We have been car shopping and I can’t say I have enjoyed the experience. I assume they never have ads showing someone buying a car because that would be an epic length movie rather than a 30 second ad spot. It took forever and I started to get cranky and warn the salesman (they were all men who talked to us) that we weren’t happy being coerced into talking to another person just because it is their policy. All we wanted to do was drive a car and see if we liked it. If one more person showed me how wonderful it is not to be able to lock yourself out of your car, I may have committed murder with my bare hands – and I work out so I might have been able to actually do it.

Dick painted the bathroom yesterday and it was not a good experience. He was covering a butterscotch colored wall with a yellow. It was guaranteed to cover in one coat. It took three. There was lots of unhappiness there but it does look really nice now.

I successfully didn’t look at the WOD last night and when the alarm went off this morning, I peeked at it and was completely happy about not looking last night. I got myself ready to depart for the box and had layers on to accommodate the 51⁰ temps.

We began our warm-up with a run and I have no idea why, but that hurt my behind. I assume it was the higher box step-ups from last Friday. Or maybe it was the lovely two days to test drive four cars thing. But it hurt my ass. I eventually got warmed up enough that it was better. We did Ryan complex down the mat which has squats in it. We also held an active squat for a minute and then we did some PVC pipe OH squats because why not. We also had some wall balls in there which have a squat included.

Today’s WOD as written:
Squats 5 x 30 sec efforts
HSPU 5 x 30 sec efforts
Partner WOD
50 (alt) box jumps
25 unison burpees
50 kbs (25 each)(53/35)
50 b2b med ball pass(20/14)
4 mat length leap frog
50 (alt) power cleans (95/65)

We did squats for 30 seconds, rested a minute and repeat. I did a total of 86 squats there. For the HSPU which I cannot execute, I used a 20” box and did them from there. I was nauseous on each round. Again it was 30 seconds on and a minute rest. I got 35 of these.

And then partner WOD – my favorite. I love having to have someone else cope with my aged self and heart rate issues. It just doesn’t seem fair to whoever gets stuck with me, unless it is whomever gets stuck with me (which I believe is the actual correct grammar but seems pretentious). I simply prefer to only have me having to cope with me.

Sarah Ann was there today and I correctly guessed the right twin. Maribel showed up today, too. They were a team and Todd got stuck with me. As we were looking at these at the board, the burpees had to be done together with chests on the floor at the same time and jumping up and clapping hands at the same time. I was planning on just doing a plank in and out because I’m old and 25 burpees in the middle of all this was going to be unmanageable. Todd’s shoulder is still a mess and he can’t do burpees either and had some convoluted way he was going to try to manage this. Coach Jason told us to do synchronized squats instead.

I asked Sarah Ann if she needed the 25# KB and she didn’t, which is how we ended up not being partners. She was using the 20# one and so we didn’t have to share. Todd was doing sumo deadlift high pulls instead of swings and I did Russian swings.

So we began with the box jumps, but both of us did step-ups. I used a 20” box and Todd used a 24” one and these were alternated me then him. Then we did our squats and I had to stop and get my heart rate down half way through. It is so discouraging. I can’t even manage this little bit of stuff without over taxing my heart. Then the kettlebell swings and we did those five a time.

When I looked at b2b med ball pass, I had no idea what in the hell that was. It was standing back to back and passing the ball in a circle, first clockwise for 25 counts and then counterclockwise for 25 counts. We used a 14# med ball for this and all it did was make me dizzy.

Then the leap frog shit. I never even played this as a kid. I suck at crap like this. It was just too much for my poor heart. I couldn’t get very far on a jump so we had to do more of them and then I had a heart rate way too high. I could get a mat length and then have to rest. But we finally finished that nonsense and were on to the cleans. These were also alternated with Todd and then me.

