We went to Bluffton yesterday and got to play with Frankie and her parents. We went to Palmetto Bluffs and wandered around. We got to see the ruins of a magnificent mansion built in 1914 and destroyed by fire less than 15 years later. The front steps and pillars were about all that survived the blaze. The area today is gorgeous and full of luxury homes. We ate at Buffalo and had very unique meals. We were an Awesome family of five.

Frankie used to want to be a meteorologist, but she has changed career goals. Now she is going to be an architect. She kept taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings and telling each of us which kind she would build for us. Nice kid. I get a gorgeous three story building with a wraparound porch.

When I began CrossFit almost three years ago, I had delusions of grandeur. I thought I would become this sassy assed awesome old broad, able to move large piles of iron with alacrity. Instead, I’m this old broad who spends far too much time trying to get her heart rate back down so she can move pitiful amounts of iron. This is not, apparently, to be seen as failure.

My son was giving me some shit yesterday because I said I was the worst person at my box. I always have the worst time and move the lowest weight. I’m the oldest person at my box and this is supposed to give me a pass. The second oldest person at my box just competed at the CrossFit Games in California.

I got to the box today and it was, once again, just me. Kim was coaching. I warmed up as instructed and was ready to go.

Today’s WOD as written:
Take no more than 20 min to complete
Front Squat 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
Push Press 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
100 push ups for time. Every time you pause AT ALL or break, do a parking lot sprint.
RX+- ring push ups

I looked up my one rep max for both moves and used a calculator to get the weights. I was doing 62# and 42#. While resting in between sets, I said something about Craig yelling at me and Kim asked what for. I said I had said I was the worst person at the box and she immediately said I wasn’t. She said I was coachable. There were some people who aren’t and she has had to work really hard to get them to not hurt themselves.

Her take on a good athlete, apparently, isn’t in the results, but in the ability to listen. I can do that. But I still can’t do more than a few strict push-ups without falling apart. I can do zero pull-ups without bands. The piles of iron I move are miniscule. Everything I do is less. I realize that I’m in a minority even doing CrossFit. And then I’m in another small group of women CrossFitters and then I’m older than dirt and most women my age wouldn’t even try this. I got that.

But I’ve been trying for three years now and I thought I would be better at this by now than I am.

I did get the three sets of five done with both moves.

I did 50 push-ups on Friday and my arms/shoulders were so sore by Friday night and were worse on Saturday. I stretched and massaged and hurt for a while. By Sunday it was better. But there were 100 of them on this after 50 did me in.

My sub was a raised bar and my masters scaling was 80% of the reps. I know it said even for a pause, but really? If it was less than a second or two, I didn’t count it as a pause.

I managed to do 30 without stopping. I had started with a heart rate of 110 so it wasn’t too bad. Then I went for a walk and came back and did the rest in sets of ten. My heart rate would be about 162-165 at the end of ten and I would walk slowing and come back with a heart rate of 155ish and be able to get 10 more. I never had to really sit and just sit and box breathe. I finished in 6.40.

And then I felt guilty. I could probably have done another 20 reps, but then I would be crippled. And I know that when WODs are scaled on the board, they have the number of reps dropped. I could have done more, but I didn’t because I wanted to be able to move my arms tomorrow. But I did what I had said I was going to do before I started.

I got home and my computer had restarted itself which means Microsoft did something to it while I was gone. Asus had upgraded my touchpad before I went to the box and it was still blissfully turned off after they helped me. But as I was typing the beginning of this, my cursor kept hoping around as I typed. The touchpad was back on.

But I remembered what I needed to do to turn it off and I went back to that screen. All the options were grayed out. My selections of turning off the touchpad when a second mouse was plugged in was still checked, but inactive. Nothing was active. It was absolutely mandatory that I have Smart Gesture available so that I could do things I don’t want to do and not be able to do the stuff I want.

I tried a number of things including going to Microsoft help and asking them how to turn off the touchpad. I had to create an account. I could ask the question but … the place to enter details had to contain between 6 and 6000 characters. It would not let me type in it. I could not get the textbox to select with my mouse, touchpad, or touch screen. So I couldn’t ask the question.

