The sit-ups from Friday were done masters version which meant I only did 80 instead of 100. My stomach hurt all weekend. It was better on Sunday but only because I was miserable on Saturday. It was nice to hear today, that others were done in by the WOD and I wasn’t being a total weenie.

I’ve been getting writing done and I have half of the next afghan finished. I hoisted myself out of the chair on a more frequent basis yesterday, but I believe I was seated for over an hour a couple times. I don’t think I was seated for over two at all. That’s an improvement. I am a good sitter.

I looked at the WOD last night and gave up. I figured whatever anyone said to do was better than my plan which would have been to just stay home. It scared me and there were overhead squats again. I hate these.

But there I was at the box all ready to go at 8 AM. It was me and Leslie today with Kim coaching. They are getting ready to have a special group to prepare for the local half marathon, but luckily, that doesn’t concern me. I don’t run. I may have mentioned that.

We warmed up appropriately and were ready to start the day.

Today’s WOD as written:
Full clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
10 min AMRAP

1 deadlift/1 hang power snatch/1 OHS (95/65 or RX+ 115/85)
2 T2B
2 DL/2 HPS/2 OHS
4 T2B
Add 1 to each round of DL/HPS/OHS
2 to each T2B

That is seven incremental increases on the full cleans. My previous top was 52# and my one rep max power clean was 67#. So in theory, I had room to move up some. But I had no idea how much improvement. I really wasn’t sure that I would see any improvement. It’s been a while since we worked with these.

I began at 22# and either it was my first rep or a warm-up, I didn’t care which. My plan was to keep increasing the load by 5# for every lift and when I ran out of steam, be done. That was the plan. I wasn’t going to count the reps themselves, I was just going to try my damnedest and see what I could do.

I also knew that balance was going to be important, so I took one shoe off and evened myself out a bit. It always seems to help.

I got the lower weights without any problem – except to not smack myself in the face with such a light bar. I got the full sized plates on and kept adding the other smaller ones and was at 57# and made it. I had to go and gather more weights. I got the 62# and had more room to go so I got the 67# which happened. It was obviously getting heavy and my elbows were dropping a little. With that in mind and concentrating on form, I loaded up 72# on the bar. I got it up, I fell under it, and then I had to stand back up. I made an awful lot of noise. I pretty much sounded like DeWayne lifting. But I got the bar and my fat ass back up. I got a new PR.

Then on to the WOD. My limitation is the overhead squat and I really struggle with this. I can do one or two at higher weights, but they send my heart rate so high and I am so fearful of overhead weight when it is high, that I just freeze.

Kim said that if I had no weights on my weight, to start from parallettes, so that’s what I did. We determined that it was smarter to begin the deadlift with a wide snatch grip and then go into the next move without having to adjust hands. And we also determined that it was deadlift, power snatch, overhead squat and then the series again as the next rep. Apparently, neither Kim nor Leslie had really read the WOD because they were completely ignoring the toes to bar.

When they looked again, there it was and it was just cruel and unusual punishment. Kim asked if I was doing V-ups instead and my stomach is better today, but I didn’t want to put that stress on it. So I did knees to elbows-ish and got my knees higher than my waist for each one.

I knew my heart rate would go up and I was hoping to finish round three/six. And I did but there was still lots of time left which was astounding to me. So I did the four/eight and there was still almost two minutes left on the clock. I had a heart rate of 170, but there was some time. I got my heart rate down and then did three of the serial moves and had to rest. My heart rate was down to 160 and I figured it was now or never. So I did the last two and walked to the bar. There was less than half a minute left. I hopped up and got three and had to regrip. I got two more before time was called.

So, we then went to the board and couldn’t figure out how the prior class had scored themselves. It seemed they counted each move as a rep or something. I wasn’t working that hard. I got the four round done and got 10 of the next moves finished before time. That’s the score I gave myself. Better than I had expected.

My hands were on fire and taking a shower made me wince. I was wearing gloves, but my poor little hands hurt. So far, my stomach is okay. Whine, whine, whine.