I had to rest before we could start and then after a third of the way through I had a heart rate of 170 and couldn’t keep going and had to stop. Then after another 9 cleans, I was wiped out again. I got my heart rate from 172 down to 159 but that meant that I would start beeping again as soon as I did one clean. But I had been sitting still and box breathing for too long already. So I started up again and we finally finished in 17.03 and I had a heart rate of 173. I collapsed into a puddle on the floor and Maribel was advising me to “walk it out” and not to just make a sweat angel. My heart rate climbs when I stop and then it will start to drop. So she is telling me to move more with a heart rate over 175. I know everyone means well, but I really don’t want to have a heart attack while I’m trying to be healthy.

I made it home and had breakfast and tried to add up how many squats I did today. I came up with “too many” and I think that is accurate.



Last night, I went to a seminar put on by Coach Jason about understanding the WOD and scaling. There are three types of activity. One of them is peak performance done quickly – an example is a one rep max. Then there are sprint WODs which are designed to last from 3 to eight minutes. And chipper WODs which are long grueling met con events lasting even longer. Each demands a different type of work from the athlete.

Sprint WODs should have you working at about 70-80% of your peak performance while chipper WODs (from a Hero WOD to running a marathon) require you to sustain at a lower rate for a longer time. Unfortunately for me, everything is in that 100% mode because the only things I have are so minimal that I must go all out all the time or I can do nothing. My heart rate peaks out always and forever which I guess is better than no heart rate at all.

It was suggested that I lower my alarm rate so that I stop working sooner and recover faster. I did that. I couldn’t get through the warm-up today. I did manage the two minutes of double under practice mostly because I kept missing the double unders and would have to regroup. Lunge down the mat made me beep. Broad jump down the mat made me beep. Overhead squats with a PVC pipe made me beep. Dislocates and passthroughs were okay. I’m simply pitiful. My heart rate was over 150 while doing practically nothing.

Now, I hate partner WODs anyway. I hate to be the anchor tied around someone’s neck. I can only work for a short time and need a break to recover because I’m pitifully out of shape even now. Whenever I work with a partner, I know that person is last on the board along with me. I know going in everyday that I’m the worst person there, but I accept that. I hate making someone else join me at the bottom. These are “Fun Fridays” but I hate them with a passion.

Today’s WOD as written:
Working together and alternating movements
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
1 mat burpee broad jumps
1 mat walking lunges
rest 5 minutes
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
3 sidewalk sprints
10 overhead squats
rest 5 minutes
AMRAP in 5 minutes:
10 kettlebell swings
10 shoulder to overhead

Heavy Rx: 45/25 plate overhead – 115/80 ohs – 70/53 russian kbs – 115/80 s2o
Fast Rx: no plate overhead – 95/65 ohs – 53/35 crossfit kbs – 95/65 s2o
Light Rx: 25/10 plate overhead – 45/33 ohs – 53/35 russian kbs – 45/33 s2o

First of all I had to scale stuff. Even going with a heart rate beeping at 160, this was all beyond me. We both had to work at the same time and the partner could not advance to the next round until both people had completed the round. This also meant that Wheelis (my partner and a fit, young man) got to rest while waiting for me to catch up and the old, weak fart was supposed to keep moving for five minutes straight, something quite beyond me.

Even with modifying the moves, I was awful. I did a plank in and out and a broad jump and I didn’t put my hands down close to my feet. I used no weight on the walking lunges. I had a heart rate of 176 and was trying my best not to fall over by the end of the first five minutes when I did two rounds and one lunge down the mat. I was almost four minutes into the rest time before I stopped beeping.

My one rep max for an overhead squat is 33# so I did front squats with that weight which was still heavy. I walked a shorter distance so that I only took the same amount of time as the sprinters and so it wasn’t too bad. I finished two rounds and two “sprints” before time was up and my heart rate was only in the high 160s and I was done beeping around three minutes of rest.

I just started using a 25# KB a couple weeks ago, so that was heavy. I managed two rounds, all the KB swings and 8 of the shoulder to overhead. My heart rate was 178 when time was called. This is absurd. It is also unfair to my partner. I don’t know how else to manage this. Perhaps I need to rethink my attendance. I could do Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and do something not horrible on Saturday either at the box or in the garage.