I finally found where I could tell the touchpad to go back to older drivers and then it would turn off. I then had to find the place to tell both Asus and Microsoft that they may not put another damn thing on my computer without me verifying that I want it on my computer. Any and all things that say anything at all about a touchpad or smart gestures will be forbidden and I don’t really care what else happens.

All this has taken an extra hour and way too much frustration. But it did take my mind off my gym problems.


I was hoping I would not have sore abs from Friday’s workout. And with all the other ab work we have been doing, I was strong enough to survive my workout without pain. Well, not really. Those weighted step-ups killed my legs and butt and I had to work on that all weekend, but my abs were fine. But I did work, religiously, on my sore spots and was feeling pretty good at 7.59 AM today.

I didn’t do much else this weekend except eat poorly. We went out for brunch and their special was blueberry and bacon pancakes. They actually put the pancake batter over cooked and crumbled bacon. It was delicious. I had it with a side of bacon and we got mimosas. Wonderful brunch; not really clean eating.

I got to the box bright and early and there was Candace. I haven’t seen her in I don’t know how long. She is back here for a week, visiting. It was fun to see a familiar face. Kat was there. Brent was there. I showed up. Kim was coaching. Candace asked how far I could run now. I said I don’t run and she laughed. I admitted it was possible to run 400 meters, but I don’t do it. Then Kim announced we were to run 400 meters. I ran my 200 and was able to continue with the class after that.

We did a bunch of other stuff and were declared warm. One thing was inchworm down the mat and somehow, in my lane, was a bunch of sandy/rocky stuff. Apparently someone was playing with the stones over the weekend. Just what I needed, a hindrance – other than myself.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minute abs-

1 minute wipers
1 min reverse crunches
1 min plank
1 min wipers
1 min ab mat sit ups
Front squat EMOM 10 min
Perform 2 FS every EMOM
75% of 1RM FS, or relatively heavy weight if you do not have a max
Deadlifts 155/105
Push ups
Chest and thigh leave the ground at the same time or hand release.
Discuss with coach appropriate progression.
Cool down-hamstring mobility with the bands. Chest stretch against the wall.

After surviving Friday’s ab stuff, I wasn’t really happy to see this but it would have been worse if I had not survived Friday’s ab stuff. This wasn’t for any score, it was just work. I concentrated on anything other than counting because it is difficult for me not to count stuff. But I didn’t count. What I did notice was that my back isn’t completely pain free which wasn’t a good thing to notice before deadlifts. At least I know what to work on today for mobilization.

I couldn’t touch my toes over my head on the reverse crunch. I used to be able to do that kind of stuff. I used to be much younger. My heart rate wasn’t going too high and so I could continue as the work progressed, but I couldn’t hold a plank for a minute because I’m a weenie. I did some, rested, and did some more.

I looked up my one rep max on a front squat and it was 90# and so I did math last night and my weight was 67.5 pounds for today. I went with 68 and used the 33# bar. I didn’t bring my higher shoe for my shorter leg, so I took off my shoe from my longer leg to help even me out. Candace looked over and said, “Ah, the shoes were what was holding you back?”

I had my bar ready, but I wasn’t sure about my own stamina. Kim said earlier classes were having trouble around round 7. Great. If the athletes have problems, what would happen to me? But I could always strip weights off if I had to.

I started with a heart rate of 110 and by the end of the first round, it was already up to 150s. I did box breathing and sat during the rest periods. By round seven, I would have been beeping if my monitor still beeped. But it doesn’t. I could get my heart rate down enough to go again. I made all ten rounds with the 68#. The last one was really tough but it’s supposed to be tough.

For the WOD, I opted for the master’s rep scheme and dropped it to 18-12-6 and used the same bar for the deadlifts, since it was supposed to be light. It’s about half my one rep max. The idea was to be able to get through all without stopping. I used an inclined bar for the push-ups.

