It’s been a while since I worked out. They were open for a limited time on Monday and 8 AM was a class time, but there was no WOD posted and so I figured it was going to be something heroic and I wasn’t feeling heroic. I stayed home instead. When I got there this morning I looked and behold, a named WOD. Betsy. Times for real people was in the 30 minute range. I’m so glad I stayed home.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of writing done and that feels nice. I’m ahead of the game and that feels nice. I would like to stay ahead of the game, but I know I’m going to give myself a pass and get right back into the hurry up and finish on time mode. I hate doing that to myself. Perhaps that will be enough motivation to keep up with being ahead.

But then I realize that even though I know that mobilization makes me feel better all the time, I don’t do it often enough or consistently. I have no idea why. I work on sore spots instead of being proactive and keeping from getting sore. If anyone knows why I do this, I would love to know the answer.

The other answer I’m looking for is why is my heart rate so high. My resting heart rate is high and my working heart rate is too high. Craig wants to know why, too. I have no answer. I paid $1,000 out of pocket and have no idea how much insurance paid to find out that my heart rate is high and keep doing what I’m doing since it seems to be working okay. And don’t go over mid-160s. I’m not sure which part of that advice I’m supposed to follow.

Barbara and Ivan were visiting from Florida and Hannah was in today. Still no Kat. I don’t know where she took off to, but perhaps her FIA (females in action) stuff is enough for her right now. Kim was coaching. When I looked at this mass of shit last night I just wanted to cry. I looked up this morning to see how many times snatches and overhead squats have been in the WODs lately. Since July 27 there have been ten WODs with one or the other – or both. And I only go three times a week and I missed a couple times. Ten times. I’m really over these things.

We warmed up and for some reason, my watch started beeping again. I was beeping after the initial 400 meter run of which I only did 200 meters. From resting heart rate of too high to beeping in 200 meters. This is simply ridiculous. I have no idea how to make it any different. We did lots of other things and were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Find 1 rep max snatch in 20 minutes. No max attempts. Time is your only limitation. Any snatch form is acceptable, but remember, in theory, you can lift more with a full snatch.
WOD: For Time:
21 wall balls (20/14)
18 over the box jumps
15 power snatches (95/65)
12 OHS (95/65)
9 burpee chest to bar pull ups

I began with an empty 22# bar and did hang power snatches for 27, 32, and 37# and then had full plates on the bar. So I did a power snatch from the floor at 42#. Then I wanted to try a 47# bar but figured I might drop it and Kim said if I had to, I had to and it shouldn’t snap the plates. I got elbows high and couldn’t flick overhead. One try and everyone else had already got their one rep max so I didn’t try again.

I asked Kim what in the hell I should do with this damn mess. The 5 AM class had times in the 5-7 minute range except for one person at 18 minutes. That was going to be me. I am so sick of sprint WODs being chippers I could scream. I’m tired of this heart rate nonsense. I’m ready to give up on snatches and overhead squats. I don’t see that they have any functional value at all. There is never any reason in real life to snatch anything. It is an Olympic move and I’m not going to the Olympics.

Kim knocked three reps off each move so I started at 18 wall balls and ended at 6 jumping chest to bar and no burpees there. I asked for a time cap. She said I would be done in ten minutes, she was sure of it. I had no idea why should be sure of such a bit of lunacy, but I didn’t argue anymore. I’m already whiny enough.

Time began and I managed 10 and then 8 wall balls with a 10# ball to an eight foot mark. Then I used the 12” box for step overs. I might have asked about not going over, but actually just stepping up and down and then used a 20” box, but to come down on the other side wasn’t going to work with my knees and jumping off would have been too much for my pitiful heart. Even sticking with the lower box, I had to split them in two. I thought I might manage all of them at once, but I stopped when I hit 170 and had only 10 done.

Then on to the damn power snatches. I used the empty 22# bar for the goddam snatches and overhead squats. I am going to ask for a divorce from them and I want them out of my life. I did them 6 and 6 and then the overhead squats were 5 and 4 and then I just had to do jumping chest to bar from that same 12” box and I was done in 11.02.

The place was stiflingly hot today. And humid. And sweltering. And miserable. And the worst part was when I finally caught my breath enough to manage to make it out to my car, I stepped outside and it was at least 10 degrees cooler and with a nice breeze. The fans had been going inside, but there had been no air really moving.

I did more than I thought I was going to manage today, but I can say with absolute certainty, that I am sick unto death of snatches and overhead squats.

Franking going over the wall at the Spartan Race.

Franking going over the wall at the Spartan Race.