Pam’s evening nap really messed up her sleep stuff, but she still managed to get up with enough time to get her morning walk in before it was time to pick up the kids for the day’s adventure.

We knew we were having a busy day so this was the day we chose to wear our Sistercation shirts. We were noticeable everywhere we went.

Right off the bat, I made a tactical error. Pam has individually frozen muffins in her freezer and I selected what I thought was some innocuous thing. It was poppy seed. I don’t like poppy seed. I asked Pam what she intended to have for breakfast and she said something else. I offered her the damn poppy seed thing and she saved me. I got something else out of the freezer.

We picked up the kids, thinking we were getting three, but we only got two. Hannah did not want to come for the rosary making part of the day. We brought extra beads for her so she could make them without any help from Pam. Quinn thought she might be able to do them, that way. So, she selected the raw materials and did make an entire rosary by herself – except for the three knots Pam put in, the last one attaching the cross. Quinn’s creation is below.

We made six more rosaries and then, out of nowhere, we were invited to play Left, Right, Center with the rest of the adults. The winner got to choose an item from Pat’s box of goodies. I was the penultimate player twice. I was never so glad to lose in my life.

We dropped the girls back at home because we had a really busy afternoon ahead. We came home and grabbed a quick lunch and then were back in the car. We picked up Aunt Babe and took her to the eye doctor.

Her last visit wasn’t all that happy. Her treatment was withheld because the pressure in her eye was too high. She was sent home with some special eye drops and was told to come back in three weeks. This was the three weeks. The visit/procedure takes about two hours. She didn’t even get to sit down in the waiting room before she was called back to the inner sanctum. Pam and I left to go and do some stuff.

First thing was to get Aunt Babe’s medical records copied for the next doctor visit happening on Monday. So we went to Office Max to get the whole raft of crap copied. While Pam did that, I shopped. I was really looking for my favorite Steadler colored pencils and they had them, but they were out of stock. I did find a pack of Scholastic colored pencils (50 different colors) that I didn’t have. So I bought them. Happy day. I really needed more colored pencils since I just bought more coloring books.

We then stopped at Burlington’s and I happened to find a pair of really cute Capri length yoga pants. So I bought those. I really needed them because I still have a bit of room in my dresser drawer. Pam found me at the checkout and she had found the really good chocolate raspberry coffee we had been drinking but she left it there and chose the Crème Brulee instead.

I have really loved this brand’s full chick flavor and so we went back into the store and I bought two bags of the stuff. Because I needed it. Really. We went back to the checkout and there I was, in the same distinctive shirt, still from South Carolina and not caring about a phone number for exchanges or anything. I said goodbye to the woman and promised this was my last trip through. This will become important later.

We went on to the Dillard’s outlet store and Pam found three really cute skirts. She needed them. She bought an orange skirt that goes perfectly with the shirt we bought earlier in my stay to go with the turquoise skirt since it had both colors in the flowers. She was tickled when we saw how well those went together after we got home.

We were already back in the car, going back to wait in the doctor’s office for Aunt Babe when we got a call from her, saying she was finished. She sounded ebullient. Everything went according to plan. She needs to finish the bottle of eye drops but doesn’t need to get any more of them. She can wait longer between the current set of treatments. All in all, it was the best news possible.

She has been looking for an angel for her porch/sitting area. We had looked for those while at Burlington and had found some for her to choose from. So we took her back to the store to see if she liked any of them. Dear Lord, the same woman was still at the checkout. I had promised not to go through her line again.

We shopped all over the store once again. Aunt Babe wanted to look for various other items of interest. Pam found more stuff to buy. I was shopped out by this point. I was not going back to that lady after I had so brazenly promised I was done for the day. And I simply didn’t find anything else I wanted to buy and tote across the country.

We worked on getting the angel in the perfect place on Aunt Babe’s porch. We got water set up in the fridge. We got the week’s worth of breakfast Ensure stuff ready. We came home and sat still for a while.