I got the deadlifts done and had a heart rate of 170. I got it down to 148 and started the push-ups. I got them done without really stopping, but I had to pause a few times for a second or two. Then I had a heart rate of 170 again and had to rest. I did the 12 deadlifts without stopping and had to rest, did the 12 push-ups without stopping and had to rest and then did the last round and finished in 5.37. I was, of course, the last one done. But not by a whole lot.

It was a fun day, or else my attitude was better today. Or maybe both. My sisters are coming in tomorrow for our annual Sistercation. I will be writing about our adventures. I am hoping to still make it to the box but I can’t guarantee my devotion – to the box. I love my sisters.


I have not yet attained the level of fitness I would desire. I want to have a stronger heart which allows me to meet more of my goals. I also would like stronger biceps and quads, but I think the most important muscle to improve is my heart. I’m working on it. Apparently not hard enough.

I went to a flow yoga class on Saturday morning. I knew it would be much different from Tuesday’s experience. It was. I was melting about halfway through and was so grateful when we got to the cool down part. My balance is remarkably better than when I began doing CrossFit. I couldn’t hold some of the more difficult poses. Maybe someday. Not today. I need to practice this set of skills as well.

Sunday, I walked a 5K which is to say I walked instead of drove up to the grocery store. The dumbest part of my walk was not starting earlier and thereby spending most of my walk home in direct sunlight unlike my walk to the store in blissful shade. There is simply no accounting for rampant stupidity. I was awake, I just wanted to have coffee first. So I walked in the hot sun.

Today is Memorial Day. A day to honor those who died to protect freedom and to live under the red, white, and blue Star Spangled Banner rather than the British, German, Japanese, Russian, or Mexican flags. I am grateful for their sacrifice to provide me with choices beyond dreams.

CrossFit honors heroes by creating Hero WODs in their names. It is traditional here to do Murphy on this day. It is what we did today.

Today’s WOD as written:
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

I am not a hero. I did a half Murph and split it into ten rounds. I did 5 jumping pull-ups, 10 inclined push-ups, and 15 squats. I walked the half mile before and after. It took me 46.07 which is longer than last year’s time, but I did ring rows and wormy push-ups last year.

It was inspiring to watch people who came together today to work as a group to honor not just Michael Murphy but all of our fallen military heroes. The ability to work in unison, to support each other, to help encourage each other, these are things the military teaches. I was happy to be a part of this event.

My wish is to live in such a way that those who died to make sure I was given this remarkable freedom can know they did not die in vain.


I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t sleep last night. I fell asleep without problem after reading for a short time. I woke up at 12.30 and had to get out of bed and make a trip to the bathroom. Then, I was wide awake. I stayed awake until 3. I usually am up by around 6-6.30 but I didn’t get up until almost 7 which wasn’t too bad.

Except … I usually have a cup of coffee while I wait for my alarm to go off and remind me to get ready. When I went at 6 AM, I got up and out the door without coffee but was home and had my coffee by 7.15 AM each day. I wasn’t sure that waiting until 9.15 for my first bit of coffee would be a good idea, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I am addicted to caffeine and I get sick without it.

I had my banana and Dick brewed a pot of coffee. Then I had my protein drink while I got dressed. I had 15 minutes so I poured myself a short cup of coffee which is really a whole cup of coffee or about 8 ounces. I got that down before I went to the box.

I was the only one there. Kat was a no show. She doesn’t usually look at the WOD the day before, so I don’t think it scared her away. It almost scared me away. I hated it when I read it last night. I had many options of course, because it is all scalable. But how hard do I want to work? That is really the question every time I show up.

I warmed up as proscribed. But since I had guzzled 10 ounces of protein drink and 8 ounces of coffee in less than 30 minutes, I was really worried that I might wet my pants today. And I usually drink coffee first and then protein and today it was opposite so I had residual coffee taste in my mouth. And I had a horrible workout to do. This was really messing with my newfound and imperfect positive outlook.