My problem is that with open gym and unstructured classes, I’m pretty useless, too. However, four days in a row is more than my old body can handle so I can’t really do Monday through Thursday. There has to be a way to not kill myself, not punish someone else, and still manage to get my days in. I know I could allow myself the three days a week again, but the three days off in a row leave me feeling jittery with too much unused energy.

I’m sure there is a solution. It probably is sitting outside some box somewhere.


For some reason, I was awake from 12.40 AM until after 2.42 AM (the last time I looked at the clock). I was both too hot and too cold although not at the same time – that would be really weird. When the alarm went off at 5.15 AM, I was soundly sleeping and could barely move. But I got out of bed and made it to the gym.

I had looked at the WOD last night and I thought it was going to be odd, but I wasn’t really sure what I was reading and so I tried to just let it go and worry about it when I got to the box. Once I watched the 5 AM people, I was sure I wasn’t going to manage. I should have just left then. But I didn’t. I’m only really smart part of the time and apparently it only happens if I’m wide awake and I wasn’t.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and I could manage that. Then lunge down the mat and back and that really hurt my legs after yesterday. Broad jumps weren’t any better and then we had to use the paralettes and do a push-up, pass through, dip, and back five times. I asked what was on offer for old farts. I’m so sick of asking this question. I managed something but I can’t do a push-up on the bars, can’t do a pass through front or back, and in general, I’m pitiful.

Today’s WOD as written:
Pendlay Row – 5 x 5
Spend 20 minutes working on/learning the “Pendlay” barbell row. Warm up and find a good working weight for the 5 x 5 rep scheme. If you did the set last week or earlier this week and kept good form, see if you can add another 5 lbs.
“Super Pals”
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

20 Plate-hop push ups (45/25)
20 Partner ball toss sit ups (40/25)
20 Partner assist ring dips
20 Partner assist pull ups
10 Deadlifts (225/145)

I did the Pendlay Rows with 63# and tried to keep from using my legs at all. I found that if I didn’t try to go fast, it worked better.

And then all hell broke loose. I said I was just going to go home. There were six of us there. Cindy had been complaining since I got there and I had been enthusiastically joining in. The assist ring dips and push-ups were the partner hoisting the worker up. I can do exactly nothing on a pull-up. I might move a half inch. Someone would be having to actually lift my ass up. And then I would have to lift theirs and the ring dips were the same.

I said I was leaving and Coach Jason said that if I did, Cheryl wouldn’t have a partner. I said if I stayed, she wouldn’t have one either. I pointed out that there were sixty moves in a row without a break as I would be hoisting my own or someone else’s ass around during that time (after doing the sit-ups, which amazingly did not hurt my ass so I must be healed). We all know my beeping issues. It would be beneficial if I just left. Jason did not tackle me, but only because I wasn’t yet heading for the door.

He brought me over to the rings and showed me a way to manage. It was mostly getting up on the rings and coming down slow, so the negative part. The partner could hold the rings so that they didn’t splay. Then we could do negative pull-ups instead of partner assist. Cheryl said we should try it.

On the hopping push-up thing, I only walked back and forth. Cheryl could hop them.

I used an 8# slam ball (when did we get that?) instead of the 25# Cheryl used and we just bumped them in the middle.

The ring dips and negative pull-ups were done as described above. And then for the deadlifts, I used 83# and Cheryl used 123#.

I didn’t do as much beeping as I thought I would and it was mostly after the second and third rounds of push-ups. Since I went light enough on the slam ball, I could recover while doing the sit-ups, and I’m not sure that would have worked with the 25# ball in play. I beeped some with the ring dips and we broke the negative pull-ups into sets of five so those weren’t too bad, but the fifth one was always looking pretty shoddy.