Eventually we had to get some food on the table and we chose something really easy to fix. I had noticed that cherries were down to $2.99 a pound back home and was planning my shopping excursion while they were still on sale after I get home. Pam wanted to get the ad from Safeway and still needed most of a mile on her Fitbit, so she walked over there. I had just made coffee so I stayed home and did the dishes.

I know they have really cheap produce here, but … her cherries were only $0.97 (why is there no cents symbol on keyboards anymore?) a pound and she came home with a three pound bag of them. So, I ate some. I needed them.

We went to bed early after days of staying up late and not sleeping much and being so busy. It was a happy day all around.

All the rosaries made today.

Quinn, Gned, and her rosary


All three girls came to play again today, mostly for logistical reasons. There is no gymnastics camp this week, but there is regular gymnastics stuff and Pam would take Hannah to that later in the day and then drop off the Littles at home.

The kids played nicely together. Today, they played with stuff in the back room for a while and then came out in order to play school. Hannah was the teacher, of course. As long as they were playing art class, both Littles were happy. Once she got to some more serious subjects, there was some complaints from the peanut gallery.

Amazingly enough, the retired teacher had loads and loads of school supplies here for such a game. She has an entire accordion file folder filled with stickers categorized by month. The Littles loved that part. Hannah read them stories and they loved that part. It was the math lesson they weren’t that impressed with and Emery’s writing skills are that of a three year old, mostly because she is a three year old.

One of Pam’s requests while I was here, was to make some of the flannel baby blankets she has. She would really like them all made and be ready to donate, but … some would be okay even if all would be better. Eventually, the stack of material actually made it to the living room, sitting there like a cobra ready to strike.

While we had Hannah as a helper, we got busy. There will eventually be four smaller ones and one large one to donate. Right now, there is a lot of material still sitting around, but not much in the complete column. Pam prepped the material, cutting it to perfection, I cut the little fringe pieces, and Hannah tied.

Luckily for Hannah, who tired of this project sooner than me – or at least was able to quit sooner than me, we were going out to lunch for the day. So we had to pack it in by leaving stuff all over and get to the restaurant. We picked up Aunt Babe and went out for the Tuesday special at that spaghetti place with the name that starts with B (but the rest of the letters are lost to me and y’all don’t know it anyway).

After we ate, we dropped off Aunt Babe and Hannah at Babe’s house so Hannah could do some cleaning for her. Hannah ran the vacuum cleaner and swept up a bit – things Aunt Babe can’t do any more. We did not have dessert at the restaurant (I hope Hannah got a Klondike bar), so we got the Littles a treat and got them dressed in bathing suits and by that time, Hannah was calling to say she was finished. Quinn and I walked to the pool and got there faster than Pam and the other kids.

We splashed around and had lots of fun until our hands all looked like raisins. We then dried off a bit in the 109 degree dry heat. We still had wet suits and rather than get the car seat soaked, I said I would walk home with Emery and then Quinn and Hannah wanted to also walk. So Pam was stuck with the car by herself and we went from small bit of shade to small bit of shade, relishing the coolness in each patch.

Pam said we made the better choice since the car was so hot she nearly melted. She had to use the towel to grab the door handle to even get it open. She beat us home, but was still red faced when we got here. Hannah and Pam each danced around enough in the shower to get the chlorine off, but I took a real shower and shampooed and got all cleaned up after this.

Pam thought gymnastics started at 4, but it didn’t start until five. She found that out before she left the house. When she did finally leave to take the kids off to their various places, I sat in the quiet and sighed. The kids were really good today, but three kids are a lot louder than two old fart adults.

While Pam was the Uber driver, I decided to get away from the electronics and tied the strings to one entire blanket. Current count on the blanket front: one about a quarter finished with the ties, one completely done, one with the fringe cut, one ready to cut the fringe, and one mocking us from the chair.

