My irrational struggle with CrossFit is entirely self-made and often self-defeating. My gym is now posting the WODs for the entire week on Sunday evening. To me, it doesn’t make a bit of difference because they are only open at 8 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so those are the days I work out. I can’t cherry pick because I’m not getting up for a 6 AM class and by noon, I’m completely over it.

So, I looked because I always look. I have no idea exactly who this is being programmed for, but I know who it is not. Me. I’m a Little Old Lady and am not trying to get all testosteroned out or anything. I do this to feel better, not to destroy myself. And these are destroying WODs.

We have been having at least one named WOD per week. These benchmark WODs aren’t really a weekly event type of thing – usually. But for us, they are. I don’t know why. But it is.

Then there will be many Turkish getups and ten rounds of pistols. Ten rounds. You read that right. We are going to be doing a WOD with 10 RFT.

I spent the morning looking at other local gym’s WOD pages. The other really close gym also likes to prove how manly we all are with a bunch of boorah horseshit. The next gym over is really farther away than I would like to drive, but I did like their programming more. But there it is.

So today’s WOD was Kelly
400 meter run
30 box jumps 42/20
30 wall balls 20/14

That’s 1.25 miles of running and 150 each of box jumps and wall balls. Quite frankly, I was hoping to be able to walk tomorrow and this was all just too much. 150 wall balls is Karen which is bad enough without all the other stuff. I was defeated and mad and thought about not going. But I go on Mondays and so I got my fat ass over to the box.

During the prior classes, some people opted to just do three rounds. I mentioned that even that was more than I had intended to do. I was looking at 5 rounds with half the stuff. Coach liked that and so that’s what we all did.

Shit. We all did the same things. All the youngsters and me, the old fart. I knew I would be the last one done. I was doing the same thing as people young enough to be my children. I was going to be last once again. Always last. Always the slowest and the weakest and … if I was on one of the Planet Hunters shows, the one who would be eaten by coyotes.

And I was struggling with the wall balls, just like I knew I would. They jack my heart rate up. I knew I was walking the distance and so that would be slower, but I knew I was going to have to split the wall balls and box breathe and get my heart rate down to “no longer at death’s door” rate so I could go on to the next thing.

Somewhere in there, instead of being mad about it, I started to remember that angry large black man who yells a lot. ISYMFWO. This was my work out. My plan. I could do it. Many old fart women couldn’t manage it, but I could. I would be the last one done, of course, but did that really matter? I was doing my workout. I was working my own plan. The fact that everyone else adopted it didn’t really have anything to do with me or my plan for the day. I was old and feeble and I was doing this awesome shit.

So, for five times, I walked 200 meters. I did 15 consecutive step-ups on an 18” box and then I split the wall balls into eight and seven. I used a 10 pound med ball and hit the nine foot line each time. I had to pause and box breathe and get my heart rate down before I started the wall balls and in the middle. I would be anywhere from one-third to three-quarters done with my walk before my monitor stopped beeping – each round taking longer and longer.

But I did the workout I had intended to do. I finished last, but I finished. I worked really hard and succeeded mostly by not quitting.

And then I came home, ate breakfast, and walked a 5K mostly because I still needed steps for the damn FitBit and I also needed mushrooms and artichoke hearts for dinner tonight. A walk up to the store and back is 5K and it was the slowest time ever. But I did that, too. And I can now make dinner.



Because of all the rain, they asked people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary on Monday. While I believe it is important to not cherry pick my workouts, I don’t believe I actually have to show up in a statewide emergency. So I didn’t go to the gym. Instead, I walked rapidly around the big, big block for 55 minutes. But I stopped enough to take some amazing pictures of pooled water. We didn’t get flooded out at our house, but there was lots and lots of water.

Yesterday, I did nothing. Well, I wrote a lot, but other than that, nothing. We had our Tuesday crab legs. I have one more meal of crab legs and then the freezer will be blissfully free of crab. Until I buy some more, but that’s a different story. We have so much shrimp, that’s going to have get cut back, as well.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night. There have been snatches or overhead squats for four days in a row. I wasn’t going to let it upset me because I’ve opted to forego snatches and overhead squats until next year. But it still upsets me. I hate being old and feeble.

