I did not sleep well last night. At all. I was up playing video games at 2.45 AM. I am a lark. This was a bad thing. But I woke up at 6 AM anyway so I’m hoping I will be tired enough to be able to sleep tonight. One can always hope. I would say dream, but I would need to be asleep for that.

I had looked at the WOD last night and figured it was all good. That wasn’t what kept me awake. That’s a good thing, except that means tonight might still be video games all night long.

It was just me today. I knew Kat wasn’t going to be there. Kim had a private lesson going on when I got there and so I sent myself off on a run. My heart rate was 77 before I began. By 100 meters it was 115 and by 200 meters I was over 150. I have no idea what to do about this except keep ignoring it and keep working until I can’t. However, that’s not exactly how one is supposed to warm up.

I did the rest of my warm-up per Kim’s instructions while she finished up with her client. She apologized but really, it didn’t bother me at all. I hate being the only person there and the sole focus of all eyes. It is unnerving. I did what Kim listed and was deemed warm.

Today’s WOD as written:

3X5 snatch complex (1 power snatch, 1 ohs, 1 full snatch)
Moderate weight. Focus on form.
WOD For time:
Buy in: 20 OHWL (45/25)
800 m run
1 rope climb
400m run
2 rope climbs
200 m run
4 rope climbs
Buy out: 20 OHWL (45/25)
Cool down as you walk the parking lot.

I once again had delusions of grandeur. I truly believed I might be able to get through that complex four times using a 22# bar. I could not. I began with a heart rate in the low 120s and after two complexes, I was done and my heart rate was 167. On the next round, I waited and got to 118 and started and completed two complexes and had a heart rate of 160. Better. I did the third round and again could only complete two complexes before my heart rate was too high. Since it was just me and since there was plenty of time, I did the complexes two more times. It was 5×2 instead of 3×5 but it was all I could manage.

I’m so sick of this heart rate thing. I keep saying that. Kim said no heart rate is the real problem and as long as I’m working it is all good.

I do not run. My first inclination last night when I looked at this was to cut the distances in half and walk them. But then I thought I could actually row the entire amount and survive that. So my plan for the day was to row the distances as written. My lunges were without weight. My rope climbs were the sub of three knees to elbows and then lower myself down the rope.

I got my heart rate down to 117 and began. I managed all 20 walking lunges without stopping and ended with a heart rate of 167. Then I began to row. No matter what I did, I could not get my heart rate to lower while I rowed. I was getting exhausted and began to go really, really slow and yet my heart rate was still 165 so I figured I should pull harder and finish the 800 meters and rest before the rope climb.

I was supposed to start from a standing position. I managed one and got back on the rower. This time I just rowed and didn’t worry about heart rate. I had to sit and box breathe when I finished. I did the first rope climb and as I was on the ground asked about pulling up or standing up. Kim said if it was going to keep me from finishing the rest of the movement, I should just stand up in between. So I did. I got two done and went back to rowing.

It was so nice to only row a little bit, but then I had four rope climbs to do. I did them one at a time and by the last one I was just spent. But I got it done and just laid on the floor trying to get a heart rate low enough to do some lunges. My goal for this was half and half. I managed that and ended with a time of 18.08.

I was a filthy mess by the time I finished up today. But I finished and that’s really what I set out to do.