Pam and I ate some leftovers for dinner. She fell asleep in her chair but did not drop her phone. I was so undecided on that point. If I took the phone out of her hand, I would wake her up and she was exhausted. If she dropped it, I probably would have been in trouble, but since she didn’t drop it, I was okay.

We played quietly and breathed the same air. Then Pam jumped up and remembered to cut up the cantaloupe so she could get the rinds in the trash. She did that before she remembered that the day after tomorrow was trash day, but at least the melons are sliced up.

I went to bed around midnight, but after an evening nap, Pam was still not tired. Another day, for me at least, in the books.

The mocking stack of unmade blankets.

Mondays are hard days, even for the retired on vacation. All three girls came and they each had a time for a bit of crankiness to show through the usual good cheer. Having said that, they managed to have a good day playing together overall.

Hannah began the day in a snit. She was not ready to wake up and she wasn’t getting out of the car and there was stomping and unhappiness, but very soon after her mother left, she was over it and opted to have a wonderful day.

After breakfast, the kids began to build a combined world of Bubble Guppies and Woodzeez. The little kids had been playing with the Woodzeez all week before. They put any item in any building placed haphazardly around the floor. Quinn had been the boss and Emery was usually the compliant underling. Oh, how things change.

Hannah had the buildings of choice all lined up and only the little items that came with that particular Woodzeez set could be placed inside it, neatly on the shelves and ledges made for them. It took them a very long time to sort out the correct pieces and place them neatly in the correct buildings. And then, only the Woodzeez characters could be used the playing portion of the morning. No girl dolls on this day. It was an entire Woodzeez outing, unless some of the Bubble Guppies people wanted to come and shop in the pristine town.

During the entire set up process, Hannah was the director/engineer/city planner and Quinn was the obedient underling following the boss’s orders. Emery set up some Bubble Guppies thing and got to be her own boss or else was directed to work on parts of the Woodzeez set up that would not harm the pristine nature of the overall ambience.

The actual play portion of the morning was also directed by the biggest sister who planned shopping outings for everyone and grossly overcharged all her customers, making money hand over fist off her younger sisters. They played with the set up for about one quarter of the time that it took to set the whole neatly designed thing up.

While we cooked, the girls picked up all the village creation and made the living room usable and navigable once again.

We had small steaks that needed more stewing than steaking for lunch. We had potatoes and then we steamed some broccoli and cauliflower. We had gravy over the stuff. Pam mashed most of the potatoes, but I saved mine from that fate.

For dessert, Aunt Babe wanted her own Klondike bar so that was easy. Hannah didn’t want peanut butter in her ice cream and that container was almost gone. Pam has extra stuff in the neighbor’s freezer and so she and Hannah were going next door to find a flavor of new ice cream. Quinn wanted to come along. Emery was not invited nor allowed to join the long arduous journey next door. This led to her very own opportunity to throw a small fit. So she did.

Pam and I finished off the peanut butter ice cream while the kids had mint chocolate chip in cones. And Emery was all happy once she was rejoined by her sisters. Once again, the crankiness was very short lived.

While they were ice cream foraging in the hinterlands, I had cleared the table and stacked the dishes at the sink. We had discussed earlier that I would not help to load the dishwasher because Pam could fit a lot more in there than I would be able to manage since she has a system. There is no way two people can work there at the same time. So Pam was left to clean up the rest of the kitchen and it took forever. We still can’t figure out why. There were two pans, but … still. She was pooped by the time she sat back down.

We had talked about going to the pool, but the kids didn’t want to. Eventually, Hannah put herself to bed and took a nice long nap. The other kids were playing nicely right up until they weren’t and then it was Quinn’s turn to have a crisis full of tears and unhappiness. In the midst of this snit, she made the unwise choice of waking Hannah who was decidedly not enamored with that decision. This prolonged Quinn’s unhappiness for a bit.