Today’s WOD as written:
For time:

25 pull ups
1 mile run
50 abmat sit ups
50 hand release push ups
rest 3 minutes
3 rope climbs
50 overhead walking lunges (25/10)
3 tire flips
75 air squats

WTF? Really? Yesterday, just for shits and giggles, I walked up to Harris Teeter first thing in the morning. I needed mushrooms and why not walk? It is a 5K round trip. I know how to walk. I don’t run. I actually can walk faster than I can run because I have to stop when my heart rate goes sky high. It is disheartening, as it were, but I have no idea what to do about it. My heart rate escalates quickly.

I could do all the other moves but if I put that run in there, all was lost. I didn’t want to waste the work of the WOD on simple walking. I can walk any time. What to do?

Kim said I could cut the whole thing in half and I could have. But I proposed just getting rid of the mile run completely and doing everything else with the reps as written and my modifications as needed. She countered with a parking lot walk instead of the mile.

I set up with both a green and red band for the pull-ups but used only the green. I got ten okay, then I only managed six. Rather than having to keep stopping, I added the handy red band and got nine, with the last one a struggle. But that was done.

Then I strolled the parking lot and managed to get my heart rate from 169 down to 151 while walking. I did the sit-ups. I had to pause and pant for just seconds twice and finished without any problems. Then the damn push-ups. I tried them from a raised bar and was having all sorts of problems. I put down two mats and did them has hand release push-ups, but didn’t have to get as low because the mats were there. I could manage four at a time.

I RXd the rest. The new sub offered for rope climbs was to hang on to the rope and do three knees to elbows and then lower to the ground for one rep. I managed two without stopping but then had to rest to get the third one. I hate rope climbs but at least I had my gloves – I checked twice this morning. My hands are sore enough with the gloves.

Then I did no weight overhead walking lunges ten at a time. My heart rate would go from 145 to 160 with each set. I would get it down and do the next set. I went and perched on the rim of the lightest tire and got my breath. Ryan was just pulling into the parking lot. He greeted me as he passed and I said, “Good morning, Marquis” and it took him a second to get the reference. Then he laughed. He was the person who wrote this sadistic piece of crap.

I got my three tire flips without a problem. Then it was 75 squats. Kim had been asking if I was doing the entire number and it was my goal so I kept saying yes. I did these in sets of 15 because then I could be done in five sets. But after the third set, I was sure I was going to puke. My legs were going to fall off. The room was hazy. I laid myself out on the floor and panted. I would have sold one of my children for someone to tell me to just stop at this point. Instead, I did three more sets of ten damn squats. I finished in 33.29 (I think, it might have been a different 20+ seconds).

I pushed myself really hard. I did the reps as written, except for that mile. My time was more than anyone else on the board, but not outrageously so. I did what I said I was going to do. It was horrible. I’m not sure what is going to hurt the most tomorrow. Perhaps my entire body. Maybe my hair won’t hurt. Maybe.


I had a massage yesterday. I knew my left arm was still bothering me even though I have not been knitting. I was under the impression that everything else was not in too bad of shape. I was mistaken. As Jeremy worked on my legs, I realized I have to take more responsibility for my own wellness. I knew that while I did the Whole Life Challenge and did 10 minutes of mobilization daily, things were better. The day after it ended and when I no longer got a couple points for it, I stopped.

I have thought about this on and off since. I have tried various methods of coercing myself to mobilize daily. Ten minutes. I’m retired. I have nothing but time. This is no reason to not do this beyond sheer laziness. I know it helps; I know I feel better. I don’t do it. I tried to come up with a bribe, a way to make me do what I need to do. I have tried this before unsuccessfully. I just buy whatever the hell I want anyway.

I think I have a way to make me behave. I have morning coffee and then, any time after 3 PM, I get my afternoon coffee. My new plan is that I may not have my afternoon coffee until after I mobilize. It worked yesterday. I hope it works today.

I looked at the WOD last night and figured something horrible was happening. I had no idea what shit they were pulling, but I knew it was horrible. There was a picture of a ghost chopped in half and then there was the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 4/8
Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
DELOAD WEEK – Do not do more than 5 reps on the last set
Squat –
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
5 @ 60%
Post entire workout!
the picture reappeared larger here.

