September 2015

I tweaked Command Central a bit more yesterday. It looks less cluttered which is always a good thing for me. Clutter makes me nervous. I don’t mind dirt at all – but clutter sends me over the edge. So I got it a bit less cluttered. I am happy.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night and still woke up way before I needed to. I was awake at 5 AM and I was determined to take a nap before getting up. There was nothing to worry about and yet my mind went 100 mph without really thinking about anything. I gave up and got out of bed shortly before 6 AM. I got to the box for the 8 AM class. It was just me and Cindy today.

We warmed up and both of us were whining – something that has never happened before. We did some of this and some of that and were finally, mercifully, declared warm. We got to work.

Today’s WOD as written:

Find 1 rep max of the Jerk. No split jerk allowed.
11 min AMRAP:

8 T2B
8 Burpees

I looked and my last jerk was 62#. Since we have been working ad nauseum on snatches and overhead squats, there has been little in the way of heavy weights, at least for me. I’ve gotten to where I’m suffering from this. It is why I have determined that I’m not doing another snatch or overhead squat until next year. I will sub out with a clean and front squats. To be fair, there has been a lot of deadlifts too, but they are doing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m not there on those days.

I did a few reps with the 42# bar and they were okay, then I went to 52# and that was more difficult. Then I tried 57# and while it “looked good” it was difficult. I made an attempt with 62# and had to drop the bar. I simply couldn’t get it overhead. So I regrouped and tried again. I got the damn thing up. I went and got the 1# plates so I could try one more time with 64# and I got it up, but my lockout was weak. While it was a rep, there was no “looked good” on it and I counted it as my last rep. It was a PR, but not by much.

I can’t do a toes to bar so that was out. I did a modified V-up which is really more like a Q-up or possibly a U-up or whatever – my knees are bent. And I opted for jumping a plank in and out and no push-up included in the burpees. The jumping jacks my heart rate up, but walking them in and out will leave my hips hurting later. So I decided to hop, but no push-up. I kept the rep scheme the same because why not?

My heart rate was down to 101 when we started and I managed the first round without stopping and ended with a heart rate of 158.

I got that down to 145 and did the V-ups and then had to get my heart rate down to 145 before starting the burpees or I wasn’t going to be able to do them all together. Even so, I was going to start pausing after the 5th or 6th in order to catch my breath. It was a pause and not a stop, so I’m not really counting it. It was the same thing real CrossFitters do.

I managed to get through six round like that and each successive one was more difficult and my heart rate after the burpees was higher. There was less than 90 seconds left when I finished round 6 and my heart rate was 168. I simply had to rest.

I got the V-ups done as Kim counted down the time and I didn’t look at my heart rate and just got up for a burpee. I wish I had done a little more math in my head because I really wanted one more burpee. I got 6+9 for a score and if I had gotten one more damn burpee, that would have been 50 of them. Shit. But I didn’t. I did get 49.

I got myself home and fed and showered. Life is looking pretty good now. And smells better, too.


We made an unplanned trip to Florida last Sunday and stayed for a week. The only “exercise” I got was walking. We walked on the beach and we walked on the boardwalk and we walked, but there was nothing overly strenuous about any of it.

I had lots of really good food. We went out to eat a few times and I ate wonderful meals which were not anywhere near healthy let alone Paleo. Not that I eat Paleo at all, but they were not close in any way, shape, or form.

We got home last night and had pizza because … well, we had been in the car for eight hours and no one felt like cooking even if there had been food in the house to cook. In summary, I have had a week of “normal” behavior and not a week of CrossFit behavior. It feels like it.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night. When I looked this morning, I wondered what I should do with it. First thing to do was math, so I did that and wrote my numbers down. I still have them sitting here at my desk because I failed to bring them with me to the box. Brilliant. I usually have a pre-workout banana but didn’t have any in the house. I did have my protein drink. Off to a good start back at it.

Today we had Leslie number 1 and Leslie number 2. Nikki came, Cindy showed up, and I was there. Apparently Leslie number 1 did not get the message since she was the only person not dressed in purple today. Leslie number 2 has not been a regular of late and wished to heavily scale things while she got back into it. Nikki just started with classes.

We warmed up and the biggest whiners were me and Cindy. Go figure. It is what we excel at. And it is expected. We would hate to disappoint.

