Yesterday, the sisters went out for a long walk while I slept and lounged and mostly did nothing. I love doing nothing. It is my favorite.

All day long, my butt hurt. I didn’t know if it was from weighted lunges or box step-ups. Probably both.

After everyone was cleaned up and fed, we went – wait for it – shopping. We started out at JoAnn Fabrics. Miraculously, Pam bought nothing. Cheri bought knitting needles and a case to carry darning needles. I was the big spender with a skein of sock yarn and knitting needles for a total (after coupons) under $5.

We then went across the street and stopped in several different stores with very few purchases. Then we stopped for lunch. Cheri got a sandwich. Pam got a half sandwich and a half salad. I got a salad. We all loved our meals. We shopped our way back to the car and I nearly burned my legs on the seats. We made our way back home.

Most of the rest of the day was spent going between crafting and gaming. We did a lot of laughing and had a wonderful day breathing the same air.

This morning, Pam and Cheri left for their walk before I left for the gym. It was hot and muggy and nasty out there. It wasn’t much better in the gym.

The day’s workout was long but the beginning was warming up as well. So we started out with a run and did just a few other things before the day’s written work began.

Today’s WOD as written:

Skill Transfer practice
Work on each movement with light to moderate weight spending at least 2 min practicing each position.
1. Snatch grip push press
2. OHS
3. Heaving snatch balance
4. Snatch balance with no dip
5. Snatch balance with dip
Then either HPS or HS (depending on coach’s input and skill level):
Add weight for 2X4, then 2X6. It is up to you if you want to add weight between the two rep schemes. DO NOT compromise form to do so.
Part A:

3 Rds:
2 Wall walks
4 Turkish get ups, heavy dumbbell
6 Full Cleans (135/95)
8 SDLHP with kettlebell (53/35)
10 push ups
Part B:

Alternate between ab mat sit ups and walking planks.

We began the snatch stuff which was all done with the bar behind our head, like for a back squat but with a wide grip. We warmed up with all the moves using a PVC pipe and then did them with an empty bar. My bar was just 22#, of course. It was just Kat and me and she was having trouble with even the 22# bar and Kim said they really need a lighter bar. My eyes did not roll out of my head. She also said she didn’t know if they made them and I was right there with information that Craig’s gym had 15# bars.

After we did the stuff with an empty bar, we were able to go to regular snatches. I cannot do a full snatch and keep my balance in the squat. I can manage an overhead squat, but with the move of the snatch included, I fall over in some direction.

I managed the entire number of snatches getting lower in some power snatches than others, but managed to complete the sets without stopping.

When I looked at the rounds thing, I decided I was only doing two. It was so humid, we had to chalk our hands for the wall walks and yet, I still felt too slippery to manage. On the first round, I could walk my hands in some, not on the second. On the first round, I used an 8# dumbbell for the Turkish get ups, but I used a 5# dumbbell on the second round. I used a 42# bar for my cleans since they were full cleans. I did them 3-3 on the first round but could only do 2-2-2 on the second. I used a 25# kettlebell for the sumo pulls and managed all of them together both times. I just did from the floor not perfect push-ups and I did them slowly. I finished in 15.50 and was ready to puke.

We didn’t have enough time to do the Tabata. We could have stayed over, but I was already exhausted and so was Kat.

I was so hot and miserable I just wanted to cry, but that’s not very CrossFit. On Wednesday, by the time I got home, my sisters were all fed and cooled down and I was going to show up looking like death warmed over and they were going to be refreshed and delighted with their walk.

Instead, when I got home, Cheri was leaning against the kitchen counter and panting like a lizard on a hot rock. They had just gotten home. They walked up to Harris Teeter and went through the entire store to cool down. They bought bagels there. Then they walked over to Starbucks and got some iced coffee and sat there to drink it – and cool off. Then they walked home and arrived just before me.

I still needed breakfast and then we all cleaned up. We made one last shopping trip so Cheri could finally get the clip on sunglasses she has been trying to buy for a week. Now we are getting ready to head to Hilton Head and I CAN Games. There will be stories from that, I’m sure.