Rather than focusing on what I don’t have (registration for the Open), I thought I would concentrate on what I do have. A week of awesome work at the box.

I did 17.1 on Saturday and worked as hard as this old body/heart could work. I thought I would not be able to get as far as I did and although, like every person in the world, I would have liked more, I truly am pleased, happy, and even thrilled with the score I got. Now if I could just enter it, but I’m trying to focus on the good.

On Saturday afternoon, I was getting pretty stiff and so I took a short walk. On Sunday, I was stiff and needed to move and I took a longer walk. I did a little more than 5K and by the time I got back to the house, it seemed everything was moving better.

My box posts all the WODs for the week on Sunday and so I could look ahead and see what fresh new hell awaited me for the week. I don’t cherry pick my workouts. I go on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and I do what I can within that construct.

I have no idea what Marc was thinking but 84 kettlebell swings were not in my immediate future. Monday’s WOD was 84 reps of both wall balls and kettlebell swings and my back was working, but not all that good. Those dumbbell snatches were okay, but by the end … Everyone who did 17.1 knows about this so there is no point in belaboring the issue. Suffice it to say, kettlebell swings weren’t going to help. I cut the reps in half and even though I said I was increasing the weight of the kettlebell the next time I did a workout, I didn’t. I managed okay but my back wouldn’t have liked to do it all again, so I did that right.

Skill on Monday was deadlifts and I read it wrong. I thought I only had to do 80% of my one rep max, but it was 90% with a touch and go for two reps. Then back off to 75%. So my deadlift was heavier than I anticipated and I wasn’t sure about lifting that much. I did it. I did the touch and go. I managed.

Tuesday had a bunch of overhead squats and this is my nemesis, my goat, my downfall. Because I’m old and inflexible and because I’m built really crooked, these are doubly hard. I supposed I could have used a heavier weight, but I stuck with my light 22# bar and worked with that. I was hoping to get 25 overhead squats in the allotted time and figured my sprints in the parking lot would be my normal stroll. I got 54 overhead squats. Over achiever.

Wednesday is my rest day. I rested. I can RX that shit.

Today was stiff legged deadlifts, an accessory move to strengthen legs. I did them at a higher weight than I had thought since the one I picked seemed too light. Then bent over rows came next and I increased my weight from last time and managed them fine.

The WOD was toes to bar, push press with a light barbell, and burpees to a target. I am so sick of burpees I could scream. But to a target usually means doing them on concrete and that was just more than my old carcass could take. So, I made an X on the wall and jumped up and touched that each time. I also subbed V-ups for the toes to bar because I can’t get my toes to the bar. I managed in a respectable time.

This is an amazing amount of work for anyone. It’s even more amazing for an old fart. Being able to do these things makes me smile. I have achieved the greatness I hoped for when I began. I haven’t achieved world class status and since I only put in a few hours a week instead of a few hours a day, that makes sense.

What I have managed is to show up consistently and improve across time. I could proselytize and sometimes I want to simply drag people in there with me. I do so many things I never in a million years dreamed I could and I would like to share that sense of accomplishment with everybody. Showing up is the hardest thing. Well, next to posting a score, but I’m staying positive that this will soon be resolved.