We went to Bluffton yesterday and got to play with Frankie and her parents. We went to Palmetto Bluffs and wandered around. We got to see the ruins of a magnificent mansion built in 1914 and destroyed by fire less than 15 years later. The front steps and pillars were about all that survived the blaze. The area today is gorgeous and full of luxury homes. We ate at Buffalo and had very unique meals. We were an Awesome family of five.

Frankie used to want to be a meteorologist, but she has changed career goals. Now she is going to be an architect. She kept taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings and telling each of us which kind she would build for us. Nice kid. I get a gorgeous three story building with a wraparound porch.

When I began CrossFit almost three years ago, I had delusions of grandeur. I thought I would become this sassy assed awesome old broad, able to move large piles of iron with alacrity. Instead, I’m this old broad who spends far too much time trying to get her heart rate back down so she can move pitiful amounts of iron. This is not, apparently, to be seen as failure.

My son was giving me some shit yesterday because I said I was the worst person at my box. I always have the worst time and move the lowest weight. I’m the oldest person at my box and this is supposed to give me a pass. The second oldest person at my box just competed at the CrossFit Games in California.

I got to the box today and it was, once again, just me. Kim was coaching. I warmed up as instructed and was ready to go.

Today’s WOD as written:
Take no more than 20 min to complete
Front Squat 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
Push Press 3X5 moderately heavy (70%)
100 push ups for time. Every time you pause AT ALL or break, do a parking lot sprint.
RX+- ring push ups

I looked up my one rep max for both moves and used a calculator to get the weights. I was doing 62# and 42#. While resting in between sets, I said something about Craig yelling at me and Kim asked what for. I said I had said I was the worst person at the box and she immediately said I wasn’t. She said I was coachable. There were some people who aren’t and she has had to work really hard to get them to not hurt themselves.

Her take on a good athlete, apparently, isn’t in the results, but in the ability to listen. I can do that. But I still can’t do more than a few strict push-ups without falling apart. I can do zero pull-ups without bands. The piles of iron I move are miniscule. Everything I do is less. I realize that I’m in a minority even doing CrossFit. And then I’m in another small group of women CrossFitters and then I’m older than dirt and most women my age wouldn’t even try this. I got that.

But I’ve been trying for three years now and I thought I would be better at this by now than I am.

I did get the three sets of five done with both moves.

I did 50 push-ups on Friday and my arms/shoulders were so sore by Friday night and were worse on Saturday. I stretched and massaged and hurt for a while. By Sunday it was better. But there were 100 of them on this after 50 did me in.

My sub was a raised bar and my masters scaling was 80% of the reps. I know it said even for a pause, but really? If it was less than a second or two, I didn’t count it as a pause.

I managed to do 30 without stopping. I had started with a heart rate of 110 so it wasn’t too bad. Then I went for a walk and came back and did the rest in sets of ten. My heart rate would be about 162-165 at the end of ten and I would walk slowing and come back with a heart rate of 155ish and be able to get 10 more. I never had to really sit and just sit and box breathe. I finished in 6.40.

And then I felt guilty. I could probably have done another 20 reps, but then I would be crippled. And I know that when WODs are scaled on the board, they have the number of reps dropped. I could have done more, but I didn’t because I wanted to be able to move my arms tomorrow. But I did what I had said I was going to do before I started.

I got home and my computer had restarted itself which means Microsoft did something to it while I was gone. Asus had upgraded my touchpad before I went to the box and it was still blissfully turned off after they helped me. But as I was typing the beginning of this, my cursor kept hoping around as I typed. The touchpad was back on.

But I remembered what I needed to do to turn it off and I went back to that screen. All the options were grayed out. My selections of turning off the touchpad when a second mouse was plugged in was still checked, but inactive. Nothing was active. It was absolutely mandatory that I have Smart Gesture available so that I could do things I don’t want to do and not be able to do the stuff I want.

I tried a number of things including going to Microsoft help and asking them how to turn off the touchpad. I had to create an account. I could ask the question but … the place to enter details had to contain between 6 and 6000 characters. It would not let me type in it. I could not get the textbox to select with my mouse, touchpad, or touch screen. So I couldn’t ask the question.

I finally found where I could tell the touchpad to go back to older drivers and then it would turn off. I then had to find the place to tell both Asus and Microsoft that they may not put another damn thing on my computer without me verifying that I want it on my computer. Any and all things that say anything at all about a touchpad or smart gestures will be forbidden and I don’t really care what else happens.

All this has taken an extra hour and way too much frustration. But it did take my mind off my gym problems.