I did pretty much nothing for a day. We did go for a walk in the evening around the big block which is about 35 minutes of walking. It was beautiful with a light breeze and cool temperatures and little humidity.

I have been tweaking Command Central and getting it to be perfect – for the time being. It has been a week since I got my desk and my left knee is much better. It doesn’t hurt all the time, it doesn’t give out when I first try to walk, and it is generally behaving as one hopes a knee to behave. So the desk was a good idea even though I have been in my chair and coloring quite a bit. Using my laptop as an actual laptop was making me torque my knee and causing problems. This is better.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night and slept peacefully. In fact, I forgot to wake up. I’m usually up around 6.30 which gives me time to get online and peruse the doings of the internet over night. I can leisurely sip a cup of coffee so I don’t get a caffeine headache. It works nicely. Then my alarm goes off to tell me to shut down the computer and get ready for the box.

Today, the alarm went off and woke me from a deep sleep. I sprang out of bed and hurried to get ready for a wonderful day at the box. I was going to simply ignore the coffee altogether, but Dick had made a pot and my head was already throbbing so I poured a half cup (which is really a full cup but my insulated cup is large), added one ice cube, and then took off for the box.

Today it was Cindy and me with Kim coaching but she worked out with us as well. She had already done her lifts (wrong) so she could watch us for the skill portion.

We warmed up and talked too much. Kim had checked her heart rate for me after she worked out yesterday and it was around 120 something if I remember right. I snorted. That’s where I start a WOD. I get a higher heart rate just on the first 200 meter run thing. We warmed up and then got ready for the day.

Today’s WOD as written:

3X3 HPC light weight, 3X2 moderate weight, 3X1 heavy weight.
5 RFT:

400m run
25 air squats

Kim said something about touch and go and I said I thought I had remembered reading (in the bathroom without my glasses and before coffee – so I wasn’t really sure) that they were hang power cleans. She looked at the board and they were hangs. Cindy has an injured arm and it hurt to clean stuff but she could manage push presses, so she did those while I did the hang power cleans.

I did the three sets of three with 42# and they were pretty easy. Then I was an overachiever, simply by accident , and did three reps in the first set of twos. I only did two reps for the other two and used a 52# bar for those. I did the singles with a 62# bar. I managed them but the last one was really sloppy.

Kim and I rowed instead of running and Cindy, who hasn’t been at the gym for about 6 weeks, ran. We rowed 250 meters and Cindy ran 200 meters. Then Cindy did 20 squats and I asked Kim how many I was doing hoping she would give me the same number, but she said I could manage 25. Damn. That’s 125 fucking squats. But I did them.

Kim checked her heart rate before we started and she was in the 70s and I was in the 120s. Time started and I could manage to pretty much keep pace with the women young enough to be my daughters for the first two rounds. But then … it got too much. I had to break the squats into smaller pieces and shake out my legs some.

After rowing for the fourth time, my heart rate was 168 and I couldn’t start the squats like that so I had to wait, although it didn’t take too long because I was willing to start the squats around 160. As I was rowing for the fifth time, I was sure I could throw up if I let myself. I did not let myself. I had no desire, no miniscule wish to even attempt another 25 squats. But there were still 25 more squats to do. So I did them. I did not like them. I finished in 14.42.

Kim’s heart rate when she finished was “racing” and 119. My heart rate when I finished was 178. Other people often tell me how fast their hearts are beating, but when we actually compare numbers, they are not as high as me. I’m an outlier and I have no idea what to do about this except cope. And whine. I whine a lot, but I’m coping as well. Not really well; I’m coping, too.

I’m thinking my legs are going to be really unhappy with the rest of me by tomorrow. I have to go to the store today anyway so I might just buy myself some Depends and not have to even think about terror in the bathroom. I will just wet my pants and be done with it. At least it is a plan.