Friday afternoon saw the whole household in the car and heading south. We left for Hilton Head about 1.30 PM so we could get to Conviction Training Facility with enough time to have some leeway. Our job for the afternoon was to pick up Frankie from school where she is enrolled in a summer program.

We made it in plenty of time. Cheri and I helped Craig and his crew load up the U-Haul with all the weights and equipment needed for the I CAN Games. Well, the pull-up rig was already at the field and Baby and the atlas stones were somewhere else already. We still had lots of stuff to get on the truck. Pam did not wish to carry heavy, dirty stuff around. Both of my sisters were able to see Craig’s new gym.

We brought Frankie back to the house and Dayna and baked ziti ready to go into the oven. Since we were the first ones back to the house, we took care of heating up dinner. Eventually, everyone else made it back to the house. Each year, Dayna and I put together the bags for all the team participants and all the prize packages for the winners during the weekend. It went much, much faster with the three sisters putting things together. There was also a lot more laughing.

We got things done and all toddled off to various sleeping places. The deal for Saturday was that Cheri and I would leave for the field and Pam and Dick would stay back with Frankie until she woke up. We did not need a cranky Frankie at the field. In the morning, I made a starter pot of coffee, but it was not enough for Cheri and certainly not enough for me. We also don’t miss meals.

We stopped at a McDonald’s for breakfast. I’m not sure if there is really any food from McDonald’s and I’m pretty sure there is no need to even worry about healthy food. But we did think it would be fast food. We were wrong. I don’t know how many people called in on Saturday, but it took us more than a half hour to collect our “fast” food and get out of there.

They were already down at the beach before we showed up. I did get things set up so we could begin with our score keeping task. A while later, Pam and Dick arrived with Frankie in tow. They were smarter and stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and didn’t have to wait nearly as long for their coffee. We learned from this experience.

My son, Craig, doing an awesome job running this event

My son, Craig, doing an awesome job running this event

The day was hot and muggy. It only got hotter and muggier and then the breeze stopped and it was sweltering. I have no idea how the athletes continued to move let alone do such amazing things. But they did. By lunch time, Frankie was done with the whole thing. The plan was for Dick to take Frankie away and pack her off with her other family. It ended up that Frank came and met them off the island for the switch.

Working hard in the heat

Working hard in the heat




Dick was back before the last scheduled WOD of the day. After the four WODs were finished, the top eight people in each category (male and female RX and male and female scaled) participated in unknown and unknowable WOD. We were able to have the medals passed out around 3 PM. While the last WOD was held, most of the equipment was packed away and we were able to get into a cooler spot before too long.

We opted for pizza and sat around the house trying to cool off for the rest of the evening. Frankie spent the night with her other grandparents so when we got up in the morning, we all went to the field together. However, Dayna left her car for us to drive just in case someone wanted to sleep in. We didn’t. We were stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, but not the one they stopped at yesterday.

We passed it and turned in at the next space but there was a fence and we couldn’t get to the donuts. Then we got back out on the divided highway and went back and turned to find the donuts. I was just following Dick who turned around, but didn’t turn into the shopping center strip since he thought he could turn in later. As we made another loop, Cheri noted that we were making donuts to go get donuts. We did finally get inside and get donuts and coffee.

We made it to the field in plenty of time. Pam had been down to the beach the day before letting her be in both oceans within a few weeks time. Cheri, Dick, and I went down to the beach to watch the first team WOD which included a swim in the ocean. It also included 40 burpees, partner carry for 400 meters, and another 40 burpees.


The day before, the longest chipper WOD was the last WOD before the playoff. It was just so damn hot by that time that Craig changed the order of the WODs for the teams. Instead of having the chipper WOD last, he made it second while there was still some shade and it was only in the low 90s with a light breeze.


Cheri was mesmerized by the people on the field and what they could do. Monica thought they should look into doing this type of thing together. Cheri took a picture of the chipper WOD and sent it to Monica so she would understand that her mother was not ever going to be caught doing this stuff. The thing ended with 90 wall balls. I don’t remember all of the things at 20-80 reps but there were pull-ups, burpees to a target, toes to bar and moving iron.

The next WOD was a quick AMRAP with the Atlas stones and Baby. Each time Baby was flipped, there was a “whoomp” as it hit the ground.


The last WOD was an 11 minute AMRAP with iron. I think it was ground to overhead and then shoulder to overhead and then back squats. It was so hot by this time, I’m unsure how anyone managed to move at all. But they did.

We didn’t have any playoff stuff for teams and so we were ready for the award ceremonies. Most of the field was already cleared, the bars had been torn down and returned already, so we were pretty much able to leave with a clear conscience and head back to Summerville.

Monday’s plan was to return to the teahouse. We tried. They are closed on Monday but we found another place to go out to eat and they had some of the best desserts. We shopped quaint downtown Summerville for a while and then headed back. We had to pass the restaurant and so I stopped in and got Dick some lemon cake.


The other thing on our agenda was to get all the laundry done so that everyone could bring clean clothes home. We managed that, too.

We were in the middle of a horrible jigsaw puzzle and I kept telling anyone and everyone that it better be finished before they went home or I was throwing it away. We finished it and then sat around and laughed.

This was much more difficult than it might seem

This was much more difficult than it might seem

On Tuesday morning, the sisters packed up everything and we timed our day to get everyone to the airport in the right order and at the right time. Cheri was first to be dropped off. Pam and I went to Panera’s for lunch and while there we got a text from Cheri. Her flight had been changed and she was now flying to Cincinnati via Chicago instead of Washington, D.C. This crap again. While we were finishing up our lunch, Pam got a text that her flight was cancelled. She could go online and see what was available. But she couldn’t and we were only a few minutes from the airport.

I dropped her off with her luggage, just in case there was a flight later in the day that would work. Then I went to the waiting area and she texted me not too long later that she would be spending another night at my house. She wasn’t quite ready for me to pick her up yet. But a few minutes later, she was. I went back to get her. While parked with the trunk up, some idiot in a Camero was having difficulty pulling his car into the parking space and so he hit Dick’s new car instead. His girlfriend told me not to be upset about having my new car hit because look at his car. And I should calm down. There seemed to be no damage to Dick’s car. I didn’t care if there was any damage to his.

Cheri finally got home at 11.30 last night instead of at 6.30. She missed the last puzzle together. She could have chosen to spend another night but didn’t want to make me drive some more. She chose poorly.

Pam and I came home and played games, did another puzzle – this time only 750 pieces – and had a lovely evening together. We went back to the airport. There were no storms today raising havoc with flight schedules. No one hit my car. Her plane took off on time and she is on her way home. Sistercation is over for another year.

Bonus puzzle with Gnute and Gned relaxing

Bonus puzzle with Gnute and Gned relaxing