The lower clothes rack in the walk in closet is coming away from the wall. I showed Dick and we agreed it had to be fixed. The only way to fix it is to empty it and then fix it. Since I was going to have to do all that anyway, and since the weight of all my clothes was pulling it away from the wall, I went through all my clothes and made a heap to give away. I filled eight tall kitchen garbage bags stuffed with clothes and one full of store hangers.

I supposed I could have had a garage sale but I don’t like doing that. So, I took all the stuff to Goodwill and will let them do with it what they will. Since I have so many clothes, nothing really gets worn out, so even though some of the stuff was old, it was still in very good condition. And all my Christopher & Banks stuff is still cute, but as a retired person, I don’t dress like that anymore. The closet it being fixed this afternoon which means I have to empty it out soon.

I looked at the WOD last night and said a big ole NOPE. But I immediately knew what to do instead.

I got there and Kat showed up and so it was a better morning right away. Kim was coaching us and the moms were discussing impending school opening. All I have to worry about is making sure the kids realize my driveway is not a bus stop.

After we were declared warm, we practiced incremental steps to the strength part of today’s work.

Today’s WOD as written:

Hang Power Snatch
1 mile run for time
Rest 5 min
3 min ME wall balls
Rest 1 min
3 min ME slam balls

The last time we did these, I got a one rep max at 42# so I was hoping to get that for a 3 rep max today. No, I wasn’t. I was hoping to be able to squeak out a 47# lift. Last week, doing the overhead squats, I did something to the palm of my left hand. I don’t know if I just rubbed the skin off or got a metal splinter. But today, I wore my gloves to protect my hand. I did the three reps at 32, 37, and 42# and then tried a 47# just for kicks. I got one which was a little slow on the pull. I couldn’t manage a second one and I didn’t want to smack myself in the head. So I stopped there.

Running. I don’t. I can sorta manage a 200 meter warm-up jog and then I have to recover. This wasn’t going to work well. I can walk a mile. I can and do walk miles. I can walk faster than I can run because I can just keep walking and I can’t keep running. I don’t know why I would pay someone to walk. It makes no sense to me. So my plan, right from the start, was to row. But I know that people run a mile in respectable times. No one at our box has a sub-four minute mile, but there are some who are in the six or seven minute range.

My fastest time to row 1000 meters is slightly more than 5 minutes. If I was going to row 2000 meters I would be around 11 and maybe up to 12 minutes. I really didn’t want to row for that long. I decided last night to go all masters and do 80% or 1600 meters – I would row a mile. And I did. 9.10 for my time.

What I didn’t realize was that each person was going to be responsible for their time and so I would be starting my wall balls at 14.10 and Kat was on her own time schedule. I could do that without a problem. Apparently, what I couldn’t do was then count to three.

I did 10 wall balls and my heart rate was so damn high I had to stop. I got it down and did 10 wall balls and had to stop and then I looked at the clock and figured I was done with wall balls. I waited out the minute of rest.

Except I was ready to start my slam balls at 17.10 which means I only did two minutes of wall balls. I had to do my slam balls in sets of five and got 20 done that way. I asked Kim about making up my minute of lost wall balls and she said I could if I wanted to, and I did. So I got over there and did another 10 wall balls and still had some time. So I got my heart rate all the way down to 166 and finished the time with another 3. My scores were 33 wall balls using a 10# to an 8’ line (masters) and 20 slam balls using the same size slam ball as the 20 year old women.

I met my goals and got a few extra wall balls in there. What I didn’t do was tell time correctly. WOD brain is a real thing.

I am so tired of being hot. Rich needs to stop.

I am so tired of being hot. Rich needs to stop.