I have no idea what part of Wednesday’s WOD killed my arms, but it could have been any or all of it together. All I really know is that I hurt. My arms hurt, my chest hurt, my legs hurt slightly. Mostly, it was my arms/chest. I couldn’t even get my arms all the way overhead. Thankfully, I already had a massage scheduled and Jeremy was able to fix much of what was wrong. But I was still stiff and sore when I read what was on the menu for today.

I waited for the CrossFit Open to air and find out what 15.4 was going to be. I was thinking the sub of choice for a handstand push-up would be a push-up, but when I read what the scaled version was, I was both relieved and chagrined. I was so sore, I was pretty sure any push-ups were going to be beyond me and so I was relieved that the scaled version did not have them. But … the weight was possible and tempting. I could. But not for long. I would get more reps at a lower weight. I could do the weight as written. I hate getting such low reps. I need to raise the weight to improve. All night I went back and forth like this.

I could. It would be hard. I did not sign up for the open. This was just a WOD. I always scale. I’m a weenie. I don’t have to do anything. I hate being a weenie. But it would be hard. It’s supposed to be hard. That’s what makes it remarkable.

I got there and there were cars all over the parking lot. I looked at the clock to make sure I hadn’t messed up. Then I remembered the 200 mile relay race the Kettle Belles were running and figured a bunch of people parked here and then rode together to Columbia where the race started. Then I walked in and I was not the only person there. Amazing. Not only was there someone else. There were lots of somebody elses. Kat was there and so was Sherry and her daughter, Madelyn. And me. And Betsy was coaching.

We warmed up for a long time because we had the time to do so. My arms were loosening up and I felt a bit better. Then it was time to set up.

Today’s WOD as written:
Scaled Masters 55+
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
10 push presses
10 cleans
Men push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.
Women push press 45 lb. and clean 55 lb.

Did I want to fail in front of other people? What made me think I would fail. I could do this. Not fast and not for long, but I could do this. I have the power. I’ve been at this long enough I could manage this.

At the beginning of the Open, there was a codicil about metric bars. If your gym has kilos instead of pounds, they count. But, the 22# bar with ten pound plates was only 42 and that seemed a bit like cheating. So I grabbed the personal weights from the guy who has his stuff stored there and added another 1# to each side so my bar was 44# but the right height from the ground for easier lifting.

And then I had another bar to set up. Which direction? Who was really going to be watching me? Everyone else was going to be very busy doing their own crap. I would succeed or not all on my own. I could, but only if I took the chance and tried. I set up a 55# (ish) bar with our 33# bar and ten pound plates. I tested it. I could manage. Not much, but I could.

Time began and I push pressed with the 45# and got to 8 before I had to rest. I got the last two and then did box breathing and began with the cleans. I did 4-3-3 and the time was nearly half gone. But I had one complete round which was my entire goal. I was hoping to get into the second round.

I did the push press half and half and then there wasn’t much time left. I had to get the cleans. I managed four and figured I could get another one and did. I panted for a few seconds and got two more. I panted there, holding onto the bar for support and then went and got one more. I did that again a couple times and got done with round two with eight seconds on the clock. My heart rate was 176 and I did not feel stable enough to try for one or two push press. I got farther than I thought I would.

And I used the weight as written. As written. I never get to say that unless it is just rowing. But today …


Yesterday’s main event was the announcement of clue 4 for the Mystery Afghan my sister talked me into making. It was horribly ugly after week three. It is now marginally better. I don’t hold out much hope for the successful conclusion to this project. Someone is going to receive a butt ugly afghan. Probably the sister who made me do this.

I was awake around 6 AM this morning and I made myself a quick short cup of coffee since my day was going to be bizarre, at least by my standards. I also ate a banana since I figured it might help with the WOD and the after projects. When my alarm went off, I really got ready and drank my protein drink. Then I headed for the box.