We took the kids back to Jen’s and Emery fell asleep in the car on the ride home. We stopped at Anderson’s for their deals on produce. They have something for 77 cents each week. This week is was cantaloupe and grapes that we wanted. We just never get prices like that back home but it does explain the proliferation of produce in Pam’s refrigerator.

We got home and made salads and had fresh bakery bread with them and it was delicious and far easier to clean up afterwards. Pam still needed some steps so we walked down the ball room and walked for about a mile to get her Fitbit topped off.

We came home and found some new games on out tablets. We tried to find a way for Pam to watch something on Amazon Prime, but we weren’t successful. She has Prime and on my Android, it signed itself in and would just let me have access, but on her iPad, it was not working, so we need to figure out what we are doing wrong to get that to work. She is reading (listening while she walks) to books based on the TV show, or else the TV show was based on the books, and she wanted to watch Monk while she crocheted. It was not on Netflix, but was on Amazon Prime.

We stayed up later than normal and then had to give up and toddle off to bed. We have big plans for the day, but then again, we had plans for yesterday that didn’t pan out, so we will see if we are any better at planning today. Those baby blankets aren’t making themselves, so we better get cracking.

All the girls and all the toys.

Since we were so busy on Saturday, we went to Mass on Sunday. I’ve only been there for Saturday evening masses and the huge window looking out on the mountains is always clear. During the hot, sunny day, a screen drops and blocks out the steaming sunrays so the people on that side of the church don’t melt.

I’ve had visiting priests and the other resident guy say Mass, but we had the funny priest at this service. He was energetic and boisterously glad to be there. It made a striking difference. He told jokes and his sermon was riveting. That’s not usually the case for sermons. I have no idea who the guy was, but the parishioners are lucky to have him.

The church is sturdily built because the heathen inside didn’t make it collapse. I’m getting better at singing the parts I didn’t know and learning the new word usage. If I’m going to be there, I should participate as fully as possible so that’s my goal. I hope they didn’t mind my yoga/meditation inspired shirt. I know it was a better choice than my swearing shirt.

After Mass we all went to Panera’s for a quick lunch. Even though all three of us got a Pick 2 lunch, we didn’t get anything at all alike. Aunt Babe found out you can get any sandwich on the menu as a panini so it will be hot and not mushy. Pam loves the seasonally available poppy seed fruit filled salad and I like the Fuji apple salad. Each of us got a different type of soup.

We dropped Aunt Babe off at her house and got home with enough time for me to have one my girly coffees. Pam and I had massages scheduled for the afternoon. Hazuki showed up right on time and Pam went first. I went off to my room to give them peace and quiet. I played games and I crocheted and there was still time to waste.

Like anyone with a computer and an Amazon account, I went shopping. I noticed they had some really nice looking coloring books in paperbacks. I’ve gotten some that are Kindle eBooks and you can print out only the pictures you want to color, but it’s a pain in the ass. On the plus side, you can print them out more than once. I have never done that, but you could – at least in theory.

Because I only have enough coloring books at the house to supply a small village rather than a large city, I bought three more. I would have bought six more, but I read carefully and the three-pack were not paperback, but that annoying you print yourself type of thing. So I took that out of my cart and saved myself some grief.

I’ve been getting massages since way back in Maineville. So for at least thirty years, I’ve been trying to loosen up. And yet – the “tension” remains. I keep finding more of it. Over the years, I’ve had many different therapists and each and every one of them does things different. It’s always amazing to me to see how many different ways there are to try to get that knot out of my neck and shoulders. She was working really hard at it, and I mentioned to her that it never completely goes away. Being a weightlifter does have some drawbacks. That one knot is one of them.

It was nice to have a more relaxing type of massage. Usually I get home from the gym a little after nine and have a massage at 1 PM. Jose is stuck with all the mess of me hurting myself five times a week during the interval between my visits. I had no bruises, no acute ouchies, just a little old lady showed up.

