I like to think of myself as invincible. I have no idea why since it has been proven repeatedly, that I’m not. Not even close. I’m pretty much capable of injuring myself while standing still. But, in my mind, I’m invincible.

I do CrossFit which is pretty damn a) incredible and b) stupid when one considers my age and natural proclivities. I’m fairly klutzy and lack in both the coordination and muscle requirements for athletic endeavors. But still, I persist.

Last week, I was doing a power snatch and decided, for unknown reasons, to just add a little ballet type step to the bar overhead part. I twisted myself half around and injured my left lower back. So for the rest of the week, I tried to take things easy and I worked on mobility things at home. The workouts were in my favor and my back wasn’t too bad, it was just a bit ouchy.

By Monday of this week, I was back to my old self and I mean that in every sense of the word. I was back to how I am most of the time, which is old.

The WOD had dumbbell snatches in it. I’ve done these twice before and each time, I’ve strained my back. I know to keep my butt low in the squat and to lead with my elbow coming up. I also knew I had managed 55 of these during the open and although I was a bit stiff and sore afterwards, it’s not uncommon for me. See the “I’m old” part above.

This week, there were “only” 45 and so I was sure I could manage this. I thought to myself on each rep, “butt down” and I believe I really was keeping my butt down. I got through the 21 without any problems. I had a sore back at the end of the 15, but there were only 9 more to do and I kept up my mantra. Butt low. Butt low. And I thought I would be okay.

I wasn’t. Apparently, based on when things hurt even worse, I was twisting as I switched hands with each rep and I somehow totally destroyed my right lower back, but not really. I totally destroyed my right butt cheek, but that just sounds pitiful to my ears.

My back/butt hurt me so bad, it kept waking me up Monday night/Tuesday morning. My alarm went off and when I almost cried getting out of bed, I pretended I had the sense God gave spit, and I crawled back under the covers and stayed there.

I rolled on a lacrosse ball. I used essential oils. I used a foam roller. I winced with every step I took and gasped each time I got out of any chair. I did show up for yin yoga Tuesday evening and stretching helped tremendously. So, of course, I figured, showing up on Wednesday would be fine. I had already missed a day.

The WOD was deadlifts, power cleans, thrusters, and overhead squats in a Tabata routine. Two rounds. So eighty seconds of each move, total. I was sure this would be okay. I thought I would do the deadlifts and power cleans using a light weight and just get my heart rate down during the thrusters and overhead squats. Warm-up included some push press wall balls and even that hurt my back/butt. So, instead of doing something fun, I pretended I was not an idiot and I did 20 seconds of child’s pose interchanged with 20 seconds of downward dog.

Thursday, is my normal day off and I had a massage scheduled. Catherine did a great job fixing the remnants of my invincibility gone wrong. I could actually move without pain. It was heavenly.

I showed up today and we were doing Annie with extra rope climbs between each round. I did the warm-up gingerly and tried a few sit-ups. It worked without hurting, although V-ups were still not a good idea. I tried jumping rope and that didn’t hurt either. But there are 150 of each. I knew I wasn’t doing anything like a rope climb because that would just hurt me. I had to promise I would stop if I was in any pain.

I was in pain, but it was the front, not the back, and so I finished. Then, after the WOD, we had another class of yin yoga. I felt a few pulls in that and would back off from the stretch. As I sit here, I am feeling pretty good.

I’m going to guess my stomach is going to be sore tomorrow, but it is the good kind, not the “you dumb old fart, what did you think you were doing” kind. My real goal is to be ready to honor all the fallen soldiers and do my version of Murph on Monday. Maybe I am invincible.



I stopped on the way into work today and finally found the cocoa mint tea we all liked. Only the Publix on Trolley Rd has it. I bought three boxes.

I got to work and there was a message that I hadn’t sent in some paperwork and it took me a while to find it. I was sorta panicky while looking but … there it was in the first place I looked for it, but had missed it. So, all was well.

Then I printed out all the things we need for the quarterly taxes and set them in front of the boss who groaned and then got out his checkbook and off we went. It took quite a while to do it all, but not nearly as long as it used to take when I had to figure it all out myself. I love Intuit.

Then the stamp machine still had that a letter was only 46 cents and so I had to update that before we could send any of the checks into the US Treasury and the State of South Carolina.

Next, I decided I had to work on the expenses for the month and that meant building a new spreadsheet which was really just copying 2013 and getting rid of all the old data. But as I was doing that, I noticed that I forgot to put a couple expenses on the December sheet so they went on this months and too bad about the whole year thing.

Our group meeting didn’t take very long and I was free to get back to my desk and work on more crap. I got the invitation for our year’s events done and then everyone will be a critic and want to change this or that and yet, no one had time for any input while I was creating the first mockup.

All in all, I worked all day at work which does make the time fly. We are supposed to get snow, sleet, and ice here in the next couple days. People here do not know how to drive in that crap and there are no salt trucks or plows to get rid of any snow. They don’t realize bridges freeze first and they like to spin out and clump along the sides and generally make a mess.

I do not want to be on the road with any of these people. I’m planning my work week accordingly.

