We made an unplanned trip to Florida last Sunday and stayed for a week. The only “exercise” I got was walking. We walked on the beach and we walked on the boardwalk and we walked, but there was nothing overly strenuous about any of it.

I had lots of really good food. We went out to eat a few times and I ate wonderful meals which were not anywhere near healthy let alone Paleo. Not that I eat Paleo at all, but they were not close in any way, shape, or form.

We got home last night and had pizza because … well, we had been in the car for eight hours and no one felt like cooking even if there had been food in the house to cook. In summary, I have had a week of “normal” behavior and not a week of CrossFit behavior. It feels like it.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night. When I looked this morning, I wondered what I should do with it. First thing to do was math, so I did that and wrote my numbers down. I still have them sitting here at my desk because I failed to bring them with me to the box. Brilliant. I usually have a pre-workout banana but didn’t have any in the house. I did have my protein drink. Off to a good start back at it.

Today we had Leslie number 1 and Leslie number 2. Nikki came, Cindy showed up, and I was there. Apparently Leslie number 1 did not get the message since she was the only person not dressed in purple today. Leslie number 2 has not been a regular of late and wished to heavily scale things while she got back into it. Nikki just started with classes.

We warmed up and the biggest whiners were me and Cindy. Go figure. It is what we excel at. And it is expected. We would hate to disappoint.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats 10 @ 50% + 5 lb, 5 @ 70% + 5 lb, 3 @ 80% + 5 lb, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%
If you can add 5 lbs to the 90% reps without failing, then do so.
Buy in: 20 slam balls (m/w)
3 RFT:
200m run
20 OHWL (45/25) (10 each leg)
20 KBS (53/35)
Buy out: 20 goblet squats with slam ball (m/w)

It was fun to have a larger class, but I’m used to being the only weenie around and having access to all the lighter stuff. Today, I had to share, but that is something I can manage. So it wasn’t a problem.

My front squats were done with ten reps at 42#, five reps at 57#, three reps at 67#, and the three single reps at 72#.

I asked Kim if she had a plan and she thought doing half of everything would work. But … I thought that since I don’t hold weight overhead, I could manage 15 plain walking lunges.

I managed all 10 slam balls with the 25# ball without stopping but then my heart rate was already 172. I couldn’t even manage a slow walk like that and make the cardiologist happy. So I waited to get it down a little and then walked. I sat and did box breathing for a bit and tried to do the lunges, but I hadn’t waited long enough and had to pause in the middle.

It was ridiculously humid out there today and I had trouble even holding on to the slam ball which has never happened before. So I knew that the kettlebell swings were going to be slippery. So I lunged to the chalk bucket and chalked up while I box breathed and then finished the lunges. I got my heart rate down to 145 and did the ten kettlebell swings using a 25# dumbbell since the 25# and even the 20# kettlebells were being used.

I got through the next two rounds okay and made sure my heart rate was low enough before starting the lunges so I could do them all at once. Then I had to rest and get a heart rate low enough to do the squats. My hands were slippery and I really could have used some chalk, but the bucket was waaaaaaay over there and so I just skipped it.

I managed to get the squats done without setting the ball down, but I did have to pause at the top a few times and regroup. I finished at 12.34 and had a heart rate of 178. Cindy did this RX and at the end, she said she felt like she was going to either puke or pass out. Her heart rate was 180. It is really a nasty way to work. But she made it.

I did have bacon and eggs here for breakfast, but I will need to run to the grocery store to restock the house with a better selection of healthy foods.