Today’s WOD as written:
Front Squats 10 @ 50% + 5 lb, 5 @ 70% + 5 lb, 3 @ 80% + 5 lb, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%, 1 @ 90%
If you can add 5 lbs to the 90% reps without failing, then do so.
Buy in: 20 slam balls (m/w)
3 RFT:
200m run
20 OHWL (45/25) (10 each leg)
20 KBS (53/35)
Buy out: 20 goblet squats with slam ball (m/w)

It was fun to have a larger class, but I’m used to being the only weenie around and having access to all the lighter stuff. Today, I had to share, but that is something I can manage. So it wasn’t a problem.

My front squats were done with ten reps at 42#, five reps at 57#, three reps at 67#, and the three single reps at 72#.

I asked Kim if she had a plan and she thought doing half of everything would work. But … I thought that since I don’t hold weight overhead, I could manage 15 plain walking lunges.

I managed all 10 slam balls with the 25# ball without stopping but then my heart rate was already 172. I couldn’t even manage a slow walk like that and make the cardiologist happy. So I waited to get it down a little and then walked. I sat and did box breathing for a bit and tried to do the lunges, but I hadn’t waited long enough and had to pause in the middle.

It was ridiculously humid out there today and I had trouble even holding on to the slam ball which has never happened before. So I knew that the kettlebell swings were going to be slippery. So I lunged to the chalk bucket and chalked up while I box breathed and then finished the lunges. I got my heart rate down to 145 and did the ten kettlebell swings using a 25# dumbbell since the 25# and even the 20# kettlebells were being used.

I got through the next two rounds okay and made sure my heart rate was low enough before starting the lunges so I could do them all at once. Then I had to rest and get a heart rate low enough to do the squats. My hands were slippery and I really could have used some chalk, but the bucket was waaaaaaay over there and so I just skipped it.

I managed to get the squats done without setting the ball down, but I did have to pause at the top a few times and regroup. I finished at 12.34 and had a heart rate of 178. Cindy did this RX and at the end, she said she felt like she was going to either puke or pass out. Her heart rate was 180. It is really a nasty way to work. But she made it.

I did have bacon and eggs here for breakfast, but I will need to run to the grocery store to restock the house with a better selection of healthy foods.


I got a lot done yesterday. We ordered the flooring for the entryway and the extra bedroom and it will be here some time next week. I got two pounds of bacon fried up and ready for my delicious post-WOD breakfasts. I made banana nut muffins. And I even got some writing done. It was a productive day.

I successfully ignored looking at the WOD last night for which I can only be eternally grateful considering how upset I was when I looked this morning. And I had plenty of time to do things like that because the smoke alarm decided to do a self-test around 5 AM and I couldn’t fall back to sleep after knowing I was safe from nonexistent smoke.

I looked. I groaned. And then I noticed the spectacular stupidity of the whole thing and just sighed. I know it is somewhat of a stereotype to call someone a “dumb jock” but there is some basis for doing so.

Nikki was there for a private session with Kim and Cindy and I had Betsy coaching, but she wasn’t working out this morning because she wanted to do the partner WOD with her favorite partner.

We began with a run and then did stuff and then did 3 rounds of more things with a dumbbell and then we were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:

Start with light weight working on form as you warm up. With coach approval, move to heavier weight. Work on jerk of your choice, can be regular or split.
5 X 3 at heavy weight
In teams of 2

Complete 4200m row switching every 350m
While not rowing, other teammate will complete:
5 burpees
8 power snatches 95/65
10 front squats.
Score is only total number of front squats team completes. Time is when team completes 4200m row. When switching partner on the rowers, the other partner will begin with the movement

I tried a few split jerks but I twist my back leg and so it is incorrect. If I keep my back leg straight, I feel totally off balance. It is my short leg that is behind me and that may have something to do with it. I used a 42# bar and did all five sets at that weight and just did a plain jerk.

Now for the dumbness. The score is the number of front squats and that’s really all you have to put on the white board, according to this. So all you have to do is row slow enough for your partner to complete all the moves and rack up ten front squats on each round for a total of 120 since this is 12 rounds. Amazingly enough, people didn’t do this.

My plan was to have Betsy and Cindy be partners and leave me alone to do my own thing but Betsy didn’t work out with us. Cindy didn’t want to do this as partners anymore than I did. But I had a plan. I figured I could do four rounds of this crap.

Betsy added a 350 meter row to the front end and as a cash out, but then we did the moves as written. I used a 22# bar and Cindy tried using a 33# pound bar but it hurt her left arm and her right shoulder so she also used a 22# bar for the moves. I also just jumped in and out and didn’t do the push-up part of the burpee.