Once again it was just me. The mornings are sparse, to say the least. The last couple evenings have been packed. So it all works out, I guess. I was the only one there again with no one there at 6 AM. Charlie made it in yesterday. There were only two people at the 5 AM class and they were the guinea pigs for timing the rest between sections.

My warm-up began with a run. It has been a while since that happened. It has been too cold. Today is perfect out there. It was ⁰F 65 and sunny. But there was 100% humidity because we are in South Carolina. When Kim opened the bay door, the humidity zoomed in and everything was slick with it.

I did a bunch of other things and got myself warm. In fact, with so much humidity in the air, I was dripping as well.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minutes of over the bar burpees
5 minutes rest
10 min EMOM
1 power clean 3 push press @ 50%
4 minutes rest
8 min AMRAP
5 deadlifts @ 50%
10 over the box jumps
10 t2b

When I looked at this last night I sighed and then I figured out what I was going to do. I did step in and out burpees over a bar on the ground. My one rep max on power cleans is 67# and so 33# was nearly perfect. My one rep max on a deadlift is 143 and so 73# was good enough. I can’t spin in circles no matter what, so box jumps was going to have to be good enough and I used the 12” box. The Garage Games Open had old farts like me doing sit-ups for toes to bar and that is what I would do, too.

So I set up all this stuff and got ready. Kim was counting for me, but she had to have counted wrong. I would do as many as I could until the beeping was annoying and then rest and get my heart rate down some and start some more. It was just as crappy as it sounded. She gave me a score of 27 but considering where I was when it was over and where I had been when it started, it had to be an even number so we gave me a score of 26.

I did quite well is the 5 minute rest. I did go get a couple parallettes and put the bar up on them. While I was warming up, I kept using chalk but the bar was slick and the chalk would disappear. I was afraid of dropping a bar, even this light, on my head. So I put on my gloves to help with grip, but it was quite hot in the room and they were just adding heat to the problem.

I got through the whole 10 EMOM without ever beeping. By the last couple rounds, my heart rate was higher but it never topped 157. That was pretty impressive. Again, I was all good with the rest. Off with the gloves, since I can’t drop a deadlift on my head.

While my bar was up on the parallettes, I put my plates on and couldn’t even begin to tell you how much easier it was to load the bar. There was a space of about an inch between the floor and the weights and they just slid on, easy as pie.

I got ready and began. I managed the deadlifts and some of the box jumps before I started beeping. I ignored it and when I finished the box jumps my heart rate was over 170. I was afraid to do the up and down until it was a bit lower, to when I got to 166, I began the sit-ups since they don’t stress my heart rate that much. Then I rested and started another round. On the third box jump, I missed the jump but was able to recover without injury which is pretty much my entire goal for each day’s WOD. So I was successful.

I made it through three rounds and thought I only had a few seconds to go so I got the deadlifts in. Turned out I had another whole minute. So I got my heart rate down to 165 and did the ten box jumps and finished those with two seconds still on the clock. My heart rate was 180 and I didn’t have the time to do more. So my score was 3+15. I’m glad I didn’t lower the rep count and I’m glad I didn’t try knees to elbows as the sub. I was dripping wet by the end.

But my day was just beginning. I had a dentist appointment. I had changed it once and then my schedule changed and I figured I would just go directly from the gym to the dentist. They said they didn’t care. I brought a clean shirt with me and my glasses because I can’t wear my contacts for that long. So I was ready. I hadn’t counted on being this wet.

I left my wet shirt on and put the top down on the car and drove over to the dentist. It helped dry me out some. Then I switched shirts in the parking lot and put my clean one on before going it. I still looked like the Wreck of the Hesperus, but at least I was dry. I got my teeth cleaned and the hygienist and I talked gym rat crap. She has just begun doing more than walking/running and the kettlebell swings she did left her so sore she could hardly move. I told her to do Russians instead. And demonstrated.

