The day started dark. At least for me. I was awake and out of bed by 4.15. I have no idea why I woke up so early, but I was wide awake and there was little to no hope of me falling back to sleep. So, I got up. Since the other people in the house have more sense than that, they were all still asleep like normal folks.

I wrote up my blog and got the pictures ready and posted it and then started to play some games. I had only been asleep for four hours and my tablet (which conveniently tells me it isn’t charging quickly, no matter what I use to charge it) was not completely topped off. So, after playing games for too long, it was at 25% of it’s battery life. Great.

I was so bored, I did the dishes. The one thing on the tablet that doesn’t take much battery is reading a book, so I went to doing that and finally, after a few hours of already being awake and two cups of coffee, Dick came out to the living room. Shortly after, Pam also appeared. I was about ready for a nap by this time but we had a busy day ahead.

At St. George, the last Sunday of the month is Baptism day. Emery was being baptized and so we had to go to a particular Mass. We picked up Aunt Babe and went to church. Dick and I got Aunt Babe settled while Pam parked the car and then went to save two pews for the baptism family/friends. I blocked one person from sitting there and only obliquely caught the next one coming towards me. I stuck my foot out to tell that person to go away and found that I had nearly tripped Hannah. Whoops.

The family piled into that pew, filling it. I moved back a pew to where Dick was saving more space. Pam joined us there. Mark had come with everyone else, but some guy in a motorized cart picked Mark out of all the people in the church and asked him if he knew anything about cellphones. Mark and the guy went off and Mark fixed this stranger’s phone for him and then came back to sit with us. We still have no idea why he picked Mark out as the tech guy, but Mark is the tech guy.

The Children’s Choir sang and kids did the readings and there was some special hoopla there in the middle for kids to I guess disappear during the sermon or something. I have no idea what was going on with that stuff. After Mass was over, the baptism families were told to wait and Deacon Some Guy would come and do the Baptism. So, that is what we did.

There were five or six kids being baptized and only one of them was a baby. There was also a couple toddler types and then three kids about Emery’s age. Emery was first in the line up which is where we wanted her, but have no idea how it just happened. She is not particularly good at new and strange things and getting water poured over your head in the middle of church while you are all dressed up is particularly strange, so we were hoping she could go first, just in case there was drama from other kids. There wasn’t, so it all worked out nice.

Jen asked Ryan if he would video the Baptism. He claimed he needed a hot spot for this because the church’s Wi-Fi was so severely blocking him, it was nearly useless. All the adults looked at him in wonder. We all work with and around technology, even us old farts, and know that video has nothing to do with internet. Ryan really just wanted to watch some new football league stuff that was streaming. Hannah would video. Maybe.

Next, we went to Jen’s house for a party to celebrate this milestone event. The Godparents and their children were there and we had so much fun all afternoon. There was a feast set out to share and most of the stuff was perfect for my diet restrictions because Jen and Ronnie do a modified keto diet and cooked accordingly. They also had non-keto food for regular people and then there were desserts.

Mostly, we told stories and laughed and shared more stories. And then, for reasons unknown, Ronnie decided to shave off his beard. First he left just a mustache and then that was gone, too. He hadn’t shaved since Emery was born and was not really adept at it. Or maybe Edward Scissorhands was back there helping him. His clotting factors would probably have worked quickly, but he kept wiping and touching and dabbing and wiping again at the nicks. And so he kept bleeding. I don’t think he needs a transfusion – yet.

Ronnie is a bit of a baby faced darling and without the beard, he looks even younger. Everyone (except Aunt Babe) got some flippant comments in. Emery wouldn’t even look at Daddy for over an hour.

Jen, Ronnie, and Albert had all worked at Pinnacle together many years ago and that is how they met. Ronnie and Albert are both ex-Marines, so Dick had some Marine stuff in common with that. All in all, there were lots of stories and over and over again, Ronnie’s clean-shaven face topic would pop up.

It was time to get back home and so we piled into the van and dropped off Aunt Babe. Pam pulled into the driveway from a different angle and it was just a horrid thing. She was too close to the house and Aunt Babe almost couldn’t get out of the car. Then Pam had to back up. We were just mere inches from the house. Pam pulled forward, but not too much because she didn’t want to squish Penelope. Then she backed up again and it looked like we were on a collision course with the house. Tried again. The back was looking good, but the front was going to hit the house. We tried again. And again. And after a very long and stressful time, she got out of the driveway. I’m guessing she is not ever going to pull in from that angle again.

We got home and took up our normal positions in the living room. I have no crochet project to work on since my blanket is finished and I don’t want to start anything new and drag that around the country. So I played games on my tablet, trying to stay awake. I also made a half sandwich on my low carb bread and had a little snack. It was still delicious. It was only 9.30 when I had to finally give up and head off to bed. It took me about 6.37 nanoseconds to fall asleep. I hope my husband and my sister had a lovely evening living like normal people.