My chin is bruised, but not as bad as I thought it would be. It is mostly placed under my chin and is lost in shadow unless I tip my head back. My ear finally stopped hurting and I can chew again. So I’m healing wonderfully. I will never try that stunt again. I will hurt myself in some new and strange way, I’m sure. But I won’t make this particular mistake again.

Nothing much is going on. I’ve been getting more writing done and I’ve managed to finish out my week to cook. Last night, after serving spaghetti – something easy to chew – my week to cook ended and now I am free. Free for a week. It is deliriously, delightfully wonderful. And I don’t even really mind cooking. I hate having to remember to stop what I’m doing to get to the kitchen to cook. I also am not so keen on meal planning. But other than that, it isn’t really bad.

I looked at the WOD last night and sighed. Monday and Tuesday were fine. And then this. Oh well, all things are possible with CrossFit.

I haven’t been sleeping very well for the past four or five days. I don’t even know why but I wake up around 2 or 3 AM and them am up for hours and then still wake up at the crack of dawn. Today, for what I believe is the first time since I retired, I woke to the alarm. I have it set to remind me to get out of the chair and get ready to go to the box. But it actually woke me up this morning.

I got to the box and a car was already in the parking lot. It was me and Hannah today. Nice to not have the coach all to myself. We warmed up doing various stuff and were eventually declared ready for the day.

Today’s WOD as written:

Split jerk
Heavier than last week
Buy in: 25 push ups
25 KBS (53/35)
3 Deadlift (195/165)
3 CTB pull ups
3 Deadlifts
3 Deadlifts
9 CTB Pull ups
3 DL
12 KTE
3 DL
15 CTB pull ups
Buy out: 25 push ups
25 KBS

Since I found out last week that I need to lead with my left foot, I was much more willing to test the waters today. I warmed up with the 22# bar and felt solid. So for my sets I did 32, 37, and 42#. That’s right. Full sized plates on my bar for this mess, too. I’m such a beast. Hahaha.

I usually arrive with a scheme to Masterfy the WOD. I couldn’t come up with a good way to do that today. I said so to Kim and she said there weren’t that many reps and I should just modify the moves. I followed directions but, first, now that I’m home and have a calculator, I know there were 160 reps in this thing. I’m not sure what “not many” is, but 160 is over that.

But the deal was to modify the weights and to use scaled moves throughout the WOD. So I did push-ups from a raised bar. I used 20# and did Russian kettlebell swings. I had 72# for the deadlift. I used double bands, 2” plus .75” for the chest to bar. I did v-ups for the knees to elbows. But I ended up being sucked into doing all the reps.

I managed to do the initial 25 push-ups with just a pause a few times. I did the kettlebell swings in two sets after I got my heart rate down. Then I sat around and waited until I had enough oomph to do both the deadlift and the chest to bar. Kim said my pulls were so strong, I had my chin over the top bar, rather than the one I needed. I thought with all the bands, I was still supposed to be doing chest to bar and apparently I could have gotten away with simple pull-ups.

No matter how I do them, they make my heart rate go sky high. I got my heart rate down enough to do the deadlifts and then got on the ground for V-ups. They are always surprisingly more work than a simple sit-up. But I managed them and then did more deadlifts.

Doing nine chest to bar was a lot more work than just three and I had to sit there and box breathe until I had a low enough heart rate to make it. But I did and they were still pretty strong. I was hoping to just be able to do three deadlifts, but my heart rate was 176 and I didn’t have anything left in the tank.

So I sat and did box breathing until I could I do the deadlifts and then went right into the V-ups which were even harder when there were more of them. I did three, took a couple deep breaths, did three, deep breaths, and finished. Then I had to pant a bit before doing the deadlifts, but not much and went and got ready for the last chest to bar.

Fifteen is a lot. I knew it was a lot. I tried to get my heart rate low enough to be able to do them all at once. I got eleven done and the room was spinning. I had to stop. My arms were tired, but it was my head that called it quits. My heart rate was 178 and I had to get it down. I did. I finished the last four and then rested to get a heart rate low enough to start on the damn push-ups.

I got 15 and then had to sit and box breathe for a few seconds. I got the last ten done with a few pauses, but no stops. Then I worked to get my heart rate down and tried to figure the best way to do the kettlebell swings. I figured 9-8-8 but when I got to 9 I still had some left, so I did 15 and then had to stop and box breathe. I got my weary, beaten ass back up and did the last ten and finished in 16.12.

I didn’t have to write “masters” on the board and only wrote “scaled” and I did manage it. But I prefer to lower the reps to keep me in line with everyone else’s times. I can do what’s written on the board, but that means their oldest, weakest member is doing more work than the heroes who bust this stuff out like it’s no problem. I don’t like to cut back so much I’m the fastest time on the board, but I feel like it is properly scaled when I’m in the middle of the pack.aa7ecbf9c2017ed5be6715d122ed79bc