The good news here was that the first thing they do is take your blood pressure and mine was down to 122/78 (normal) and my heart rate was at 73 (normal). So I had recovered nicely.

I left there and went grocery shopping at the store that has Wednesday as their senior discount day. I brought home my four reusable bags of food, put it away, and couldn’t wait to have breakfast 3.5 hours after I left the house. This is more than I usually do in a week. Retirement may be okay.


We had an ice age through here yesterday and rather than drive on icy roads with a car noted for not being good on icy roads, I worked from home. I actually got far more done than I would have been able to do in the office. No one talked to me and the phones didn’t ring. I didn’t get any email. I just worked. I couldn’t make Excel and Access talk to each other because apparently Microsoft doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Even though I thought it was an excellent idea, I was outvoted. Access talked way too much to Word and babbled incessantly and so that didn’t work either. But I, like Thomas Edison, learned much by learning what didn’t work.

Today is the last day. It is the last day of work which also means it is the last day I have to wake up at 5.15 AM and head off to the box in the dark. It is the last time I have to stop at a very long light after someone turned right on red 45 seconds ago. It is the last time I will get to see the moon shining over the Carolina pines as I head out. It is the last time I have a gorgeous sunrise blinding me on the way home.

It was supposed to be ⁰F 32 this morning and so the first thing I did when the alarm went off was check the temperature. I wasn’t driving to the gym on icy roads. See above. But it was a blisteringly hot 36 out there and so the roads were wet, but not iced. And I don’t have any bridges to cross. The people here do not know that bridges freeze before the roadway. The Southern climate makes that esoteric information. But I am from the frozen tundra North. And I know.

There were four brave souls at the 5 AM class and just me at the 6 AM class. Kim was coaching and she had me doing a variety of stuff to get warm. It worked. I had my jacket off by the end of the warm-up. I cannot do circles and so I asked about the jump over the box thing to give her time to come up with something for me. I get dizzy enough with shuttle runs because of the spinning at the end of each shuttle.

Today’s WOD as written:
6 min amrap

10 push press @ 45%
10 c2b over 55 regular pull-ups
Rest 6 min
6 min amrap

10 OHS @ 50% max
10 over the box jumps
4 rounds of
Row 250 all out rest 2 min. between rounds

I RXd the rest, everything else was scaled. I used 33# bar for the moves, a 2” band assist for the pull-ups, and a 20” box and did step-ups.

My bar was 50% rather than 45% for the push press but I only did 8 of each move. I could get one thing done and rest and get the next thing done and rest and my heart rate was too high by the 6th push press or the 6th pull-up after the first round. But I would impatiently work to get it back down and then go back and start some more. I got a score of 3+2 and ended with a heart rate way too high. But I had a six minute rest.

I moved the box from the rack to the floor. I know I said I would do that side step thing, but this was supposed to be more difficult than a simple box jump, so I did the more difficult actual step-up rather than the side step. I remember to switch the lead led half way through on each round.

I also cannot get anything less than 75% of my one rep max for an overhead squat. So I racked the bar and did front squats. I used the same bar because 67# is my one rep max on a power clean. It was possible to get the squats done without stopping and although I beeped by the end (after the first round) I was okay. On the first round, I got the squats and step-ups done and had a heart rate of 159. Amazing. But I had a heart rate of 120s to start. So after that, it was one move complete, rest, next thing done, rest. I got a score of 3+8 on this one.

The times for the 5 AM class on the rowing was in the 50+ seconds range. The rowers were programmed to count backwards and give an accurate time for each round. I wanted the same times at they had so I asked if I could do 200 meters instead. That should put me at the same times. And it did. I had scores of 53.4, 54.9, 56.8, and 56.1. My heart rate was low to start and the two minutes got it back down, but not as much as the beginning.