I could do five burpees that way and then rest. I could manage 8 hang power snatches and then rest since my heart rate was about 170 at the end of these. Then I could manage the 10 front squats and then rest, since I was again around 170 at the end of them. So I plodding through this. One move, rest, one move , rest and on and on and on.

Cindy was finished with the whole thing and I was just starting my fourth round. But I did not give up. I didn’t even whine – I was too winded. I just kept slowly moving. I finally finished and began to row.

Since I started rowing with a heart rate of 173, I rowed slowly. For some reason, my watch was beeping again for part of this mess and it just beeped and beeped. I looked to see why because I was feeling a bit recovered and my heart rate was down to 164. I rowed a bit harder. I didn’t have that much more to go but time was moving forward. I had 50 meters left and I decided I really wanted to end under the 19 minute mark so I started rowing like I was a Roman slave and the Emperor wanted to water ski. I finished in 18.56.

My heart rate was back up to 172 and I was exhausted, but I reached the goal I was going for. I started wanting to finish in under 20 minutes and I hit that one, too.

Amazingly enough, after 125 squats on Wednesday, I was able to continue walking and even going to the bathroom was no problem. There were 30 goblet squats as part of the warm-up today and they used a 10# weight. Then I did 40 squats as part of this lovely unpartnered WOD. I hope I can walk tomorrow.

I believe this was my exact expression at the end of the row

I believe this was my exact expression at the end of the row

I did pretty much nothing for a day. We did go for a walk in the evening around the big block which is about 35 minutes of walking. It was beautiful with a light breeze and cool temperatures and little humidity.

I have been tweaking Command Central and getting it to be perfect – for the time being. It has been a week since I got my desk and my left knee is much better. It doesn’t hurt all the time, it doesn’t give out when I first try to walk, and it is generally behaving as one hopes a knee to behave. So the desk was a good idea even though I have been in my chair and coloring quite a bit. Using my laptop as an actual laptop was making me torque my knee and causing problems. This is better.

I successfully did not look at the WOD last night and slept peacefully. In fact, I forgot to wake up. I’m usually up around 6.30 which gives me time to get online and peruse the doings of the internet over night. I can leisurely sip a cup of coffee so I don’t get a caffeine headache. It works nicely. Then my alarm goes off to tell me to shut down the computer and get ready for the box.

Today, the alarm went off and woke me from a deep sleep. I sprang out of bed and hurried to get ready for a wonderful day at the box. I was going to simply ignore the coffee altogether, but Dick had made a pot and my head was already throbbing so I poured a half cup (which is really a full cup but my insulated cup is large), added one ice cube, and then took off for the box.

Today it was Cindy and me with Kim coaching but she worked out with us as well. She had already done her lifts (wrong) so she could watch us for the skill portion.

We warmed up and talked too much. Kim had checked her heart rate for me after she worked out yesterday and it was around 120 something if I remember right. I snorted. That’s where I start a WOD. I get a higher heart rate just on the first 200 meter run thing. We warmed up and then got ready for the day.

Today’s WOD as written:

3X3 HPC light weight, 3X2 moderate weight, 3X1 heavy weight.
5 RFT:

400m run
25 air squats

Kim said something about touch and go and I said I thought I had remembered reading (in the bathroom without my glasses and before coffee – so I wasn’t really sure) that they were hang power cleans. She looked at the board and they were hangs. Cindy has an injured arm and it hurt to clean stuff but she could manage push presses, so she did those while I did the hang power cleans.

I did the three sets of three with 42# and they were pretty easy. Then I was an overachiever, simply by accident , and did three reps in the first set of twos. I only did two reps for the other two and used a 52# bar for those. I did the singles with a 62# bar. I managed them but the last one was really sloppy.

Kim and I rowed instead of running and Cindy, who hasn’t been at the gym for about 6 weeks, ran. We rowed 250 meters and Cindy ran 200 meters. Then Cindy did 20 squats and I asked Kim how many I was doing hoping she would give me the same number, but she said I could manage 25. Damn. That’s 125 fucking squats. But I did them.

Kim checked her heart rate before we started and she was in the 70s and I was in the 120s. Time started and I could manage to pretty much keep pace with the women young enough to be my daughters for the first two rounds. But then … it got too much. I had to break the squats into smaller pieces and shake out my legs some.

After rowing for the fourth time, my heart rate was 168 and I couldn’t start the squats like that so I had to wait, although it didn’t take too long because I was willing to start the squats around 160. As I was rowing for the fifth time, I was sure I could throw up if I let myself. I did not let myself. I had no desire, no miniscule wish to even attempt another 25 squats. But there were still 25 more squats to do. So I did them. I did not like them. I finished in 14.42.