I don’t know what type of cream/lotion she used, but it was wonderful. I didn’t feel like a greased pig when it was done. My hair wasn’t full of icky stuff. It was simply a lovely experience. Pam mentioned that when I’m back here next February, we should try that again.

After Hazuki (I’m probably not spelling that correctly) left, we had not a damn thing left to do for the whole day. And that’s what we did. We played games. We crocheted. We talked and laughed and breathed the same air.

Even with all that, we were still tired. I’m not sure why. Maybe because we are Senior Citizens and all that crap. Whatever it was, we toddled off to bed.

The second baby afghan is about half way done now.

We had a very busy day yesterday. We left the house shortly after 8 and went to Globe, Arizona and spent a wonderful day in the dry heat.

First we went to Besh Ba Gowah Pueblo up there in the hills and along the very twisty road. This archeological site along with the museum near it, cost a whopping $4 to visit since we were both senior citizens. Had we brought the baby with us, she would have had to pay $5 since she is so young.

This area was settled before the more recent occupants overtook the land since there is building under the current site. The people living here had around 200 interconnected rooms which were occupied by the Salado people between 1225 and 1400 (ish).

The area was discovered in the 1930s and preservation was begun. Then the young woman leading the expedition up and died and the whole thing went to hell in some handbasket. Instead of preserving the entire site, they built the Globe Community Center including the baseball fields right on top of about half of the old buildings. The ranch next door is also on top of the original settlement as is – get this – the parking lot.

It took another 40 years before anyone thought that a settlement begun about a millennium ago might ought to be saved. It’s now a Heritage Site and protected.

There were very few doorways to anything and we finally learned how they got into the buildings. They built little trap doors in the roof and entered that way. It kept the critters from getting inside. The one building that was either massive enough to withstand the test of time or else reconstructed in current times, was remarkably cool inside. The thick stone walls kept out the heat effectively.

There were two still preserved meeting areas where community activity such as cooking, basket weaving, arrow making, story telling (I presume) took place. Near one of them was the massive still roofed building above.

Each of the little rooms (of varying sizes) was the dwelling place for a family. Some of them were quite small even for a bedroom today. There was one that was the size of my Cincinnati kitchen and a family lived it! Hell, I could barely get anything done in the tiny kitchen and so I sincerely hope it was like a starter apartment for a newly married couple.

What is assumed to have been the ceremonial chamber – aka, church – was massive in comparison to most of the other buildings and dug deep into the ground. The altar was sealed and inside was some turquoise which was supposed to make the spirits happy as they traveled from their realm to ours.

All manner of pottery was discovered on site, some plain, some painted in one color only, and some polychromatic. All of it beautiful. It is thought this was a trading center because of the large variety of items found. It is also theorized that climate changes caused droughts and then made people who can be peaceful in times of plenty get all crabby and fight with each other. Eventually, they moved on to some other place which might have included heaven.

We left there and went to Globe itself and found a large Antique Store. It was massive and intelligently organized so that if you were looking for something particular, you could actually find it. It is a consortium of about 90 dealers working together to stock the place up with all the shit anyone could possible want, and the woman there had to fight to get it sorted out the way we saw it. She said it used to be haphazard, it took two years to convince the boss of the place so sort it by item type rather than by person who was selling, and it has taken her five years to get it sorted to the way we saw it.

We know all this because it is not the season. We would find, throughout the day, that the worker bees were bored out of their minds and we were willing to talk with them – mostly listening to them actually. They loved to tell us about their city, their areas of interest, or anything else we were willing to stand there and listen to. We learned a lot by being open to speaking to strangers.

The kind organizational woman also showed up a monthly city magazine (free) with a map of the town’s major streets all laid out so we could find how to get to the street full of shops we were really there for. We zigzagged our way to that street and parked.