The whole CrossFit thing upsets me. I haven’t seen any progress in so long. I’m stagnant. Because of all the snatches and overhead squats which challenge my poor balance, I have been moving very low weights. I believe I’m weaker than I was at the beginning of the summer.

Today was Nikki, Cindy, me and a new person, Natalie. All of them are young enough to be my daughters. Kim was coaching. Nikki has been out of her initial training stuff for a couple weeks. Natalie still isn’t quite finished – she is going tomorrow for another skill lesson – but she wanted to try a class.

Today’s WOD as written:

5,4,3,2,1 increasingly heavy high bar back squats.
Fight Gone Bad with a twist

Wall balls (20/14)
Kettlebell Swing (53/35)
Box jumps (24/20)
Push press (75/55)
1 minute at each station. No programmed rest until all 5 moves are completed. 1 min rest between rounds. Score is total reps.
You can thank Chip Spalding! Requests (by other athletes) were submitted by several for no rowing or running. Burpees it is!

Luckily, Craig doesn’t read these or this would make him go crazy. Training is supposed to have some sort of plan. There should be a plan for the day, but also a plan for the short term and the long term. Just random workouts don’t create a program which shows consistent growth. We are doing a bunch of WODs that members sent in for us. Just random shit.

When I looked at this stuff today, I had a plan for the back squats. I would start at 53 and add ten pounds and end at 93. I did that. Nikki ended at 112, which is just a point of reference. It is not a comparison. I don’t believe that, either.

Kim said she was up in the middle of the night worrying about how to scale this for me. Did I want to do :30 on and :30 off? I would love to, but my heart rate wouldn’t let me do that. I thought maybe :20 on and :40 off or I could just go to a pre-determined number and then try to recoup. Kim liked that. She asked what numbers I though. I thought I should do 8 for each on the first round and then seven and six and see if I could survive that.

I used a 10# med ball, a 25# kettlebell, a 20” box, and a 33# bar. I tried to go to 9’ mark on the wall balls, did American swings, and step-ups. I had a heart rate of 112 to start.

I got my wall balls done and had a heart rate of 159. I did box breathing and was ready for the kettlebell swings, I could get my heart rate down for the step-ups, but as I sat there panting, I thought to myself what the hell was I thinking? I created a new strategy. I did the eight step-ups and then did my best to get my heart rate down. I did 16 push press. That was my 40 reps I was counting on. I skipped the burpees. Then I had a little over two minutes for a break.

My heart rate was in the 140s to start this time, but I thought I might be able to get eights again anyway. I did on the wall balls and kettlebell swings. I had been really tired with that many push press, so I figured I could do 10 step-ups and then only have 14 push press. So I did that. My heart rate was 180 when I stopped and climbed at least to 182 before I stopped looking. I had a two minute rest because I again skipped the burpees.

I wanted to get to 40 again for the third round. I got the eight wall balls, but the kettlebell swings were easier and I did 12 so I had half the reps done. I did ten step-ups and then 10 push press. Then I panted like a lizard on a hot rock. I got up to 180 again, but I didn’t see it go over. There was still time left. My heart rate was down to 166 so with the last 30 seconds I did modified burpees and got seven in. My score was 127 and my heart rate was 175.

Kim’s score earlier today was 248. Cindy got 216 and was so ticked. She should have done better. She wasn’t feeling good and yet, she should have been able to tie her friend and her score was terrible and on and on she went. I sat there with a score almost 100 points less. I wish I could report how much the other girls got, but I don’t remember. There was so much written about what they used, that I didn’t notice a score, but I’m sure it was higher than mine even for the brand new person.

It was my best work. And that’s all I had.


Yesterday was quiet and I managed to get quite a bit of writing done. I figured out how to thwart my touchpad by finally finding something to put over it that didn’t get in my way and yet made the thing stop moving my cursor around every time I grazed it. I even had it set on the slowest reaction time and it wasn’t enough. But my low tech solution worked and so I was happy(ish).

While messing around this morning and looking for some way to actually turn it off, I found a page with some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. I love keyboard shortcuts and there were a couple there that I hope I can remember to use because they were pretty cool.

The Windows icon + x brings up a cute little menu and I found a different path that led me to the old style control panel I was used to. I choose mouse, and there was an extra page than what I had been accessing and on that page for the touchpad, was a place to select to turn it off if there was another mouse plugged into the computer. It worked. I nearly wept with joy.