Kim’s heart rate when she finished was “racing” and 119. My heart rate when I finished was 178. Other people often tell me how fast their hearts are beating, but when we actually compare numbers, they are not as high as me. I’m an outlier and I have no idea what to do about this except cope. And whine. I whine a lot, but I’m coping as well. Not really well; I’m coping, too.

I’m thinking my legs are going to be really unhappy with the rest of me by tomorrow. I have to go to the store today anyway so I might just buy myself some Depends and not have to even think about terror in the bathroom. I will just wet my pants and be done with it. At least it is a plan.


My son the Coach has been concerned about my heart rate since I first began doing CrossFit. First he urged me (read that as “incessantly nagged”) to get a stress test. I finally capitulated. The cardiologist not only did a stress test, but because I have a slight heart murmur, he also did an echocardiogram. I was deemed fit and was told I could continue to do what I have been doing. I should stop when my heart rate reaches mid-160s. I have never known which of those dictates to follow.

My heart rate reaches mid-160s often. And it goes soaring beyond because I want to finish whatever portion of the WOD I have deemed doable before stopping. Craig finds this somewhat disconcerting and his newest request (read that as “incessant nag”) was for a resting heart rate. I was up in the middle of the night last night and decided I could just find out what that number was. I got my heart rate monitor thing on after a trip to the bathroom. I then laid quietly in bed for several minutes. I checked my heart rate. It was 55 at the lowest point and went all the way up to 58 and then back down when I stopped holding my breath.

This puts my resting heart rate in a great place and considering that I am a 60+ woman, it would indicate I am an athlete. So nice to find out that something indicates I am an athlete.

Scott R and I were the only people there today with Kim coaching. She said she is pretty sure her heart rate goes as high as mine. Her resting heart rate is about the same as mine. We are going to try and play with this number, too.

We warmed up and then got to work because there was a lot of stuff to do today.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 minute abs-

1 minute wipers
1 min reverse crunches
1 min plank
1 min wipers
1 min ab mat sit ups
Front squat EMOM 10 min
Perform 2 FS every EMOM
85% of 1RM FS, or heavy weight if you do not have a max
Deadlifts 185/123
Push ups
Chest and thigh leave the ground at the same time or hand release.
Discuss with coach appropriate progression.
Cool down-hamstring mobility with the bands. Chest stretch against the wall.

I am perfectly comfortable with old lady abs, but there it was. I wimped out on the plank because I can’t hold a plank for a full minute at the best of times. I tried really hard to not count and so I have no idea how many reps of this stuff I did, but I did five minutes worth.

We warmed up for the front squats and I used 63# for the lifts. I began with a heart rate of 108 and after two front squats my heart rate was 153. I sat and did box breathing for the rest of the minute and then was down to 120s and began again. As the minutes wore on, my heart rate at the end was slightly higher and I couldn’t get it back down to quite as low before the next minute. But I never topped 160 during this whole thing.

I noticed I was holding my breath at the bottom and creating a valsalva maneuver without trying. So on the last few minutes, I made sure I took a deep breath, balanced, exhaled on the way down, and then stood back up. My heart rate still climbed, but not as steeply.

Then we were on to the WOD. I used the same bar for the deadlifts. The goal was to be able to do each set without stopping. That is an admirable goal. But one I cannot achieve. I used a raised bar for the push-ups. I also did the masters rep set of 18-12-6.

My heart rate was low enough to start and I managed all 18 deadlifts but they were getting pretty tough at the end. My heart rate was 167 and so I sat and breathed and got it down to 145 and then managed only 12 push-ups before I had to stop. My heart rate was again 167 and so I got it down and then did the last 6 push-ups and it was 159 so I thought I could at least start the deadlifts. I managed all 12 and my heart rate was 170. So I had to rest again. I got the 12 push-ups but did have to take a couple 2 second breaks instead of just pumping them out. I don’t think that counts as a stop.

My heart rate was once again too high so I paused and did box breathing and got down to 145 and then did the six deadlifts and the six push-ups with one of those 2 second pauses in there. I finished in 5.22.

The best part of the day was the temperature. It was in the 50s when I first woke up and was still just in the mid60s when I was done working out. It was so blissfully cool that I didn’t have to work against the heat as well. Although I worked hard today, I didn’t feel as beaten up as I have been in the oppressive heat and humidity. I could have days like this each and every day. It was beautiful.


