I have been doing CrossFit now for years. This is my sixth year of doing the Open WODs even though I have only actually signed up to do the Open once. They just seem to follow me around. I haven’t done all of the workouts because I have been out of town or even out of the country. But I have done at least part of each year for six years now.

The year I was actually signed up, my scaling for muscle ups was a jumping CTB (chest to bar). For the first part of the WOD, I was to do jumping pull-ups and then I had to increase to jumping CTB. I tried. And tried. And tried some more. I spent close to four or five minutes trying to manage even one. I couldn’t get them.

It wasn’t until months later that I figured out if I did a reverse grip on the bar, I could pull myself into it and meet the bar. I was getting the height, I just wasn’t able to touch the bar.

I am not signed up for the Open this year. I was out of the state, but still in the country, for the first week. I have absolutely no intention of doing thrusters if there are more than 50 of them. I’ve already proved I can do that, I don’t need to prove it again. So, I am not signed up. But I’m still doing the WODs.

Today’s scaled version for 19.4 for older than dirt females was:
3 rounds
10 power snatches at 35#
12 bar facing burpees (regulation height barbell, but may step over)
rest for 3 minutes
3 rounds
10 jumping CTB (bar must be at least 6 inches overhead)
12 bar facing burpees
time cap = 12:00

If you didn’t get finished with the first three rounds before nine minutes, you were done because you HAD to take the three minutes of rest. I wanted desperately to get done before that nine minute mark, but I wasn’t really sure I could. I could do the snatches, but I usually do a plank burpee, taking the push-up part out of it. Otherwise the things just crank my heart rate so high I’m left panting like a lizard on a hot rock. But for the Open, I do the things as written for my old self.

I got finished at 8.27 so I could start back up again at 11.27 which gave me some time to try to get some of those damn CTB things. And I did. I was touching just below my collar bone, but I managed to eke some out. I used the reverse grip and pulled myself into the bar and I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t translate well into a real CTB. But since I can’t even do a real pull-up (yet) [probably ever] that is not really a concern.

I got a score of 74. I was beyond thrilled. I didn’t have to stop at 66 because of either time or incompetence. I simply managed a few more reps. A few more than I could do at all last time this was on the menu. Although a few isn’t monumental, something new and different can be and in this case, is. I’m not able to add many new things to my lists at this age. So anything new and improved is awesome. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.