I wanted to whine some more. Betsy wouldn’t let me whine. I would tattle on her, but that would be more whining and she won’t let me whine.

Yes, it is unfair. Life isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that even as an old fart I can move well enough to actually be a CrossFitter and lift heavy weights, at least heavier than a lot of Little Old Ladies. It’s not fair that I’m relatively healthy and with all my buttons still working. I still have all my buttons, right? I think I do, but that might not be the best test.

So, I got through week Four and now I have to wait for week Five. This has to be double unders and thrusters because they are both left for us to do. That pretty much sucks because of my whole heart rate thing and I might be tempted to whine again, but I’m thinking Betsy wouldn’t like that.

What have I learned so far:

  1. Dave Castro is an asshole. He doesn’t care about old people in general and old women in particular.
  2. Doesn’t matter. I did it anyway. Even when old men got the break I wanted and I didn’t, well, I did it anyway cuz I’m just that good. Or cranky. Something.
  3. Thank you, Scott. This wasn’t my choice. I have never done this before. Your faith in me and my ability to not be the suckiest old fart in the world means so much to me. It pushed me over the edge and made me sign up. And even though you really couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t be last; I’m not last.
  4. I’m more comfortable with the other athletes. They seem more comfortable around me. I still get the charity case syndrome creeping up from time to time, but I’m in there trying my hardest and having fun with the big kids.
  5. It’s not supposed to be easy. CrossFit is hard. Not everyone can do it and certainly not the way Asshole Dave writes it down. I get to scale appropriately during the rest of the year and because of that, I was able to at least get on the board each week – so far. Because of years of hard work, I got the snatches and the deadlifts and even the wall balls no matter how long it took. So there.
  6. It is supposed to be fun. It has been. Even with all the whining. Even with all the scared out of my mind jitters. Even with low scores. I have gone into the arena and done my best. I cannot compete with the younger folks in my gym, but because I’ve been posting to a worldwide scoreboard, I’m not last there. I have amazed myself. I always think of myself as unworthy of CrossFit because I’m always sucky because I’m always the oldest crappiest athlete at my box. And here, it’s just because I’m the oldest, not because I’m crappy.

I truly believe, even with all the difficulty of actually getting that damn line in the database, I’ve gotten my money’s worth. One more week to go. I’m sure there is going to be double unders and thrusters. I sure as hell hope Dave knows to scale that to single unders for old farts.