And then it was time to get to the box, so I fed myself and suited up and took off. It was just me again only Chris was coaching. I feel so sorry for him when it is just me there. I feel even sorrier if no one shows up and he made the trip for nothing. I actually feel sorry for any coach who has to have just me as a class.

I warmed up as instructed and asked about the ratcheting sound/feel to my right hip with just a pendulum move, side to side. There is no pain involved and it is only noticeable because of the click-click-click noise inside. I don’t think it is audible to anyone else. But he said as long as it doesn’t hurt, I’m okay. Which is what I figured, but what the hell.

Today’s WOD as written:

10 slamballs (40/25)
10 Box jumps
10 ring dips
30 sec rest

I simply suck at overhead squats. They are difficult to do. However, my air squats are getting better and I’m feeling a little more stable as I move around. I know this should have happened 2.75 years ago, but I’m old. I simply finally feel like I’m not going to drop the bar on my head.

But I’m not really brave. I had three step-ups and I figured I could start at 22# and go to 27# which is what I believe was my one rep max. So upping to 32# would be really cool. But I felt more stable than normal and I asked if Chris cared if I worked to a higher weight. He didn’t care. I did the 37# and managed it without problems. Chris said it looked good and that I should be able to go higher.

We used to work out together. He was back squatting a couple hundred pounds and I was doing 22# and hoping against hope to get weights on my weight and be able to do a 27# back squat before I turned 60. I did, but as I was loading the real size, big plates onto a bar for an overhead squat, I couldn’t help but be slightly amazed at myself. I know it isn’t much weight, but it is more than I could back squat.

I looked at the bar and was scared half to death, but I snatched it up in a power snatch, took a deep breath, and dropped. And got back up. I did not go any lower than parallel, but I got to parallel and I got me, my fat ass, and the 42# bar back up. Amazing. For me.

The rounds were a little bit of an issue. I had questions for Kim, but Chris was there so I asked him instead. There is an eight pound ball over with the slam balls. It is not a slam ball and it bounced more. I have no idea what it was for. But I asked about using it. I could do more reps with that than with the same size slam ball a 25 year old was using.

I tried it. I lean forward a bit with a squat, no matter what and when trying to catch a bouncing ball, I lean a bit more. The ball hit the ground with force because – well, I was doing a slam ball. And it bounced back up with force because it wasn’t a slam ball. It smacked me right in the chin. My jaw slammed up into my skull. I saw stars. I wanted to cry. There was no blood. Big girls don’t cry (there was a song about that). It hurt. I got my cold wash cloth and put it on my chin.

Then I nonchalantly, but with a quavering voice just this side of tears, asked about other stuff. I knew I wasn’t using that damn thing for a WOD. So, I was thinking I would really cut back the reps on the slam balls and just do 4.

But with the box jumps – really do jumps to the 12” box or do step-ups to the 20” box? Chris said he thought it was a better workout with the 20” box and step-ups. He then asked what I did for ring dips. I said I used a band. He was incredulous. He looked at me and I had to admit it was a blue band, if I was doing that many reps, but I could do them. He was impressed with the old fart. We both knew the 30 second rest was just going to happen no matter what and more often than stated.

So I put my washcloth back in the fridge and was ready. I had the trusty 25# slam ball there and did four. I did 8 step-ups, alternating feet, then I had to rest to get my heart rate down and then I did the 8 ring dips and the rings were swinging way too much. I rested until my heart rate was down and I have no idea how many seconds that was.

I did four slam balls, rested, did 8 step-ups with right leg leading, rested, did 8 ring dips and did better controlling the swing, rested. One more to go. Four slam balls, rested, 8 step-ups with left leg leading, rested, got to the ring dips and sorta fell apart. My hands were so sweaty and slippery, I kept losing my grip on the rings and the band. I did five, did one more and my hand nearly came of the ring, reset, and did the last two. I finished in 7.16.

My time was pretty much right in the middle of the pack, so I know I scaled it right.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bruise on my face. Lovely. What hurts the most right now is my left ear. I assume that is from jamming my mandible into my skull. It isn’t bad, it is annoying. What a jock!

I have had this picture for a long time, but wouldn't use it because I couldn't do full sized plates.

I have had this picture for a long time, but wouldn’t use it because I couldn’t do full sized plates.

