We are getting new flooring put in the foyer and the ball room (aka man cave). It was ordered before we went to Florida and then our trip set everything back. The schedule was to put in the floor next Thursday. We got a call yesterday asking if we wanted it done then. We quickly moved all the furniture out of the way and the flooring guys showed up.

There is a gooey mass o’crap that goes on the existing flooring to even everything out prior to putting down new flooring. It should have dried in about an hour. But, there is a hurricane offshore and there is rain and humidity and not very arid conditions here in coastal South Carolina. It wouldn’t dry. They went home and we were left with furniture scattered all over the damn house. Clutter makes me very edgy and three closets and two rooms and a hallway create a lot of clutter.

I successful did not look at the WOD last night. When I awoke to a totally cluttered house this morning, I looked and saw this:

Four rounds for individual reps
AMRAP in 3 minutes:
Buy in: 500m row
Wall balls (20/14)
No rep for not going below parallel or contacting the target

I had looked yesterday and the workout had 3 RFT of both power snatches and overhead squats and so I was thinking I was going to make it a week without having to throw a fit.

Nikki and I were the only ones there this morning and Betsy was coaching but Kim was there, too. And the board did not look like the website. We warmed up and did all sorts of things and were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written on the white board:

3 x 3 heaving snatches – heavy
3 rounds of
3 min AMRAP
Buy in: 500 meter row
wall balls (20/14)
3 minutes of rest
Score is total number of wall balls.

We have been doing snatches and overhead squats since July. Three whole fucking months of these two non-functional movements. I’m done with them. I will permit them back in my life next year. I get three months without having to do this move which is only useful if for some reason I decide to become an Olympic weightlifter. I’m so over these I could throttle someone. I was sure after having these non-functional moves both in yesterday’s WOD that since CrossFit is varied, they wouldn’t appear today and I would have an actual whole week off. I was wrong.

Nikki tried, but she is new and the move was far too complicated and technical for her to master. She did overhead squats. I did thrusters. I have been piddling around with snatches and overhead squats on such a frequent basis, that I have lost almost all of my former strength. All I have raging anger. That’s not all that helpful in a gym.

I did 22# thrusters and Betsy had me change my hold and get the bar really resting on my shoulders for the squat rather than me holding the bar. I’m scared to death of taking my nose off again and it was incredibly difficult to make myself take that risk. But I did. I managed to get my hold better and it is actually easier, once I realized I can keep my nose safe.

I did them with 32 and 42# as well and then we were out of time. Over a year ago, I could do 52# thrusters. I didn’t have that much room to go up today. But my snatch is looking incredibly weak, so there is always that.

Then on to the conditioning. The rounds changed from four to three and there was a rest put in there. That was a good thing because there was no way I could have managed this at all without it.

I only rowed 400 meters because otherwise I would not have even gotten to the wall balls. My heart rate to begin was around 110 and so I only had a heart rate of 162 at the end of the row. But that’s not a place to start wall balls, so I had to sit and box breathe until I thought I could manage the rest of the time with wall balls. It took over 2 minutes to row and I began wall balls with 30 seconds left and got 11. My heart rate was 172.

I couldn’t get low enough even with 3 minutes of rest so my heart rate was 130 when I began rowing. It still took me over 2 minutes to row and my heart rate was 167 when I finished. I got it down low enough – all the way to 158 – with 20 seconds left on the clock and did 8 wall balls and ended with a heart rate of 172 and tingling hands.

The next round was pretty much the same, but my heart rate climbed faster and even trying to row a bit slower wasn’t going to help. I had a heart rate of 168 at the end of the row and could only get it to 160 when there were 15 seconds left and I got 7 wall balls before time was called.

I got home and the guys were back and the floor is progressing and it will be finished today and I can get all the furniture put back. So things are looking up.