And now I am off to my last day of work. Last. Day. Work. Then it is up to me to find something to do with all my time. All of it. Up to me. Those phrases keep going through my head. I have had three distinct careers in my life. I was a nurse, a teacher, and a secretary – all girl jobs. Maybe I should look for something rough and tough to do in my old age.

This is a lie. It's cute; but a lie

This is a lie. It’s cute; but a lie.

Apparently Ohio State won last night. Yeah! Ohio. I have no idea if they were favored to win or not, but congratulations to the home team. I obviously did not watch the game or any game or any sports or TV, for that matter. I’m not a fan of TV but I am a fan of the home team. I’m an Ohio girl.

Last night, I peeked at the WOD for the day and just sighed. What sort of shit is this? I finally get brave enough to look the night before and this is what I get? I figured if it wasn’t running, it was rowing. Not really worth getting up in the middle of the night. But I’m a Tuesday person, so I set the alarm and got up in the middle of the damn night to go to the box.

On the drive in, I pondered how I didn’t look until the morning up until a few weeks ago so what difference did this make? And then I pondered how I spent my time getting ready to also plot my way to scale the day into something I could do. On the drive in, I still didn’t know what we were doing or how I would be able to scale it. I hate the unknown.

I got there in the dark and wet night, signed in, walked over to the white board and looked, and sighed again. What sort of shit was this?

There were plenty of people at the 5 AM class and just three of us at the 6 AM class. David, Sarah Ann, and me. At least it was a different three today. We did a lot of warm-up stuff and then were declared ready.

Today’s WOD as written on the website:
Push Press- 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
it’s not running!!
What the white board said:
200 meter burpee broad jump

I looked at my one rep max for the push press and it was 63 pounds. I suppose I could have started with the 22 bar and switched out and done stuff, but I didn’t. I did use the smaller bar for the warm-up reps we did but when they started to count, I used the 33# bar. I was too lazy to change my shoe so I had a 2.5 pound plate under my heel instead.

My weights were 33, 38, 43, 48, 53, 58 and then I had to stick at that weight. The first time, I got all three reps and for the last two round, I got two reps and failed on the third. My left forearm was hurting and I didn’t have enough to compensate. It’s a weenie weight and I wish it was higher. It’s also more than I could deadlift when I started and yet I threw it over my head more than once. Life is just one thing after another.

I did ask about why the thing wasn’t posted and Kim said people wouldn’t come. I asked why they created a WOD that people wouldn’t come to do and she said, “You have to meet your fears. You have to do what you don’t like.” Well, hell. I got that covered.

David hasn’t been doing CrossFit for very long. He is strong but he is not agile or flexible. This was going to kill him. Coach Kim suggested he do only half the distance. I decided that was a good amount for me, too. Sarah Ann did the whole thing and beat both our times. As she was hopping around, David said something about how quick she was. I told him she was 16 and all he could do was repeat the number and say Wow. Youth. Wow.

I’m no good at doing a broad jump. I do a not-very-broad jump and therefore had to do a lot more burpees. I walked those in and out as well. After we got going, I could manage exactly two before having to stop and get my heart rate down. Two and stop. Two and stop. The entire thing was 14 trips up and down the mat, so David and I were doing seven. Sarah Ann finished in 12.05. David and I were still going like the not-Energizer bunny. It was ugly.

I believe it was 8 burpees per trip across the mat, but that may have been different on other trips. I just counted on the last run. But no matter what, it was over 50 burpees for me. Sarah Ann may have been able to get more distance on the jumps but still. That’s a lot of burpees. I finished in 13.47 and David still had about a half a mat to go. He was spent but almost done. I know enough to push at the end and rest after time’s up. In fact, I did my last four without that normal pause in between. I just wanted to be done. David looked like he was going to stop and he had just one left. Loud mouth me was saying it’s the last one. Just one more. Just get it over. And he did. He was done in 14.34. I know all this only because I took a picture of the white board.