First stop was the old courthouse. Globe calls itself the Copper Capital of the World. I don’t know if that is true, but the city was built around copper mining which is still going on. The courthouse is not currently used as a courthouse but instead has all manner of local artworks displayed. I assume the photographer with his own room is a local big deal and his photography was stunning.

There were a variety of other artists’ works displayed, some for sale and some simply for showcasing. Pam said when she visited with Hannah, they were permitted upstairs, but it was blocked off for us. There is a theater up there where plays or musicals are presented.

We were ready to leave and talked to the woman working there. While Pam noted it was possible to get upstairs if you brought a kid, it was also possible to get up there if you brought someone over from the other side of the country. So up we went. The staircase was massive and the handrails were the size of logs. They were copper plated. It was beautiful. We wandered around upstairs for a while and then went back to the heat.

We stopped at a coffee shop because by this time I needed some caffeine and I just happened to also need an orange cranberry scone to go with the coffee. Delicious.

Then we walked through the shops along the street. It was rather sad because at least every other store front was blank. Half the town’s stores weren’t stores but shuttered space. I don’t know if they have seasonal renters who open the space when all the Canadians come down from Popsicle land or not. But there were few places open for us. We did wander through them, but found nothing to buy.

We got back to the car and took off for this unassuming, nearly unidentifiable next museum. It was called something that may be, according to the fancy map we got back at the antique/junk store, the Gila Historical Museum. Or not.

We got there shortly before 2 and they closed at three. The guy there, who surely has a name, but I don’t know it, gave us a tour and pointed out many items and told the stories behind them. We learned along the way, that he was a retired science teacher and so could answer some scientific questions about copper for me.

He knew how the fire call system worked. Telegraphically sending signals letting the firemen know where to go, it was a town system to use drums or bells to sound the alarm from a mountaintop, letting the citizens know where to go for some excitement. Everyone in town had a card with all the callbox codes on it, so they could all run to the fire, too. The system was used from 1901 to 1951.

The place closed at three, but the guy was still talking to us, showing us various things which were mined in the area, including asbestos. I had no idea what raw asbestos looked like, but now I do. They were all going home and so we had to leave, too.

Back on the road, we looked for Judy’s Cookhouse and found it! Since it was not really lunch and not really time for supper, the place was empty. We were seated wherever we wanted to be. We got some grilled chicken sandwiches with cheese on either side of the chicken, and lots of bacon added. It was grilled in real butter and greasy and delicious. Pam got fries while I paid extra for onion rings. We were a greasy mess by the time we were ready to go home, but it sure tasted good.

We talked about calling Cheri on our drive home, but instead, Cheri called us. Unfortunately, we were in the mountains and without reliable connection and the call kept dropping. So we gave that idea up. After we got home, Pam still needed steps and took off for the ball room and we had a conference call again even though we are in the same place.

Cheri and Steve had their own outing today, going to a museum in Cincinnati. So we talked about that and then we told her about our day and then we got an update on all the various doctor appointments they went to this week. It is so good Cheri is there with him because she has been the taxi service for all this. He is doing better, and will soon start rehab.

It was a long day for us old farts and we turned in earlier than usual. It was really fun and even though Pam needed more steps on the Fitbit, we had climbed 11 flights of stairs in all our walking, some of them real flights of stairs – mostly up to the courthouse and then upstairs – but some of them were just changes in elevation as we wandered from place to place.

As a bonus, the sunscreen I used actually worked and I am not a tomato today.

Besh Ba Gowah

Just as I surmised, Pam returned from her walk with the answer of child transport solved. Jen would bring the girls but the when part was still up in the air. They were still asleep.

We had time in the morning to figure out what we were going to do for the day. Pam mentioned several options but we were working with some time constraints. Quinn had to be home around 4 so she could go on her next adventure. So we left it pretty much up in the air for a day of no plans.

The girls must have been really tired because it was far later than usual before they arrived. They busied themselves with all manner of activity while Pam and I did pretty much nothing. We played games, caught up with our devices, crocheted. We just basically killed time.

