I was not as sore from Wednesday as I had thought I would be. I had some problems from the sit-ups but nothing else was actually hurting. I got a twinge every now and then from my quads due to the air squats, but that was really mild. I was assuming I would be one ball of pain and I wasn’t. That’s a plus. That is pretty much the only plus I’ve got right now.

Today was a long day at the box. I looked at it last night. I groaned. I moaned. I internally whined only because there was no one right next to me to externally whine to. But there was whining. I looked up the times I’ve already done this. I thought about it. It was still horrible.

I slept soundly and woke refreshed and got some coffee. So far so good. I eventually had to get ready for the “fun” day and had a banana and my protein drink. It was a blissful 65 ⁰F which was better than it has been in the mornings. I noticed even Ryan wasn’t able to finish the workout. Just great.

I arrived with a plan and Ryan was still there. I said I was doing sets of ten because I wanted to get to all the moves. I would have a time cap and get as far as I could. He said that was a brilliant idea and told Kim and she thought it was a great thing and so we would all do it that way and she told later coaches to also offer it.

We warmed up, but not too long because there was a lot to do today.

Today’s WOD as written:
Week 6/8

Do NOT add more weight than prescribed. The goal is to make slow incremental progress to build strength.
Warm up your entire body thoroughly
percentages based off 90% of your 1RM
(always choose a lighter weight when unsure)
rest 3-5 minutes between sets
perform as many reps as possible on the last (+ set)
Squat –
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
Post entire workout – 3 @ 70# / 3 @ 80# / 6 @ 90#
Filthy Fifty
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Because adding the ten pounds and then taking 90% essentially puts me at my one rep max, I figured out both numbers – with and without the ten pounds – and then picked the weight in between. My weights for back squats were 68, 78, and 88 and I got 3, 3, and 4 so that part wasn’t too bad.

Facebook had a video about locking your shoes when you tie them by using that extra hole and loops and stuff. My CrossFit shoe has that. My higher heeled shoe does not. So, I had one shoe locked and one shoe tied normally and it made a difference. My locked in foot did not slide forward. Amazing. A life hack thing that worked as advertised. I put my regular shoe back on for Filthy Fifty.

The numbers are all boy things without the scaled girl numbers offered. Doesn’t matter because I did less anyway. I used a 14” box and did step ups. I did jumping pull-ups. I did Russian kettlebell swings using 25#. I did walking lunges and knees as high as I could get them. My push press was 22# and I did supermans instead of back extensions. Wall balls were with 10# to an 8’ mark. Burpees were without a push-up and that helped tremendously. No single unders allowed so I had to do a jump to touch a bar and I have no idea why that’s a sub because it was easy. We were given a 25 minute cap since that’s all the time we had left.

My heart rate was so high so often that I spent most of the time box breathing. I got the step-ups and jumping pull-ups done before I had to rest but my heart rate was 170 by that time. I would get it down to what I figured it needed to be to get all ten moves of the next things without stopping. I did that and worked ten moves and rested, over and over and over again.

The last time I did this, I managed to do a Dirty Thirty in 30.48. Doing all the moves together throws in the added bonus of muscle fatigue. Breaking it into sets of ten let you move from thing to thing without that fatigue. And still I sucked. I managed 2+33. I have no idea what to do about my heart rate. I keep going to the gym. I keep pushing. I keep box breathing. I keep doing everything I know to do and the one muscle that seems to not have done anything in 2.5 years is the one that really is the basis for everything else. My heart.

I don’t know how to train to fix this. My resting heart rate isn’t even really low enough. I start the WOD with a heart rate of 120 or 130 which is already too high. Then I zoom off the charts and past what the cardiologist recommended. Not too far past, but I can’t be stopping all the time.

I don’t know why this continues to happen. I have no idea what the etiology is, the underlying causes for this, or the fix. I only know it is disheartening. My arms and legs could push farther, but my heart cannot. And so I sit. And box breathe and hate the whole thing.