That means I also know that the 5 AM class had times in the 8 and 9 minute range. It’s really tough being this old and trying this crap. I suppose there are two ways to look at it. I’m too old and should just stay out of the way of the young and the strong. Or. I’m awesome for even giving this shit a try. I get stuff done. Lots of stuff. Most old ladies don’t even try. I’m doing all right. For an old fart.


We are remodeling at work. My office and Mandi’s office are going into what is now the conference room. My old office will be the new conference room. Mandi’s old office will be a second space available for meetings. The lobby is staying the same. Yesterday, we boxed stuff, moved stuff, unhooked everything from my desktop computer, and I got the router moved to its new location and made sure they will still have internet until I get back to set up my own computer again. What we seemed to have the most of – was dust. There was dust in all sorts of places, hidden behind all manner of things.

The movers will come today and magically transform the office. Mandi will oversee that part. Then we can unpack a bit and on Monday, the carpets are being cleaned and I get to oversee that part. All in all, it will be really nice when it is done. But like most odious things, it is not all that fun in the doing.

When I got up this morning it was a balmy ⁰F 40 and so I was dressed appropriately for a building without heat. I bought some new socks this past weekend and I wore a pair of wild tie dye socks today. Very fetching.

Kim coached 5 AM which was just Cory, Matt, and Paul. Then Kim went home and Cory coached the 6 AM class which was just Jackson and me.

The 5 AM class was still working when we got there and so we got to witness the scoring. Take the time, turn it into seconds, add the ages of the participants together and divide the time by the ages and a get a final score. So at least we knew what to do when we were finished.

We warmed up and Cory had us doing these twists with a 10# plate and I was getting so dizzy I couldn’t keep my eyes open. But I got through them. Then other stuff and then start again with the twists. I asked if there was some sub because I didn’t want to get sick and she said to just skip that part and do the rest. I managed to keep my protein drink down.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3
Partner WOD
40 slam balls
30 pistols
20 tire flips
10 rope climbs
20 shuttle runs
30 ring dips
40 box jumps

We did the push presses together and Cory timed the rests and then we did the next round. We were to increase in weight with each round. I thought about where to start and where I hoped to finish. I looked and my one rep max is 63# but I have not been writing when that number happened. For all I know, it could have been a long time ago. I have to push myself because that’s my job.

I decided to start with a 33# bar and work up with 5# increments. I did 33, 38, 43, 48, 53 an that is where it got really hard. I did another 53, then 55, and finished with 58 which I did manage to get up three times. That one rep max must have been recent.

We strategized about the partner WOD. I always feel bad with these because I’m holding back someone younger. I haven’t seen the twins all month, so I assume they quit. That makes Jackson the youngest member. I’m the oldest. Great. Nothing like a teenaged competitive athlete (he is a swimmer) and an old fart. We all know my heart rate makes me stop and rest. Jackson is always done way ahead of me. He is young, strong, and has the lungs of a swimmer and the heart rate to go with it. And then there is me.

It was supposed to be each person doing one rep and trading off. Well, that meant I had to keep up with a teenager and here I am, old enough to be his grandmother. So we decided that Jackson would do two reps for each of mine and when he did half the number of reps, we were finished with the round.

We both used the same slam ball which was 25#. Jackson did 20 and I did ten. This was really smart. We both did pistols hanging on to the rack and I did 8 and Jackson did 15. We each had our own tire because he wanted a bigger one than what I could flip, but we did these one and one so we got them all done. I did a sub for the rope climbs, Jackson did a real rope climb. I did a sub, Jackson did two because my heart rate was too high, then we did that again, so he did 5 and I did 3. This was also really smart. This first half was done to my capacity.

We all know I can’t run and keep breathing. I did one run and Jackson did two so I did five shuttles and he did ten. We did box dips and this is where I think I should have done more. We could have done these one and one, but I didn’t push for it. I did one, he did two so I did 8 and he did 15. Then we used the boxes for the last set. He really jumped and I did step-ups. Again, I should have done one for one, but didn’t. He did 20 and I did 10 and we were done at 12.06. That was 726 seconds and our combined ages equal 77. So our score was 9.42.

