January 2019

It’s been months now and I’m still alive and still dealing with a diagnosis I was sure would never come my way. I’m fit and normal weight. And I’m still pre-diabetic. I think. It’s been over four months since my A1C was checked. I do have an appointment scheduled in a few weeks. I will see if what I’ve been doing is working.

Although I wasn’t overweight when I started this nonsense, I’m even less so now, having lost twelve pounds in the interim. Not that I’ve been trying, it’s just that without all the carbs in my life, I’ve shed some weight. I’ve been a little leery of this but my weights in the gym seem to be staying stable. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say my performance with Olympic lifts continues to improve. I know that my CrossFit Open old fart scaled weight of 35# thrusters seems to feel less crushing. I can get more reps in before I have to rest.

I’ve tried a lot of new foods. Some of them have been successful, some have not. I’ve tried desserts made with fake sugars and they all have a horrible aftertaste. I would rather not eat them at all than spend ridiculous amounts of money and effort to have something that tastes nasty.

I tried some zero carb “noodles” I found online. I couldn’t eat more than the original taste sample because they were so horrid. Even though I spent a lot of money on them, I had to throw them away. I tried Birds’ Eye vegetable pasta and it was unimpressive. It is not anything I would buy again, but I could eat it for one meal. It was as many carbs as a half serving of regular pasta with none of the taste.

I’ve always been fond of fruit and even that is a problem. So I have been measuring out portions. In fact, I’ve been measuring out portions of everything. Sometimes I believe the carbs are worth it and when they aren’t, I don’t eat the stuff.

For the first three month, was trying to keep my carbs around 100 – 125. I usually managed to stay in the 90s and never did get as high as 125. Then I finally went to a class for my condition and the dietician there said 45 – 50 carbs per meal and 15 carbs for each of two to three snacks. That is so much higher than I was doing that I stopped counting every damn carb. Well, I never did add the 4 carbs per day of milk I put in my coffee, but still.

I try to keep each meal in the 30-40 carb range so if I’m careless with my reckoning, it won’t matter because I have some leeway. I know my breakfasts are either 1 carb (days I don’t work out) or 17 carbs (on the days I do). My snacks are usually something healthy and may be slightly over the 15  count, but not ever more than 20 and I only have one or two per day, not three. I stopped trying to record every morsel of food.

My mother watched her fat intake to the point of making everyone around her a little crazy. She wouldn’t eat this and that and seriously limited her fat intake. She died of a heart attack anyway.

I’m looking forward to finding out if what I’ve been doing is enough or even too much. I’m pretty sure that no matter what my A1C number is, I can’t go back to just willy nilly eating anything and everything. It would just make it rise again for the next time.

I have given myself permission to eat one decadent piece of chocolate per day and figure it into my carb count. I have tried new and different recipes, some of them quite successful. I have cut back on breads, potatoes, and pasta without noticing too much of a problem. Pasta is the hardest of all these.

My biggest worry now is that I continue to lose weight although not as rapidly as when I started. Still, I worked really hard to build up this amount of muscle and my BMI is now 21.8. With my muscle mass, that’s an inflated number. Weightlifters really aren’t who those tables are made for and our numbers are skewed because we have higher than normal mass due to more muscle tissue.

I’ve tried to find out if there is any difference for diabetics regarding where the carbs are coming from. It seems we really don’t know that much about nutrition. Which is a shame, considering the state of our national nutritional mess. What I did see over and over again is that the more processed something is, the less healthy it is for you. Which makes all the “fake” food substitute things a little suspect.

Hopefully, I will find out that what I’ve been doing is working well. I can manage this without much problem. I’ve even figured out how to dine out. So, I guess I’m just going to get to keep all my toes. At least, I hope so.



After spending so much time on the planet, I think I’ve learned a few things. One of the things I’ve learned is that there are a whole bunch of people out there who have said some seriously amazing things. They are wise. They are witty. They are important. They are entertaining.

Because I love to see beautiful pictures with these words plastered on them, I decided I could find beautiful pictures to go with some amazing words. At first, I used only my own pictures so the month of January was done before I noticed how much trouble I was going to have keeping this up for the entire year. I’m not a professional photographer.

Pictures from me do come from local areas as well as places I’ve visited. There are some equally wonderful and yet unused pictures of my own that may get sprinkled in later in the year.

I went to the internet and learned how to find free to use and modify pictures. I started using them for February. There are some amazing pictures out there, some with attribution required (and thus given) and some simply free to use.

So, my project for the year is this: I have twelve topics. One for each month – wasn’t that clever? I will find a quote related to that topic and then find a picture related to the quote. I will use my powers of creativity to combine these two to make a beautiful picture with words.

Then, just for a nod to my preferred outlet for creativity, I will write a short paragraph about the item and post it each day. The idea is to get them posted daily at 9 AM.

I would love to be able to automatically share them to Facebook, but apparently WordPress and Facebook had a falling out. I’m assuming someone was demanding money and didn’t get it. So, while it is perfectly simple to schedule the blog post to appear each day at 9 AM, I have to remember to get over to WordPress and link it to Facebook. Most days I’m still at the gym at 9 AM, so this will happen later in the day.

Here’s a Thought is the name of my project, new blog, motivational or inspirational outlet. I hope the wisdom of the ages will come through during the course of the year. I know that my ability to work with all the various programs needed to make each picture has gotten easier or better with time. So we should see continuous improvement with this going forward, although I’m rather pleased with even the earliest items. I impress easily, I guess.

I hope you give it a try. Click to go to Here’s a Thought.

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