Cheryl forgot about the deadlifts and while I was finishing the pull-ups, she wasn’t putting her weight back on the bar for the deadlifts. We lost a few seconds setting her back up, she did her five, and then we whipped them off and I got out the last five deadlifts getting the bar up when time was called. We made 3 rounds. Better than I thought we would, but I hate when I hold a partner back. When I’m slow and old on my own, it is just me dealing with my ineptitude. Partner WODs mean I have to mess up someone else’s workout. There was nothing Super about having me as a Pal.


Yesterday I did excellent with my 100 Days of Different. First different thing was I was working on my day off which used to be quite standard as hospitals love you to come in on your off time because why would they have actual staff to cover stuff and whatnot. But in this job, usually it not Earth shattering whether or not I’m there on a particular day.

Another first – the Big Kahuna came in from the Home Office for an inspection. We get a yearly Little Kahuna inspection and I have been a stellar office employee for those in the past. So I needed to be a stellar office employee for the Big Guy which was easy, since I’m a stellar employee. The guy was really nice.

And yet another first – I wasn’t sure when the above nonsense would be completed and I wasn’t getting up early and then rushing around to go in earlier than usual on my day off. So I planned to go to the noon class at CrossFit. Since the office inspection could have lasted until 11.30, I packed a bag with all my stuff and would have changed clothes at work and then gotten to the box in time. I didn’t need to do that, but it was nice to see that I had successfully packed my bag and would have been just fine and had all my equipment if I hadn’t been able to come home.

Then at the box, I got a PR. This was not, of course, my first of those, but it does mean I achieved something new and different. It is the first time I got a PR while injured. I wonder what I could have managed without a boo-boo.

I had begun a second knitting project and was so completely out of sync with the pattern and totally befuddled that I had to rip the entire thing out. I did this since I was only on row 11 before I messed up so badly I had no other recourse. But it is the first time I had to rip everything out and start over. If I had been too much farther along, I would have tossed the whole thing and begun again. When I crochet, I can rip back as far as I need and easily pick up from before a glaring mistake. In knitting, not so much. Another reason I haven’t taken this up before.

Today was the first time I went to Harris Teeter to do my weekly shopping on a Friday. Thursday is old fart day when they give us 5% discount to get us in there and out of the way for the young, busy people who need to shop on the weekend. But I was too busy working and working out yesterday to get to the store. So I went today and had to forego my 5% discount for the week. I spent less than $50 so it cost me under $2.50 to not go last evening. I’m okay with that.

A first for this year (or maybe just this month) but I was totally defeated by the WOD for today and opted, consciously and with malice aforethought, to not go. I vacillated between trying it at 6 AM because they already know I’m inept and going ahead and proving to the people (coaches) who say that no one cares and it is all good and crap and showing up at noon and making them all hate me there. That didn’t seem to be the best way to meet new people.

Today’s WOD as written:
Partner WOD Friday!!!
As many points as possible in 30 minutes of:
Overhead walking lunges – steps x weight = points
Shoulder to overhead – reps x weight = points
Squats – reps x weight = points
Abdominal – reps = points (Abmat x 1 / GHD x 3 / K2E x 4 / T2B x 5)
Swings – reps x weight = points
Use any objects you want to use for the weights (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, slamballs, med balls, etc.)
Only one partner working at a time and switching partners AND movements every minute on the minute so that each partner completes every movement in two rounds for a total of three complete rounds for each partner.

This puts every single woman in the box at a disadvantage. Let’s look at the shoulder to overhead. A guy might be able to do those at 135 and a woman’s RX weight might be 95. A masters’ woman would be 65, but I’m not even going there yet. Let’s stick with ten reps. At the end of ten reps, a man has 1350 points, a woman has 950 points, and an old woman has 650 points. This old woman can’t do that weight and would have around 400 points or about 1000 less than the man even though I was working at my peak level.

A minute on and a minute off doesn’t sound too bad unless you have a heart rate that doesn’t like it. I have to pace myself for a Tabata because the 20 on 10 off doesn’t give me enough recovery time and by the end of 4 minutes, I can’t make it. Thirty minutes is a long time.