I worked hard, didn’t hold Jackson back, and managed to not hurt myself while being partnered with a kid. It all worked out fine.


Like Alexander, I had a horrible, terrible, very bad day yesterday. We get automatic updates on our work computers and something looking like that screen said I had an update. I did it. It was not legitimate. It took us nearly an hour for tech support to be able to get on my computer since it was so overtaken. Then it took two more hours for tech support to try and then bumping me up to “the labs” so my computer could be fixed. There was some talk about wiping it and starting over. I have 38 more days to work and the thought of rebuilding the computer was nauseating. But, after three hours, I was fixed. Bless you, tech support.

My big sister had a small vacation and returned last night. I had a question for her while she was gone, so she called on her return. She answered my question in under 15 minutes, but we talked for two hours anyway. I love my sisters. I love talking to my sisters. I love being with them more, but we are scattered around the country. But if I can share anything – time, sound waves, air – with my sisters then I am happy.

I woke up before the alarm went off this morning mostly due to thunder but it might have also been the lightning. The pouring rain was loud, but I don’t believe that is what woke me up although the gusts of winds were impressive. Anyway, when the alarm went off and it was still pouring, I made an executive decision. If there was lots of running in the WOD today, I would go back to bed and go to the box tomorrow since my weekly schedule is all messed up anyway.

It was still pouring when I got to the box and then it let up some, but as bands came through, the rain pounding on the warehouse roof made a rather interesting staccato as a backdrop for the music.

Gabe was there, David was back for day two, and we had two visitors from New Jersey in for the holidays. Scott and Rachael played with us today. He is from around here; she is not. Both were nice.

Since it was pouring, there would be no running out there today. We warmed up with various things. The floor was really wet, but apparently not as wet as it was at 5 AM. Kim laughed when I asked about it. She said when she got there and the entire floor was covered with water that she turned on the fans “because Patti would whine” so I am good for something. The cleaning people didn’t dry the floor, they just washed it. So we warmed up around the remaining water. The humidity is something like 97% so it isn’t like the floor was going to dry nicely.

Today’s WOD as written:
Good Mornings
5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5
For time:
1000m row
20 push press
30 pull ups
40 overhead squats
800m run 1000m row

I wasn’t sure about the weight stuff on weighted good mornings. I’ve done them once upon a time, but it was long ago and far away in a land that time forgot or at least I forgot. Gabe started with 55 pounds so I began with 32 because I figured I was about a half-Gabe for a starting spot. It worked okay. I did 32, 37, 42, 47, and 52 on those.

Women’s weights are always lower than the men’s weights and yet they don’t think of it as being scaled. It is just the women’s version of the WOD. I’m calling my new stuff a Masters’ version of the WOD. My goal is to work just as hard as the young’uns. But not harder.

I knew without anyone telling me that I was finishing with a row rather than a run in the 60⁰ rain. But that was changed for everyone. There was an addition that the barbell should be 50% of body weight for men and 40% for women. I just use whatever weights I can manage.

I knew that I was dropping the rows to 800 meters each and then I vacillated on how many reps I should do. Yesterday, I worked 80% and I could do that today, as well. Today is OH squats and I have just started being able to do them with a bar. 80% of 40 equals 32 which is still lots.

Another option was available and I took it.
800m row
15 push press 33#
20 pull-ups 2” band (minimal kipping)
25 OH squats 22#
800m row

I managed the push press broken in half and then I wanted to get the pull-ups 10 and 10 and managed the first 10 but my heart rate was 170. I had to wait too long to get it back down so when I beeped again at 4 or 5 I knew I wasn’t going to get to ten. I stopped after 6, rested for a shorter time and then finished them.