I obsess about workouts. I know I am old and feeble and I will be the last one done and have the worst rep count and generally just suck. I hate looking old and feeble and most of, foolish. I hate that I’m not able to do what my brain says I can but my body refuses to do. I hate the whole idea of old and feeble. So I obsess about the workouts and wonder how I can manage to look less old, less feeble, and most of all less foolish.

As soon as the WODs are posted, I look and groan and moan and think I can’t do that shit and it’s too hard and how in the hell is someone as old and feeble as me to cope with this shit. I think that every single time. And then I suck it up and go to the box and manage something. Never as written, but one of the tenets of CrossFit is that it is all scalable. So I scale.

When I first started, they really didn’t know what to do with me and I didn’t know what to do with me either. We always dropped the weights and amended moves as needed. But no one seemed to consider dropping the reps. I was a member there for two years before I participated in the Masters Games and learned you could cut the reps back. And I began doing so and eased much of my angst.

But still, each day at 8 PM I look for the WOD and then moan groan. And then I’m up part of the night trying to strategize and worry and fret. So last night, I didn’t look. I was still up three times during the night, but I fell back to sleep quickly. I looked this morning and moaned and groaned, but then I figured out a scaling option and off I went to the box.

It was Leslie and me with Betsy coaching and working out with us. Kim was there with Nicki in a private session. Girl time at the box.

We warmed up and Betsy tried to kill me with just the warm-up. I was okay until the burpees crept in and then I wasn’t okay. My heart rate was already over the limit and I wasn’t even supposed to be fully warm yet. This always happens and it is disgusting. See every other post I’ve ever written about CrossFit.

Today’s WOD as written:
WOD #1
1 RFT:

500 m row
25 thrusters (65/45)
15 pull ups
Rest 5 minutes
Deadlifts (225/155)
Box jumps (24/20)

Betsy and I discussed the WOD and she wanted to know if I had a plan and I said I would listen to her plan and then tell her what I planned to do. She laughed but told me the row as written, some sort of push press and then pull-ups. I don’t remember her rep scheme but it was much lower than what I had picked.

She had no idea on the second WOD since that is the rep scheme I usually choose as they do the normal 21-15-9 thing. I had a plan for that to.

What I did was a 400 meter row so I finished about the same time they did. Then I did 20 thrusters and since that is a low weight, I used a 22# bar, and then I did 12 pull-ups using a 2” band.

Then I rested the five minutes and did 15-9-3 with 73# deadlifts, step ups to a 20” box, and HSPU from the box using one mat.

I rowed and rowed and had a heart rate over 165 by the end. I was still the last to finish, but not by a whole lot. Then I had to rest. I was hoping that the weight was low enough that I could just do 10 and 10 on the thrusters but my heart rate wasn’t cooperating and after 8 I had to stop and my heart rate was 174. No wonder I wasn’t feeling so good. It took forever to get back down and then I did 7 more and rested and finished with just five more. Then I had to get my heart rate down enough to even start pull-ups and managed those 6 and 6. It took me 8.51 and most of that was the damn thrusters killing me.

I managed to RX the five minute rest. But since both Betsy and Leslie were far ahead of me, they were working and I was sitting and sitting and sitting. Kim came over to make sure I was okay and I said I was still on my five minute rest and she had forgotten about that part. But it was nice to see that someone was looking out for me.

My heart rate was all the way down to 134 to start the next part and I was hoping to be able to get all the deadlifts done at once. But … I couldn’t and had to stop after 12. So I got my heart rate down and finished them and started the step-ups, but I was stepping into one of the depressions where the cement under the mats is broken. I managed a few but my heart rate was high anyway so I stopped. When I restarted, I stepped from the other side of the box. I finished them and rested and did the HSPU in 8 and 7.

First round done and I was at the time that most people had finished the whole damn thing during the 5 AM class. I got my heart rate down and did the deadlifts. Then I rested and got my heart rate down and did the step-ups. Then I rested and did the HSPU and had to struggle on the last two but I was damned if I was stopping.

I then just had three of each move. I got my heart rate under 150 and did them all without stopping because I had the rest of the day to recover. I finished in 24.56 (I think or maybe 24.46 but I don’t know for sure).

Like always, I did it. Not well. Not like the kids or even the young adults. But I did it. Scaled and cut back and possible. I worked my ass off. I got it done. It was ugly, but I did it.