Yesterday’s main event was the announcement of clue 4 for the Mystery Afghan my sister talked me into making. It was horribly ugly after week three. It is now marginally better. I don’t hold out much hope for the successful conclusion to this project. Someone is going to receive a butt ugly afghan. Probably the sister who made me do this.

I was awake around 6 AM this morning and I made myself a quick short cup of coffee since my day was going to be bizarre, at least by my standards. I also ate a banana since I figured it might help with the WOD and the after projects. When my alarm went off, I really got ready and drank my protein drink. Then I headed for the box.

Once again it was just me. The mornings are sparse, to say the least. The last couple evenings have been packed. So it all works out, I guess. I was the only one there again with no one there at 6 AM. Charlie made it in yesterday. There were only two people at the 5 AM class and they were the guinea pigs for timing the rest between sections.

My warm-up began with a run. It has been a while since that happened. It has been too cold. Today is perfect out there. It was ⁰F 65 and sunny. But there was 100% humidity because we are in South Carolina. When Kim opened the bay door, the humidity zoomed in and everything was slick with it.

I did a bunch of other things and got myself warm. In fact, with so much humidity in the air, I was dripping as well.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minutes of over the bar burpees
5 minutes rest
10 min EMOM
1 power clean 3 push press @ 50%
4 minutes rest
8 min AMRAP
5 deadlifts @ 50%
10 over the box jumps
10 t2b

When I looked at this last night I sighed and then I figured out what I was going to do. I did step in and out burpees over a bar on the ground. My one rep max on power cleans is 67# and so 33# was nearly perfect. My one rep max on a deadlift is 143 and so 73# was good enough. I can’t spin in circles no matter what, so box jumps was going to have to be good enough and I used the 12” box. The Garage Games Open had old farts like me doing sit-ups for toes to bar and that is what I would do, too.

So I set up all this stuff and got ready. Kim was counting for me, but she had to have counted wrong. I would do as many as I could until the beeping was annoying and then rest and get my heart rate down some and start some more. It was just as crappy as it sounded. She gave me a score of 27 but considering where I was when it was over and where I had been when it started, it had to be an even number so we gave me a score of 26.

I did quite well is the 5 minute rest. I did go get a couple parallettes and put the bar up on them. While I was warming up, I kept using chalk but the bar was slick and the chalk would disappear. I was afraid of dropping a bar, even this light, on my head. So I put on my gloves to help with grip, but it was quite hot in the room and they were just adding heat to the problem.

I got through the whole 10 EMOM without ever beeping. By the last couple rounds, my heart rate was higher but it never topped 157. That was pretty impressive. Again, I was all good with the rest. Off with the gloves, since I can’t drop a deadlift on my head.

While my bar was up on the parallettes, I put my plates on and couldn’t even begin to tell you how much easier it was to load the bar. There was a space of about an inch between the floor and the weights and they just slid on, easy as pie.

I got ready and began. I managed the deadlifts and some of the box jumps before I started beeping. I ignored it and when I finished the box jumps my heart rate was over 170. I was afraid to do the up and down until it was a bit lower, to when I got to 166, I began the sit-ups since they don’t stress my heart rate that much. Then I rested and started another round. On the third box jump, I missed the jump but was able to recover without injury which is pretty much my entire goal for each day’s WOD. So I was successful.

I made it through three rounds and thought I only had a few seconds to go so I got the deadlifts in. Turned out I had another whole minute. So I got my heart rate down to 165 and did the ten box jumps and finished those with two seconds still on the clock. My heart rate was 180 and I didn’t have the time to do more. So my score was 3+15. I’m glad I didn’t lower the rep count and I’m glad I didn’t try knees to elbows as the sub. I was dripping wet by the end.

But my day was just beginning. I had a dentist appointment. I had changed it once and then my schedule changed and I figured I would just go directly from the gym to the dentist. They said they didn’t care. I brought a clean shirt with me and my glasses because I can’t wear my contacts for that long. So I was ready. I hadn’t counted on being this wet.

