I had a massage yesterday and it helped my knee quite a bit. But my knee is not completely better. I know part of my problem is Command Central. I need a desk to sit at and being in this recliner all the time is not helping. I ordered a desk from Amazon yesterday. It will be here next week.

I looked at the WOD last night. I read it again. I read it a third time. I didn’t understand what we were supposed to do, but I show up on Fridays and so I knew I had to show up today, what with it being Friday and all.

I went to bed at a reasonable time. I woke up at 11.30 for no good reason. I woke up at 3 AM with a nightmare. I usually don’t remember my dreams and I would have been grateful if I hadn’t remembered this one. It took me over 1.5 hours to fall back to sleep. I woke up right around 7 AM. I had a cup of coffee, my banana, and my protein shake before leaving the house at 7.45 for the 8 AM class. This is going to prove problematic.

It was just me with Betsy coaching today. But she worked out with me which was a good thing. Kim was there with a new client who just moved here from Tennessee. I can’t remember her name because I’m horrible with names. I hope she liked it and will be back and I hope 8 AM is a good time for her. That would be great.

Betsy and I warmed up together. I managed a bear crawl, but inchworm and push-up stuff immediately after with my stomach full of coffee and protein shake was not the best idea I’ve ever had. I had to switch to something that wasn’t head down. Or else I wouldn’t have had a full stomach for much longer.

Today’s WOD as written:
Superset A:
Close grip bench press/strict pull ups
3X6 with superset of 6 strict pull ups (palms facing you)
Superset B: Bar dips (with the bar on resting on the rack)/Penley rows
5X10 with legs straight in front of you (not bent) bar dips with a superset of penley rows. Weight should start light. Can move up if you can knock out of set of 10 easily. However, do not get extremely heavy.
Superset C: Barbell bicep curls (yes, bicep curls/)/ tricep push ups
3 X 10 with moderate weight curls with a superset of 8 tricep push ups (fingers form a triangle, placements of hands is directly at chest level during the movement.
Superset D: GHD/walking planks
3 X 10 GHD (or v-ups for progression) with a superset of 10 walking planks (start with plank on palms, one arm at a time go to elbows. Return to palms. That is one rep). Be sure that core stays activated, and plank is perfect form.

I had no freaking idea what this crap was. I knew that some of it was beyond me. I figured I didn’t have to know what stuff was because I was not the coach. Betsy and I discussed some of this before 8 AM and even the coach didn’t know what in the hell some of this shit was. She went and asked about bar dips and got instructions from Kim.

So we started to work. And we were doing it wrong. We would have continued to do it wrong, but Betsy asked about the sets. I read this as bench press for three sets and then one set of pull-ups done funky. Instead, it was supposed to be a superset of the two moves interspersed. So we finished up the superset A as not a superset but did the rest as we were supposed to do them.

We don’t really have a bench and so floor presses were done. I used 32# for them and they were a bit awkward with my hands closer together. The bar was far more tippy in that manner. I managed the reversed hand grip pull-ups with a green band even though I had no real hope for them. I was supposed to try at least and so I did and I managed them. I can’t say I’m a big fan. But I did all of them.

I couldn’t have my legs straight for the bar dips, but I did manage them with bent knees and I managed the Pendlay rows with the same bar but by the end, my back was tight and not happy with me. It was nice going back and forth between the two moves instead of three sets of one move and three of the other.

I tried just the 22# bar for the biceps curls and I could manage them if I arched my back, but if I tucked my hips under, no such luck. Betsy had me use just 5# dumbbells and raise them together. I might have been able to do the 8# dumbbells, but I was struggling at the end of the ten reps, so maybe not. There was no chance in hell that I could do the funny push-ups. Betsy struggled through them. I tried them on the bar and couldn’t do one. I did something with a 10# dumbbell with it behind my head and then raising it overhead ten times.

I then did the V-ups and they weren’t exactly full ones because I have to bend my knees. And I tried that up and down shit on the planks and it was not happening. I held a plank for as long as I could and called that my sub. We both made it through all the rounds and were so happy this crapload of shit was done.

This whole week was supposed to be a deload week. And one of the things a deload week can be is lots of various moves that haven’t been done recently. I understand that. But I really, really wanted a deload week that had just a bit of work without trying to kill me. I’m not sure this was really any different than any other week. I didn’t get a sense of light work so my body could recover from all the hard work we have been doing. All I sensed was a lot of hard work, just like every time I walk into the box.

What a winner looks like. Frankie with her Spartan race medal

What a winner looks like. Frankie with her Spartan race medal