On Tuesday, we did nothing. Well, not really nothing, but we didn’t get in the car and go anywhere. We finished the puzzle we had been working on. We crafted. Pam taught me how to knit the scarf pattern she got here. Cheri claimed she was not getting out her pajamas all day, but she did get dressed around noon. We just had a fun time sitting around doing nothing.

Pam is still in charge of answering work related emails, but her Chromebook has some shortcomings. She has a program loaded on it which is necessary for work, so she can’t just use my computer, but she can’t just use hers, either. So she uses both in conjunction and makes it work. Not really easy, but workable.

Cheri was given permission to travel with her midsized work computer since it is a better size than her big home laptop. However, it is also not liking being out in the world. So it worked, then it spent 24+ hours telling her it couldn’t connect to my home network because it wasn’t private. She finally hit something that made it work again. So far.

Pam’s Nook, Cheri’s iPad, and my Kindle are all working properly. Our phones are all working properly. I don’t remember how we did all this stuff without having technology. Wait, that’s ridiculous. Of course I do. We each had a book. We had crossword puzzle magazines. We had the same thing, only in dead trees instead of electrons. And we had our crafts just like today.

We had a roast in the slow cooker all day and the house smelled great. Dinner tasted great. We needed a rest day. Pam and I each took a small few minute catnap. Cheri slept for 1.5 hours. We needed some extra rest.

On Wednesday morning, Pam and Cheri left the house to walk around 7.30 AM and I left for the box shortly thereafter. I gave them a route that would have more shade for their walk and we all went out to do the stuff we like to do for activity.

It was just me and Brent at the box with Kim coaching. It was already really hot. Something like ⁰F 85 – and the two big fans were nice, but not enough. Perhaps if there had been a meat locker to workout in, that would have been nice.

The WOD as written:

Front rack lunges
After appropriate warm up with the bar, add weight until you get to a moderately heavy lunge. Form is key!
5 X 3 each leg front rack lunge
5 DL (185/125), 15 BJ
10 DL, 15 BJ
15 DL, 15 BJ
10 DL, 15, BJ
5 DL, 15 BJ
Cool down: supermans, downward facing dog, and child’s pose

First thing about this is the front rack lunges. This scared the ever living shit out of me. I tried these way too early in my CrossFit career and ended up at the chiropractors and took over a month to get better. I have evaded weighted lunges ever since. Lunges in a WOD are enough to make my heart rate go sky high all by themselves. Dropping off the weight has not been an issue.

But I tried this. I knew part of my problem was my left knee falling in so I concentrated on my left knee staying out. I managed to do the 22# bar three times for the six total steps and then I risked added 5# and managed okay. So I did the last round at 32# which was more than I thought I would get. I don’t seem to have injured myself. Nothing is hurting and I’m walking okay.

I looked at the WOD and couldn’t come up with BJ because my mind was in the gutter. Cheri suggested I look for it on the internet and I knew what sort of stuff I would get back from a search like that. So I puzzled over the WOD some more. If there had been a (24”/20”) thing by it, I would have immediately figured it out. But there wasn’t and I was tired and it took me minutes to figure out what I was supposed to be doing here.

The weight was to be sorta light on the deadlift, so I worked with 72# and I did the old fart’s master step up and down from the side sort of step-ups, but I did use the 20” box.

I managed the first part of 5/15 without stopping but my heart rate was over 170. I rested, did the deadlifts, rested and did the step-ups, but by the 6th one, my heart rate was already where the cardiologist said I should stop. I decided I would do ten reps of these for the rest of the time. I would rest after the box jumps, and rest after the deadlifts, and spent lots of time trying to get my heart rate down. I finished in 10.56.

When I got home, both sisters had already returned and had eaten breakfast. I was absolutely melting and it took me quite a while to stop sighing. We all eventually were fed and cleaned up. We decided to go to the mall on Rivers Ave. because it was inside and air conditioned. It was to get up to ⁰F 100 again and that many days out in the heat was getting to be bothersome.

Cheri found another pair of the Sketchers shoes she likes so much and they were only $30. She bought them. The most amazing thing about that is they are bright pink. Our baby sister who lives in non-descript has now purchased two (count them, one and two) pairs of bright shoes.

We ate a big lunch out. The gnomes enjoyed it. The waiter asked us about our little guys. Apparently there is another group of women who travel with small people, although theirs are not gnomes.

We got home and did more crafting and game playing and had an enjoyable evening.

There has been no more news on Jason’s big injury however, the family did get a dog yesterday. Pam’s injuries are all slowly healing up. Her eye looks really bad but her finger is healing and some of the stiffness is less stiff. And yet, new and unnoticed areas are twinging with certain movements as yet unseen.

The best part of Sistercation is just being together and so far, that is working out perfectly.

The gnomes had a great lunch.

The gnomes had a great lunch. Gnate, Gned, Gnute