I finally remembered how to sleep and so got some much needed rest. Yesterday was really quiet and I managed to get some writing done and even more importantly, some editing was done. I hate to edit. I hate mistakes. I wish I could write perfectly on the first go and skip the whole edit part. I cannot. So I edit. But I don’t like it.

I found a new batch of videos to watch all about plane crashes. As I was watching last night, all I could think of was how horrified Kim would be. But they are interesting. I have no idea why the weather channel has videos about plane crashes, but I’m not in charge of that.

I have used up much of my yarn here and I have no use for anything else knit or crocheted. I purchased a book of mandalas to color and I have been doing that while I watch videos. It is relaxing and keeps my hands busy so I don’t eat all night long.

I looked at the WOD last night and was so happy to see no overhead squat or snatch stuff included that I nearly got out of my chair to do a happy dance. Then my sedentary lifestyle reasserted itself and I just smiled.

I got there today and it was Kat, Betsy, and me being coached by Mark. I’m so used to looking at the WOD and figuring out what I can do, that I don’t even think about it anymore. I look, I scale, I sleep peacefully, I show up ready.

Mark pointed out that it might behoove me to actually let the coaches coach. That is also true. I knew what I wished to do today. Mark had his ideas. I expressed mine in one way; he expressed his in another. They were basically the same idea, but stated differently.

We warmed up without any running. My favorite. My shoulders/arms had been a bit sore after Wednesday’s WOD and the rowing seemed to ease things up today. We were declared warm.

Today’s WOD as written:

3X5 (each leg) heavy step ups on box (24/20)
For time:

5,4,3,2,1 power clean, front squat, push jerk (155/105)
10 burpees every time that you drop the bar during that set. Power cleans must be touch and go. Scale accordingly. The goal is for the WOD to be completed in 6 minutes.
For example: Complete 5 PC, 5 FS, 5 PJ. Then you can drop the bar. However, if at any time you drop it before then, you must do 10 burpees before completing that set.

I can do ten non-weighted step-ups, but I wanted to use more weight. I asked Mark’s advice. He liked the weight, too. I used a 16” box and we warmed up to the move with a PVC pipe and it was okay. I could do the ten reps with a 22# bar and it was okay. But I really wanted to do a 42# bar. I got four with my non-dominant leg and after doing three with my stronger leg, I was dizzy. I asked what my heart rate was and it was over 170. Time to quit.

Mark suggested I move slower and rest some between each rep. Strength moves aren’t for time and there is no prize for fast. But my heart rate doesn’t come down as I stand and pant and/or box breathe. It is a conundrum. I tried one more time and got three with each leg again with the 42# bar but my heart rate was once again over 170 and I stopped rather than fall off the box.

Then for the WOD. I said that anyone over 60 didn’t have to do burpee punishments. Mark said there were people over 60 who wouldn’t need that stipulation. I am the only over 60 person at our box. He said that if I had to stop due to heart rate issues, I didn’t have to do burpees. The only reason I ever stop is because of my heart rate. So we agreed on the result, we just had different reasons for it.

I was using my same 42# bar. I got my heart rate down to 117 before we started. I was still pretty damn sure I wasn’t going to get 15 moves in before I had to stop. But amazingly enough, I managed them. I had a heart rate over 170 when I quit, but I got the 5s done. Then I hoped to get my heart rate down to 145 or so before starting again. Once it gets too far over 170, I can’t seem to get back under 150 no matter how long I sit there.

I got the four power cleans and front squats done, but I wasn’t putting iron over my head with a heart rate that was leaving my hands tingling. I set the bar down and saw I was at 172. Well, no wonder. I got my heart rate down and it took forever and down was only 150 but I started again. Since I thought I was going to have these as 6/6 and I got 8 on the first part, I did the four presses and then did the three cleans. Then I had to stop because I was once again over 170.

I worked to get my heart rate down and then did the rest of the threes and did two power cleans. Both Kim and Betsy were done before the six minutes. Kim came over to tell me (since my back was to the clock because watching the time makes me anxious) that it was past six minutes and was I going to quit. I wasn’t. I got my heart rate down enough and finished the two squats and presses and then did the ones and finished in 7.47.

My heart rate got to about 175 a couple times and that’s where I start feeling things like tingling hands and dizziness. So I stopped. I never have any chest pains. I know my heart is stronger than when I began, but I want more. And I want it now. And I need to remember the coaches are not going to kill me. But I also remember that there are too many times when dropping the weight is all the scaling that is considered. I don’t want to be working a sprint WOD and have it end up as a chipper.