I went for another walk yesterday morning. Same route; different temperature. It was hotter and more humid and I was dripping by the time I got home. But even with stopping to talk to a neighbor for a few seconds, my time was 5% faster which sounds much better than two minutes less.

I lost my mind and each time crab legs were on sale, I bought some not realizing there was already more than enough in the freezer. Which means we have way too many crab clusters. So my goal is every other week, when it is my turn to cook, to serve crab on Tuesday – the day before the garbage is picked up. We will continue this until the crab is gone.

That means we had crab last night for dinner and it was wonderful. I met my writing goal for the day. I was able to get quite a bit done on the afghan. Things were going along great. Then at 8 PM, the WOD for today was posted and just shit. That’s really all can say. Just shit.

I was awake at 2 AM for no good reason and it took me over an hour to fall back to sleep. I didn’t wake up until after 7 AM. I got out of bed at 7.07 and I was already aware of a caffeine headache starting. I really couldn’t wait two hours for coffee. Luckily, Dick was awake and had brewed a pot. So I poured a cup and tried to guzzle it. But when my alarm goes off at 7.15 AM it means it is time to eat a banana and drink my protein shake.

So I drank my coffee and my protein shake and hoped like hell I wouldn’t wet my pants at the box. It’s always something.

Leslie was there again today and Kat showed up. Kim was coaching. We were sent out for a run and they went 400 but I turned around at the 200 meter mark. There was a middle school girl on the sidewalk who wanted to know where some street was. I had no freaking idea. I’m lucky I know the names of the major roads and side streets are beyond me. I told her she could follow me back to the gym and maybe Kim would know. She didn’t. I asked if her phone had maps and it did. They found the place. The kid was too far from her bus stop to get back in time for the bus so Kim asked if we cared if she drove the kid to where she was going. She was new to the area and had already missed a couple days of school. She was obviously stressed/nervous. But she got in the car with a stranger who took her to her bus stop. When Kim got back, she mentioned that last part. But there we were. She talked first to a gray-haired grandma type and the rest of us were safe looking mommy types and what the hell, she needed to get to school.

I understand the whole Stranger Danger thing. But I also understand the Good Samaritan thing and most people are good. I’m glad she let us help her and I hope the rest of the day went well for the kid. She could use a break after that crappy start. And when she leaves her apartment tomorrow, she will know to turn left, not right, and get to where she needs to be.

We warmed ourselves up in Kim’s absence and when she came back we were as ready as we were going to get for the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Hang snatch (full)
3×3 Unbroken
24 min EMOM
Min 1: 5 burpees+6 pull ups (or 2 muscle ups)
Min 2: 3 each leg front rack walking lunges (95/65)
Min 3: 10 push press (95/65)

Oh, great. Something overhead again. I’m so glad we are working consistently to the point of broken shoulders on snatches or overhead squats. I really suck at full snatches because I feel so off balance. I took off my one shoe and just used a 22# bar. I managed them and didn’t try to put on any more weight.

I studied that next part and had two options for myself. I was unsure which would be better, but I knew that as written, it was impossible for me and my heart rate. I could either be out of synch and do a four minute thing by breaking up the burpees and pull-ups, or I could alternate rounds with burpees on one round and then pull-ups on the other. Kim preferred that.

That meant I did the eight rounds instead of breaking it into six rounds. I did four real burpees and then did walking lunges without weights and kept them at six. I did only 8 push press and used just a 22# bar because of the problems with my heart rate. Then I did four jumping pull-ups and made sure my reverse was a bit slower so I could get some real pull in there, and the walking lunges and push press.

On the third round, I was feeling a bit cocky and decided to hold 5# dumbbells at shoulder height and do the lunges, but when I did six like that, I had a heart rate of 167 at the end and I couldn’t get it down enough to start the push press so by the end of the push press, my heart rate was over 170.

I asked Kim if she thought I was better off with sticking with six unweighted lunges or do the weights and only do four. She thought for a bit and said to go with the four. My heart rate never went over 170 again and I could manage the rest of the WOD doing that.

I was exhausted by the end but I managed the whole thing in my scaled, masters way.