On Tuesday, we did nothing. Well, not really nothing, but we didn’t get in the car and go anywhere. We finished the puzzle we had been working on. We crafted. Pam taught me how to knit the scarf pattern she got here. Cheri claimed she was not getting out her pajamas all day, but she did get dressed around noon. We just had a fun time sitting around doing nothing.

Pam is still in charge of answering work related emails, but her Chromebook has some shortcomings. She has a program loaded on it which is necessary for work, so she can’t just use my computer, but she can’t just use hers, either. So she uses both in conjunction and makes it work. Not really easy, but workable.

Cheri was given permission to travel with her midsized work computer since it is a better size than her big home laptop. However, it is also not liking being out in the world. So it worked, then it spent 24+ hours telling her it couldn’t connect to my home network because it wasn’t private. She finally hit something that made it work again. So far.

Pam’s Nook, Cheri’s iPad, and my Kindle are all working properly. Our phones are all working properly. I don’t remember how we did all this stuff without having technology. Wait, that’s ridiculous. Of course I do. We each had a book. We had crossword puzzle magazines. We had the same thing, only in dead trees instead of electrons. And we had our crafts just like today.

We had a roast in the slow cooker all day and the house smelled great. Dinner tasted great. We needed a rest day. Pam and I each took a small few minute catnap. Cheri slept for 1.5 hours. We needed some extra rest.

On Wednesday morning, Pam and Cheri left the house to walk around 7.30 AM and I left for the box shortly thereafter. I gave them a route that would have more shade for their walk and we all went out to do the stuff we like to do for activity.

It was just me and Brent at the box with Kim coaching. It was already really hot. Something like ⁰F 85 – and the two big fans were nice, but not enough. Perhaps if there had been a meat locker to workout in, that would have been nice.

The WOD as written:

Front rack lunges
After appropriate warm up with the bar, add weight until you get to a moderately heavy lunge. Form is key!
5 X 3 each leg front rack lunge
5 DL (185/125), 15 BJ
10 DL, 15 BJ
15 DL, 15 BJ
10 DL, 15, BJ
5 DL, 15 BJ
Cool down: supermans, downward facing dog, and child’s pose

First thing about this is the front rack lunges. This scared the ever living shit out of me. I tried these way too early in my CrossFit career and ended up at the chiropractors and took over a month to get better. I have evaded weighted lunges ever since. Lunges in a WOD are enough to make my heart rate go sky high all by themselves. Dropping off the weight has not been an issue.

But I tried this. I knew part of my problem was my left knee falling in so I concentrated on my left knee staying out. I managed to do the 22# bar three times for the six total steps and then I risked added 5# and managed okay. So I did the last round at 32# which was more than I thought I would get. I don’t seem to have injured myself. Nothing is hurting and I’m walking okay.

I looked at the WOD and couldn’t come up with BJ because my mind was in the gutter. Cheri suggested I look for it on the internet and I knew what sort of stuff I would get back from a search like that. So I puzzled over the WOD some more. If there had been a (24”/20”) thing by it, I would have immediately figured it out. But there wasn’t and I was tired and it took me minutes to figure out what I was supposed to be doing here.

The weight was to be sorta light on the deadlift, so I worked with 72# and I did the old fart’s master step up and down from the side sort of step-ups, but I did use the 20” box.

I managed the first part of 5/15 without stopping but my heart rate was over 170. I rested, did the deadlifts, rested and did the step-ups, but by the 6th one, my heart rate was already where the cardiologist said I should stop. I decided I would do ten reps of these for the rest of the time. I would rest after the box jumps, and rest after the deadlifts, and spent lots of time trying to get my heart rate down. I finished in 10.56.

When I got home, both sisters had already returned and had eaten breakfast. I was absolutely melting and it took me quite a while to stop sighing. We all eventually were fed and cleaned up. We decided to go to the mall on Rivers Ave. because it was inside and air conditioned. It was to get up to ⁰F 100 again and that many days out in the heat was getting to be bothersome.

Cheri found another pair of the Sketchers shoes she likes so much and they were only $30. She bought them. The most amazing thing about that is they are bright pink. Our baby sister who lives in non-descript has now purchased two (count them, one and two) pairs of bright shoes.

