I have been trying to get back into the swing of writing more. My Little Bits of History essays are caught up and I’m ready to post August but I should be a bit farther along on September already. I like to keep the pressure off by being enough ahead.

On the plus side, because I wasn’t efficiently ahead, when my brother in law posted something interesting from his bike trip (he rode from Ohio, up to Alaska, and is coming back via a different route with a stop in Sturgis), I could use the bit in my essays because I wasn’t that far ahead. So it all worked out. But I need to get back in the swing of writing.

I finished the girl afghan I was making and I’m not sure what girl will get it. But since it is pink and purple, I’m pretty sure a boy doesn’t want it. Even if I were to tell them that pink used to be for boys and they tried to trick Death into taking worthless girls and began dressing them in pink – they still wouldn’t want it.

Now I’m back to working on my own afghan. I’m loving the way it is turning out. But I can’t crochet and write at the same time. So it is a choice I need to watch. Crocheting is less work.

I looked at the WOD as soon as it was posted last night and knew it had to be wrong. My first instinct was that the RFT part was missing. By this morning, I decided the AMRAP was missing. Wrong on both counts.

It was me and Kat today with Kim coaching. It was a cool ⁰F 82 out there so not as bad as it has been. But it still was hot. I looked at the board and just laughed. I knew what was on the website couldn’t be right.

We warmed up and bear crawls were in there. It has been a while since I had to do those and quite frankly, I haven’t missed them at all. I tried not to whine or complain.

Today’s WOD as written:

Split Jerk Work:
Light to moderate weight, concentrating on footwork and speed under the bar
50 Dubs/25 abmats sit ups/15 HSPU

I never choose to do a split jerk because I feel so blasted unsteady with them. Not quite as bad as an overhead squat, but close. I asked about lead leg. I tried just jumping out without any weight at all. I put my right foot forward. I tried this with just the 22# bar. I was, just as I remembered, very unsteady.

After the first set, as I sat there and got my heart rate back down, I thought about my life. I was in the high school marching band for three years. It was drilled into my head to lead with my right foot. But I’m really left footed.

I got up for the next set, did a couple with my right foot and then asked about switching and trying my left foot forward. Kim said to try and she would watch carefully. I nailed it. It felt steady. I could manage to move without feeling like I would fall over. I did all the rest of them with my left foot forward and felt comfortable with the move by the end of the fifth set.

And now the WOD as not written online but on the white board
50 dubs/ 25 abmat sit-ups/ 15 HSPU
40 dubs/ 20 abmat sit-ups/ 12 HSPU
30 dubs/ 15 abmat sit-ups/ 9 HSPU
20 dubs/ 10 abmat sit-ups/ 6 HSPU
10 dubs/ 5 abmat sit-ups/ 3 HSPU

There are things to scale here. I can do abmat sit-ups but then it all falls apart. For the double unders I did the jump to the bar thing. Then I did HSPUs from a 20” box with one mat on the floor mostly because I’m really afraid of slamming my face into the floor. This is important.

I also cut off the entire first line. So the only part written online was what I didn’t do. I began with the 40 jumps, did those and immediately did the sit-ups. So far so good. My heart rate was at 163 and I took a couple deep breaths and began the HSPU. I got five done fairly well and then fell on my face. Not from high up and I didn’t hurt myself at all. Mostly I scared myself, but I was extremely glad I had that cushion there to keep my nose from really impacting the ground. Kim asked if I needed help but I was already pushing myself back upright. Then the important question – was that a rep. She said since I really got my head to the ground and pushed myself back up, it was a rep. I regrouped and got my heart rate down and then did the last six.

I did the jumps and sit-ups and then rested. I managed all 9 HSPUs without stopping since I got my heart rate down a bit more before starting. Then I had to rest and do the next round the same. After I finished the 6 HSPUs, I was tempted to go and begin the jumps, but instead I got my heart rate down to 155 and then did the entire last round without stopping at all. I finished in 9.44. Kat finished just a few seconds later. I’m glad I didn’t try to do the first round. I was done by the time I finished and I really didn’t have all that other stuff left.

The last time I did HSPUs, I got sick and thought I would puke. So I did have some dumbbells handy to do shoulder presses if I needed them, but I think the whole upside down thing is more challenging. I was able to stick with it for the entire WOD, even as written on the white board and scaled for a master.

DeWayne was just coming in as I was leaving and I got to congratulate him and talk a bit about his experience. It was fun from here and he said it was great from California.