So I knew something icky was going to happen. In times past, I would have worried about it. But I didn’t now. I heard my name as I was walking in. Kim was speaking to Kat and saying she wondered if I would show up. I said I was right here. She laughed about the WOD and I mentioned I didn’t care what the WOD was, I never do it anyway. I modify or scale or make it possible and so whatever the hell the big secret was didn’t matter to me. There was still nothing written on the board but three question marks so it remained a mystery.

We warmed up with a run and I actually went past my 200 meter mark and did about 300 meters instead. My heart rate was 160 when I got back. That’s okay. Then we did other stuff that warmed us up for the back squats. I asked if the WOD used a bar and since it didn’t and weights were light, I just used a plate under my heel on my short leg.

My weights were 37, 47, and 57 pounds and I managed all without any problems other than figuring out how to get that number of pounds on the bar.

Kim did not take the class but was working on some other stuff. She waited around to see what I would do with the rest of the WOD, with the “then …” part. I was told I could do half. I said I probably wasn’t going to do even that. Then the giddy announcement. The rest of the WOD was 100 burpees for time.

I did not cripple myself with the 30 burpees done on Wednesday, but I wasn’t doing even 50 more today. I like being able to walk and there must be something I do twisting my foot that makes my left foot revolt and not work for days afterwards. I volunteered to do push-ups. I was told I could do 50 but that didn’t seem right. I did 50 from the ground and the first 24 were not too bad. The next 26 were more wormy. Then I did 50 from a raised bar. I finished in 12.15.

The reason for the WOD was that many people did the 30 burpees for 30 days of April and had 900 burpees racked up and this got them to 1000. The reason it wasn’t posted was that it was thought people wouldn’t show up if they knew what was coming. This is the part I have the most problem with.

If you are making a workout that is so horrible no one will show up – the question is why? Quite frankly, 100 burpees isn’t even that bad. I show up for hero WODs, for the love of God. I think there is one where 100 burpees is just part of it. What is more disconcerting is the culture that tolerates or perpetuates cherry picking WODs. This is just not a good policy. If you only show up when you “like” something, you aren’t going to have a well-rounded experience. The constantly varied part of CrossFit means there is something in there for everyone to hate. Show up anyway.

Says the voice of experience, I can tell you the only way to get better at all is to show up and do what you don’t like and get better at it anyway. This is true not only at the box, but everywhere. I personally never like stopping my car once I get it moving but I stop at each and every stop sign and red light anyway. It would be easier and faster if I could just go. But it isn’t the way life works. So I stop.

Even if you have the perfect job, there are parts you don’t like. You have to do them anyway. Even if you have perfect children and a perfect spouse, there are parts of family life that just suck. I always wanted the last piece of pie or cake but let the kids have it anyway. It is just what happens. Doing what you do not like doing is part of what makes life glorious. Not missing the piece of cake, but the sense of satisfaction from giving it to the kids – that’s the cool part.

Today, I would have shown up anyway because it is Friday and that is one of the days I go to the box. I would have scaled this somehow no matter what. I would have worked hard. I would have managed somehow to get through one more day of being awesome. The hard part wasn’t the work, but dedication to do the work no matter what.


Happy 42nd anniversary, Dick. I can’t believe we have been married so long. I remember us being young and with our lives stretched out infinitely in front of us. Now I look back and realize we were pretty damn good. Thank you. For everything.

We went out to brunch yesterday. Not that we meant to; we were going out to lunch but they had a brunch menu and so we had brunch. I tried wearing a very thin sweaterish type jacket this weekend and I found I couldn’t get my arms comfortably in the sleeves any more. My guns are too big. Isn’t that just a hoot? Who would have thought a Little Old Lady would have such a problem.

My legs were feeling better when I got up this morning. I didn’t make pitiful mewling noises when I went to pick up my shoes off the floor. I figured my time at the box was going to be fabulous. Kim wants to crochet some “gladiator booties” for a friend’s baby but she doesn’t know how to crochet. The plan was for me to bring stuff and after class, have a crochet class. Ryan told her to continually complain and keep saying, “I’m too young for this.” I love this place.

