Dear Mr. Glassman,

The CrossFit Open had 324,307 registered participants in 2016. This number has been steadily rising over time so we can assume there are more registered (or at least attempting to register) in 2017.

The fee for participation is $20, not a substantial amount to be sure. It’s affordable. But doing the math means that the Open registration fees alone brought in $6,486,140 in 2016. That doesn’t include the fees to participate in Regionals and the Games themselves. Sponsor fees and TV rights are not included, either. It’s a pretty big money maker.

CrossFit provides the platform and in great part that is the damn website that hasn’t been working for days. Bringing in about $6.5 million should make it affordable for CrossFit Inc. to build a website that functions correctly.

Of course, we can assume that this year’s income from registrations alone topped $7 million but let’s not quibble about mere hundreds of thousands of dollars. You provide a website and some workouts and only get to the venue stuff later in the Games. Right now, all you have to do is have a spreadsheet available to us.

And you have failed. Miserably. You, Mr. Glassman, have failed. On a worldwide scale.

It isn’t just that I can’t post my score. It is that many people can’t post. And people who are actually in contention for a place at the Regionals are able to perhaps, fudge a little bit and see how other athletes did and have an advantage before posting their scores.

But for me, it has been just one more slap in the face.

I know, the whole glitch in the matrix took down not only CrossFit, but thousands of websites and we should be understanding or something like that. To which I can only say, what the hell? If your website had been working as it was supposed to, what happened on Tuesday would have been totally immaterial. All the scores would have already been posted.

I’ve checked my calendar to make sure my facts are correct, and Tuesday morning does come after Monday evening, the deadline for posting scores. The deadline that had to be extended because your website was poorly designed or maintained or simply nonfunctional. And then extended again and is still not functioning enough to allow me to post a damn score.

Bringing in millions upon millions of dollars for an event should make it affordable for you to hire some competent IT people capable for creating a webpage. Did you hire the Obamacare people? It functioned with the same bumpy inept interface.

It took great courage for me to enter into this arena. I’ve tried to remind myself it isn’t just me. You aren’t persecuting me. It’s not a condemnation of my unforged unelite unfit status. That’s the rational part of my brain. The angry, frustrated, fragile part of my brain is telling me an entirely different story and it is unpleasant and making me even crankier.

This has pretty much sucked any joy out of this experience. I had a heart rate over 170, I felt like puking, I continued on to achieve my score. I did my part. The most difficult part of 17.1 has been entering my damn score. As the scorekeeper for entire events, I’ve entered hundreds of other people’s scores with less angst than this has taken.

Mr. Glassman, please note that this is unacceptable. Maybe you need to step up your game a bit.