We ate a big lunch out. The gnomes enjoyed it. The waiter asked us about our little guys. Apparently there is another group of women who travel with small people, although theirs are not gnomes.

We got home and did more crafting and game playing and had an enjoyable evening.

There has been no more news on Jason’s big injury however, the family did get a dog yesterday. Pam’s injuries are all slowly healing up. Her eye looks really bad but her finger is healing and some of the stiffness is less stiff. And yet, new and unnoticed areas are twinging with certain movements as yet unseen.

The best part of Sistercation is just being together and so far, that is working out perfectly.

The gnomes had a great lunch.

The gnomes had a great lunch. Gnate, Gned, Gnute

My recovery from my Friday workout was much easier than I thought it would be. I had been so sore going in, I figured I would just be lucky to be able to brush my teeth later and combing my hair would be out of the question. Instead, the workout loosened up all that bad stuff and I was able to move my arms with full range of motion painlessly by Saturday morning.

The weekend was nice. We met friends for dinner on Saturday and had a lovely time and Sunday was quiet. I was ready to get back to the box this morning.

When I looked at the WOD, I knew something had to be done because what was written was out of the question. I vacillated between solutions.

We had a visitor from Connecticut there this morning. Erica and I had Kim as a coach. Kim and 11 friends had completed a 206 mile relay run from Columbia to Charleston on Friday/Saturday and she was still recovering from that. Her sleep deprivation was causing her the most trouble. But the dozen women made the run and no one was hurt. Always a good a thing.

We began with a warm-up row, mostly because it was spitting rain outside. I picked a rower that didn’t want to turn the screen on. I decided I would just row for the same amount of time as Erica. We determined that the rower had been sitting under where the roof leaks and water had dripped inside the little monitor casing. So after I was finished, Kim took out the batteries and left it open to dry out. Hopefully it wasn’t harmed.

We did a bunch of other stuff and then were declared warm. It is interesting to see what other people know and don’t know because of what their gyms do and don’t do. Erica had never done a couch sit before. I love that stretch.

Today’s WOD as written:
5×5 back squat moderate weight
18 minute AMRAP
60 cal row
50 burpees
40 box jumps
30 thruster @45%
20 pistol. Go as low as you can or to box

When I first looked at this, I was miffed. If you can tell me what percentage to use for one move, why not the other? What the hell is a moderate weight? Is that 75% or 50% or what? That’s not a difficult thing to simply state. One person’s moderate is another person’s heavy. Precision isn’t really tricky.

It was the first question I had. What was a moderate weight? I was thinking 75% but Kim said between 50 and 60%. So I went with 62# which is 60% and did my five sets with that. I put on my odd shoe to even myself out. I asked Kim to watch my knee and it wasn’t falling in. Maybe I finally have my muscle memory helping me with “knees out” on my squats.

I decided it was more important to not hurt my shins than it was to even out on the thrusters. I put matching shoes back on for the rest of the day. I did put a 2.5# plate under my short leg and went with that solution.

My two possible solutions to this WOD was to either do half, or do rounds at 20%. I wasn’t sure of the best way to manage this since I didn’t want to just row and do burpees. I figured I might get to the box jumps, maybe, if I did it was written. But I wasn’t sure exactly how much to cut off. If I did it in five rounds, sort of like Murph when you break it into rounds, I would get all the moves in and see how far I could get.

That’s finally what I chose. So my reps were 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4 and then repeat. I was hoping to get into the third round before the time was up, but at least I would be able to get a chance to work on all the moves. I looked up my one rep max thruster and it was 52# so I just used the 22# bar. I really jumped but just to the 12” box. I walked the burpees in and out and I had to hold on to the rack to do a pistol.

On the first round, I smacked myself in the chin with the bar on the fourth or fifth thruster. You aren’t supposed to do that. No blood, and I didn’t bite my tongue or anything. It was a light bar. I did not do it again because I’m not that stupid.

My heart rate was consistently high. I would work as much as I could, box breathe for a bit and get back to work. There were three minutes left as I was doing the burpees on the third round. I was thinking this was all the farther I would get and I still had time. I also had a heart rate of 170. I somehow managed to eke out the rest of the round and get back to the rower and begin the fourth round. I only got to one calorie, but it was more than I thought I was going to get. So my score was 121 reps. The entire rep scheme was 200 reps so I could have cut it in half and made it through and then started the next round, but I didn’t know that before starting.