This is right to all of my weaknesses. I’m slow and weak. I have a heart rate that peaks early and often and that’s when I move low weights that are really all I can manage.

All this stuff wouldn’t work well with my ouchie, either. I tried just a normal sit-up this morning and the way down hurt so bad that I didn’t even finish one. I might be able to do some knees to elbows but right now I’m a bit paranoid. If I fell from the bar again and landed on my sore tailbone again, I could significantly hurt myself. I could take just a zero for the three times this was my job, and it wouldn’t much matter because the most I could feasibly get with just regular sit-ups, if I could do them, would be around 45 and that is 135 total or one shoulder to overhead for a man.

I don’t know who wrote this, but the whole scoring thing just made it impossible for a pretend athlete like me. And so I stayed home. I hate to be defeated like this, but I wouldn’t want me for a partner and I don’t know how to not have me on my team.


This one wasn’t

We had a lovely weekend. I now have a little bit of a home gym so I can play around a little here. I got myself some mobility stuff, a 15# kettlebell and a small free weight set (30# bar with two 25#, 10#, and 5# plates). I know what to do on my days away from the box but I don’t have to wait for 9 AM and open gym time to do it.

Dick is golfing this week with a bunch of his old high school friends who came down here for the event. We went to dinner last night with a bunch of people I know. Mary Jo and I lived on the same street as kids and went to school together from kindergarten through high school. It was fun catching up on what a bunch of people I used to know were doing now. Well, except for the story about the guy who went to prison. That was just shocking.

We were out late last night and didn’t get home until after 10.30 and for some reason my phone wouldn’t connect with CrossFit Summerville’s webpage in the car. So I couldn’t check out the WOD on the way home which is probably just as well as I might have screamed.

This is Henry’s – Bringer of Pain – last parting gift to us. This is his favorite WOD, according to the terribly misspelled thing he put at the top of the WOD page. He is moving away and will be serving next on a submarine. I truly do wish him well in his endeavor, but I can’t say I’m going to miss is programming copying and pasting.

Ryan is out of town for two weeks so Jason was coaching. Kim was there as a participant today. We began with a 200 meter run and each footfall on the right caused a ping under my patella at about either 1 or 7 o’clock depending on which way the clock would be facing. It isn’t my ACL since the tear is on the other side. I am tired of this knee acting up. The other knee doesn’t and when I mention that to my bad knee, it doesn’t even try to understand.

We did other stuff and I couldn’t broad jump down the mat which was a hint for Jason. Then we had to hurry to get set up for this WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
In teams of 2 both work at the same time can not work on same movement at the same time(rx)
work thru by your self(RX+)
50 Min time cap
For time:
135 pound Clean and jerk, 30 reps
Run 1 mile
15 foot Rope climb, 10 ascents
Run 1 mile
100 Burpees

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, of Winchester, Massachusetts, assigned to a State Department security detail in Benghazi, Libya, died in an attack on a U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012. He is survived by his parents, Ben and Barbara, sister Katie, and brother Greg.

I did mention that I could deadlift 135# and Jason said that although there is no scaling for women on a hero WOD, they could do 95# as in some other girl WOD. He gave the substitute for rope climbs (3 pull-ups and 3 knees to elbows for each) and we were busy getting into partners.

There were lots of us at 6 AM class today. Nadine and Daniel were back and they were going to be a team. Todd and Cindy were a team. Hannah was there and teamed up with I don’t even remember who. Jeremy and some person I never met were a team. Kim and Lindsey were a team. And then Ricky said he was working alone and Daniel couldn’t let someone outdo him so he proclaimed that he and Nadine would go it alone. She shot a look at him that should have laid him low, but didn’t. With all this matching up crap, I was left alone.

I guess Nadine and I could have worked together, but she didn’t say anything and I really don’t need to be with SuperJock or anything so I didn’t offer her my services. I did ask Jason what I should do.

