My laptop was not working right. It would just decide to stop and I would have to force restart it. I knew this was not the best thing for a machine but there really wasn’t anything else to do with it. It happened every once in a while and then it happened more often. Still, it worked well enough. I mentioned to Dick that it might have to be replaced. I didn’t really worry too much about it and then went off on vacation, with the laptop turned off and resting.

I came home to a dead laptop. I got it to start, but then nothing else would happen. I couldn’t navigate anywhere. I couldn’t even start the start menu in order to properly stop the computer. That meant that I could not start it in safe mode either. It simply was a paperweight with a pretty picture on the screen.

I looked at ordering another one. My last trip to Best Buy to simply buy a Bluetooth keyboard was so frustrating that the thought of dealing with that crap to buy a whole new laptop was enough to make me sick. I looked at Amazon and it was too difficult to compare options. I was going to have to go out and shop. That was so distasteful that I instead went back to Amazon and tried again.

I found a 2018 HP laptop that was not very good at playing games. This was not a deal breaker as I do not play games. Well, I do, but the really simple kind that work on a tablet or my phone, not the big resource hogs that wouldn’t play as quickly on this computer. I have slow internet here because in the US we decided that they could all be proprietary and not share infrastructure. This limits our choices and I have one. And it’s slow. So, game playing is not a thing here.

So I ordered the laptop and then had to wait 48 hours. I was good and truly sick of trying to make a tablet be all that a real computer can be. I was tired of the limitations. I was tired of small screen. I was grateful that my new Bluetooth keyboard really worked, but connecting it each time I wanted to type out something longer was a pain in the neck.

Here’s a Thought needed to be updated. I had loaded all of February before I went off to Arizona. But it was turning into March and there was another 31 things waiting to be uploaded. It is simply much easier to do this from the laptop. I waited for it to show up. It did. Amazon itself was the delivery service and it got here around the middle of the afternoon.

Setup was far easier than it used to be and I had a functional computer in very short order. I could link it to my phone and then all my bookmarks from my saved browsers showed up here on the new laptop. I could open office on the laptop because my old disk for my old version of Microsoft Office no longer works.

I messed with stuff for the rest of the day. My old laptop finally let me move the mouse and I tried desperately to get some of the more important pictures off the old one before it decided to die. Dropbox had many of my most important files, including all of the 31 March Here’s a Thought files. So I wasn’t too panicked.

I tried moving some stuff to Dropbox and then it was overfilled. Oh, well. I couldn’t get Open Drive or whatever that is to work on the old laptop, so nothing would upload to that which still had plenty of room because I don’t really use it. I would have to figure something else out and it was late and I was tired.

What I did have in Dropbox was around 500 fonts that I have added to my computer for working with Cricut as well as Here’s a Thought. Each of them had to be installed. That took nearly two hours.

It was really boring. In the middle of the night with the old laptop on and doing nothing, it went blue screen and then finally decided to run Scan Disk and see if it might fix itself. I know this because I was up for over three hours in the middle of the night. It did enough that I could actually get the mouse to not only move around, but function. So using memory sticks, I could get the rest of my files off the old laptop before it really and forever died.

Now I wanted to get rid of the excess Dropbox files. I would delete them. Then it would sync and reload them. I would delete them and then it would sync and reload them. I did this a few times and then deleted the app from my phone and tablet. I could finally delete all the excess files from Dropbox and have them stay gone. I then restarted the phone and the tablet before reinstalling Dropbox. There really has to be a better way for that.

I got Here’s a Thought scheduled for the month and then opted to start working on some new pictures with wise quotes and all that. I’m not used to open office and I have struggled. I’m unsure why their own “help” feature is so unhelpful. If I really need to find out how to do something in open office, I have to ask Google and not them. Rather stupid, but I believe I’m getting the hang of it.

I hope all this works. I’m sick of technology and I still have to try to get the recalcitrant printer to like the new laptop and I haven’t tried using the Cricut yet, so there is more to do. But for now, it functions.