I got home and knew that I had to do something sorta kinda like a WOD. I got changed into something looking like workout clothes and tried a few things. I tried some squats. They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t nice to my knee. I’m supposed to be letting my knee heal. It won’t do that if I aggravate it. This was slightly aggravating. So those were out.

I tried some single unders. I could do them, but they jarred my leg and so I again thought better of it.

I didn’t want to do too many sit-ups because I have an aversion to road rash on my ass. I don’t have either a bar or a band here at the house to do anything like a pull-up. I have no free weights. I’m pretty pitiful here at home.

What I did do was 20 pushups, walk at a brisk pace around the block (I didn’t time it, but I think my usual pace is 10 minutes), 40 sit-ups, walk to the corner and back (I did time this one because I never have before and it was 13 minutes), and then another 20 pushups.

I am somewhat hesitant to say this, but there were so many times on both of my walks when I just wanted to start running. Can you imagine? Me? Wanting to run? I think CrossFit broke me. I hope they are happy with this turn of event. I have never wanted to run before in my life! And now, this! I had to keep telling myself that I was protecting my knee and if jumping a rope hurt, running would, too.

While I was walking, I would occasionally be reminded I have a right knee. It wasn’t painful, per se, but I was noticing my knee. I never noticed my left knee but I’m pretty sure I had one the entire time I was walking. I almost always keep them together as a pair.

I don’t really know how long I worked at things not hurting my knee, but I did use up some energy and the last few pushups were getting on the wormy side. I’m sitting here with ice on my knee more as a precaution than anything else. And I am fairly proud of myself for not sitting down directly after work with a cup of coffee and Facebook. That’s truly amazing.


My knee seems to be 90% better. I can walk normally 98% of the time and it only twinges every now and then. Because I’m sick of my knee hurting and because I’m not always a complete idiot, I have made a command decision without looking ahead, that I will take off CrossFit for at least Monday and Tuesday. I looked at the WOD anyway and thought I could do most of the work and maybe …

I stayed home. I do not have to prove anything. I’m an old fart with a bum knee and I need to give it a chance to get better before I get back to work at the box. Otherwise, I’m just going to keep hurting myself and taking a day or two off here and there until I really screw things up.

I know that I do not sit at my computer desk correctly. I do not have my feet flat on the floor in front of my chair and I do not sit with a straight spine. I curl up in a slouch position and my knee is torqued at a funny angle because I don’t have the space to stretch my legs out. Therefore, I spent yesterday with my laptop in my lap and my knee straight in front of me while I was in the recliner.

It is also possible, when in that position, to have an ice pack really over my entire knee, including the part where the partial tear in my ACL is. Brilliant!

I will do this for a few more days and hopefully, without the aggravation from just sitting here incorrectly my knee will get better.  At least that is my plan, such as it is.

If I take care of myself, maybe it will improve. I sure have been walking better. The phone rang and I RAN through the house to get it and I didn’t land on the floor, have my knee give out, or have any pain at all. Admittedly, it was only a few yards, but I couldn’t have done that on Friday to save my life.

I hate missing days but there are so few things that don’t use legs. I’m better at working out first thing in the morning, but Dick is packing and trying to get out of the house and I don’t want to get in his way. He is going to Florida to be with his mother and sister. Ruth is doing as well as can be expected and she may be discharged to a rehab facility today. Or not. Who knows? Barb had an appointment to speak with the surgeon because even without drugs, Ruth is a little loopy but he didn’t arrive at the appointed time or any time close to it. So, as far as we know, we know very little.

One would think that an educated man would realize that a loopy 91-year-old on narcotics isn’t going to have the wits to understand what he says. But … apparently they don’t teach that in med school.

She would not do her incentive spirometer because it was “too heavy” even though it can sit on the overbed table. She did finally get up into a chair on Sunday which was better than I thought. She is insisting that there was a “small man” under her bed who worked all night without stopping on her leg massage socks. No one can convince her that it is a machine with a timer that pumps them up and releases them.

With all this, the surgeon still thinks he “educating” and “sharing information” when he talks to Ruth instead of her daughter, the nurse.

Ruth did admit that she is going to have to use her wheelie walker now. Miracle of miracles.

Poor Dick is surrounded by women falling apart. In order to not overtax his system, I am doing my part to get myself glued back together.

I may see about doing an AMRAP for 10 minutes this afternoon that is pushups, sit-ups, and maybe (if it doesn’t hurt my knee to do this) single unders. I might be able to do some unweighted squats better than the single unders, especially if I’m not too picky about breaking parallel. I need to do something, but I also need to let my knee rest.

I think the best thing I can do is sit properly at my desk or sit in the recliner and not keep hurting my bad knee. I may have to rearrange my office so my desk is better positioned so I don’t need to curl my leg up when sprawled out. I also like moving the furniture around in here for a new look, so it might work out for the best.

All in all, this should have been a nice CrossFit day and instead, I’m full of energy without any way to dissipate it. And the worry about illness isn’t helping. Being able to blow off some steam would have been great. I should do something for myself after work today. If only I have the fortitude to manage that.