I am embarking on a new project. I’m taking inspirational stuff from my Newsfeed and writing about it. Sometimes it will be agreement, sometimes not. I know this, because I have a bunch of saved pictures with inspirational stuff on them and sometimes I agree with the message, sometimes not.

Because I’m old and have moved around a bit, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people. Some of them accomplish wonderful things. Some of them lament how life has never met their expectations and they remain stuck in despair, waiting for …. Godot?

Some people are indeed fortunate and opportunity comes knocking at their door. Most of us have to entice opportunity, building a path to our doors filled with prior work and increasing amounts of effort in order to get opportunity to come knocking. Others leave the path barren, unapproachable, and wait.

The way to accomplish your dreams is to wake up and work for them. There is no easy path, even for those who make it look easy. There is no miracle of accomplishment. You actually have to get out there and do the things to get them accomplished. Overnight successes have worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years to achieve that success. Preparation meets opportunity, otherwise opportunity just passes by the unprepared and moves on.

Your dreams may be completely unattainable. Your dreams may be only partially attainable. Your dreams may become your reality. But whichever of those is true, you still have to do the work of building your dream into something.

You don’t publish your first book by reading the works of others. You have to write your own. It won’t be any good. You will have to revise and edit and probably throw the first one completely away and start anew. But if you want to be a published author, you really have to write.

You won’t meet Prince Charming sitting on your couch. You have to put yourself out there, meeting a lot of toads along the way. You actually have to be Princess Charming yourself. You can’t be a toad and hope to get the prince. You have to work at making yourself the best version you can be. And then, after you meet Prince Charming, you have to continue to improve yourself and your time together because that’s the cruel truth of life.

You can’t get kids who turn out well by spending all your time on social media and letting the school and society inculcate values. If you want a kid who is kind and compassionate, you have to model kindness and compassion even when you are frustrated and angry or maybe especially when you are frustrated and angry. You must model responsibility so your children learn to be responsible. You are their first and most lasting influence. And you don’t get to see the results until decades later.

If you want something, you must take the initiative to go after it. It’s not going to come to you. The world doesn’t care about you and never has. The world owes you nothing. You are not the center of the universe – please see Copernicus, et. al.

The way to success is built by taking small steps toward your goal. Stumbling blocks exist, you may need to change your path or your strategy to get past them. Looking at the problem as a permanent defeat leads to permanent defeat. Looking at it as an irritant to be overcome and then planning how to get past it, leads you closer and ever closer to achieving your goal.

Build your door. Then, take a deep breath, and walk through it.