We had a relatively quiet weekend with nothing much going on. Well, the whole computer update thing always takes longer than one realizes. There were more tweaks needed to get my computer back to the way I like it. Setting default programs back to my own defaults rather than Microsoft’s desires took time but was much easier than it used to be.

I’m still looking for a way to turn off my touch pad. My cursor is still hopping around if I set my hands down on the keyboard which is really what I use a computer for. But I’m sure this will get resolved.

I talked to both sisters over the weekend and caught up on how their lives are going. Really, we caught up on how our children and grandchildren are doing. It seems that’s what most of our lives are about.

While my sisters were here, I bought some yarn to make an afghan for myself. I didn’t realize that two of the three colors had less yardage than the other. I don’t know if I over bought on the one color or under bought on the other two. I can’t remember which skein I was using for math stuff. But I do know I don’t have the right amount of yarn. I hope it is too much instead of not enough. I’m sure the dye lots aren’t still there. Of course, it is an afghan so when I run out of yarn, I will just be finished.

It was just me today because Kat’s kids are enrolled in some fun thing for the week and she will be showing up at noon. It is disconcerting to be there alone. I realize some people pay extra for this, but it seems like an unhappy situation when it is just me and a coach. I’m not that kind of athlete.

But I warmed up as directed and did stuff as told and misheard directions and then tried really hard throughout the warm-up and the day to stop arching my back. I need to be in a hollow body stance and not a high-heeled hooker stance. It isn’t easy to position myself correctly.

Today’s WOD as written:

Work up to a heavy weight, but athlete cannot drop weight from the top of the movement. Must be light enough to control through the complete movement.
8 min AMRAP

10 burpees
10 Front squats (105/75)
200m run

I discussed the two hand positions for a deadlift. I like the reverse grip. It seems to give me more control. It also seems to even out my crooked stance so that is an extra benefit. So I asked Kim what she thought and she said she uses the reverse grip and that my biceps are going to be okay because my weights aren’t that high.

My goal was to end at 133 so I warmed up to start at 93# and went up 10# on each lift until I got to 133#. I was pretty sure I could get it up, but I wasn’t sure I could get it back down without dropping it. Kim said to just drop it if I had to and so I got it up and then, miracle of miracles, I got it back down.

I asked about the weight on the front squats. It was supposed to be light and the athlete should be able to complete all reps without stopping. Well. I can front squat 75# but not more than a couple times. AND I have to take it from the rack because I can’t get it up off the floor. I knew I wasn’t doing that weight, but I wasn’t sure what weight to choose. I was leaning towards 22# but that seemed too weenie.

I asked about burpees. Last week, with jumping them in and out, I didn’t hurt afterwards. Usually my back is sore from so much torque. Instead, my heart rate went sky high, but I didn’t hurt. What should I do today? I could substitute a movement or I could do a really low rep of real burpees. Kim said to do the burpees because I’m not going to get better by avoiding things.

I chose 4 burpees because I managed 3 on Friday without actually dying. Then I stuck with my empty 33# bar for the front squats and did just 8 of them. And then I walked the parking lot.

I had a wonderfully low heart rate of 110 to start, so I was able to get four burpees done and still have a heart rate of only 150. That meant I could maybe get the front squats done and I tried it. I managed. My heart rate was over 170 when I left for my walk.

I did box breathing and managed to walk slowly enough that when I got back inside, my heart rate was just above 160 so I had to still sit and box breathe some more to get a heart rate in the mid-140s before I started the next round.

I managed all four burpees and then had to sit again and box breathe. Then I managed all 8 front squats and went out for a walk. My heart rate was still high when I came back.

I was smarter on this round. I began the burpees and then just laid on the ground and did box breathing until I could manage the other 3.5 burpees. I did that, moaned and groaned my way through the front squats and went for a walk with a little over a minute left.

I got back inside with about 15 seconds left and decided I could rest when the time was up. I did one burpee with whining. I did one burpee with a slight pause on the ground and moaned my way through the rest of it. I got one more burpee somehow before time was called. My heart rate was 174 but now was a good time to rest. I had a score of 3+3 which was in line with all the other athletes. Unfortunately, I counted it as 2+3 because WOD brain is a real thing.

I met my goals for the day. Setting them low enough helps.