I have been walking for over six decades now. I don’t like to brag or anything, but I’m pretty good at it. Oh, I occasionally stumble or trip on a wayward piece of air but I don’t fall over like a Weeble or anything. I just look around hoping I wasn’t seen and carry on.

I have been doing CrossFit for almost four years now. I love it. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I actually know what I the abbreviations mean. HSPU is not for Holy Shit, Puke Up. I know when I see RFT that it isn’t Really? Fuck This.

Walking is doing nothing for me. I should get up and move around more, but it hasn’t done a thing to increase my endurance or decrease my weight. I’m stable. Walking around doesn’t make me feel better. It is, in fact, making me stress out.

A FitBit doesn’t care that I CrossFit. I can add it in, but it doesn’t care at all that I’ve just worked myself into a tizzy and a heart rate over 170 as I moved iron all over. I get no credit for doing the thing that is actually making me healthier and stronger and more agile and even increasing my endurance. That’s just unimportant to FitBit. It isn’t steps. AND it can’t keep up with my heart rate while I work out.

So then I come home to the oppressive heat and soppy humidity. And I need steps. Lots of steps. I told the dumb thing that I wanted to cut my steps back because I do CrossFit and it tells me I hit my goal at 7000 steps. And then my OCD kicks in and I realize that some unknown person who may or may not really know what the hell he/she is talking about has said I’m supposed to get 10,000 steps a day.

And then my competitive personality notices that my sisters both clock in a LOT more steps than I do. Neither of them do CrossFit. But that doesn’t count on FitBit.

Therefore, my sister actually benefit from FitBit. They are getting something for all the extra effort they put in to walking. I just find it mind-numbingly boring. I can deal with that part. But the oppressive heat and soppy humidity along with the sunburns are getting old.

So I started walking indoors which means I drive to a store and walk around there. Now, I can’t walk as fast in a store because – well, shoppers are everywhere and in my way. So I mosey through the stores making it even less effective but much cooler. I have shopped a lot lately. I’ve bought crap that I probably didn’t need, but I saw while I was trying to get my steps in.

Yesterday, we went to Citadel Mall which is huge. It was nearly empty. There was only one thing I was tempted to buy and there was no employee to be found so I could buy it. So I thought I was going to get away without buying anything. But we also stopped at Honeybaked Ham and bought a half a ham, which was way worth it and stuff.

All I’m doing is being cranky about walking and stressing about walking and being miserable about walking. And walking isn’t doing anything for me – well, except for stressing me out and making me miserable and crankier than usual.

So, I’m breaking up with my FitBit. I may take it to Arizona with me, but I might not. I haven’t decided. I’m waiting for cooler weather this fall and then I will walk again. My current plan is to not count any steps whatsoever.

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is make coffee. I began walking around the block while the coffee brews because it is usually before sunrise and not very hot at this time. I also don’t have to worry about sunburn. And then I come home and get my brewed coffee and go out and walk in the other direction for about the same distance.

So I’m walking over 1.5 miles and I get it done before the sun is really up and baking the dew into steam to add to the already saturated air. And I can do this before going to CrossFit or just any day – unless it is raining. Dick didn’t like that I was out walking in a Tropical Storm even though it wasn’t much of a storm. But if I walk, that’s good. And if I don’t, well, that’s okay too.

When fall comes, I will re-evaluate and decide if having a FitBit it is really making me more fit. Until then, I will do CrossFit and be awesome and hopefully, I can tone down the cranky pants part of my life.