated gym and work out. I didn’t like the WOD and so I felt like I was avoiding something but the reality was it was too damn cold. Even with my gloves on, the bar would have been freezing cold and throwing it overhead seemed like a really bad idea. I stayed home.

Which means it has been almost a week since I’ve been to the gym and even so, waking up at 5.15 AM was a real struggle. But I did manage to drag myself out of bed and get dressed. Today, it is ⁰F 59 which is much better, at least in theory.

I looked at the WOD last night, figured how to scale it and stopped worrying about it. I got there this morning and Ryan was coaching the 5 AM class and then he and I took the 6 AM class with Kim coaching.

We warmed up while the 5 AM class finished with the WOD. It took a long time to get through. There is 16 minutes of built in rest and so that sucks up a lot of time. They were offered a chance to quit at 4 rounds, but I believe everyone there managed all five.

We warmed up around them and then were prepared to hurry through the day, since we already knew it was a long day of work.

Today’s WOD as written:

2 deadlifts @ 60% of max every 15 second for 5 minutes
5 rounds
10 burpees to 6″ OH
15 wall balls
30 double unders
Rest 4 min between rounds

The first thing I did last night was figure out what my deadlift weight was going to be. I was to use 84# and I went with 83# today. I warmed up a little with the empty bar. My problem is my heart rate. I started with heart rate in the 130s instead of in the 110s. I like to begin with at least a fighting chance. I knew I might have to rest one of the 15 second rounds. Maybe more. But with a high heart rate to start, I was pretty sure I was doomed.

Ryan was working with “significantly less” than his 60% and still found this difficult. It was either at 3.00 or 3.15 I had to sit one out. My heart rate was too high to keep going and the rest in between rounds wasn’t enough. But it was the only round I missed. So I only did 38 deadlifts rather than the 40 as written. But I did them at the real 60%.

For the next part, I did HSPU from a 20” box, regular burpees, 10# med ball to an 8’ mark, and 2:1 on single unders. I also cut back the reps because I wanted to be able to do a move without stopping. So I did 4, 8, 12, 24 and did 80% of the reps.

We knew how long it took the 5 AM class and we tried to start earlier because Ryan had to leave to take their daughter to school. Even starting a bit earlier wasn’t enough. Ryan was only doing four rounds. I was happy with that as well. I would have run over doing the fifth had I chosen to do it.

Since we were rushing to start, my heart rate was too high to begin with. I got through the HSPU and the burpees and then rested, did the wall balls and rested, finished with the single unders and had my built in rest time. My heart rate kept going over 170, but I could finish each move. I remembered to switch the lead leg on my walked in and out burpees.

My times were: 3.32, 3.21, 3.16, and 3.03 with a total time of 25.12 (and 12 minutes of that was rest). I have no idea how I managed to get better on each round. I know that on the first round, my heart rate was the highest at the start of any of the rounds. I also missed a jump with the rope and it was the only time I did that.

Maybe I got to where I could game my heart rate a bit better. I waited for it to get to 148 and then could get the wall balls done without stopping and I just went to 159 so I wasn’t beeping when I began the single unders because I had a 4 minute rest after.

What I noticed mostly was that I was so hot, I wanted to rip my shirt off. At least I didn’t have knee socks on today or I would have melted. I was dripping wet and sweat was running into my ears. I was miserable. And it was too cold to work out on Friday and it will be cold again by Wednesday. There is no pleasing me.


We had a quiet weekend. We turned the spare bedroom into a real guest room a while ago and finished decorating it this weekend. This should not have been as much of a problem as it was, but for some bizarre reason, neither one of us remembered the room had four walls. Once we noticed that and made yet again another trip to find something, the room looked complete. And darling. And useful.

The 8 AM class is starting today. But I have to work so I still had to go to the 6 AM class. I was the only person there. Everything was at my pace. I had the best scores in my class and whatever else there is to say for being in a class alone. At least Cory had someone to coach.

It was in the 40s this morning so the weather was behaving. The 5 AM class had seven people in it. The swimmers have meets and will not be coming to CrossFit. Charlie has been MIA for a while now.

The warm-up was curtailed for my benefit. I’m sure if others had been there, it would have been different. But I did three rounds of jump rope, bear crawl the mat, ring rows, and squats. But the number of jumps, ring rows, and squats was lowered for my benefit. I’m grateful. I got warm even with fewer reps.