I left my wet shirt on and put the top down on the car and drove over to the dentist. It helped dry me out some. Then I switched shirts in the parking lot and put my clean one on before going it. I still looked like the Wreck of the Hesperus, but at least I was dry. I got my teeth cleaned and the hygienist and I talked gym rat crap. She has just begun doing more than walking/running and the kettlebell swings she did left her so sore she could hardly move. I told her to do Russians instead. And demonstrated.

The good news here was that the first thing they do is take your blood pressure and mine was down to 122/78 (normal) and my heart rate was at 73 (normal). So I had recovered nicely.

I left there and went grocery shopping at the store that has Wednesday as their senior discount day. I brought home my four reusable bags of food, put it away, and couldn’t wait to have breakfast 3.5 hours after I left the house. This is more than I usually do in a week. Retirement may be okay.


I had a better day at work simply because I chose to have a better day at work. Things still went wrong, but they always do because life isn’t perfect. But I attempted to maintain my usual jovial outlook and let the badness not affect me. At least that’s what I tried to do. It mostly worked and it was much nicer at work that way. And then my weekend started and that’s always nice, too.

I assiduously resisted looking at the WOD last night and I’m eternally grateful for my own wisdom. If I had looked at this mess, I would have tossed and turned all night. But I had no clue and therefore I slept wonderfully and awoke refreshed.

I had not given any thought to the noise the bullet made when blending my morning pre-workout concoction. It simply hadn’t dawned on me that it was annoying. But the point was brought home to me and so, last night, I made my morning drink while I was setting out my workout clothes. I really do not have enough brain cells firing at 5.15 AM to do this. So I have always gotten ready the night before. I made my drink and put one of the lids on it and so I was quiet this morning. Who knew this was so easily solved? Who even knew it was a problem?

But I had read the WOD and my morning was ruined; it was in tatters. My day was horrible. I wouldn’t have even bothered to go to the box, but I was already awake and so I trudged my fat ass in, sure that I would not be able to do a damn thing.

We warmed up. Meredith, the other twin, was there today without Sarah. Cindy and Todd were both there and I had made the error of showing up. That was an even number. Damn.

Today’s WOD as written:
push jerk 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3
high box jumps 4 x 5
Post weights and heights for each round.
Partner WOD
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
1 parking lot slam ball huck from the door to the sidewalk
1 run to the 200m mark and back to the sidewalk with slam ball run (40/25)
1 parking lot slam ball huck from the sidewalk back to the door
10 slam ball partner thrusters – ball must leave both partners hands during the transfer at the top of the thruster.
10 slam ball partner sit ups – balls must leave both partners hands during the transfer.
Both partners stay together alternating work at all times. If there is a male on the team, you must use a 40 lb. ball.
Post completed rounds + partial reps.
Single person
1 mat length slam ball huck
1 parking lot sprint
1 mat length slam ball huck
5 slam ball thrusters
5 slam ball situps

On the push jerks, I began with 33 and then did 38, 43, 48, and 53#. I probably should have jumped ten at the beginning and gotten to 58 because I think I might have been able to get them done. But time was passing and there was more to do so I opted to not go another three reps at a higher weight.

I did step-ups rather than box jumps and Coach Kim was okay with that. I just used a higher box. And I was supposed to do 6 reps and alternate legs. I started with a 24” box and then kept adding 10 pound plates. They really are more than one inch each or else the 25 pound plate is not two inches. I don’t know and frankly, I don’t really care. I did the last set with three plates on top and I could only manage if I led with my left foot and pushed up hopping with my right foot. Since I couldn’t alternate feet on this last one, I stopped at five.

I know my limits on many things and running is one of them. I do not run inside a WOD. If I do, I have no heart rate left to do anything else. I’m old and have to compensate. I’m not fond of it, but having a heart attack is even less appealing. So I walk the distance and figure it’s just my scaling needs.

