How do we find answers? According to today’s picture, we look inside. I disagree. My insides aren’t smarter than my outsides. There are times when I desperately need outside information. Asking others for input is not only possible, it is at times the only way to get to the answer. We do not and cannot have all the answers ourselves.

Once you consult your outside world via person to person interaction or via the internet and doing some sort of information search, you have to weigh the answers you find and at that point, it is good to look inside and see if the answers now at your disposal really meet your needs or bring you closer to your stated goals.

There are many outside sources you can access and all of them might have a different answer for you. What you read in one book is often the polar opposite of some other author’s idea of the best answer ever. This is because life is not black and white. There is no perfect answer. There is no one size fits all. There are innumerable shades of gray to choose from.

And the toughest part is what is the right answer for today may not be the right answer next year or even next week. We live in flux and our daily lives are full of chaos and uncertainty. The answers are just as fluid as the problems they propose to solve.

Listen to others. Take from them the lessons they have to offer. You do not have the time to make all the mistakes and learn all the various ways to be in error. Let others offer you their insight into what the hell went wrong because something is always going wrong.

And then, after gathering data, choose. Something. Act. You can get so lost in the acquisition of data points that you become paralyzed and that is just as bad as making no choice at all. Gather a reasonable amount of information. Assess the situation as it now stands. Try an answer and if it works – great. If it doesn’t, you still have time to try another course.

You don’t have to go it alone. Seek and ye shall find. It’s not just a Google thing.