I got a lot done yesterday. We ordered the flooring for the entryway and the extra bedroom and it will be here some time next week. I got two pounds of bacon fried up and ready for my delicious post-WOD breakfasts. I made banana nut muffins. And I even got some writing done. It was a productive day.

I successfully ignored looking at the WOD last night for which I can only be eternally grateful considering how upset I was when I looked this morning. And I had plenty of time to do things like that because the smoke alarm decided to do a self-test around 5 AM and I couldn’t fall back to sleep after knowing I was safe from nonexistent smoke.

I looked. I groaned. And then I noticed the spectacular stupidity of the whole thing and just sighed. I know it is somewhat of a stereotype to call someone a “dumb jock” but there is some basis for doing so.

Nikki was there for a private session with Kim and Cindy and I had Betsy coaching, but she wasn’t working out this morning because she wanted to do the partner WOD with her favorite partner.

We began with a run and then did stuff and then did 3 rounds of more things with a dumbbell and then we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:

Start with light weight working on form as you warm up. With coach approval, move to heavier weight. Work on jerk of your choice, can be regular or split.
5 X 3 at heavy weight
In teams of 2

Complete 4200m row switching every 350m
While not rowing, other teammate will complete:
5 burpees
8 power snatches 95/65
10 front squats.
Score is only total number of front squats team completes. Time is when team completes 4200m row. When switching partner on the rowers, the other partner will begin with the movement

I tried a few split jerks but I twist my back leg and so it is incorrect. If I keep my back leg straight, I feel totally off balance. It is my short leg that is behind me and that may have something to do with it. I used a 42# bar and did all five sets at that weight and just did a plain jerk.

Now for the dumbness. The score is the number of front squats and that’s really all you have to put on the white board, according to this. So all you have to do is row slow enough for your partner to complete all the moves and rack up ten front squats on each round for a total of 120 since this is 12 rounds. Amazingly enough, people didn’t do this.

My plan was to have Betsy and Cindy be partners and leave me alone to do my own thing but Betsy didn’t work out with us. Cindy didn’t want to do this as partners anymore than I did. But I had a plan. I figured I could do four rounds of this crap.

Betsy added a 350 meter row to the front end and as a cash out, but then we did the moves as written. I used a 22# bar and Cindy tried using a 33# pound bar but it hurt her left arm and her right shoulder so she also used a 22# bar for the moves. I also just jumped in and out and didn’t do the push-up part of the burpee.

I could do five burpees that way and then rest. I could manage 8 hang power snatches and then rest since my heart rate was about 170 at the end of these. Then I could manage the 10 front squats and then rest, since I was again around 170 at the end of them. So I plodding through this. One move, rest, one move , rest and on and on and on.

Cindy was finished with the whole thing and I was just starting my fourth round. But I did not give up. I didn’t even whine – I was too winded. I just kept slowly moving. I finally finished and began to row.

Since I started rowing with a heart rate of 173, I rowed slowly. For some reason, my watch was beeping again for part of this mess and it just beeped and beeped. I looked to see why because I was feeling a bit recovered and my heart rate was down to 164. I rowed a bit harder. I didn’t have that much more to go but time was moving forward. I had 50 meters left and I decided I really wanted to end under the 19 minute mark so I started rowing like I was a Roman slave and the Emperor wanted to water ski. I finished in 18.56.

My heart rate was back up to 172 and I was exhausted, but I reached the goal I was going for. I started wanting to finish in under 20 minutes and I hit that one, too.

Amazingly enough, after 125 squats on Wednesday, I was able to continue walking and even going to the bathroom was no problem. There were 30 goblet squats as part of the warm-up today and they used a 10# weight. Then I did 40 squats as part of this lovely unpartnered WOD. I hope I can walk tomorrow.

I believe this was my exact expression at the end of the row

I believe this was my exact expression at the end of the row