Meredith and Cindy were a team and could use the 25# slam ball. Todd worked alone and managed to use the 40# slam ball. I worked alone and had to scale this and use a 14# med ball. The advantage was that it rolled when I hucked it. I believe this is a made up name that may not be familiar to other CrossFitters. You stand, facing away from the target, grab the slam ball and rise with it and then throw it over your head backwards. A slam ball will splat on the ground with little to no rolling. A med ball rolls and so it only took half as many throws for me to go the distance.

The hardest part of the whole thing for me was the sit-ups. I’m not sure if it was just the awkwardness of the size of the ball or not, but once I figured out where to put my hands to get better leverage, it became easier, but was still the most difficult part of the whole thing. I finished with five rounds plus one huck down the mat and a heart rate of 176.

It was more fun than I thought it would be. I’m grateful I could work alone. The thought of someone throwing a 25# slam ball at me was frightening. And if I was stuck trying a 40# one, I would never have gotten past the first sit-up. I’m not really sure I could have managed the 25# ball and done the sit-ups since I was struggling with the puny little 14# med ball.

The worst part of the whole day was my water bottle. I have a lovely water bottle with a non-slippery feel to it, even when it has ice cold water in it. It also has a way to drink without having the cap off so it is non-spill although it will drip. I filled it up this morning and left it on the kitchen counter. So I got a water from the gym which is just a regular old twist off cap bottle of water.

I do most of my drinking of the water on the ride home. I’m usually parched, or as my niece would say, poached, after a WOD. I was at a red light and drinking water when it changed to green. I went to put the water back in the cup holder when it slipped out of my hands. I have a stick and it takes two hands to drive so I let the water stay on the floor and got into a gear high enough to pick up the bottle. I managed to find in on the floor and pick it up and then dumped the rest of the water into my own lap. I still had a gear or two to shift up and now I had a lap full of cold water, too.

I got home and dried out the car the best I could. I really should not leave my best water bottle at home ever again.


I know that as an old fart at the gym, I am an underachiever. I am not an under-performer, but no matter how hard I try to perform, I don’t achieve all that much. I also know that being off for two weeks means that I lost some of the gains I had made, simply due to inertia. I worked out twice while away, but they weren’t the same type of things I’m used to doing and so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it wasn’t great. It was what it was and I had to deal with that.

Even knowing all that, I was really depressed about having to quit even though I knew it was the best thing. Crippling myself would have been even dumber. So I stopped before I was too hurt.

I got to work and both bosses were sitting there just waiting for the day to start. So I figured I would start it for them. I think I was more nervous telling them about wanting to retire than I was about telling them I wanted to be hired. They were very nice about it. I explained how I would help get a new person trained. I also stressed that I would be done by the end of February. If the new person isn’t hired or trained by that time, I will still be done by the end of February.

I got that out of the way and then after work I had a massage scheduled. Thank goodness because I was sore and full of knots, not from working out in the morning, but from waiting too long since my last massage and from hotel beds, flying, and all manner of being out of my routine. Billy did a great job.

I got up this morning and got ready for the box. I got there and saw them jumping rope and decided I’m going to have to put extra gear in the car or something because not seeing the WOD the night before means I don’t know if I have to bring anything extra along. I used one of their ropes.

I was talking with Ryan before class started and he has a 70 year old he is working with one on one. The guy is about as stiff and immobile as I was when I started. When he gets enough ROM and can do stuff, he will join group WODs and I will no longer be the oldest person at the box. I will still be the oldest woman at the box.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I ran out of steam even on a 300 meter run. I have no idea what I do differently one day to the next, but some days I can run it easily and some days I can’t even make that short distance. There was a bunch of other stuff and then we were warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Push press 8 x 3 @ 55%
8 min AMRAP
15 box jumps (24/20)
75 single unders
15 sit-ups
15 box jumps (24/20)
30 double unders
15 v-ups
15 box jumps (30/24)
30 double unders
15 toes to bar

I looked and had nothing written for a push press. I’m going to guess that what I had written as a one rep max for a strict press was really a push press because I never got to that weight throughout the series. But I worked up to a one rep max on my push press and got to 58#. I failed twice at 63# and decided I was just going to have to be happy with the lower number.

