I have been keeping a log of my infrequent and pitiful workouts in a Word document rather than posting here online. I figure my whining online isn’t helpful and my low scores and high times aren’t impressive. I’m not happy with what I do at the box and feel like if someone my age can do a 112# thruster, then I should be doing more at the box.

But then I look around the world and notice that most women my age don’t do anything and many of them are incapacitated in some way and many more didn’t even make it this far. And here I am, still going to the box and doing amazing things.

So I’m stuck here with a choice. How do I package this stuff? What is the proper way to look at my performance? What lens do I use? How do I judge?

One of my angst driven issues lately has been the “group” I’m working out with. It is me. Alone. I know people will actually pay a lot of money to have a private coaching session, but I’m not really trying to be a super athlete. I’m just trying to get through a WOD without dying. I feel sorry for a coach with just me in the class. They can’t even be enthusiastic while I sit there and box breathe and hope to be able to get off my fat ass and get more work done.

I’ve looked at the 6 AM class to see if I should just give up and wake up before dawn in order to have a group to work with. But there has been no one at the 6 AM class. So I might as well sleep in and be alone at the 8 AM class. I really thought there would be more people there during the summer, but there isn’t. I could get up for a group workout at the 5 AM time slot, but that’s not happening.

So today, it was Chris coaching and me trying not to whine. This guy is an amazing athlete. He is strong and powerful and amazing to watch. He started CrossFit shortly after me and he was already pretty amazing. He’s better now. And in truth, so am I.

He knows I hate to run and so he let me row and then I did other stuff and eventually I was declared warmed up.

Today’s WOD as written:
Strength: Back Squat

3×3 moderate weight
2X3 Heavy weight
3 RFT:

50 Over the Bar jumps (both feet leave the ground and land at the same time, can be lateral jumps)
10 Power Snatches (95/65)

I asked what percentages I should go with for the lifts and Chris said about 60% and then add 10 or 20#. So that’s what I did. I warmed up to 63# and did the three sets and then went to 83# and did two more sets.

My snatches are pitifully low weight. Recently, I actually managed two 42# power snatches and so I figured I would try, for the first time in a WOD, to use the empty 33# bar for the snatch. But since I was using a bar without plates, it would be fairly easy to jump over. Chris thought I might be able to walk across a 12” box laterally, but I figured I could jump over a bar sitting on the floor without hurting myself. I should have taken his suggestion because I think it would have been less tiring. But I managed to do what I had planned.

I had a 22# bar sitting there in case I weenied out. My “masters” rep scheme was 80% of the reps the real athletes used. That meant 40 jumps and 8 hang power snatches. I got my heart rate down low enough to start and then began.

The lowest time on the board was 5.17. I was over 3 minutes finishing the first round. I did the 40 jumps, rested, actually had to use chalk because my hands were too wet and did 4 snatches, rested, rechalked, and did 4 snatches. Then I rested and began again. Each of the rounds was the same. The 22# bar was sitting there, tauntingly close. But I was managing the 33# bar and so I kept at it. I would think about how much easier it would be to go to the lighter bar, but I didn’t. I stayed with the 50% heavier bar than I am used to using – a huge jump.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Many of the earlier athletes finished in the 8 to 9 minute range, but there was that 5.17 time in there, too. My time, even with only 80% of the reps was slow. Tortoise slow.

I finished in 12.06. This was a horrible time. I suck as CrossFit.
I stuck with my 50% higher weight. This is an accomplishment. I’m a CrossFitter.

I vacillate between these two ideas on a constant basis.