It was five degrees yesterday morning. We are not used to five degrees. Ninety-five with unreasonable humidity – that we are used to, but freezing cold we are not. Luckily, we did not have to really go out much into the frozen tundra.

We had a wonderful breakfast there with a view of the canyon. We thought it was beautiful and we weren’t cold at all. We got ourselves all packed up and checked Google Maps against the Garmin for our next part of the trip. We looked at the weather and it might rain in Las Vegas tomorrow and so we opted to visit Hoover Dam on the way up rather than wait and backtrack tomorrow, possibly in rain.

The first stumbling block to getting out of Dodge (as it were) was actually getting the car. Dick had parked up again a snow bank and during the day, some of the snow had melted. During the night, it had refroze and his tires were now one with the snow. The rental car is four wheel drive and so he was eventually able to get the car free. He was not the happiest person in the world when he arrived at the hotel to get me and the huge suitcase.

The Garmin did a piss poor job of getting us into the Park and to our hotel and so we did not trust it to get us back out of the Park. We had it set to get us to Hoover Dam but did not listen to the directions for leaving the Grand Canyon. Instead, we followed the signs and it kept recalculating and nagging us until it finally gave up and let us make our way by signs. The roads were a sheet of ice until we got a bit farther away from the big hole in the ground, but not yet out of the National Park. I’m unsure about the plowing, but once the roads themselves were better, the plowing was better, too.

We left the Grand Canyon behind us and had a four hour drive to Hoover Dam. There was less snow as we got out of the National Park. We were told to watch for ice, but apparently snow could just come and go as it pleased. We had to watch for moose and deer and then elk were added to the mix. Eventually, we were just told to watch for wildlife. We didn’t see any although we did see a few horses and some cattle.

It was getting close to noon and we came upon a huge sprawling metropolis, at least as far as desert cities are rated. There were three exits, all with lots of signs with lots of things there. I mentioned we should stop for both lunch and gas and then we would be able to tour the Dam without being hungry and getting to Vegas all fueled up.

Dick kept driving anyway because we were going to get off this particular road and get onto that other road in just a few more miles. We did that and we stopped for gas. I was told to look for something to eat and Subway was the only thing there and it isn’t low carb. So I was supposed to keep looking. Lo and behold, we were in the freaking desert and there is nothing in the desert. Nothing. Not a damn thing.

We were now to turn off the road and there would be the Hoover Dam. We instead were going to go to Boulder City and get something to eat, but there was a casino with something perhaps to eat inside and we stopped there a mere one and a half hours after I had first mentioned eating might be a good idea. No one would have been able to guess that there wouldn’t be anything around, even though there had been nothing at all but watch for animal signs between the Grand Canyon and whatever oasis we had passed way back there.

Amazingly enough, this caused a bit of friction.

We got something to eat and then, because the Garmin was a bit iffy on finding the hotel, we weren’t sure it would really find the Dam and so I used Google Maps as a backup. Both pieces of technology agreed on the route to get to the dam and we made it without a problem.

It was freaking amazing. The size and scope of the thing is awe inspiring. We walked around and opted not to go and look at the turbines. We were able to see Nevada time and Arizona time and they don’t match. We were nearly blown away by the fierce winds and were grateful that the temperature was in the low 50s and it wasn’t raining. The clouds were, however, starting to pile up.

We left there and headed for Las Vegas. I am not a fan of large highways with a multitudinous amount of lanes and traffic here, there, and everywhere. I hate to drive in that stuff and I’m not much fonder of being the passenger. The Garmin did an excellent job of getting us to this hotel and the driver was able to maneuver in that type of traffic.

We got checked in and looked out the room’s window. We are on the 35th floor and right across the street is the bright gold Trump Hotel.

We looked around the place. I don’t particularly wish to gamble. It’s not something I like to do. There are several places to eat inside the Treasure Island hotel/casino. None of them are low carb. Eating really shouldn’t be this hard. Having to cope with something as absurd as this diagnosis is galling. I did all the things I was supposed to do in order to remain healthy and instead, I have to worry about eating each and every time I put something in my mouth. I’m already sick of being not quite sick and I have the rest of my life to hate it. I had pizza for dinner. I hope my toes stay on.