It’s raining. It started yesterday afternoon and has been steadily raining since. My phone woke me up with a weather alert to let me know there could be flash flooding in the Low Country. Really? With a number of rivers coursing to the ocean and an elevation of about 10 feet above sea level, there might be flooding after 18 hours of rain? Who knew?

But I knew where the one place that has a dip in the road that floods and where the water normally pools and how to drive to miss these hazards and so I went to the box and braved the elements. I’m such a badass. It is the first time I’ve driven my new car in the rain. I learned how to use the rear window wiper, so that was cool.

Today was Leslie and me (Kat hurt herself yesterday) with Kim coaching. There had been 13 people at 5 AM and four or five people paying for a private session at 7 AM. And then two of us at 8 AM.  On Facebook, Kim had posted about a deload week and hoped to see all our beautiful faces at the box. Unfortunately, I had to bring my old and wrinkled face with me since I don’t have any other kind.

Since it was raining, we began the day with a row and did weird stuff with it. Then we did stuff and then we did 3 rounds of 3 ring rows, 6 push-ups, and 9 squats and at the push-ups my heart rate went too high for the first (but definitely not the last) time for the day. Dislocates and passthroughs ended the warm-up and we were ready for the day’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:
We have all been hitting the weights very hard for the last 4 weeks, and now it is time for a deload week. Deloads are periods of time where you give your body an “active rest” to ensure a healthy progression in your training. This is designed to help you reduce the possibility of injury, and break through plateaus. Your body will have a chance to recuperate, let your muscle rebuild, and give your joints time to heal and grow stronger. We will be hitting some accessory muscle exercises as well in order to build your strength.


Strength: 3X8 glute bridges (at the top of each rep, hold the bridge for no less than 10 seconds).
Using a barbell and lying on the floor, you will slowly add a little weight to your glute bridges. These are important to strengthen the glutes and the lower back. These should not be so heavy that you have to pause in the middle of the sets. Form is key.
EMOM 16 min
20 Double unders (30 sec time cap)
4 slam balls (45/20) [We only have 45 and 25# slam balls]

For the glute bridges, we began with an empty bar. Me with a 22 and Leslie with a 33# one. We did ten practice ones. Leslie has a bad back and the move was bothering her some. We each added ten pound plates to the bars and did the next set. After moving 42# with just a touch and go, I learned I was allowed a 5 second rest in between lifts. Since I could manage a touch a go, Kim and I thought I should add another ten pounds. So I was working with 52# on the last set. Leslie stayed with her 53#. Her back was really getting cranky and so we stopped at this point, although I could have managed another set at that weight, I don’t think I could have managed more weight.

I looked at the WOD last night and there were myriad ways for me to play the EMOM. My biggest problem was going to be my damn heart rate. I need time to box breathe and get it back down, but I always think I’m stronger than I am. I went with doing 20 single unders and 3 slam balls per minute, thinking that should be okay. I waited for a heart rate to lower to 120 to start.

After the first round my heart rate was already 163. I knew I was in trouble, but with box breathing I was able to get it down enough to do the same thing. I managed to do round three like that but my heart rate was 177 after the slam balls so I figured I had to do something different.

On the next minute I just did 20 jumps. Since my heart rate was 159 when I began, it was over 170 when I stopped. I got it down to just under 160 and did 2 slam balls. Since that took next to no time, I had a low enough heart rate to do both moves again. Then my heart rate was over 170 again and it was ridiculous.

For the rest of the time I did 40 single unders in a minute and then 4 slam balls in the next minute. It gave me enough resting time to get my heart rate low enough to manage the next minute and I just kept plodding along, pitiful and old.

I finished the day and managed to do something for the whole time. My reward was bacon and eggs when I got home.