I obsess about workouts. I know I am old and feeble and I will be the last one done and have the worst rep count and generally just suck. I hate looking old and feeble and most of, foolish. I hate that I’m not able to do what my brain says I can but my body refuses to do. I hate the whole idea of old and feeble. So I obsess about the workouts and wonder how I can manage to look less old, less feeble, and most of all less foolish.

As soon as the WODs are posted, I look and groan and moan and think I can’t do that shit and it’s too hard and how in the hell is someone as old and feeble as me to cope with this shit. I think that every single time. And then I suck it up and go to the box and manage something. Never as written, but one of the tenets of CrossFit is that it is all scalable. So I scale.

When I first started, they really didn’t know what to do with me and I didn’t know what to do with me either. We always dropped the weights and amended moves as needed. But no one seemed to consider dropping the reps. I was a member there for two years before I participated in the Masters Games and learned you could cut the reps back. And I began doing so and eased much of my angst.

But still, each day at 8 PM I look for the WOD and then moan groan. And then I’m up part of the night trying to strategize and worry and fret. So last night, I didn’t look. I was still up three times during the night, but I fell back to sleep quickly. I looked this morning and moaned and groaned, but then I figured out a scaling option and off I went to the box.

It was Leslie and me with Betsy coaching and working out with us. Kim was there with Nicki in a private session. Girl time at the box.

We warmed up and Betsy tried to kill me with just the warm-up. I was okay until the burpees crept in and then I wasn’t okay. My heart rate was already over the limit and I wasn’t even supposed to be fully warm yet. This always happens and it is disgusting. See every other post I’ve ever written about CrossFit.

Today’s WOD as written:
WOD #1
1 RFT:

500 m row
25 thrusters (65/45)
15 pull ups
Rest 5 minutes
Deadlifts (225/155)
Box jumps (24/20)

Betsy and I discussed the WOD and she wanted to know if I had a plan and I said I would listen to her plan and then tell her what I planned to do. She laughed but told me the row as written, some sort of push press and then pull-ups. I don’t remember her rep scheme but it was much lower than what I had picked.

She had no idea on the second WOD since that is the rep scheme I usually choose as they do the normal 21-15-9 thing. I had a plan for that to.

What I did was a 400 meter row so I finished about the same time they did. Then I did 20 thrusters and since that is a low weight, I used a 22# bar, and then I did 12 pull-ups using a 2” band.

Then I rested the five minutes and did 15-9-3 with 73# deadlifts, step ups to a 20” box, and HSPU from the box using one mat.

I rowed and rowed and had a heart rate over 165 by the end. I was still the last to finish, but not by a whole lot. Then I had to rest. I was hoping that the weight was low enough that I could just do 10 and 10 on the thrusters but my heart rate wasn’t cooperating and after 8 I had to stop and my heart rate was 174. No wonder I wasn’t feeling so good. It took forever to get back down and then I did 7 more and rested and finished with just five more. Then I had to get my heart rate down enough to even start pull-ups and managed those 6 and 6. It took me 8.51 and most of that was the damn thrusters killing me.

I managed to RX the five minute rest. But since both Betsy and Leslie were far ahead of me, they were working and I was sitting and sitting and sitting. Kim came over to make sure I was okay and I said I was still on my five minute rest and she had forgotten about that part. But it was nice to see that someone was looking out for me.

My heart rate was all the way down to 134 to start the next part and I was hoping to be able to get all the deadlifts done at once. But … I couldn’t and had to stop after 12. So I got my heart rate down and finished them and started the step-ups, but I was stepping into one of the depressions where the cement under the mats is broken. I managed a few but my heart rate was high anyway so I stopped. When I restarted, I stepped from the other side of the box. I finished them and rested and did the HSPU in 8 and 7.

First round done and I was at the time that most people had finished the whole damn thing during the 5 AM class. I got my heart rate down and did the deadlifts. Then I rested and got my heart rate down and did the step-ups. Then I rested and did the HSPU and had to struggle on the last two but I was damned if I was stopping.

I then just had three of each move. I got my heart rate under 150 and did them all without stopping because I had the rest of the day to recover. I finished in 24.56 (I think or maybe 24.46 but I don’t know for sure).

Like always, I did it. Not well. Not like the kids or even the young adults. But I did it. Scaled and cut back and possible. I worked my ass off. I got it done. It was ugly, but I did it.