It was more fun than I thought it would be and I’m glad I put it into rounds. I wanted to do all the moves included. I hope I don’t have a bruise, but if so, that’s just the life of a wild woman. An old wild woman.


My weekend was like a normal weekend except I didn’t have to worry about getting up for a very early workout today in order to get to work on time. I woke up without an alarm but it was still too early. I had time for some coffee before having to get ready for the box.

I got there and once again, I was the only person there. 6 AM had no one there so I would have been the only person there, as well. At least I got to sleep in for almost an hour to be all alone. Classes really are more fun with other participants. This is why I don’t like working out in the garage.

It was also a bit warmer today. The temperature was ⁰F 45 and so I opted to not put on as many layers. I regretted that decision for all of about five minutes – the time I was waiting for class to start. In no time I was warm enough to get out of the jacket.

I watched a video where someone strategized about 15.1/15.1a and he talked about pacing and hoping to keep your heart rate low for longer and maybe getting up to the 170 range by round 6 or 7. I scoffed. I was beeping in the warm-up, specifically with ring rows on rep 11 of 15. It is the bane of my existence, but without a heart rate at all, I would really be having trouble moving weights.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 rounds of

Row 20 cal hard
10 c2b 54 and under, regular pull-ups 55 and up
Rest 2 min between rounds
50 wallballs for time
Rest 5 min
50 box jumps for time

I like that I get a scaled move on the chest to bar and only need to do pull-ups. But the rep count was going to kill me as well. I’m too far over 55 to do this much. I decided last night that I would do 80% of the reps.

I rowed and had a heart rate too high by the end each time. I sat on the rower and did box breathing until my heart rate was what I hoped was low enough, 148-150. Then I ambled over to the pull-up bar and used a 2” band for the pull-ups. I got my fat ass up there without stopping on most of the rounds. I was beeping by rep 6 but could pull them off.

I don’t know what happened on the third round, but apparently when I walked over to the pull-up station, my heart felt like I ran a race of something. I was beeping by the end of the first pull-up. I made it through 5, but I could not get any more. I had to pause although like a normal person pauses, and then I got the last three. After that, I rowed, got to the pull-up station and then did the box breathing so that whatever triggered that event, didn’t happen again.

That mostly worked but by the end of the whole mess, my arms were also having none of it. I got 7 on the last round and simply had to pause and regroup before I could get that last rep in. I finished this whole mess in 22.34 and that is with 8 minutes of scheduled rest and however much time it also took me to get my heart rate down between rowing and the pull-ups.

Then I got to rest until I felt like I could go again. It was more than 2 but less than 5 minutes. Then I was ready to go. My plan was four sets of ten with a 10# med ball to an 8’ line. I worked the plan and had to pant like a lizard on a hot rock in between sets. If I got my heart rate down to 147 or so, I could get the 10 in without spiking my heart rate dangerously high. I finished that part in 4.44.

I RXd the rest. Actually, this was where I mostly fell apart. I was so spent, I laid back on the blissfully cool floor and just tried not to die. I probably spent a minute like that and then I sat up. I must have done that too fast. The entire room spun and turned dark and then began to sparkle and I felt nauseous. This was not going well. But I still had time to get myself glued back together.

So I sat still and just closed my eyes. Things stopped spinning and when I opened my eyes, nothing was sparkling anymore. That was a plus. So I edged my way to sit on the box I had set up and sipped a bit of water. That felt better, too. I was seriously thinking of not doing the last part, but I seemed to be recovering.

It was getting close to the time and so I didn’t mention to Kim how bad I was feeling. I just figured I could do the last part because – CrossFit.

We had discussed what to do with the box jumps. I could do those cute little side step things from the other day. I liked those. I had an easier time with switching legs because that is built in. But I could also do real jumps onto just a 12” box instead of anything with a 20” box. I wasn’t sure which would be better or even what the goal of a box jump is – other than to keep your shins intact. Well, that’s my goal for a box jump.

But I decided to do jumps to a 12” box. My heart rate had come down to 130 which isn’t that low but this is what I deal with. I did 12. Then I got to 21, then 31 and finally finished in 4.17. I’m glad I tried this. It was difficult, but not insurmountable. I’m not sure how it would have gone if I actually felt better to start.

