It has been a week since my last workout and it was noticeable. I had good intentions but lacked the will to do more while my sisters were here. It was too much fun to spend time with them. I can work out the other 50 weeks of the year. I can only be with my sisters for a short time. So I chose that. I believe it was the correct choice.

I did get to speak with both sisters via phone calls yesterday. Each with a different issue and each so far away after being so close. We really need that transporter thing from Star Trek so we can just buzz back and forth at will. It would make life so much better.

Be that as it may, I was back at the gym today and the first thing I had to do today was run 200 meters and while that is usually possible first thing, I noticed everything wasn’t really happy about this. Not my legs, not my feet, not my knees, not my heart – nothing particularly liked it. But I managed. It was only me there today, so I didn’t have to try to keep up with anyone and Kim was aware that I had been MIA. So the warm-up was scaled for me.

I asked about Kat’s absence since I didn’t see her scores on the board from earlier this week. There had been no one at the 8 AM class on Monday and Wednesday and Kim was pretty sure there would be no one today. But I fooled her. I showed up. Pitiful, but there. Everything seemed harder to do today after just one week off.

I was eventually considered warm. Actually, I was downright hot. I looked at the temperature this morning and it was ⁰F 77 and I figured less than 80 was good. I did put in a head band thing because I learned a couple weeks ago that while it looks horrendous, it is great to not have so much liquid awesome (sometimes referred to as “sweat”) dripping in my eyes. I had to fetch it before I started the real work of the day.

Today’s WOD as written:

8 min EMOM (moderately heavy)
2 cleans and 1 jerk
Partner WOD!!
6 RFT:

400m run
6 cleans (155/105)
1 Rope climb

I have no idea what my one rep max is for a clean and jerk but I have been trying to use 53# and managing. But I was afraid of that today. I managed to use the 42# bar I’m used to and said that if my heart rate was too much of a problem, I would just do one clean and one jerk. Instead, I managed to do all the reps as written. My heart rate was 162 at its highest and the time in between rounds let me get it back down so I could work again. I concentrated on using a hook grip and it still doesn’t feel natural, but it is easier to remember to use it.

Since I was the only one there, it was going to be tough to have a partner WOD. Kim had two different versions written for earlier in the day. One of the options was:
200m run
3 cleans
1 rope climb
:30 rest between rounds

Because only one person was working, there was some rest built in and I was to do 4 RFT using that scheme. However, I don’t run in a WOD because then I have no heart rate left at all to do anything else.

I had a heart rate of 120 before I began and by the time I returned from my walk it was up to 164. Also, it was bright sunshine out there and the gym was dark. We did not open the big garage door because while it does let in the light, it also lets in the heat and there was no breeze at all so that it was more of a negative. But when I came back inside from the bright sunlight, I was blind for a bit. All I could see was the shiny chalk bucket.

I rested and got my eyes adjusted and heart rate down. Then I did the 3 cleans (42#) and the 5 HSPU from a box. Kim said she wished she could get other people to be as vertical as I am on these modified things. I was pretty happy to know that I was doing something right. I still often feel like a fraud or failure.

By the end of the HSPUs I had a heart rate of 170 and needed to get it down before starting the next thing. But it didn’t need to get down as far, because there was less to do. So I went to the rope and my sub was to be three knees to elbows and then lower myself to the floor. I was actually hitting my knees on my elbows. Not just getting close, not just being higher than my waist, but hitting my elbows. I was astounded. After this triumph, I sprawled on the floor for thirty seconds and then began the next round.

Each round was similar – the walk and a rest, the cleans and HSPUs and then rest for a shorter time, the rope climb. I finished in 19.58 which was a good scaling because it kept me in close proximity to the times from the people who had already done this mess.

We really need to find a way to preserve that cold that was hanging around in January and bring it out in the summer. It would have been refreshing. It was so hot. That’s all I kept thinking. And then I was thinking about the athletes participating in the I CAN Games this past weekend and them being outside in the heat and the sun.

CrossFit is hard. That is what makes it fun. It was good to be back today.

Or it will kill me.

Or it will kill me.