We made breakfast for lunch. The girls just had scrambled eggs, but the adults had omelets (with options of onions, olives, tomatoes, pulled pork, and cheese available) as well as hash browns. We got rid of another container in the fridge.

The plans changed and Pam needed to pick up the kids from gymnastics and then bring them all back to Jen’s house. This would have worked perfectly if the gymnastics kids actually got out on time, but that’s not usually the case and certainly wasn’t on this particular day.

The girls clean up most of their mess prior to going home each day. The office was looking pretty much like someone had set off a small explosive device in there. We had plans for that room over the weekend, so it needed to be put back together. It didn’t take all that much time with three people working on it (a fourth volunteer was told to just crochet). Then they could play in the living room for a while until it was really time to leave here.

Eventually this room was also cleaned and Pam took off with the kids to go and collect more kids and then deliver them back to Jan’s. It was hot yesterday. Not the hottest day ever, only 108, but standing in a parking lot, looking for kids who weren’t coming out of a building was hot. So the waiting people sat in the air conditioned van and finally, finally the gymnastic crew came out.

Hannah’s group won the video contest once again this week. She now has a couple weeks off from that activity but does have at least one more week after the holiday week goes by.

Pam returned home and we were sitting there playing games on our electronics and she could not stay awake. Rather than nodding off repeatedly and possibly dropping her phone on the floor, she put the phone down and closed her eyes and took a nap in the chair. She twirled in the chair and did not fall out, although there were a couple times when I thought she might.

She felt much better after she woke up and we had supper. Roast beef sandwiches and chips. We did not, sad to say, get rid of another container. There is still roast beef left.

We needed to get over to Aunt Babe’s and get into the top cupboard and bring down her Ensure drinks. We needed to get more water into the water filtered contraption in the refrigerator and put water into a pitcher she can lift and pour from. And we needed to get a new book pulled up on her ereader. We waited for near dusk because it was still hot out there.

We got all that done but Pam walks five miles a day and she didn’t have that much on her Fitbit. We still had a couple miles to get in. So we walked in the dark which was cooler than walking in the sunshine, but was still hot. So while it was literally a walk in the park, it was still over 100 degrees even in the dark. But it’s dry heat. It wasn’t too bad, but we didn’t walk on forever just for shits and giggles and when she got her five miles in, we came home.

Since I did not take a nap, I got tired earlier and packed it in around 10.30. We have big plans for the day, today, and my writing will have more excitement added by tomorrow. We really did not do a damn thing yesterday. Made it hard to come up with stuff this morning, but I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone, so here’s my tale.

What the floor looks like without toys, villages, or kids scattered all over it.

Another day, another story. Because of other commitments during the day, Jen drove the girls to gymnastics and therefore dropped off the kids here on her way back. That meant they didn’t show up here until later. We lounged around here like nobody’s business doing absolutely nothing. That’s one of my favorite things to do.

We had let the village stand overnight and as soon as the kids hit the door, they ran to it and began playing. Quinn, being older, has naturally taken on the role of dictator or perhaps just benevolent ruler. Whatever it is, she is the boss. Emery will take orders and “pretend” by actually doing or saying whatever she is told – right up until there was some line crossed and she will not be pushed around. I have no idea what that line is. I don’t really think Quinn or even Emery knows either.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t crop up often and so they play together very nicely with an occasional squabble over who had the one very important teeny tiny piece of the thousand pieces there, first and who should retain ownership of said piece. I know this is important stuff and I remember fighting for the right to snatch all manner of things away from Cheri. I don’t know how we learn to understand this isn’t really a problem by the time we are this particular group of sisters, but I also don’t even have a clue about the last time Cheri and I squabbled over the ownership of small items.