Surprising no one, I chose the red option for the WOD. But we could do step ups and I did. So I managed it as written. I remembered to change leading leg on the step-ups about half way through and on the first round I kept missing and tripping on the rope. The sit-ups helped me get my heart rate back down so I could keep working.

On the second round, I had to pause, but not for too long, before starting the single unders but got them done without stopping. On the third round, I managed the same thing. My heart rate was 178 when I got to the sit-ups part but the seconds were counting down. I didn’t look before I started the last box “jumps” and just kept going since there were only a few seconds left. I got 3 + 7 for a score. I felt much better about this than yesterday’s WOD. But my legs are still not happy with me. I hope I can still walk tomorrow.


Yesterday was my really off from everything day. No work and no workout. It was a rest day. I went to the grocery store and then we both went to the outlet mall. We were happy shoppers at Van Heusen where we spent $21.84 on clothes with an original price tag total of $405.00. I had a $10 gift certificate to use with our purchase as well and that helped get the price down. That is some pretty good shopping there.

Like every other CrossFitter, I was waiting for the Open WOD to be announced. It was. I looked. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I could do it! I planned and schemed and then figured I was missing something. I watched the video included and then realized I could really do this. Maybe. Perhaps I was delusional. I should not be thinking crazy like this.

I looked at the weather forecast and it was supposed to be freezing this morning. So I got out clothes that would be appropriate for freezing in the morning but before I got dressed, I looked at my phone to see what the temperature really was. It was 35⁰ out there this morning. Close enough to freezing for the clothes I had selected.

Warm-up was a row since it was so cold and then a lot of other stuff at the end of which we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats 8 x 4 @ 80% 1RM
MASTERS WOMEN – includes Masters Women 55+
Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
65-lb. deadlifts, 10 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
95-lb. deadlifts, 15 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
115-lb. deadlifts, 20 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
135-lb. deadlifts, 25 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
155-lb. deadlifts, 30 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
185-lb. deadlifts, 35 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch

Well, we really didn’t have the master’s level written at CrossFit Summerville, but they knew it existed. I asked if there was anyone else at the box who was 55 and over and I’m it. There is a guy who is master division but he is 54 so doesn’t get special treatment yet. I’m older than dirt and I wanted my special status recognized.

So, on the front squats, I actually worked with 63# today and got them all in. Cheryl was there and said that someone told her to hold her hands out a bit farther – not as far as the position for overheads, but not right at shoulder width. It helped. I wasn’t falling forward as much. It felt awkward, but it was helpful. I got all eight rounds without much trouble. It really does get more difficult for me the more rounds I do. Cindy is always saying it is easier after the first couple for her. I have no idea how that happens. I just get worn down and tired.

Then on to the WOD. I knew my biggest klutz problem would be that I have such a hard time getting the plates off the bar and I had to get the ten pound plates off and put 25# plates on to get from the 65 to 95 round. Getting the next ones on was easy. And the plate exchange was where I had a bunch of trouble. At the end, Todd helped me get the plates off so I could put them away, but that wasn’t allowed during the WOD.

Also, at CrossFit they said I could do step ups and I sure took them up on that offer. I used the 20″ box as I was supposed to and I made sure to switch my leading leg half way through each time. I wasn’t doing any beeping until I got to 95# and then I was having trouble. I manage two to three reps at a time with the 95# bar but would be beeping and so I paused a bit.

I got the 115# loaded and boy, was it heavy. I swear it wasn’t that much weight the last time I picked it up. I could do exactly one at a time. By now, Coach Jason was counting down the time. With ten seconds left, I managed to squeeze two out together and ended with a score of 62. As written. RX. From CrossFit. For the Open. Who would ever think I could write something like this? I sure didn’t. But …

I can.