He chalked out a WOD for me.
15 clean and jerks and I used a 32# bar
20 pull-ups
50 sit-ups
2000 meter row

All done in whatever order I wanted. I broke the rows into 1000 meters each and did them between the moves. I counted on the second 1000 meters and it just so happens to take me 142 pulls to get 1000 meters when my heart rate starts out at about 170 and I need some time to just plod through.

I finished in 22.04 and then after I caught my breath I did my negative pull-ups. Ricky was working diligently as was Daniel. Nadine was not in the box at the time. (She was out on her mile run.) We were cheering Ricky on and he finished with all of us coaxing in under 36 minutes. He was getting slow until we started all the hoopla and he got done in 35.45. Lindsey was over cheering on Daniel who finished at the same time.

Everyone was done and finally Nadine ran in the door. It was 6.58 and she still had 100 burpees to go. I have to get to work and so, I had to leave. Well, since I’m doing this, I suppose I could have stayed. But I might have mentioned that she would have been better off partnering with the old fart who is slow as molasses and really can’t do much except keep on doing as much as possible. Nadine could have done her half while I did my half and as a team, we would have done much better for her and no different for me. Pity.

I’m not really hero WOD material, but I am a CrossFitter. I don’t quit.


I had a wonderful day off yesterday and got some things accomplished. How great is that? But for some odd reason, even though it was my day to sleep in, I was awake before 5 AM. I was so tired by the end of the day that I went to bed before ten and figured I would be rudely awakened this morning. Instead, I was awake a few minutes before the alarm went off. I like that better.

I got dressed and stumbled to the kitchen to get my pre-workout banana and looked at the temperature. It was 67⁰ out there already. Well, I had on too many clothes for that. So I went back and changed my clothes into shorts and low socks plus a sleeveless shirt.

Even with this costume change, I made it to the box on time. We had a couple guests today who are here from Sumter and I hope they had fun with us. We began with stretches and I found something I can do that Ricky can’t. So there. I’m more flexible than the runner! It is the time of year when the temps are changing and it is cloudy and threatening rain today. That meant the mats were really slick and the med balls were covered in a cute little sheen of moisture which makes the whole wallball experience just that much more fun.

For our warmup we ran 400 meters, did lots of other stuff, and were supposed to run another 200 meters and by then I was all run out. I just did a parking lot sprint. Then back inside and we did more warming up (which included slick wallballs) until we were all toasty warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
400m sprint time trial
12 min amrap
teams of 2 (1 person works at a time)
wall balls(20/14)
300m row between each round

I said I can’t sprint 400 meters and Coach Jason wanted a burpee for the can’t thing. I said no, he said squat, I did a squat. But in all seriousness, I can’t sprint 400 meters. He wanted a time of under 2 minutes because all the 5 AM class did that. I looked him in the eye and asked how many of them were over 60 and he said, “You do 200 meters.”

So, I ran 200 meters. I began beeping at the 100 meter mark and had a heart rate of 175 when I got back in 1.29. I couldn’t have done twice as much.

There were three girls and four boys there today. As we can see, if we do the math, that is an odd number. No one wants to play with me unless they have to. Carma was not present today. She has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Jason said I could keep the reps at three for each move for each round and just row 150 meters in between. The goal was to keep moving as much as I could. So, that’s what I did. I used 10# for the wallballs and a green band on the dips. One of the places I lost time was in the moving from place to place to do the reps. When they were teams, one person would be working and the other setting up at the next station. I had to keep going from wall to rings to rower. And losing even more time o set up in the rower each time. But it was okay because I wasn’t in any big race or anything.

I managed to get my heart rate back down while rowing each time which meant I wasn’t really rowing fast, but I never had to actually stop moving for the entire 12 minutes. I got in seven of my rounds and an extra 3 wallballs.

I’m supposed to do my negative pull-ups on Friday and I didn’t remember it until I got home. So I will be going back at 9 AM and getting those done. I don’t really have to dress funny for it so I will go in street clothes and then stop and get a few more errands done. It is a plan. Always have a plan – and a backup plan – and some plan in reserve. Life is perverse.


