I tweaked Command Central a bit more yesterday. It looks less cluttered which is always a good thing for me. Clutter makes me nervous. I don’t mind dirt at all – but clutter sends me over the edge. So I got it a bit less cluttered. I am happy.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night and still woke up way before I needed to. I was awake at 5 AM and I was determined to take a nap before getting up. There was nothing to worry about and yet my mind went 100 mph without really thinking about anything. I gave up and got out of bed shortly before 6 AM. I got to the box for the 8 AM class. It was just me and Cindy today.

We warmed up and both of us were whining – something that has never happened before. We did some of this and some of that and were finally, mercifully, declared warm. We got to work.

Today’s WOD as written:

Find 1 rep max of the Jerk. No split jerk allowed.
11 min AMRAP:

8 T2B
8 Burpees

I looked and my last jerk was 62#. Since we have been working ad nauseum on snatches and overhead squats, there has been little in the way of heavy weights, at least for me. I’ve gotten to where I’m suffering from this. It is why I have determined that I’m not doing another snatch or overhead squat until next year. I will sub out with a clean and front squats. To be fair, there has been a lot of deadlifts too, but they are doing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m not there on those days.

I did a few reps with the 42# bar and they were okay, then I went to 52# and that was more difficult. Then I tried 57# and while it “looked good” it was difficult. I made an attempt with 62# and had to drop the bar. I simply couldn’t get it overhead. So I regrouped and tried again. I got the damn thing up. I went and got the 1# plates so I could try one more time with 64# and I got it up, but my lockout was weak. While it was a rep, there was no “looked good” on it and I counted it as my last rep. It was a PR, but not by much.

I can’t do a toes to bar so that was out. I did a modified V-up which is really more like a Q-up or possibly a U-up or whatever – my knees are bent. And I opted for jumping a plank in and out and no push-up included in the burpees. The jumping jacks my heart rate up, but walking them in and out will leave my hips hurting later. So I decided to hop, but no push-up. I kept the rep scheme the same because why not?

My heart rate was down to 101 when we started and I managed the first round without stopping and ended with a heart rate of 158.

I got that down to 145 and did the V-ups and then had to get my heart rate down to 145 before starting the burpees or I wasn’t going to be able to do them all together. Even so, I was going to start pausing after the 5th or 6th in order to catch my breath. It was a pause and not a stop, so I’m not really counting it. It was the same thing real CrossFitters do.

I managed to get through six round like that and each successive one was more difficult and my heart rate after the burpees was higher. There was less than 90 seconds left when I finished round 6 and my heart rate was 168. I simply had to rest.

I got the V-ups done as Kim counted down the time and I didn’t look at my heart rate and just got up for a burpee. I wish I had done a little more math in my head because I really wanted one more burpee. I got 6+9 for a score and if I had gotten one more damn burpee, that would have been 50 of them. Shit. But I didn’t. I did get 49.

I got myself home and fed and showered. Life is looking pretty good now. And smells better, too.