I made “Things That Sound Like They Should Go Together” for dinner last night. Dick didn’t want it over birdseed, so I made him rice and cooked quinoa for me. I had no idea how it would turn out but we both liked it. I really don’t know exactly how I made it so we won’t ever have it again.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew I was okay so I set my alarm and got ready to hit the box. It was much warmer today, all the way up to 46⁰ which is so much better than near freezing. Yesterday it was so cold I had to wear Grandpa’s jacket to work. My facts are wrong in that link. He died in November of 1965 and I was twelve. My sister made sure I knew about my error, but that is a different story. But there is the jacket.

Back to today. The warm-up was an 800 meter run and that is beyond my abilities so I ran – now get this – 450-475 meters. I actually went PAST the turnaround mark, ran all the way to Invacare or whatever that building is before turning around and still didn’t have to weenie out before hitting the door back inside. I’m almost ready for a marathon!

Then a bunch of other crap to get us warm and may I say that I’m not a big fan of either bear crawls or crab walks. I may be a beast, but …

Today’s WOD as written:
spend 15 min working on muscle up
30 kbs (1.5/1pood)rx
30 box jumps (24/20)rx
400m run

Amazingly enough, I can’t do a muscle up. I know that shocks nearly everyone, including me. But there it is. So Ed was the only person able to get these bad boys at the 6 AM class and so the rest of us did a Tabata with chest to bar pull-ups and then a Tabata with ring dips. I managed 8 on the chest to bar for the first two rounds, but had to cut back and got 5 on the rest. On the ring dips, I got 5, then 4 for six rounds and Coach Kim said to go all out and see how many possible on the last round and I got 8. And my arms were sore. These weren’t for a score and as we were coming up to the last two rounds, Kim mentioned we were almost done and Ashley said, “and it’s not even the WOD” so we almost done with the warm-up.

I scaled the WOD. I used the 25# KB and with the higher weight did something between a Russian and a full KB swing. My box was only 3 45# plates stacked because I’m not skinning my shins for the holidays. My run was 200 meters. My reps were 25 and 25. I managed to get them all done in various groupings and finished in 19.30.

Cindy was there even though she hurt her back with the deadlifts yesterday. KB swings weren’t on her list of doable things. Ricky was there today with a stress fracture in his heel and he had to do lots of weird things but he said he can’t stand not doing something so he has four weeks, at least, of non-weight bearing stuff to cope with. He was nice enough to show me some calf stretches since right now that is one of my big issues.

Nice day at the box. On the way home, there is an intersection with a really long light. I have a short little sports car which sits low to the ground and I was surrounded by SUVs. But the other lane moved and I thought ours should too and nearly rammed the car in front of me when we didn’t move. Finally, about three cars in our lane made it through before the light turned red again. I can only surmise that the first few idiots were so busy texting (since no one honked), because you know that is really safe and okay to do if the light is red, so they didn’t notice until too late that we could all go. They made it through, but the rest of us got to sit there and fume. I hope they rot in hell. I think it only earns you the fifth level, but still, the thought of them with a phone and no reception, trying to communicate essential things that simply must be said at that instant, and being unable to get through … well, I can dream.


I was feeling pretty dang good about my athlete status after the WOD yesterday. I worked really hard, accomplished more than I thought I could and far, far more than was possible a year ago. I’ve been making slow (very slow) progress but that is still progress and I amaze myself.

We were invited out to dinner at Ricardo’s house so that he could force me to arrive there and finally fix his computer. It worked. Dinner was delicious and I fixed his computer. There may be a future problem, but if he finds it, I know how to fix that one, too. And I told him a workaround, but who knows if Mr. Luddite can 1) remember what I told him and 2) do it.