It’s been a while since I worked out. They were open for a limited time on Monday and 8 AM was a class time, but there was no WOD posted and so I figured it was going to be something heroic and I wasn’t feeling heroic. I stayed home instead. When I got there this morning I looked and behold, a named WOD. Betsy. Times for real people was in the 30 minute range. I’m so glad I stayed home.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of writing done and that feels nice. I’m ahead of the game and that feels nice. I would like to stay ahead of the game, but I know I’m going to give myself a pass and get right back into the hurry up and finish on time mode. I hate doing that to myself. Perhaps that will be enough motivation to keep up with being ahead.

But then I realize that even though I know that mobilization makes me feel better all the time, I don’t do it often enough or consistently. I have no idea why. I work on sore spots instead of being proactive and keeping from getting sore. If anyone knows why I do this, I would love to know the answer.

The other answer I’m looking for is why is my heart rate so high. My resting heart rate is high and my working heart rate is too high. Craig wants to know why, too. I have no answer. I paid $1,000 out of pocket and have no idea how much insurance paid to find out that my heart rate is high and keep doing what I’m doing since it seems to be working okay. And don’t go over mid-160s. I’m not sure which part of that advice I’m supposed to follow.

Barbara and Ivan were visiting from Florida and Hannah was in today. Still no Kat. I don’t know where she took off to, but perhaps her FIA (females in action) stuff is enough for her right now. Kim was coaching. When I looked at this mass of shit last night I just wanted to cry. I looked up this morning to see how many times snatches and overhead squats have been in the WODs lately. Since July 27 there have been ten WODs with one or the other – or both. And I only go three times a week and I missed a couple times. Ten times. I’m really over these things.

We warmed up and for some reason, my watch started beeping again. I was beeping after the initial 400 meter run of which I only did 200 meters. From resting heart rate of too high to beeping in 200 meters. This is simply ridiculous. I have no idea how to make it any different. We did lots of other things and were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:
Find 1 rep max snatch in 20 minutes. No max attempts. Time is your only limitation. Any snatch form is acceptable, but remember, in theory, you can lift more with a full snatch.
WOD: For Time:
21 wall balls (20/14)
18 over the box jumps
15 power snatches (95/65)
12 OHS (95/65)
9 burpee chest to bar pull ups

I began with an empty 22# bar and did hang power snatches for 27, 32, and 37# and then had full plates on the bar. So I did a power snatch from the floor at 42#. Then I wanted to try a 47# bar but figured I might drop it and Kim said if I had to, I had to and it shouldn’t snap the plates. I got elbows high and couldn’t flick overhead. One try and everyone else had already got their one rep max so I didn’t try again.

I asked Kim what in the hell I should do with this damn mess. The 5 AM class had times in the 5-7 minute range except for one person at 18 minutes. That was going to be me. I am so sick of sprint WODs being chippers I could scream. I’m tired of this heart rate nonsense. I’m ready to give up on snatches and overhead squats. I don’t see that they have any functional value at all. There is never any reason in real life to snatch anything. It is an Olympic move and I’m not going to the Olympics.

Kim knocked three reps off each move so I started at 18 wall balls and ended at 6 jumping chest to bar and no burpees there. I asked for a time cap. She said I would be done in ten minutes, she was sure of it. I had no idea why should be sure of such a bit of lunacy, but I didn’t argue anymore. I’m already whiny enough.

Time began and I managed 10 and then 8 wall balls with a 10# ball to an eight foot mark. Then I used the 12” box for step overs. I might have asked about not going over, but actually just stepping up and down and then used a 20” box, but to come down on the other side wasn’t going to work with my knees and jumping off would have been too much for my pitiful heart. Even sticking with the lower box, I had to split them in two. I thought I might manage all of them at once, but I stopped when I hit 170 and had only 10 done.

Then on to the damn power snatches. I used the empty 22# bar for the goddam snatches and overhead squats. I am going to ask for a divorce from them and I want them out of my life. I did them 6 and 6 and then the overhead squats were 5 and 4 and then I just had to do jumping chest to bar from that same 12” box and I was done in 11.02.

The place was stiflingly hot today. And humid. And sweltering. And miserable. And the worst part was when I finally caught my breath enough to manage to make it out to my car, I stepped outside and it was at least 10 degrees cooler and with a nice breeze. The fans had been going inside, but there had been no air really moving.

I did more than I thought I was going to manage today, but I can say with absolute certainty, that I am sick unto death of snatches and overhead squats.

Franking going over the wall at the Spartan Race.

Franking going over the wall at the Spartan Race.

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