I had a day off from work and the box yesterday and I really did appreciate it. I had stuff to do around here and a day off from everything made that better. Dick got home from Florida and it was a nice day all around.

I had a massage and my knee is more than just my knee. Because I have been walking “funny” I have been putting torque and stress on muscles in odd ways. This has made everything a bit wonky. I think that is the medical term. My IT band was horrific and the rest of my leg was just bad. We worked and I tried not to whine about it. But when it was time to go, I could get my jeans back on without wincing. Wonderful.

I looked last night and it was partner WOD day and it seemed possible if scaled properly and so I set my alarm and was ready for another fun day at CrossFit Summerville.

Got to the box and hoped for the best. Warm-up was a simple 200 meter run and with every step I felt a ping, ping, ping in my knee. That meant the WOD was just going to suck. Other stuff happened and then we got to bear crawl and that wasn’t going to work. Coach Jason asked if I had been to a doctor yet and I said the only tool they had was an arthroscopy and I didn’t want one of those, so no. He mentioned a chiropractor who could tell me to stop coming to CrossFit, but I hadn’t really considered that, either. 

Today’s WOD as written:
10 min to establish 1RM snatch
With a partner:
Accumulate 100 Box Jumps- Games Standard (30″)
One person does box jumps while the other person does:
2 Rounds of:
5 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)
10 Pull-ups
*When you have completed the 2 rounds, you switch
**When you complete the 100 box jumps the wod is over.  Keep track of the time and the number of rounds you did!!**

When I looked at this last night, I knew I couldn’t do a snatch, but I could manage a power snatch. I can get to parallel on a squat now, but I can’t ass to grass at all and with weight – it would have just been awful. So I opted for power snatch and that was what I worked on. I looked and I had nothing written for a previous PR so I figured anything after the PVC was golden.

I used the 22# bar and made it. Ricky told me to get some weights on my weight. I did. I made it with 27# and then with 32#. Quinn was working next to me and powering up lots of weight. He also managed to miss a lift without hurting himself. He was resting and I wanted to know how to do something without killing myself and went over and asked how to not knock my brains out when I missed the next weight.

He told me and then watched to make sure the old lady didn’t kill herself. I did a 37# power snatch and he said I actually cleared it and I could count it as a rep. Way to go, old fart!

That 30″ box thing irked me. There are two weights, why not two heights? Men are statistically on average taller than women. A 30″ box for a 72″ tall man is not quite the same ratio as a 30″ box for a 66″ tall old woman. And at the Games, they always have a Masters division with different rules. So an old 66″ tall woman would have been cut some slack. The weight would have been lower for cleans, too. But since I could do none of it, I don’t know why I got so upset with the damn thing anyway. But I do. I always feel like a complete failure because I can never achieve what is written down in black and white. I hate that. I try so hard and yet I never get where I’m supposed to be going. 

Carma and I were partners. She has taken up running and ruined her legs, too. She has sore legs and a bad foot and is a mess overall. She couldn’t do box jumps either. I was getting out a 20″ box for us and she said she couldn’t do that. We got the lower box and then I asked if we could add some plates to it and she said we could try. So I stacked two 25# plates on it and she said she might have to take one off, but she would see how it went.

I started with the power cleans (we were using a 42# bar) and pull-ups (band assisted). She got 45 step ups done while I did my two rounds. Then we switched. She kept doing cleans and I finally yelled over, it was only 5 reps and she obviously thought it was 10. She was ending up her pull-ups when I finished the step-ups. I had a heart rate too high quite a bit of the time but I didn’t want to stop until 170. I had to pause a bit once, but at the end, I just wanted to finish and stopped looking, since I wasn’t feeling like I might pass out or anything. We were done in 5.58. We were also the first ones done. Of course, everyone else did real box jumps and we would have been going much longer if that was the case for us. But for two injured old farts, we didn’t do too bad.