We were warmed up after a run and row and bear crawl and stretches and whatever else was in there. Then we began our day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 4/8
Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
DELOAD WEEK – Do not do more than 5 reps on the last set
Press –
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
5 @ 60%
Post entire workout!
30 ring dips
15 jumping lunges
30 pull ups
15 jumping lunges
30 hand release push ups
15 jumping lunges
30 ring rows
15 jumping lunges

I was so happy to see this. I love deload week. It is such a relief to have weights that aren’t killing me. I know it is all based off my own one rep max and all, but still. I love deload week. I’m a weenie and I’m lazy and this is perfect.

However, as always, I have issues. I spent some time with a calculator and came up with my numbers. They are pitifully low. In fact, they are so low there isn’t a bar light enough for me to get the 40% figure. I figured I knew what I would do, but I made sure that was a good plan.

My weights were to be 19, 24, and 29 pounds. There is no way to get 19#. I did some warm-ups with just a couple dumbbells but they really aren’t the same. Then I used the 22# bar for the first five and could actually make the other weights just perfect. I did those without whining at all!

I looked at the morning times. I figured that was a lot of reps. Gabe was done in 6 something and a couple people took over 13 minutes. I knew I would be closer to those people. I also knew that I was scaling this. At first I thought 20 and 10 and then I thought that was too weenie. I didn’t need to cut back that much. I could do more. So I went with 80% or 24 and 12. It was still a lot, but I thought I might be able to get three sets of 8 pull-ups which was going to be my Waterloo.

I used a 1” band on the ring dips. I used a 2” band for pull-ups. I did push-ups from a raised bar on the rack. I also did just walking lunges.

I managed 14 ring dips before I had to stop. I did box breathing and got 8 done before my knee in the band started yelling at me. I tried switching knees and nearly killed myself and couldn’t even get the last two done like that. Before I actually injured myself, I went back to my left knee in the band and finished.

Then I panted like a lizard on a hot rock. I got my heart rate down and did the lunges and then had to sit and get my heart rate back down.

I managed 8 pull-ups and my heart rate was 173. I could get my heart rate back down to mid 140s and go again. After 8 more my heart rate was 174. I couldn’t get my heart rate to drop farther than 150. I gave up and managed five. Stood there and panted and got two. Stood there and panted and finished that last one which may or may not have been a no rep but I counted it. My heart rate was 178. This was the only part of the day that hurt my bad arm and even that wasn’t very bad. I’m still not knitting at all.

I got it down and did the lunges. Then I managed 21 push-ups (which means I maybe should lower the bar a bit more) and had to pause slightly before getting the last 3. Then I got my heart rate down and did lunges.

I had to rest and when I was ready, I got 18 ring rows before I had to stop. I just sat on the ground under the rings and panted then managed to finish them off. My heart rate was too high and I had to rest but I was almost done so when it got down to 159, I figured what the heck and did the lunges. I finished in 14.30 and I felt absolutely awful.

I couldn’t tell if I was going to pass out, puke, or shit my pants. I didn’t really want to do any of them. It took me a few minutes of just sitting for the room to stop spinning and then the whole alimentary canal thing cleared up. I could teach crochet.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. I filled my contact case with solution. I put my glasses on and couldn’t see anything. I still had severe WOD brain. It took a few seconds for me to figure out that I had forgotten to take my contacts out so I took off my glasses and did so. When I put my glasses back on – presto – I could see clearly even up close and so we began our crochet lesson.

By time we were done with that, I was feeling human again and knew that I was going to be fine. I enjoyed the whole day. I love deload time. The conditioning portion was tough but doable. Not bad for an old fart.


We went out to breakfast yesterday and I asked neighbors if they were having any issues with the pollen. It seems we are not alone in this house and the pollen is wreaking havoc and making things run amok everywhere. There is exceptionally high pollen counts right now which should be falling. I’m happy to know it isn’t a disease and that it is just pollen. I’m unhappy to know it is pollen because there is going to be lots more before it is over.