Today’s WOD as written:
10 rounds hspu. Every 45 seconds doing the same number as last week.
4 min AMRAP
6 thrusters @ 50% 1 rpm
6 over the bar burpees
Rest 5 min
6 min AMRAP
10 wall balls
20 DU’s
Rest 5 min
Max effort plank

I didn’t remember doing these last week, but I did remember them from two weeks ago. I just looked and that was Wednesday’s WOD and I had that as my rest day. I did the same number as two weeks ago, which apparently was supposed to have increased last week, but I didn’t know that. I did 4 then and I did 4 today.

What I remembered most about the day was that a new person was there. It was Heather’s first day. I haven’t seen her since. I don’t understand this. CrossFit is hard. It is supposed to be hard. When you are completely out of shape, unless you consider round to be a shape, you end up sore as hell after a WOD. You can’t do what other people do, sometimes even a Little Old Lady can beat you.

But if you come back and work at, you get better, the soreness goes away, you actually build some muscle, and you become awesome. Quitting isn’t awesome. You don’t get anything when you quit. You get un-awesome.

But there I was today with my HSPU done as a sub from a 20” box. I figured the hardest part was going to be keeping time, but the clock was set to go every 45 seconds so that was much easier. I got all 40 done, but I also remembered that Cory had us try for one extra on the last round and so I did that today, too. So I did 41.

Then on to the first AMRAP. I actually looked up my max thruster and it was 52#. I can’t make a 26# bar, but I can do a 27# one and so that is what I used. With the tiny plates on it, it was actually okay for me to do the over the bar burpees and not trip. So I did.

Last week, after all the burpees and all the step-ups, I started having pain in my left hip. I alternate legs on the step-ups, but I walk the burpees in and out and don’t alternate legs. The pain has decreased, but it was still there yesterday. I thought it would be best if I used the other leg as my lead leg for burpees today. I asked Cory to watch and tell me if I was leading with my right leg, because that is my default. I wanted to lead with my left. We discussed alternating, but I thought I would rest my hip more.

Cory asked if I wanted to do six and six or three and three. I said I had thought I would do four and four, so that’s what I did. I got the first round done and before I came up on the last burpee, I got my heart rate down enough to get in the thrusters. Then on the first burpee, I rested on the ground, did them, rested on the ground on the last one, and came up and began again. On the last round, I was running out of time and had five minutes to rest, so on the last burpees, I didn’t wait for my heart rate to get to 140, I did get to low 150s and then started. I really wanted to finish the round and then I had 5 seconds left so I did a thruster for a score of 3+1.

Then I had a blissful 5 minutes rest. I RXd that. We discussed what I would do for the next AMRAP. I figured 8 wall balls with a 10# ball to an 8’ line and then I vacillated on the jumps and ended up picking 32 single unders so the rope would go under my feet the same number of times as if I had chosen 16 double unders which I can’t do.

My heart rate was down to 108 before I began and I got the entire first round done before I beeped. Then I rested, did the wall balls, rested, did the single unders, etc. I really wanted to finish a round and not have to worry about counting single unders in there. I got round 4 done and had some seconds left. So I figured I could rest when I was done and went and got six more wall balls for a score of 4+6.

Then I rested again. I put all my equipment away. I piddled around. Five minutes is a long time. It took about two minutes to catch my breath and bring my heart rate down and then the rest of the time was a cool down. I knew I wasn’t going to hold a plank for long. I managed 56 seconds.

Then it was time to come home to bacon and eggs. Bacon is the most important part of that. I scaled appropriately again today. I was beeping for the last rep of a move and could finish up without breaking up the set itself. I picked good numbers again today.


I’m counting down to the end of the badness. It’s not really badness, but … I have eight more days to work and six more days to get up at the crack of the middle of the night. Then I will be a retired old fart instead of just an old fart.

I had Mandi try and see if she could use my computer and print a .pdf from Internet Explorer. If it worked for her, there was no reason for me to fix it for just a few more days. I had a workaround set up. But if it didn’t work for her, I could take the few minutes and suck up the aggravation to get it fixed while I’m still there. It was supposed to take about 10-15 minutes, according to the Boss who had to fix his.