So it was a nice evening right up until I looked at today’s WOD and I went all newbie and panicked and looked over at CrossFit Hilton Head and saw they were doing death by thrusters which looked like a much better deal. I wouldn’t have to get up early and I had a WOD to do even by myself at 9 AM and that would be nice. And I’m not supposed to cherry pick workouts and I go to the box on Friday.

I was up and at the box for 6 AM. I figured I would ask what the Little Old Lady version of the WOD was and go with that. I said that to Carma and she said she wanted the same version.

Warm-up started with a 400 meter run and I did it and each time, about 3/4 of the way in I think I am not going to make it and I always make it back to the door. Slow, but I make it back. Then a bunch of other stuff including broad jump down the mat which I just hate. Then we did some stretching and mobility stuff and then on to the WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
find max box jump
Teams of 2 Complete the following:
50 Deadlift (315/205)
50 Box Jump (30/24)
35 Clean and Jerk (185/125)
35 Burpee Pull-ups
20 Thrusters (135/95)
20 Muscle Ups
-Only one person works at a time. Use one bar between the two of you and strip weight as you go. Reps can be broken up any way you like between the two of you to reach the above rep scheme.

Note to Henry: this isn’t funny.

There were nine of us at the 6 AM class. Four boys and five girls and as soon as Kim said there was an odd number I volunteered, loudly, to be on a team of three. Carma was with me on that. Ashley joined our group. There was a state highway patrol trooper there, at least she arrived in a SCHP car and she worked with Cindy. Todd and Ed made a team and Martin and Ricky were a team. But I’m ahead of myself. First box jumps.

I’m almost completely healed from my last max effort on the box jump. The skin on my shin is almost back to normal. I wasn’t trying that stunt again. I don’t need to be that much of a jock. I’m good with Little Old Lady status here. I didn’t get a max effort and I didn’t even go to a full 20″ box jump. But on a brighter note, I didn’t hurt myself, either.

Then we set up for the WOD. We had to all use the same bar and strip weights and what not. I wanted to do 100# for the deadlift. I also wanted a 22# bar, but Ashley and Carma wanted the 33# bar, so we used that. After adding weight, it was 103# and Carma’s back was cranky. So she would take 20# off for the deadlifts. Then we had to really strip for the next thing and work out how to do each thing. It turned out that our weights weren’t going to be the same for the three of us on any of the moves except thrusters where we would all use just the bar.

We each did ten reps of the deadlifts, changing weights as needed with Carma going last so we only had to change weights on and off once. Then she started box jumps and she and I used 15″ box and Ashley did a 20″ box. Then we got to the clean and jerks and I was doing 43# and could manage them, but I could only get five done instead of seven because my heart rate was 168. We first planned five rounds of seven each. Then they put the other weights back on and instead of moving weight on and off, the two of them finished them in turns. I started the burpee pull-ups, but we all had to do burpee jump-ups instead and we did them in groups of 7 so that Carma, who had done more clean and jerks, had the fewest. Then she started thrusters with just the bar, got 10, and so did Ashley. That meant I didn’t have to do any. The substitution for muscle ups was 2:1 chest to bar. I tried two green bands and nearly had toes to bar since it shot me up so high. I switched to a green and blue band and managed 25 chest to bars and then Ashley finished with the other 15 and we were done in 21.47.

I certainly didn’t do my lifting. I did 20 of the deadlifts and only 5 of the clean and jerks. I did 20 box jumps and 14 burpee jump-ups, and then the 25 chest to bar. I don’t know if I really pulled my weight in this, but I was about ready to just leave before it started because it was all so daunting. I had practiced with the bar on the thrusters and it was doable for me, but they finished them before I needed to get in on it.

Kim had mentioned since it was three of us, we might want to increase the reps. I didn’t want to. Carma looked like someone had just slapped her, too. Ashley probably would have liked a tougher WOD, but those deadlifts were a PR for her as it was and she got a PR on the box jumps today. So she will just have to be happy with that.

I happy to just have gotten through it at all.