After spending so much time on the planet, I think I’ve learned a few things. One of the things I’ve learned is that there are a whole bunch of people out there who have said some seriously amazing things. They are wise. They are witty. They are important. They are entertaining.

Because I love to see beautiful pictures with these words plastered on them, I decided I could find beautiful pictures to go with some amazing words. At first, I used only my own pictures so the month of January was done before I noticed how much trouble I was going to have keeping this up for the entire year. I’m not a professional photographer.

Pictures from me do come from local areas as well as places I’ve visited. There are some equally wonderful and yet unused pictures of my own that may get sprinkled in later in the year.

I went to the internet and learned how to find free to use and modify pictures. I started using them for February. There are some amazing pictures out there, some with attribution required (and thus given) and some simply free to use.

So, my project for the year is this: I have twelve topics. One for each month – wasn’t that clever? I will find a quote related to that topic and then find a picture related to the quote. I will use my powers of creativity to combine these two to make a beautiful picture with words.

Then, just for a nod to my preferred outlet for creativity, I will write a short paragraph about the item and post it each day. The idea is to get them posted daily at 9 AM.

I would love to be able to automatically share them to Facebook, but apparently WordPress and Facebook had a falling out. I’m assuming someone was demanding money and didn’t get it. So, while it is perfectly simple to schedule the blog post to appear each day at 9 AM, I have to remember to get over to WordPress and link it to Facebook. Most days I’m still at the gym at 9 AM, so this will happen later in the day.

Here’s a Thought is the name of my project, new blog, motivational or inspirational outlet. I hope the wisdom of the ages will come through during the course of the year. I know that my ability to work with all the various programs needed to make each picture has gotten easier or better with time. So we should see continuous improvement with this going forward, although I’m rather pleased with even the earliest items. I impress easily, I guess.

I hope you give it a try. Click to go to Here’s a Thought.

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