Knowing that, I also know I would not in a million years pick up any of Pam’s electronics as they lay about here. It was difficult for me to be handling her phone while she was driving. We do learn this skill eventually but I think it takes years. Maybe it isn’t so much that we don’t squabble over the stuff, but we have a more definite line of ownership and don’t cross it unless we already negotiate the sharing part. It means adulthood is a lot less squabbly.

We got a bunch of already cooked food on the table, clearing out the refrigerator and then called it lunch. We finished off bowls of fruit and containers of veggies. We put a dent in other stuff as well, clearing out some pulled pork and roast beast. We now have some clear shelf space in the fridge. The freezer is still full to the brim, but eventually …

After lunch we sat together and I finished the baby afghan I was making. It turned out pretty good and I put on an extra border using up some more yarn and yet there is still a good chunk of the stuff left over and in Pam’s scraps of yarn basket. Since that was done, I went back to playing games on the tablet while Pam played games on either her tablet or phone and Aunt Babe played on her phone and the girls were back to playing in their village.

Eventually, Aunt Babe took off for home and we were sitting quietly. Before Pam got to settled into her chair again, I asked if I could shopping in her personal yarn store for some stuff to make another baby blanket for her to donate here. She had plenty of yarn – I say this with a straight face, but hiding a little smirk. I have unused yarn sitting around my house. I even have lots of unused yarn sitting around my house. I do not have a mountain sized stash of unused yarn sitting around my house. I feel so much better about my compulsive shopping knowing it is a family trait and nothing I have total control over. Thanks, Dad. On the plus side, none of us owns an attic full of paper towels, so there is that in our favor.

Quinn has that particular and best game ever on her tablet. Emery does not have that game or the same operating system on her tablet. This causes tears. Emery wanted a game like it, Pam found one, but because little kids try to buy games all over the place, Jen and Ronnie have put locks on the system so that their approval is needed for any purchase – even of free games. This meant it was more difficult, but not impossible for the new game to get onto Emery’s tablet.

She was playing along and having a wonderful time and then BAM. I don’t know what the preview of the game was, but this free version was only the first four or five levels of any of the different smaller games within the larger one and you actually needed to purchase, with real money, the actual game. This is just bullshit. I think that as an adult and it makes me madder than a wet hen (which I hope is severely mad but I really have never seen a wet hen and don’t know how mad that is) and I delete the damn game in spite. This does not work for a three year old which I suppose is the whole point. Damn marketers. It made for some tears, but such is life.

Pam returned the girls to their home while I sat here in the quiet contemplating the state of “no need to touch” any of my sister’s belongings. I did not touch her crochet project. I did not touch her electronics. Hell, I didn’t even touch her knickknacks. I’m so adult now. Sometimes.

We ate more stuff from the overstocked fridge, getting rid of more leftovers and emptied yet another container. Then it was nearly time for Jen to come by and pick us up for the next adventure.

Pam has season tickets to Hale Theater unless it is Theatre, but she has two seats for each play. She had purchased a third seat for Sistercation, but there were only two of us, so we pulled in the next generation down and had Jen come with us. Since Pam is between Jen’s and the theater, it was smarter for Jen to drive. We got there in time, situated ourselves in our seats and got ready for a wonderful production of Big Fish.

This musical started out happy enough and we laughed at all the funny shenanigans on stage. But then, it got sad. We were in tears by the end. It was well done and we enjoyed it tremendously. The singing was beautiful, the actors were fabulous, the stage design and costuming were fantastic (especially considering the small stage in the round). We just didn’t realize it was tear jerker.

We got home and settled into our respective seats to work on breathing the same air until we simply had to toddle off to bed, to dream of whatever adventures await us. The only fly in the ointment was even though we spent more time with Jen that usual for any given day, we didn’t settle the options for the handing off of the Littles for kid duty. They are getting here somehow and I assume they aren’t walking over by themselves, so at some point here, we are going to have to hash this out. It will probably be settled by the time Pam gets back from her walk and the day will unfold in its own time.

Gned getting ready for a night at the theater.