There was snow up around the 35th floor but when it reached the ground it was just rain. However, out in the suburbs there were eight inches of snow. The kids made snowmen and threw snowballs and made it to the evening news.

Looking at the news also let us know that our route home had places where the roads were closed. We tried not to dwell on this fact and instead just ignored it. Hopefully, that is going to work. We looked at maps, both on Google and on paper and hope we can find a way home that is safe and clear. This is just delightful. At home, the high was 82 degrees. In Las Vegas, the high was 44 degrees, the coldest on record for this date. It was also twenty degrees lower than the average for this date. Wonderful.

Rather than dwell on this type of stuff, we decided to go out into the world. It wasn’t as cold here as it had been at the Grand Canyon, so that was a plus. We walked up and down the roads and found fabulous sights to see. We walked a mile of stores (according to the sign) and it certainly seemed like it.

I figured it was going to be less troublesome if I didn’t eat breakfast, therefore making it necessary to worry about carbs twice instead of three times. The plan worked. But that meant I was getting hungry as we walked the mile of mall stuff. We began to read each and every menu as we walked past restaurant after restaurant.

There was nothing that looked good for carbs and was something we both wanted to eat. We walked up over the road this way and we were in front of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. There was a touch screen outside with options of different types of food inside. There were no prices except on the steak dinners. If you wanted a regular steak dinner, it was a mere $68. I have no idea if the menu was a la carte or if you got the potato and/or salad with it. But if you wanted the Kobe steak, it was a bit higher. A hundred dollars different.

We opted to go elsewhere for our lunch. So we had to go up on the over the road bridge again. We figured the cold or wet was messing with all the escalators and elevators. All of them were blocked off with signs saying they were out of order. We also followed a woman in a wheelchair. We couldn’t figure out how she was going to get down. She got up inside a hotel where it was dry, but the other ends were all outdoors.

We wandered on and the flashing billboards yelled at us and then flashed something else and made different noises including what one might assume was music. It was delightful.

We finally found a place to eat. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Restaurant and we both opted for the pulled pork. It was delicious and yet … there was way too much. We could have gotten one meal and shared the single sandwich. Instead, we got a to go box and brought the rest of the food home. Well, we didn’t bring the bottom of the pretzel roll because it was soggy. And we didn’t we bring the fries home because they aren’t all that good leftover and cold.

I bought a TI Las Vegas 16 ounce cup and can get a $1 refill up to five times a day. I’ve gotten my money’s worth on the cup and coffee deal. Dick said he wasn’t going to get enough refills to make it a deal for him. However, he has already gotten more then enough cups of coffee to have made it a deal for him, too. And when I get home, I will still have my cute little cup.

We have looked for a show to attend for days now and couldn’t really find anything we wanted to see and was worth freezing on the way back to the hotel. So we opted to not go out to a show. We did enjoy our leftovers instead.

This trip was quite a bit of fun but it would have been better if it wasn’t quite so cold. And it would have been nice without the snow and the cold and the warning of black ice on the roadways. And worrying about blocked roads. The good part is that we aren’t flying since there were hundreds of flights cancelled yesterday and the airport, while functional, is a mess.

Our plan is to wait for a while and hope all the roads are ice free. We hope to find a way to get back to Mesa in one piece.