I’ve gotten back into the swing with my writing and actually have been getting stuff done ahead of time again. I like that. It seems to ease any pressure and makes writing itself more fun. I finished September which meant I had 60 pages to print and finally (FINALLY) the toner really ran out and it was time to change the cartridge. I had found a way to turn off the damn notification which told me each and every day that I was low on toner and made the small brief notice that popped up every four hours to disappear, too.

That was the big excitement for the day. I tried to catch some of the spectacular meteor shower, but the day it was at its best, the sky was overcast. The next night, we tried too early and the light pollution made it impossible to see anything. I was asleep before midnight but woke just after 5 AM and tried to peek then. But the light pollution or impending dawn was still too much and I could barely see the brightest stars.

I finished one crochet project and began another. And so I had something to occupy my hands last night. If I don’t do something, I snack. And I make really poor choices in that realm.

I got there today and Sherry was locking the door and leaving. I was alone in the parking lot. Then Hannah showed up. Then Betsy arrived. Ah, a coach. And then Kat came in and so we had a bunch of people. We were sent out on a run to warm up and when we got back Cindy was there. She hurt her back on Wednesday with kettlebell swings but not the swing part – just picking it up while she was twisted. She was supposed to drive her daughter somewhere and didn’t have to, so she came to the box to do yoga and stretch her spasming back.

We warmed up more and then quickly got to work because there was a lot to do today. I didn’t think there was that much but that was because I was forgetting part of it.

Today’s WOD as written:
Back squat 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
Split Jerk 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
10 min EMOM

Every minute on the minute complete 1 power snatch, 1 hang power snatch, 1 OHS
100 AB mat Sit ups
2 min ME of (Pick one)
Rope climbs
Wall walks

I worked up to 73# for the back squats and managed to get them all done without problem. Then I stripped the bar and did the split jerks with just 33#. Cindy kept saying how good they looked and that I should add some weight to the bar. But I stuck with the 70% of my one rep max and just did that.

I set the 33# bar up on a couple parallettes to have it at a better height for the power snatch. It worked and I managed to get through seven rounds without too much problem. On the last one, the overhead squat was shaky and my heart rate was 166. I had the 22# bar available and switched it out for the last three minutes and managed to finish them all without injuring myself or dropping the bar on my head. I also was able to get back down farther into a squat – more like I had done at the beginning.

I forgot about the 100 sit-ups. I vacillated between cutting the reps or not. I got 30 done, then 15 and 15, and then 10 and 10 and called it quits at 80. It was enough.

I chose to do modified rope climbs since I can’t do a single one of the moves at all. It was haul my fat butt off the floor to standing and then three knees to elbows and then lower myself back to the floor, hand over hand for each rope climb. I got three done and there was like 45 seconds left but my heart rate was 162. By the time I got it down enough to try, I didn’t have enough time to complete a climb and I was tired and fried and done with the whole day anyway. So I didn’t attempt the fourth. It was a rather laissez faire attitude, but it was all I could muster at the time.