My plan was 5 overhead squats at a time. I actually was able to work my plan. My heart rate was in the high 160s as I finished each set, but I could recovered relatively quickly and get back to work. I was back at the rower about the same times as the kiddies were getting to work on that part. I did not rest after my last set of squats and I beeped for the entire time I was rowing. I stayed almost constantly at 163-165 so I wasn’t over the mid-160s the cardiologist recommended as my top limit.

Gabe finished first although Scott gave him a run for his money and wasn’t far behind. I finished in 19.33 and Rachael finished ten seconds later. David was done shortly after that. I was smack dab in the middle of the pack again. I worked really hard and it was fun to actually have a chance to not be the biggest loser and finish last. I had a goal and pushed in order to compete with people young enough to be my kids. No teenagers there today, but all these people were younger than Joe, my baby.

When I wrote my numbers on the board, I did not write the dreaded scaled. Just as women can’t help being XYs I cannot help being old. I get to do the masters version of WODs. And when I am working with a masters version, I RX it. That’s my story anyway.


We had a lovely weekend. We have decided to paint a couple rooms downstairs, the man cave and Dick’s bathroom. We picked out some paint samples and made a selection, got tiny bits of paint and tested them on the walls, and then made our selection. The man cave is going lighter and needs to have a base coat before the paint is applied. That’s a pain in the ass, but it needed to be done. And the blind in there is falling apart and needed replacing. So it will be all spruced up.

I successfully avoided looking at the WOD last night. I slept peacefully all night long. When the alarm went off this morning, I peeked at the WOD. I’m very glad I did not look at it last night because it irritated me. They all do. I want to be younger or at least have a heart that keeps up with my arms, shoulders, legs, and head. I have neither. Every time I look at a WOD, I cringe and the first thought is “how will I scale this?”

There was no skill today. Reading without glasses on, I missed the part about how many rounds and was left wondering what the day was going to bring, even having the WOD in front of me. So all I could do was haul my fat ass to the box and see what the specifications were.

Our warm-up was based on the WOD. We began with a row and worked through the moves with some added push-ups and front squats in there. We then did five minutes of shoulder mobility work. It was just me and Jackson. Kim was there with two young girls for a fundamentals class or something. We stayed out of each other’s way.

Today’s WOD as written:
“Monday Gone Bad”

Three rounds of:
Wall balls (20/14)
Kettlebell swings (53/35)
Box jumps (24/20)
Push press (75/55)
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round after which a two-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this. I cannot work for 5 minutes without resting. I will either pass out or die. I wasn’t sure if I should set a number of reps and work to that or work for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Coach Jason suggested I work to failure and then rest until the next minute started. I tried that on the first round and didn’t feel like I was working enough. The calorie row was for the full minute because I had the two minutes of rest afterwards.

Since I didn’t like the way the first round went, I figured I would try for 10 reps of everything. But I did 12 wall balls on the first round and kept that number. I couldn’t get my rower to turn on before the minute started and so I really only had 52 seconds of rowing time for that round. Although it was cool this morning, 58⁰ out there, there were no fans on and I was over-heating. I ripped my shirt off half way through the second round. That felt a bit better.

I really wanted to get 150 total points. I needed to make up for the poor decisions I had made in the first round and squeak out one more rep on the moves. My heart rate was high after ten, but the box breathing was bringing it back down. I was starting the push press with a heart rate of 159, but I was almost done.

I had been using a 10# wall ball to an 8’ mark, a 25# KB and doing Russian swings, step-ups to a 20” box, a bare 33# bar, and the rower set at 7. I pushed through and figured I could get to 150 if my math was correct. On the final row, I just closed my eyes and pulled the rower as much as possible and ended up with an extra point in there. And I squealed with delight. I reached my goal. With an extra point to spare.

wall ball 12 12 12
KB swing 10 10 10
box jump 8 10 11
push press 6 10 11
calorie row 9 9 11
45 51 55 151