I figured all the squats from Monday would leave me crippled. I did my mobilization and worked on my legs and butt with only minimal success or maybe I would have been really crippled without it. But I wasn’t cured with it. I made popcorn last night and when a kernel hit the floor, I couldn’t squat to pick it up. It hurt too much and I had to hold on to the counter and bend forward just like the old person I am. It was not a good sign.

So I ate my popcorn and it was delicious and then I did a second session of mobilization for my legs. I still had to push myself out of chairs instead of just rising, like I have become accustomed to moving. For people who aren’t completely stupid, pain is a sign to back off and let the body heal. I had to put my vanity and/or ego aside and know that 32 more squats today was simply not in my own best interest.

I got there and Kat was back. Desiree was there and her mom talked her into the doing the WOD with us. Kim coached us. We warmed up and even doing leg swings was not fun. There were ten air squats as part of the warm-up and I tried, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t break parallel even once. I was getting closer by the end.

Today’s WOD as written:
5 min abs
included in warm up
1 min plank
1 min V ups
1 min flutter kicks
1 min bicycle
1 min flutter kicks
8 min EMOM of each
a. 2 HSC (Hang squat clean)
b. 2 HSS (hang squat snatch)
c. 2 Pull cleans (should be heavier than Power Clean 1RM, this is only the pull or position
1 of the clean lift)
d. chest press
Rest at least 2 min between each EMOM. Lifts should be heavy.

I held my core tighter on the plank and managed 45 seconds today which is longer than I managed on Monday. The V-ups were okay and I did them slowly. The flutter kicks were horrible and I did them intermittently and not very many, the bicycle was a welcome relief, and then the horrible flutter kicks again. I’m unsure what my abs are supposed to do, but being a six pack isn’t in their future.

I decided to simply do power cleans and power snatches and give my aching legs a rest. I drug over the 12” box to sit on during the rest thing since getting up off the floor was difficult and ungainly. And I like sitting on the boxes since it helps me get my heart rate back down better.

We practiced with the moves to warm up and then were told that we could add weight as we went along. I began the power cleans with 42# and then went to 47, 52, and did the last round with 57 only because I was thinking we were going to be doing ten rounds of each and didn’t add the weights right.

I suck at snatches. I began with 27# and then went to 32, 37, and finished at 42#. Since I realized we were doing eight, I did two reps at each weight. That 42# was a one rep max which I guess was a two rep max. I have never tried that before and I managed it twice – twice. Amazing.

The next move was more than a deadlift but less than a power clean. It was to be the lift from the floor and then the explosive hips and the shrug before you “floated” the bar up. I love the way that sounds and we got silly talking about it. I don’t know what my one rep max is but I began at 67# and then went to 72 and 77 and I didn’t have any more weights handy and so I stopped there.

The chest press is where I keep dropping the bar on myself. Luckily, I’m small enough that I don’t actually hurt myself doing this as the weights keep the actual bar off me. But I can’t say I like it. I did 6 rounds at 42# and seemed to be holding on okay. I upped it to 47# for the last two and didn’t drop the weight on myself. 52 is where I usually do that and I didn’t try that today.

We ran over a bit on the time because that’s a lot of EMOM stuff which really can’t be rushed.

By the end, my legs were feeling better. If I had had to do an overhead squat with the snatch bar, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to even try that 42# bar. I’m sure I scaled this right for the day. I’m happy with the results. I was happier to get into the air conditioning and get some food, but that’s usual.