I staggered out to the car and made my way home and had bacon and eggs. Now I’m feeling much better. Today was really too much work for an old fart. Somehow, and I really have no idea how, I managed.


I appreciate a nice long weekend in which to get things done and this was one of those. I met my writing goals which were set rather high and so I’m feeling a bit proud of that. I managed to get some things done around the house, too. I don’t have too many weekends left and then it will all be weekend from here on out. That is just as scary as stepping into a CrossFit box for the first time – or the hundredth.

The deep freeze seems to have abated and the temperature this morning was ⁰F 52. No mittens required. But there is always something, as Roseann Roseannadanna used to say. Apparently, I missed the thunder and lightning show at 3 AM which woke up other people. But the 4.45 AM show was still impressive. An hour later, when it was time to drive to the box, the rain had stopped. The puddles were still everywhere.

The 5 AM class was bursting at the seams. I can’t imagine getting up at that time of day. I’m an early bird and all that, but it seems to me that this is still the middle of the night. The parking lot was full when I pulled in. I’m guessing there were about a dozen people working out. Nothing like New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them were regulars, but there were a bunch of new faces, too. I hope it lasts.

For us, it was just Charlie, Vianca, and me. We warmed up with a bunch of stuff. Last week when I wrote that, it struck me how I used to get so mad at the warm-up. I would write the whole thing out because it damned near killed me. They would say Ryan complex down the mat and I would be all ticked. We started with that today and it was no problem at all. Passthroughs while you lunge down the mat was in there and that used to set me over the edge, too. Today, not so much. I know how hard it is for the newbies. I hope they keep at it because then they will someday think to themselves, “No big deal” as they do what is asked.

Today’s WOD as written:
Snatches from the hang- Spend 20 minutes practicing the snatch from the hang position. If you are proficient with the movement, move to a full squat snatch from the hang and find a heavy double. Post the progression you worked on and the maximum weight you used.
5 rounds for time:
8 OHS(95/65)
8 OHWL w/plate(45/25)
8 box jumps(24/20)

I don’t think I’ve ever done a really good snatch with anything other than a PVC pipe – even after all this time. I put my other shoe on to help stabilize me, but even with that, I don’t think I break parallel when I’m in the squat. I feel off balance. My power snatch is working better and I feel better in floating the bar up. It’s falling completely under it that is my downfall. I worked strictly with my empty bar. And the weenie one. Vianca started out with a 33# bar and before even trying one, she moved to the other 22# bar. I’m not sure if Charlie had a 33 or 45 which is really 44-but-what-the-heck-sized bar.

We finished with that and went on to the conditioning portion of the day. I played with numbers last evening after I looked at this. I could do four rounds with the numbers as they stand and have 32 reps of each move. Or I could do five round at six reps for each move which would total 30 of each but would space things out better for me. I opted to stay at five rounds and do 6 reps of each move.

I used the empty 22# bar. I think we all stayed with the bars we had been working with. I used a 10# for the walking lunges and did step-ups to a 20” box. This worked for a while. I rested and did box breathing after the overhead squats and then at the end of the round. My heart rate wasn’t too high – 163 or so at the end of the first round. But then I fell apart.

By rep 5 of the overhead squats, I was beeping. I got my heart rate down to 145 and did the overhead walking lunges with the 10# and my heart rate was back up to 163 or so and I had to rest again and then I did the step-ups and had to rest again before starting the next round.

Craig says to choose wisely and then stick with it. Our box doesn’t have that ideology and so … I opted to stop with the 10# on the lunges and just do walking lunges. I noticed that Vianca had begun with the 12” box with a 45# plate on top of it and she was just jumping to the 12” box. Charlie had begun with box jumps to a 24” box and changed to just step-ups. We all scaled back during the damn thing.

For the next three rounds I did the overhead squats, rested, and then did the lunges and step-ups and then rested. My heart rate never went over 170 today because I was pausing enough. But I was beeping before I was done with the overhead squats, by rep 3 or 4 on the last round. If I had stuck with 8 reps, I wouldn’t have been able to do them all without stopping. Especially by the end. I finished in 10.22 and was the first one done, but only by a few seconds. I kept pace with the others pretty decently. None of us was over 11 minutes.

By the time we were finished and out in our cars, it had started to rain again.