I woke up at 5.34 this morning and figured that was ridiculous and so I went back to bed and stayed there for another hour. That was better. I had a short cup of coffee while I waited for it to be time to head to the box. I got ready and headed out.

Having the car inside the garage has been the norm for about 30 years now and I usually am not all that appreciative about it. But since it wasn’t like that Monday, I have to say – I really am a fan. It cost us $675 for a new set of springs and all the trimmings. There was nothing wrong with the garage door itself, nor with the garage door opener. If there had been, the bill would have been higher. So we are thankful for small favors. I must say, this was a very depressing way to blow through that much money. Almost as bad as buying new tires.

But I had a dry car and got to the box without incident. I was the only person there again. Charlie had been at the 6 AM class alone.

I did lots of stuff warming up and was doing fine until we got to bear crawl the mat. I don’t like it ever. But the upside down stuff was really not helping me today. Everything else was pretty much all right.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay rows 5-5-5-5-5
10 power cleans (96/65)
8 chest to bar
4 single arm rows (4 each)

When I looked at this, I began doing math to try to figure out how to make this work for me. The Pendlay rows were okay, mathwise. I knew I failed at 57# last time and so I wanted to get to that weight this time and see if I could hold my butt still and keep my chest still while I did the five lifts. I began at 32# and went 42, 47, 52, 57 and managed all them without a problem. So that was good.

Then the math of the rounds for time. There was just no good way to get to a number that made sense. I was struggling with all the math stuff when it dawned on me that I could just do 3 rounds and not worry about the reps within the rounds.

The weight looked pretty low for the cleans and Kim said it was. So I used a 33# bar on some parallettes. I used a 2” band for the chest to bar and hoped I got higher than my chin over the bar on most of the pulls. With the bear crawl, I learned that upside down was not going to be a good thing to do today. I put a bar low on the rack and did push-ups from there. I was thinking this was something with a rower, but these single arms were ring rows. I didn’t have much of an angle, but I managed them.

I began with a low enough heart rate that I could get all ten cleans done and had them finished in 33 seconds. Then it was all downhill from there. I had a heart rate of 160 when I finished the cleans so did box breathing and got it down to 148. Usually, I can manage 8 pull-ups like that. I had told myself it was only 24 pull-ups total and I could manage it, but I was already struggling after 3. I had to pause, regroup, and then finished them. My heart rate was too high after each move and I would box breathe for a while and then get to work on the next thing.

I was fairly certain I couldn’t just do ten cleans on the following rounds, but I did get in five, do two deep breaths, and do the other five. The second set of chest to bar went fairly well and I managed them with a bit of finesse and Kim said they looked much better than the first set. I got the rest of the round done.

I was back to cleans and again managed them in five and five with just a pause for two deep breaths in the middle. Then I simply fell apart on the chest to bar. The pulls are harder than just for a pull-up and each one made my brain shake inside my head. I got four done and had to stop and regroup. I got three done and had to stop to regroup. I finished the last one and it was pitiful. I sat down and tried to remember how much of a mess puking makes. I got my head/stomach settled enough to do the push-ups and then had to remember again why puking is so horrible. I finished the ring rows and it was 13.46.

On a better day, I would have gone from push-ups to ring rows and just finished them out, but with a heart rate of 165 I was so dizzy I could barely stand up straight. I’m hoping this is all pollen related. I did better today than Monday and I hope Friday is even better.

I had to sit and just remember to not puke for a while. My plan had been to go to the grocery store one block away after this. I decided I would buy some lunchmeat and have them give me a couple slices before they closed up the bag. I washed my hands and got ready to leave. As Kim was going to lock the door, I panicked. I needed my purse to go grocery shopping. Kim helpfully pointed out that it was on my shoulder. Whoops.

I did manage to grocery shop and the couple slices of ham helped get me through the store. I still had my bacon and eggs when I got home. I’m feeling better and ready to try again on Friday.