It took 1.5 hours and I had two guys working remotely on my computer. The guy did the cute little 10-15 minute fix first and confidently said, “There” and we tried it and it didn’t work. Eventually he had to call in a bigger geek. There were lots of things done including a regedit which is something I don’t do unless under duress. If you do something wrong to the registry, you can break the whole thing. But it was fixed for both me and Mandi and that was a good thing. Annoying, but good.

The guy finally got here (and by “here” I mean “Lowe’s parking lot”) about 9.30 last night. We took the Subaru to him, he put it on his 18-wheeler, and it is on the way to Joe’s house. Joe posted a picture last night of the Porsche 924 being hauled off for scrap. The circle of life.

I looked at the WOD last night and had to find a movie to see what in the name of all that is holy we would be doing today. Who thinks up this shit?

I got there between rain bands and our first thing was a run. At 6 AM, it is still dark. I did not see the puddle. I have mesh tops on my shoes. I had a very wet foot. Lovely. I love a plan that works so well. We did other things and were eventually deemed warmed up. It was time.

Today’s WOD as written:
Double under practice – spend 20 minutes practice the skills for the double under. If you are proficient, attempt the following:
100 double unders for time
rest 2 minutes
50 double unders for time
scaled versions
3 to 1 for singles
1 to 1 for power jumps
“50 in the clip”
for time:
50 burpee clean & jerks (135/95)

I know how to jump rope. I have no desire to do double unders but it seems CrossFit believes (with all its heart) that I should. Double unders are sprinkled in here and there and all over. I’m not a fan.

So we did some single unders and stretched our calves a bit more and then were supposed to whip ourselves into a frenzy and get some of those elusive double unders. To my total shock and amazement, I got one. And then I got one, two more times. I couldn’t string any together, but I was simply shocked that I could even manage one. I did three, total, double unders. I hadn’t done that in quite a while.

Jackson was the only other person there this morning and he had red marks all over himself before the day was done. I don’t have enough exposed flesh to see if I managed to leave any marks. He decided to do the double unders and I did a 2 to 1 sub of single unders.

I was hoping to do 100 and 100 but my heart rate was already too high and I was beeping by 60 so I stopped at 75, got my heart rate down, made it to 140 and stopped to get my heart rate down and then finished the first 200 at 2.45. I haven’t gamed this enough to know if slow and steady is better than fast and get the hell done. On the second part, after the two minute rest, I wanted no down time. I was beeping slightly over 50 and figured that slow and steady wasn’t helping. So I speeded up the jumps and tripped up at 82 but reset and got back at it. I finished in 46 seconds. My heart rate was 174 and went to 178 before it started dropping.

The conditioning is exactly what it sounds like. A burpee and then a clean and jerk and then a burpee and a clean and jerk. You are supposed to be “in the clip” which means your hands never leave the bar. You do the burpee with your hands on the bar and when you come up, you set and do the clean and jerk.

This looked like a good way to kill yourself. I have no idea why the bar doesn’t roll. It also seems like if you lose your grip, you would smash face into the bar and break off a few teeth or something. Really, who comes up with this crap.

Someone at the 5 AM class was also disenchanted with smashing her face on the bar and did a burpee from the floor, stepped up to the bar and did the clean and jerk and back and forth. That looked better to me.

I know that I can do clean and jerks with a 42# bar. They wear me out and I can get three and then I have to get my heart rate down. Throwing a burpee in there just seemed like overkill. As I thought about this last night, I figured I would look at the 5 AM class times and put a time cap on this for me. The more I thought about the weight, the less I wanted to use 42#. I would get two and rest and it wouldn’t be very much work. It would be all rest and that just sucks.

This was also my first whole class in over a week. I opted for a 32# bar put up on parallettes so it was the right height. I did the burpees walked in and out from the floor. I would do 35 or stop at 12 minutes whichever came first.

I managed four before I had to stop and knew at that point which would come first. I was sure I could get at least five before I had to stop and was really hoping for six. But four was it and then three each time after. I had a heart rate around 170 after three and would rest to get to 150 and then back at it again. At 11.30 I knew I was just going to work it out and managed the last time to eke out four. I got 29 done in 12 minutes and finished with a heart rate of 175.

I lived through this and I lived through my first complete WOD in over a week. Perhaps I’m getting better now.